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Katalog 2015-17


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2 About us nic – simply something special Wooden toys are very much in fashion. Sustainability nic 4 - 25 and product quality, as well as the current leaning to creamobil 4 organic products, clearly illustrate this trend. As traditional manufacturers of wooden toys, with headquarters Multirail 10 Kugelix 12 Playfun 14 in southern Germany, we have placed great value on exceptional, robust and creative toys since 25 years. Our assortment is constantly being developed and en- cubio 18 CombiCar 22 Cradle pram, Riding and sitting toys 24 Weaving loom 25 hanced with new and innovative products. walter 26 - 33 Wardrobe Even the youngest of children are inspired by our toys. Grasping toys 26 27 We encourage the use of imagination combined with fun and games even for the play-rug age group. Design and format, however, always leave enough room for creativity. These days especially, we feel that it is important, considerate and meaningful to convey values Stand-up figures /Push-and-pull animals 30 Push-and-pull animals 31 Sorting/imitating 32 b io-assortment 34 - 35 34 Glückskäfer 36 - 91 such as quality and longevity to children. Baby toys Puppet show 36 38 When children emulate what they have experienced, Traffic signs Colourful shapes 41 42 the toy becomes the motor and, at the same time, the expression of their personal development. Thus, it improves alertness and concentration – and stimulates Wood branches 54 Birthday 56 Felt animals 58 Felt figures 60 the young imagination. Water toys Dexterity games 61 62 The many different playing possibilities and the creative Sand toys 64 Playhouse 66 design serve to train powers of deduction, motor skills Shop 67 and the development of the senses. Play kitchen Children’s electric stove 68 70 Children’s housekeeping toys 71 Occupations 87 Handicraft games 88 Collect and thread 89 Handcraft 90 Gerold Hertenberger ppa Michael Seeler Herbert Waltner bodo hennig 92 - 111 Primera 92 Furniture 94 Classic country house 96 Dollhouse 2 rooms 98 Furniture and fittings 99 Carpets, tiles, wallpaper 101 Lighting 102 Electrical components 103 Accessories 104 Dollhouse dolls 110


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About us 3 Safety is our highest priority. High-quality wooden toys have to put up with the way children treat them. This is often more than most toys can handle. However, we want you to go home with a flawless product. Therefore we apply the strictest requirements and guidelines to the nic wooden toys produced at our factory in southern Germany. Our CE-compliant processes, as well as a number of other marks and seals of quality, give you the certainty of having chosen a valuable and outstanding toy. The CE mark confirms that our products are in compliance with the European Standard for the safety of toys (EN 71). We use only selected wood, mainly beech and maple, from European forests certified for their sustainable forestry management according to FSC/PEFC (Forest Stewardship Council/ Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) standards. Further, our products are treated only with tested and certified varnishes and paints, primarily water-based. These are completely harmless to the environment and the health of children. Thus, these toys can be put into the mouths of even the smallest children, as even the dye released when in contact with saliva is completely harmless. The aforementioned quality seals are not, however, a confirmation of the “indestructibility” of these toys. Our toys, as do most consumer items, react to a certain degree of wear and tear. Although our toys are compliant with all regulations applying to fall, tensile and impact tests, damage can occur through repeated exposure to impact and drops, as well as kicking. Thus, we are not able to guarantee 100% indestructibility, as toys are often exposed to the incalculable mechanical stresses described above. Nonetheless, it is our aim to create toys for all age groups which will stimulate learning and development. An important focus of education is to teach children about danger, how to behave when confronted with it and to protect them from it. Therefore, toys must regularly be inspected by caregivers and removed in time if damage has occurred. Care and cleaning of these toys requires only a moist cloth and avoidance of the use of chemical cleaning agents. We give age recommendations for our toys. This is, of course, subject to the individual stage of development and the interests of each child. Additionally and if necessary, warnings are issued for certain toys, indicating possible dangers in the case of incorrect use. In this way, the legislator can contribute to preventing risks. Please heed such warnings precisely and keep them and the manufacturing certificate in a safe place. A number of our products have also been acknowledged by the Working Committee “spiel gut” (“good play”) for their play value. Recognition, for example from the Association for Left-Handed Children, or design prizes, also confirm the value of our work. Nic wooden toys are valuable toys – for all the generations to come!!! creative stable valuable


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4 creamobil from 1 year Banner 45 x 95 cm Art. 8017 creamobil, A classic by nic. Robust, durable, well thought out unequalled in quality, functionality and play value! hang up, put on, plug in... All the items in the creamobil vehicle range can be combined with each other wonderfully. Working parts - such as winders and steering handles - are designed to be used with the left or right hand. Children learn purposefully to deal with technical details. Continuous extension of the range promises fun for many years. Stand-up display for your sales shelf 12 x 12 x 5 cm Art. 8012


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creamobil from 1 year 5 creamobil-vehicles in the attractive sales packages A: basic model short L 36 cm Art. 1811 B: basic model long L 42 cm Art. 1815 family outing L 36 cm Art. 1812 omnibus L 42 cm Art. 1816 C: tractor L 27 cm natural Art. 1821 red Art. 1822 green Art. 1824 seats usable with A and B, L=12 cm Art. 1802 basic model long + tipper L 42 cm Art. 1814 basic model short + wrecking crane L= 46 cm, from 3 years old Art. 1809 The nic playing figures with the friendly face liven up the classic nic playing set. They are ergonomically dimensioned and are supporting the role play with creamobil. nic-little men 6 pieces, arbitrarily usable Art. 1801 Little men „Pico“ 4 pcs, can be used for any application Art.1803 Little men „Maxi“ 4 pcs, can be used for any application Art.1804


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6 creamobil from 1 1/2 years Haywain usable with A, B, C L 38 cm Art. 1828 Loader usable with A, B, C L 40 cm Art. 1829 trailer (twin-axle) usable with A,B,C L 38 cm Art. 1830 semi-trailer usable with A, B, C with two-wheeled trailer L 32 cm Art. 1845 wrecking crane usable with A, B, C with two-wheeled trailer, from 3 years old H 24 cm Art. 1841 conveyor belt usable with A, B, C with two-wheeled trailer L 47 cm Art. 1843 Silo truck usable with: B, C with two-wheeled trailer Art. 1850 tipper usable with: B, C with two-wheeled trailer L 22 cm Art. 1851 new Two-wheel tractor The new dimensions mean that existing accessories such as the Silo truck (art. 1850) and Tipper (art. 1851) can now be used for the first time on the farm. Usable with A, B, C L 31,5 cm Art. 1846


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creamobil from 2 years 7 low bed truck to be trailed to A, B, C with two-wheeled trailer L 80 cm Art. 1871 Snow-clearer sign usable with A, B and C B 21 cm, H 10 cm Art. 1836 Sweeping machine usable with A and B B 19 cm Art. 1837 nic-Liner trailer usable with: A, B, C with two-wheeled trailer L 39 cm Art. 1853


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8 creamobil from 2,5 years Evaluation of the jury (excerpt) ...All functions of a fork-lift truck can be effected optimally and support the playing... Design, finish and handling are convincing, so that the jury elected this long-lasting toy to the outstanding prize-winner. fork-lift truck with stacking box to be used independently from the creamobil system 17 x 24 x 34 cm Art. 1884 stacking box Art. 1882 wood stack Pallet with 6 wooden parts Art. 1883 automotiv excavator to be used independently from the creamobil system 18 x 40 x 45 cm Art. 1873 wheel loader to be used independently from the creamobil system 19 x 27 x 50 cm Art. 1875


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creamobil from 3 years 9 The building crane offers playing fun in it´s most perfect form. It is easy to operate, and at the same time it contains technical details that are suitable for children. While playing children can try out here just as they fancy. The crane can be folded very quickly and clicked onto the trailer, in order to drive to the construction site. building crane usable with: B and C with two-wheeled trailer. To be used independently from the creamobil system H = 85 cm Art. 1874


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new new new new 10 Multi-race from 1 year The multi-race from nic: different sizes and versions offer a selection for every wish. Horse Art. 1675 Locomotive Art. 1676 Flower red Art. 1677 Flower blue Art. 1678 Hedgehog Art. 1671 Starfish Art. 1672 Chamäleon Art. 1673 Mouse Art. 1674 Snail Art. 1664 Gondola Art. 1665 Fish Fish Fish red, Art. 1667 blue, Art. 1668 yellow, Art. 1669 The models with collecting tray are particularly stable and practical for storing the running parts. Pay attention to the number of running tracks. The more, the more valuable.


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Multi-race from 1 year 11 nic multi-race Medi with 8 track parts and motive-set H 65 cm Art. 1502 nic multi-race with 6 track parts H 45 cm Art. 1501 nic multi-race Maxi with 16 track parts, motive-set and collecting tray, H 125 cm Art. 1504 nic multi-race Medi S with 8 track parts and motive-set with collecting tray H 65 cm Art. 1503 The Duo series: Who can get to the finish line faster?! Exciting races take place on both tracks of the nic Duo series (rolling figures not included) Duo Art. 1511 Duo Medi Art. 1512 Duo Medi S Art. 1513 Duo Maxi Art. 1514 Ufo red Art. 1602 Ufo blue Art. 1603 Ufo green Art. 1604 Ufo yellow Art. 1605 rattling disk red/blue Art. 1633 Painting disk Art. 1641 Motive-set (6) Art. 1642 Little running man red Art. 1612 Little running man blue Art. 1613 Little running man green Art. 1614 Little running man yellow Art. 1615 rattling disk red/green Art. 1634 Bell disk Art. 1646 Sprinter red Art. 1652 Ball red Art. 1622 Ball blue Art. 1623 Ball green Art. 1624 Ball yellow Art. 1625 rattling disk yellow/red Art. 1635 Perl disk Art. 1645 Sprinter blue Art. 1653


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12 Kugelix from 3 years Kugeli The new Kugelix ball track system is an intellectual challenge for young and old. The most various curve and sound elements as well as whirl funnels create an exciting ball track for big builders from 6 years and little observers from 3 years. Creative heads are motivated to keep on experimenting and building new and more complex tracks. The elements are connected by specifically developed plastic pins. This allows almost endless combination possibilities and prevents the constructions from moving. Design: Roland Linsenmeyer


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Kugelix Welle Set 1 A variety of curved elements, acoustic elements, funnels, and above all the new wave track create a unique and exciting marble run for engineers from age 6 and spectators from age 3. Art. 1701 Kugelix from 3 years 13 Kugelix Turm Set 2 In addition to the wide selection of track parts and accessories, this set includes a base plate and 3 pillars for quick and easy vertical extension. Double-sided track parts allow the construction of tunnels which, in combination with the acoustic elements, make it possible to create even more interesting runs. Art. 1702 Kugelix Mühle Set 3 The most comprehensive of the Kugelix marble run systems includes a new mill wheel for even more exciting and individual extensions. For example, the run can be divided into several main and secondary tracks using the „Mill Wheel“, „Switch“ und „Branch“ elements. That way the marbles‘ route to the finish becomes a matter of chance. A fascinating game for young and old alike, this set offers fun for all the family! Art. 1703 Kugelix Duo Set 4 The Duo set contains all basic track parts and accessories to make your marble run even more interesting, original and surprising. The new parts are double tracks which add to the fun by introducing an element of unpredictability: which path will the marble take? For even greater speed, excitement and combinational potential. Art. 1704


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14 playfun from 1 year nic rattling tower dimensions 10 x 26 cm Art. 1564 Shape sorter taxi dimensions 26 x 16 x 15 cm Art. 1550 nic-lix dimensions d 17 cm Art. 1568 natural Art. 1571 nic shape-sorter roll dimensions 13 x 13 cm red Art. 1572 blue Art. 1573 nic carriage with forms dimensions 23 x 14 x 11 cm green Art. 1574 red Art. 1552 blue Art. 1553 green Art. 1554 gelb Art. 1555


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playfun from 1 year 15 nic nesting blocks 13,5 x 13,5 x 12 cm Art. 1563 nic-plug column classic 8 x 12 cm Art. 2310 nic-plug column cone 8 x 12 cm Art. 2311 nic-plug column storeys 8 x 12 cm Art. 2312 Peg flower Art. 2305 Peg duck Art. 2306 climbing-nic H 42 cm Art. 1541 nic-plug man small 8 x 17 cm Art. 2301 nic-plug man large 8 x 21 cm Art. 2302



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