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nic new products 2016 in english language

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Kitchen table (without accessories) Art. no. 24612 Chair Art. no. 24614 Long bench Art. no. 24618 Short bench Art. no. 24619 Art. no. 27176 Frying pan set Cast tin Art. no. 26729 Parrot on stand Art. no. 27100 Stove for farmhouse parlor (without frying pan) 8.5 x 6.0 x 6.6 cm (height to top edge of stovetop) Made from high-quality ceramic with metal door and moulded, textured plaster finish. Art. no. 24622 Cupboard with plate rack (without accessories) Art. no. 27560 Washtub with stand Art. no. 27564 Washboard Germany nic | Spiel + Art GmbH Uhlmannstraße 42, D-88471 Laupheim Phone: 0049(0)7392 9700-0 Fax: 0049(0)7392 9700-79, Art. no. 26436 Floor for farmhouse parlor New Products 2016 Art. no. 1876 Shovel excavator 21/2 32x20x40 cm The highlight of the creamobil building site. Robust design, fully functional, but with plenty of play value for budding builders. The excavator arm can be moved to and locked in various positions. Even the shovel can be opened and closed with a few simple actions. What’s more, the entire top section can be rotated through 360° – even by little hands! Now there are no limits to your child’s imagination and ambition on the building site! Art. no. 2308 GEO plug column 5 colourful stacking blocks for creative play. Small structures can also be built without the plug column. The column yields under pressure so that there is no safety risk. 7x18cm Sturdy and high-quality – our new vehicle range. Made from solid wood and ideal for budding young drivers. The specially shaped roof makes the tractor easy to guide, and even serves as a support (driver permanently installed in cab due to risk of swallowing!). Art. no. 2212 Tractor, blue 15x10x10,5cm Art. no. 2211 Tractor, red 15x10x10,5cm Art. no. 2213 Trailer 16x9,5x6cm New accessories for our tried-and-tested cubio ball track 1 1/2 Art. no. 2197 Ball, red spotted (Diameter 45mm) Art. no. 2198 Ball, yellow spotted (Diameter 45mm) Art. no. 2185 cubio ball track outlet with ringing sound With this new accessory, a ringing sound is generated every time a ball reaches the bottom. When the ball hits the stop, a gentle sound is heard and the ball comes to a standstill. The part can be readily joined to the existing track sections to make the game even more exciting! (Ball + bleached wood attachment not supplied!) Art. no. 2666 CombiCar Horse 67x23x45cm, seat height 26cm Impeccably crafted solid beechwood. A wheeled vehicle in the shape of a beautiful horse. Our new animal figure is more than a balance and stability trainer – older children will get lasting pleasure from galloping around the house on it! (compatible with the CombiCar system!)


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Art. no. 61248 Willy L 10cm 3 Monaten months mois This cuddly centipede can be bent and squeezed. The little feet are perfect for infants to grip. Art. no. 61249 Molly L 13.5cm 3 Monaten months mois Watch the cute and colourful articulated caterpillar crawl up and down the play rug. Those big eyes are irresistible! Art. no. 62315 Push-n-Penguin Our penguin now comes in glorious technicolour! This gaily coloured, waddling member of the walter animal collection is sure to raise a smile. Organic Range Our naturally dyed toys are enjoying a continued wave of popularity. Through the use of plant-based and natural dyes, we guarantee you toys made in harmony with nature: Grasping toys with gentle rattling sounds promote sensory development and stimulate the child through play: Art. no. 1572.1 Rolling sorter, red This shape sorting game is notable for its high-quality craftsmanship and clear shapes. The shapes – attached by elastic – drop out again through the bars, ready for re-inserting or free assembly. Art. no. 61244.1 Carousel 3 Monaten months mois Art. no. 61240.1 Rattling tree 3 Monaten months mois Art no. 64423.1 Pounding bench Educational hammering fun. With our unique pounding bench game, you can watch the pegs work their way down. The hammering action helps develop motor skills and adds to the fun, as there are always several pegs to knock out before the target peg appears. Charming, natural and imaginative: smooth-touch baby toys made from oiled limewood: 6 Monaten months mois Art. no. 66002 Wardrobe with clock 3 80x56cm The sun’s shining and it’s time for kinder- garten or school! Our versatile new wardrobe gets the day off to a bright and cheerful start, and is a fun way of teaching late or early risers to tell the time and days of the week. Art. no. 520095 Heart Art. no. 520096 Rabbit Art. no. 528828 Play kitchen with upper cupboard 74x34x103cm, working height 51 cm 3 Art. no. 520097 Snail Art. no. 520098 Bird A real rarity on the premium toy market: our brand new quality kitchen in finest beechwood. It comes with oiled surfaces and finger-jointed drawers surrounded by spacious upper cupboards and a Ceran cooktop panel, and fits directly against the wall to save space. This delightful play kitchen is guaranteed to wow not only mums but dads too, who will love the quality of the carpentry, especially as the kitchen is supplied fully assembled in 2 parts. But most of all it will please the budding young cooks and bakers who get to exercise their culinary talents through play. Art. no. 66010 Teaching clock 3 22x9x27cm (clock diameter 19cm) An extra-special clock with fixed stand and minute hand. Also makes an attractive desk ornament later on. The clear colour scheme makes the hours and minutes easy to tell apart. The high-quality clock faces are also suitable for stacking and domino games. Art. no. 528829 3 Play kitchen without upper structure 74x34x63cm – dimensions to upper edge of attachment



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