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1 st Quarter 2017 2020 Vision Otani & Zeetex brand themes being incorporated in all marketing communication Blood Donation ZEETEX PERFECT GRIP ZT4000 4S ZPL Cricket tournament 2017


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ZT4000 4S Zeetex introduces its first all season tire, the ZT4000 4S. It takes on every challenge gracefully; be it the scorching summer heat, heavy downpour, snow fall or dry autumn. It’s unique uni-directional tread design with wider grooves ensures quicker water evacuation and helps in overcoming aquaplaning. ZT4000 4S has an optimal combination of sinusoidal & linear sipes offering good road grip on dry, wet and snow conditions. The specially engineered “All Weather” compound ensures outstanding performance and safety; round the year. It has wider footprints that offers longer mileage and lower rolling resistance leading to better fuel efficiency. With Zeetex ZT4000 4S - be all season ready! Polish your pride with Zeetex Tire advertising has always been a challenge as the product category is such that it rarely has an aspirational value attached to it and is more of a need based purchase. This makes the job of a tyre marketeer ; all the more difficult. Most of the tires in a particular category offer the same features but need to be marketed in a way that they are able to make a mark in the minds of prospective customers. We, at Zeetex; have taken up this challenge and have been trying to break the monotony by coming out with interesting ideas to communicate our message. The message of course is the same but the ideas are new and they are being packaged in an interesting way. No wonder, we are getting a really good response on our social media pages and the consumers have started striking conversations with us; apart from appreciating our ideas.


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ZEETEX PERFECT GRIP “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. – Walt Disney. So, does our new ZEETEX HP1000 perfect grip gave us an amazing response from our customers and followers. 2020 Vision As we are moving towards embedding the 2020 vision in everything possible, our corporate office building too has been wrapped in the new logo by way of a one vision sticker on the front glass panel.


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MT1000 Zeetex introduces its first mud terrain tire, the MT1000. It comes with a 3 ply polyester casing construction, leading to a stronger side wall and offering extra ordinary resistance against impacts and off-roading. The unique anchor type aggressive tread block delivers remarkable off road traction. Alternate scalloped shoulder lugs provide longer distance between shoulder blocks, maximizing biting edges to increase traction in mud and rocks. Wide open shoulders and stepped block edges allow easy flushing of mud and silt. When others see the end of the road, we see an opportunity for adventure. Take your off roading experience to the next level with the new MT1000 from Zeetex. Otani & Zeetex brand themes being incorporated in all marketing communication We have unveiled the new theme for Zeetex & Otani. We have developed a theme for both these brands which sends out a very strong message, emphasizing the strengths of these brands. Going forward, this will give a direction to our brand communication. We have also updated the website with our new theme and are designing 2017 catalogs around these themes.


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Family Day at ZAFCO international ZAFCO International hosted a carnival picnic at the C.B Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The ZAFCO team and their families spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon together enjoying several different activities such as a bungee trampoline, giant hamster ball races, face-painting, and a bounce house, as well as delicious carnival treats like funnel cake and snow cones. Those with a competitive streak battled each other in a one-legged race, a hula-hooping spin-off, and a comical sack race with everyone hobbling around, leading to a few stumbles and many laughs. The grand finale was a tug of war between the men and women, and unsurprisingly, the women emerged as the champions!


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Blood Donation HIS Legacy Continues. ZAFCO Pays tribute to the late chairman on Founder’s Day. It has been Five years since our beloved Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Hussain passed away. He was a man with a vision, a leader who embedded unshakable values. On February 5, 2017, the ZAFCO team got together to pay tribute to our late chairman by organizing the 7th blood donation camp. We have marked a century with 114 participants and 94 positive donors. We also had a video that shared memories about Mr. Hussain’s simple philosophies and remarkable wisdom that was missed by people from all across the globe and his words and actions continues to ripple and touch lives


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OTANI – PCR OTANI has added passenger car radials to its product line-up, with this OTANI now caters to all kinds of automotive tires needs of the market. It has already proved it’s mental as a TBR and OTR manufacturer and would use that strength in making headway in PCR segment. ZPL Cricket tournament 2017 Clash of the Titans!! Zafconians battled it out on the cricket field in ZPL with four in-house teams: Zeetex Zalmi, Otani Lions, Roadstone Runners & Armstrong Supergiants. The championship was hosted at Skyline College, Sharjah on 31st March. After a tough competition, it was the Zeetex team which finally won the battle. Man of the Match: Ghan Shyam Winning Team: ZEETEX Man of the series: Muhammad Sajid Best Batsman: NASIR Best Bowler: YASIR


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