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FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK .................3 Dear Parents and Friends ..................3 Staff and Teaching.............................3 NCEA and NZQA Scholarship Results .3 Comment – Health & Safety From A Social Perspective...........................5 Looking Ahead...................................7 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS.......................7 School Sports Champions...................8 SCHOOL COMMUNITY ..........................10 Friends’ Association.........................10 Board of Trustees. ...........................10 Old Boys’ Association.......................11 ACADEMIC ...........................................12 NCEA information ............................12 Effort Grade Reports........................12 FROM THE CHAPLAIN ...........................12 Message from Fiji ............................13 Special Character Review Summary.14 PERFORMING ARTS ..............................16 University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival....................16 Viva Camp Report............................17 ADMINISTRATION ................................18 STAFF PROFILES....................................19 Rodney de Klerk ...............................19 Victoria Leggett ...............................19 STUDENT PROFILES...............................20 Krittapon Kietchaisak ......................20 Daniel Hill ........................................20 OUTDOOR EDUCATION.........................21 Rathkeale Tramping Club - Day Tramp .....................................................21 3-5 March Tramp.............................22 Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.....23 BOARDING HOUSE NEWS .....................24 SENIOR COLLEGE ..................................27 GeoTour 2017..................................28 University Lunchtime Presentations 28 Proposed Biology Expedition 2018...29 Geography Tongariro Trip: ..............30 1


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From the Principal’s desk Dear Parents and Friends The 2017 year has started well and the school is in very good heart. The place feels vibrant and strong with considerable goodwill permeating the campus. The Year 9 boys appear happy, the Senior College students are enjoying the co-ed classroom environment and we are receiving some nice feedback from many parents. Sadly, we also receive the occasional negative comment about the presentation of our boys in and about the town and incidents of the inappropriate use of social media have also been brought to our notice. Boys can be assured that these will be followed up and where necessary investigated. However, the norm is for us to receive positive affirmations of boys’ behaviour and presentation and they are to be commended. As I have said before, the expectations we have are, increasingly, the expectations the boys have of themselves. The weekly school newsletters now compiled by Adam Gordon brings to your notice so much of what is happening in and about the school. We are mindful of not wanting to repeat information in this newsletter and, at the same time, wanting to make sure that we have covered what needs to be covered. This has caused us to think that one Principal’s Newsletter per term is sufficient. We wish to receive feedback on whether the preferred mode of this newsletter is a hard copy posted at the end of term or an electronic version. It would be appreciated if you could indicate by replying to an email request that will be sent shortly. Any comments you wish to make regarding our newsletters will be appreciated. Staff and Teaching The term has seen new staff settle in well and we are certainly pleased to have them. I commend our teachers to you and thank them for the start they have made to the academic year. It is not easy for them to accommodate individual student’s absences and other class and whole school activities as we try to fit in a full academic programme. We have received the resignation of Bea Harris who is retiring from the Matron’s position in Cranleigh House. We thank Bea for nine years of dedication to the Cranleigh boys and their needs. Boys past and present regard her fondly for her interest in their personal wellbeing. She will be missed. Commencing next term will be Prue Dashfield. She is the daughter of Ted and the late Helen Dashfield. Ted was Principal of St Matthew’s (1969-1980) and Helen Dashfield taught at Rathkeale (1981-1988). We wish Prue all the best as she returns to an environment she will have considerable familiarity with. NCEA and NZQA Scholarship Results We bring advance notice of what is happening in the school. NCEA students will have assessment calendars. We acknowledge that communication from us in this regard is very important, but part of the process requires students to take some responsibility themselves. They need to be mindful of their commitments, plan ahead and communicate back to us if there are issues to deal with and not leave everything to the last minute as boys as sometimes inclined to do. Our students continue to maintain a generally high level of achievement and by national comparisons. 3


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100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Rathkeale YEAR 11 GAINING NCEA LEVEL 1 2016 Decile 8 -10 Boys All Schools Boys Single Sex Boys Level 1 All Level 1 with Merit Level 1 with Excellence National 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Rathkeale YEAR 12 GAINING NCEA LEVEL 2 2016 Decile 8 -10 Boys All Schools Boys Single Sex Boys Level 2 All Level 2 with Merit Level 2 with Excellence National 100.00 90.00 80.00 70.00 60.00 50.00 40.00 30.00 20.00 10.00 0.00 YEAR 13 GAINING NCEA LEVEL 3 AND UE 2016 Rathkeale Level 3 All Decile 8-10 Boys Level 3 with Merit National Decile 8-10 Girls St Matthew’s Level 3 with Excellence University Entrance 4


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In 2016, 71% of Year 11 boys gained a Merit or Excellence NCEA Level 1 endorsement, in Year 12, 46% gained a Level 2 endorsement and 37% of Year 13 boys gained a Level 3 endorsement and 75% their University Entrance. To gain a NZQA Scholarship in any subject is an outstanding achievement and again, several Year 13 students in the Senior College have performed well. Rathkeale College and St Matthew’s Collegiate extend congratulations to: Harley Bird - English & Photography Katie Lutyens - Painting James Boyce - History Benjamin McCook-Weir - Art History & Painting Daniel Chong - Physics Thomas McKay - Agriculture and Horticulture Troy Etherington - Drama Hannah Murdoch - Geography Callum Finn Reason - Drama Bryer Oden - Classical Studies Lucy Gaskin - Painting Caitlinn Perry - Classical Studies Jack Gordon - Painting Reinhard Schwanecke - English & Painting Gabriel Jacobs Corban - Physics Phoebe Topp - Painting Oliver Lewis - Geography Reika Ueda - Design Robert Spite -Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, & Statistics Jack Hopman -Calculus, Chemistry, Painting, Physics, & Statistics Robert & Jack receiving a National Scholarship Award for their efforts. We thank these students for setting the benchmark for our 2017 students to aspire to. Comment – Health & Safety From A Social Perspective In my end of Term I newsletter last year, I wrote on this topic. Below is a slightly edited version of what I wrote: While I could hope that presenting it again in a slightly amended form would come across as something new, to do so would be naive. There must be some who will recall this commentary. However, I do so, not for reasons of selfinterest to avoid having to think of something new, but to reinforce a very important message for young people. These are your sons and daughters and our students. I could be excused for commenting on the significant workload the new Health and Safety legislation is placing on school Boards and principals, but rather than lament about that, some thoughts regarding the health and safety of young people from a social perspective might be more pertinent. Association with illegal substances is something that confronts every young person and it is likely that at some point they will have to make decisions on whether to be involved with it or not. Sadly, this will most likely occur during the student phase of a young person’s life either at school or in a social setting. Regardless of one’s point of view about the use of marijuana and its effects, except in the case of extreme medicinal purposes, involvement with it remains illegal. Furthermore, there is 5


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significant evidence to show that its use has debilitating effects, particularly on a young under-developed brain. Despite the messages given, warnings sometimes go unheeded and we find ourselves having to deal with a concern we would rather not. Please note the school has a zero tolerance to the possession and use of marijuana. Any student proved to be in this situation while under the authority of the school will be suspended. The board will then determine their future at Rathkeale. Cell phones have become an essential part of our lives and while we are hugely advantaged through the advancement of technology, there are also serious challenges we face. Dealing with the capacity they have to procure, store and transmit harmful information (text and images) through their devices is another challenge young people face. And again, any negative outcome of that is first likely to be faced when a person is of school age. The school has a zero tolerance for the misuse of technology. Any student under the authority of the school found to be using a device to obtain and distribute anything personal about another student or other information that that can be construed as harmful will receive consequences. In serious cases, suspension from school may be the outcome. The Harmful Communications Act set in 2015 states ten Communication Principles. These can be condensed as follows. Digital communication should not (I say, must not): • disclose sensitive personal facts about an individual; • be threatening, intimidating, menacing, indecent, obscene or grossly offensive to a reasonable person; • be used to breach of confidence, harass an individual or to make false allegations; • incite or encourage anyone to send a message to another person for the purpose of causing harm to an individual or encourage them to commit suicide. • denigrate any person by reason of his or her colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Any communication that breaches these principles, if proven, constitutes a criminal offence. Furthermore, it is important to note that it is illegal to obtain, store information that can be considered harmful. While it is not legal to receive harmful information, common sense and expert advice suggests the following: • do not communicate with the person who sent it; • seek help from someone you trust; • take a screen shot as evidence; • delete the message. Two pillars of the Good Rathkeale Man refer to having an awareness of others and stepping forward. If there is one message that our young people need to be aware of, it is about empathy; being aware of the feelings of others and looking out them. That is completely synonymous with what we are hoping to instil in our young men. FOR SALE Umbrellas with School Crest $50.00 Limited Numbers Contact the Office 6


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Looking Ahead Following are some events of interest to parents. You might like to place some of these in your diary. In the meantime, please check to see all that is going on. Notices about our daily programmes are contained in this link and also brought to you via the School App. This a most useful means of remaining informed and keeping up with any changes. It is a free down load available on any smartphone.  1 May  9 May  11 May  23 May  24 May  2-4 June  8 June  14 June  20 June  30 June Start of Term II Open Day Intercollegiate Cross Country at the Solway Showgrounds Hutt International Boys’ School Exchange at HIBS NCEA Levels 2 & 3 Solo Music performances for Senior College students at Rathkeale Rathkeale Old Boys’ Decade Reunions Big Sing Wellington (Viva Camerata only) Big Sing Palmerston North (Rathkeale and St Matthew’s Choirs) Wanganui Collegiate School Exchange at Rathkeale Production Our House Opening Night (runs until 5 July) In the meantime, I wish you and the boys a safe and enjoyable holiday period. W J Kersten (Principal) Student Achievements Some specific results and achievements during Term I that may not yet have been recorded in a school newsletter include:  Ollie Donaldson performed particularly well at the DIV II National Swimming Championships – 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medal placings achieved through swimming 11 PBs. He also led the Wellington Zonal teams. Tom Parker and Cody McGlashan also swam well.  Maddex Anderson at the National Age Group Swimming Championships gained top ten placings in 9 events including a bronze medal in the 400m Individual medley.  Good show by Rathkeale swimmers at the Wairarapa Inter-Collegiate Swimming “Championships”; 17 swimmers in 32 events gained 19 x 1st, 8 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd individual placings and won all four relays.  Athletics records, some very old, went to Quinn (2), Webb-Milner (2), Spencer, Hickey & Scott Morris. Max competed at Australian Athletics Champs in Sydney recently and just missed out on the final of the 800m. 7


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 Rathkeale performed well in the Inter-Collegiate Athletics; 26 boys gained 21 1st, 14 2nd and 7 3rd placings in Individual events and two 1sts and a 2nd in the 4x100m relays.  Good showing of Rathkeale Athletes at the NISS Athletics Champs – Many top 8 (finals) results but not many medals. Top three placings went to Cameron Clatworthy (3rd Hammer Throw), Jayden Webb-Milner (1st – Triple Jump). Rodney de Klerk is now Teacher i/c Athletics now that David Knox has retired.  Sam Callaghan has been competing strongly in dirt bike racing; recently gaining 3rd in the North Island Cross-Country Championships and 1st in both the South Island and National Enduro events. The Rathkeale team is placed 4th out of 20 teams competing Lower North Island series.  Sam Blundell 3rd in the NZ Secondary Schools’ Motor-cross Championships.  Anthony Voice – Speech NZ Grade 6 with two Honours and a Merit pass.  A strong cast has been selected for this year’s production, Our House. Jordan Thurston will play the lead role.  NCEA Excellence – Principals awards to 21 Year 12 and 8 Year 13 students for their NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 achievements in 2016.  Futsal teams did very well in recent NZSS Championships – Seniors 8th out of 30 teams and Juniors 13 out of 32 teams. Collectively they knocked over some serious teams from Wellington College, Otago BHS and St Paul’s Collegiate to name some.  National SS Triathlon – Mitch Cockburn (swim), Tom McCallum (cycle) and Hugh O’Donoghue (run) gained 5th place in the senior event.  Another fantastic House Haka competition. Best leader Billie Dalziell and Blake was the winning house. School Sports Champions Under 14 Under 15 Under 16 Senior House Athletics Kosta Mills & Jayden Webb-Milner Quinn Riddell Oliver Donaldson Anthony Sprowson Blake Swimming Tom Parker Cody McGlashan Oliver Donaldson Mitchell Cockburn Halberg Academic Colours were presented to the following boys for Achievement in NCEA 2016: A C D Baker, H R Barrett, M Cockburn, J Dabora, Z Dewhurst, J A C Eschenbach, G K Hargood, C H Jamieson, O J Lau Young, W B McCook-Weir, H C McKay, J A C McKenna, J A McLeod, S P Morris, M J Oakley, P Patel, P M Slothouwer, M F Spencer, W J Tanner, T J E Wagner, J J Yanko, W J Bowler, J A Gordon, W M McMaster, H J O'Donoghue, S B Percy, C A Riach, P Singh, B L Williams, C Woodhouse . Sports Colours were presented to the following boys: O J G Donaldson - Swimming, L Allen Swimming, H J O’Donoghue - Athletics, M R C Cockburn - Athletics, M F Spencer - Athletics, G J Hickey - Athletics, S M Sprowson - Cricket, A D Sprowson - Cricket, E M Childs - Cricket, Q L Childs - Cricket, J P Osborne – Cricket 8


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The following boys received Principal’s Awards for Excellence in Level 1 NCEA Jack Oldroyd 5, Archie Woodhouse 5, Aanirudh Kheterpal 4, Gallagher Houlbrooke 3, Josh Olsen 3, Zachary Venning 3, Stanley Archibald 2, Oliver Clive-Griffin 2, Harry Dickson 2, Benjamin Edwards 2, Carlo Haab 2, Oliver Hammond 2, Euan Morgan 2, Ethan Murdoch 2, Jack O'Sullivan 2, Dominic Vermeulen 2, Joshua Warren 2, Liam Allen-Jones , Michael Allingham , Kelvin Brown , Jaymin Cooper , Harrison Deal , Archie Falloon , Jaewon Han , Kobe Herbert , Hugo Lau Young , Joshua Matthews , Frederick Nightingale , James Penty , Zane Powell , William Renall , Jurgen Schwanecke , Aaron Scott , Thomas Spencer , Nils Wyllie The following boys received Principal’s Awards for Leadership in Term 1 William Chapman - Head Boy of Cranleigh House Award Charlie Booth - Head Boy of Cranleigh House Award Jamie McLeod - Head of Dayboys Award George Hargood- Head of Dayboys Award Isaac Noble - Head Boy of Repton House Award Jake Hewitt - Head Boy of Repton House Award John Shin - Head Boys Award Alex Beach- Head Boys Award John Paul Cox - Head Boy of Rugby House Award Nathan Voice - Head Boy of Rugby House Award The following boys received Principal’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Term 1 Charles Beijen for Drama Sheilah Winn 2017 William Bowler for Drama Sheilah Winn 2017 Cameron Clatworthy for Drama Sheilah Winn 2017 Wynter McCook Weir for Drama Sheilah Winn 2017 Cameron Clatworthy For Athletics Kosta Mills For Athletics Jayden Webb Milner For Athletics Joe Quinn For Athletics Nathan Whiteman For Athletics Cody McGlashan For Swimming Tom Parker For Swimming Quincy Stephens For Cricket Sam Callaghan For Dirt Bike Racing Sam Blundell For 3rd NZSS Motor Cross Championships Maddex Anderson For – Swimming Jesse McIntyre for Cricket 100 vs Wanganui Collegiate School Gus Borren for Cricket 118 not out vs Lindisfarne CONGRATULATIONS – WELL DONE TO. The Royal Society Te Apārangi, has selected Zach Dewhurst to attend FEAST (Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science & Technology) being held at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland from 25 – 29 June. He is one of only 3 students from throughout NZ selected! 9


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School Community Friends’ Association The Friends’ Association are a small but proactive group of parents who fundraise for the School through a variety of activities, the main one of which is the Christmas Fete. It is a huge undertaking and sounds serious but there is a lot of laughter among the group as we plan for this event and other fundraising activities at our meetings. Considerable funds are raised during the year and teachers and student groups apply to the Friends’ for funding to support projects they think will benefit the students. Normally this is funding that is not normally provided by the Board of Trustees or through the fees Rachel Callaghan - Secretary paid by parents. Last year, in response to applications, the Friends’ Assn funded the following: A voluntary Friends Raffle charge of $10 which appears as an optional item on disbursements each term. At the first Friends meeting of every term, numbers corresponding to students’ names are drawn and two lucky students’ families receive a substantial deduction on their term fees. A worthwhile contribution! The Friends Association meet at 6pm on the second Monday of every month in the Old Boys’ Common Room (school staffroom down the hall to the right in the Auditorium). We would warmly welcome any new members. Expressions of interest can be made to Friends Secretary . Alternatively, contact someone you know and come to one of our meetings. Board of Trustees. The start of 2017 has seen a good deal of activity within the Board of Trustees. Unfortunately, we have received the resignation of Sandie King. Sandie undertook a huge amount of work during her short time with us, but sadly, unforeseen work demands has made it impossible for her to commit to the level of involvement that she believed was necessary to be an effective member of the Board. We thank Sandie for the considerable commitment she made and wish her all the 10


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best. The board now has a parent elected vacancy to fill and has decided to do this by notified appointment pending the next board elections. If you have an interest in becoming a board member or know of a parent who you believe would make a great contribution to the governance of the school please contact me. The review of the 2016 Annual Plan has been completed and the 2017 Plan submitted to the Ministry. If anyone wishes to view these or receive a copy, they should contact the school office. We look forward to working with the school as they advance a number of initiatives. In the meantime, we congratulate the school on the academic achievements of 2016. The overall level of performance in NCEA and the NZQA Scholarship examinations was outstanding. Work is continuing in policy development and ensuring practical and sensible procedures form part of these. External demands, mainly from government see this as a never-ending process. We are also pleased that the Uniform Shop renovations are complete and now provide a much more functional area for staff and parents to meet and conduct their business as they “kit out” new boys to the school. Funding has been allocated that will see the refurbishment of the two computer suites into a more modern learning environment that will better cater for the delivery of the junior technology and senior Digital Technology programmes. In the future we also hope to be able to advance work in upgrading the Repton Boarding House. We thank the TSTB for their continued support and acknowledge the work Rob Blackett and his team. The appointment of Kim Whiteman has certainly been a welcome addition and we appreciate what she is doing for Rathkeale and the Trinity system. George Murdoch – Chairman Old Boys’ Association The Old Boys’ Association are currently focussed on the decade reunions scheduled for Queen’s Birthday Weekend. Leavers (or those belonging to the year group at any stage) from 1967, 77, 87, 97 and 2007 will gather at the College for a social function on Friday evening, tours of the College and photographs on Saturday, dinners at selected venues on Saturday evening and Chapel in St Martin’s on Sunday. We are grateful to the following facilitators for agreeing to spear head the activities of each group: 1967 Douglas Barton & Gavin Tankersley, 1977 Ian Harvey, 1987 Tim White, 1997 Cayne Wright and 2007 James Pearson. Interested Old Boys will find details and registration forms on the Old Boys’ section of the school website or can deal directly with the year group facilitators. It is anticipated that these reunions will be an annual Queen’s Birthday Weekend event with next year’s focus on all the “8 years” i.e. 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 & 2008. This term has heralded the publication of a new edition of the Old Boys’ Magazine The Rock Runner. Copies of this may be emailed to interested Old Boys or a hard copy mailed out. For any enquiries concerning Old Boys’ matter raised above please contact Grant Harper at the College. Grant Harper – Chairman 11


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NCEA information The first submission of data to NZQA will be made in late March. As all students will be settled in to classes by then the data should be accurate. However, students in years 12 and 13 are encouraged to log on to the NZQA website to check entry information. Students new to NCEA will be unable to log in and check this until early next term once the process has been demonstrated to them. Data containing results is sent every 15 days so that students can keep a close eye on their own progress. Any questions regarding the accuracy of results should be directed to the classroom teacher or Mr Gordon. Academic Effort Grade Reports A reminder if you have not accessed the recent Effort Grade Report. You should have received an email advising on how to access this document via the KAMAR parent portal. The web address is You will need your username and password, which were supplied with the email. Please contact the school office if this is proving difficult. Hint: copy and pasting the username and password works best. Adam Gordon - Deputy Principal From the Chaplain We are a diverse and supportive community. The need for community and a place to belong has become increasingly evident in our society. We see the hole that has been left in so many of lives as neighbours and families become increasingly distant from one another. Why have we done this to ourselves? Why do we put career, money, and materialism ahead of relationships, whakapapa, and sustainability? Is it immediate gratification that we put ahead of our long-term values? Where then is the facility for change, for the fine tuning of our culture as we learn to prioritise things of lasting importance. It is our schools, and the interwoven relationships between teachers, parents, and our next generation of leaders. It is our schools, and the common purpose that unites our diverse community around the raising up of our young people. It is our schools, the knitting together of families to our wider community. Connecting people and giving them a place to belong, a place to contribute. Rathkeale College has recently undertaken a Special Character Review. An inspection of how well we are upholding the Anglican heritage of our institution. Looking also, at how we are taking this voice into the 21st century. The review highlighted ‘things’ that we are doing well. The rituals and traditions of our school that have, quite naturally, become part of who we are. The roles and responsibilities that work to support the diverse needs of our students. The review highlighted the ‘feel’ of the school as one of its best attributes. What does it take to make our school feel good, inclusive, welcoming? It comes from families teaching our students to value each other. It comes from teachers stopping to listen to what is 12


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happening in a student’s life. It comes from the trust that families build with our college. It comes from the principled leadership that guides us forwards. It comes from taking time to pray and meditate on the decisions that move us forward. The warmth of our school comes from staff, students, and families striving to emulate Christ’s love in our lives. As we move forward, we could become content with where we are as a community. Happily sharing the highs and lows that life throws our direction. Using the support and trust that we share as a buffer against life’s woes. However, we are called to something greater than that. We are called to bless the people around us. To take this model and carry it out into the world. Always remembering the wisdom of our first people. He aha te mea nui o te ao What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata It is the people, it is the people, it is the people Have a blessed Easter, Dale Message from Fiji Dear Mr Harper, I hope you are well and that Rathkeale is flourishing as always for the start of a new year. As you already know last year I decided, through your guidance, to become a volunteer teacher in Fiji. I arrived in Fiji on the 23rd of January for orientation, after which I was placed in Waicoba District School, Sigatoka. I have been here now for over a month and I now have a good feel for how the school works and functions. The primary section of the school is where I am based. The roll is 137 pupils from kindergarten to year 8. This first month I have been involved with creating short tests for students, helping with arts and crafts by demonstrating drawing and painting techniques and taking six year 6 student for extra helping in English writing and reading and well as year 7 and 8 reading practice. My volunteer partner Steve, from Canada, and I also manage the library and substitute teach classes when needed. Outside of school I have been involved in singing and presentations at church. Church is on Saturday because my host family are 7th day Adventist. My host family is great and Steve is also my roommate as my original host family changed their mind at the last minute to have me. Steve is the same age as me but I also have a 22 year old Fijian brother and an 8 year old Fijian brother. My 8 year brother teaches Steve and I Fijian and we teach him English. My host family lives on a farm and most of the food we eat is grown on the farm. My host dad drives the school truck and my host mum is a retired school teacher after 35 years. The school itself is beautiful however it does run mainly on donations from others. I would like to, with your help, contribute back to the school in some small way. The school has plans for a new path to be constructed that will lead from the school, which is on a small hill, to the sports Field down below. All the children will use the path. If it could be possible for a fundraiser to happen at Rathkeale, such as a mufti day or a bake sale to contribute to the path that would really be appreciated. I will send you some photos of the area the path will go and of the school. I will also you more details when I have them. Please ask me any questions you may have, I am happy to try and answer them. Vinaka/ thanks, Troy Etherington 13


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Special Character Review Summary Rathkeale is an integrated Anglican boys’ boarding and day school, with a co-ed college in years 12-13. It is one of the Trinity Schools, under the umbrella of the Trinity Schools Trust Board (the Board of Proprietors). Its Integration Agreement notes that the TSTB is to “establish and maintain schools in connection with the Church of the Province of New Zealand (Anglican).” There are four ways specified in which this connection and special character could be lived-out in Rathkeale: 1. “providing a Religious Studies programme as an integral part of the school curriculum.” 2. “Pupils are required to participate in the worshipping life of the school,” where the Anglican Prayer Book will be the foundation of worship. 3. “The upholding of a strong moral code based on Christian standards and values is an essential element of the schools’ character.” 4. “Integral to its Special Character is the unity of the day and boarding components achieved by offering a programme of religious, cultural and recreational pursuits in which all pupils are expected to fully participate.” The TSTB is responsible for ensuring the Special Character is maintained, and in order to do so have established a Special Character Committee. They employ the Chaplain. It was a pleasure to run a review at Rathkeale. We found a peaceful school where staff and students alike indicated their enjoyment of life there. While the school aims, and reaches, high academic standards, their approach to students is genuinely holistic. Students are able to participate in a wide variety of activities and they are challenged to be the best they can be in their relationships and spiritual lives as well as their academic, sporting and cultural lives. Many of the people interviewed commented on the remarkable change in Rathkeale over the past 10 years, and attributed much of the credit for that change to the Principal. They spoke of his clear vision, his pastoral approach to staff and students, and that staff felt safe bringing both concerns and ideas to him as they knew they would be listened to. That sense of safety was also apparent in staff meetings. The current Chaplain has been there for less than 2 years but has made a significant impact in that time. He is deeply respected by staff and students, not only for his teaching, preaching and pastoral work, but for his own obvious integrity. Religious Education has changed shape over the years, moving from Divinity, to Comparative Religions, to the Anglican Schools’ Curriculum, to courses de-signed by individual chaplains. The current Chaplain weaves together service, environment, and a new theology course, and the results seem to appeal to the students. The school practices restorative justice approaches, without having undergone particular training in that area across the staff. There is a wide network of pastoral care available to students, with heads of boarding, the counsellor, the Chaplain and regular staff communicating well. A few staff have a direct connection with the Anglican Church, and a number of others profess the Christian faith. Even among those who do not, there was an openness to exploring how they, too, could support the Anglican Special Character with integrity. Chapel is well and willingly attended. The Chaplain is considering ways in which the school can reach out more into the community, and welcome the community into the school. This review summarises the views of all those interviewed over the three days. Although the general feeling was that people would be happy if the present state of the school continued and grew, there are also a few suggestions of new ideas or directions which the Board and School may want to consider in future planning. They are suggestions only. Almost all suggestions were raised by those interviewed during the review, and therefore grow from the life of the community itself. Review undertaken by the Anglican Schools’ Office 14


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Sport On reflection the biggest winner for the summer term has been the weather! With postponements regularly disrupting the cricket programme it was difficult for boys to build much momentum and consistency however there were pleasing performances from boys around this year’s three junior teams. In the last round of matches played, the local derby between the Red’s and the Black’s saw a closely fought match in which the Red’s snuck home by just two wickets. The Colts XI missed out on progressing through the rounds of the NZCT tournament to PNBHS however Gus Borren’s unbeaten 118 helped the Colts XI to chase down 237 to win in their fixture with Lindisfarne. Jesse McIntyre also made 100 against Wanganui Collegiate in the Year 9 fixture before George Ellingham’s 5 wickets set up a comfortable victory. In the year 10 encounter the boys chased down another big score to win in the last over with Isaac Noble making 60 and Hunter Wyeth seeing the team home. The 1st XI Cricket boys enjoyed a famous win against old rivals Lindisfarne in the traditional fixture, while the 2nd XI were soundly beaten. The 1st XI have enjoyed a mixed summer dominated by the weather with washouts at St Peter’s and Wai Col after a hard fought draw with Collegiate following some defiant 4th innings batting. Our tennis has been busy with boys involved each week at Regional Two and Three level as well as winning the fixture with Wanganui Collegiate before coming a comfortable 2nd to a Lindisfarne squad that competed well at national level this year. A washout with HIBS means a postponement to Term Four and another fixture to look forward to for our junior boys on the Cricket field and Tennis Court. Our athletes have just returned from New Plymouth and the North Island Champs. There was an excellent performance from Jayden Webb-Milner in the Triple Jump. Mitch Cockburn on the track, Cam Clatworthy in the throwing circle, and Conor McLaughlin in the triple jump pit. This was the last event of the term after the Wellington Champs where Joe Quinn and Jayden Webb Milner were standout performers and the Wairarapa Intercollegiate event where there were a host of placings and champs across the day. Our own Swimming and Athletics finals were hotly contested affairs with records broken, friendly rivalries continued and house spirit creating quite the spectacle. Blake House returned to winning ways taking out the Athletics title for the fourth time in five years and Halberg continued their dominance in the pool taking out the Swimming championships. Two teams went down to Wellington to take part in the National Futsal Champs for the first time. After day two, both junior and senior teams were undefeated. Day two provided more wins with the Seniors defeating Otago Boys and St Pauls Collegiate to qualify for the last 16 in 1st place. The junior’s went down to eventual winners St Pats Town and missed a last 8 spot by one goals difference. The Junior eventually finishing 13th from 32 teams. The Seniors made a last 16 match with Wellington College and finally won an enthralling encounter on penalties to set up a match with Onslow College. Despite much second half pressure from the team the 2-0 head-start they gave Onslow couldn’t be overcome. After defeat by Hamilton Boys in the playoff match a final placing of 8th from 40 teams was a remarkable result given neither the junior or senior teams had ever played or practiced together. Around the traps it has been great to have seen boys taking part across the sporting codes with Golf, Croquet, Touch, Badminton and Cycling to name a few. We now look forward to and prepare our teams for their winter codes to start early in Term Two. Steve Coleman Childs & Sprowson twins (members of 1st XI cricket in 2017 15



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