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FOR YOUR BIG DEAL. One of the leading international trade associations for professional hygiene. THOTEORWFTURNFSAAETDRMIISNTILHIYOIPN


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WHAT DOES DHYS STAND FOR? The DHYS Group (Distribution in Hygiene Specialist) is one of the leading international trade associations for professional hygiene. It currently consists of seven prominent European wholesale groups – GVS Group (Germany), GEH Groupe Europe Hygiène (France), Grupo DINO (Spain), We Italia (Italy), Europap (Slovenia), Eurosan (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Socius Network (UK) – with more than 120 family-run member companies in 25 countries. JOIN THE PAN-EUROPEAN NETWORK Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania France, Switzerland, Réunion Spain, Portugal, Angola, Andorra Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia Italy Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia UK, Ireland, Channel Islands 2


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A TRUE PARTNER IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE DHYS offers internationally active customers the best purchasing options, distribution channels and services when acquiring cleaning and maintenance systems. › Supply of excellent products and services › International sales and complete logistics service › Cooperation with strategic brand suppliers › Development of an international private label strategy › Global procurement (manufacturer brands and private labels) › Sophisticated, web-based e-commerce solutions › Quality management, cost control, specialist consultation, application training › Constant monitoring of markets, knowledge transfer › Creation of synergy and innovation › Establishing new business relationships KEEPING COSTS UNDER CONTROL The DHYS Group keeps costs under control by means of strategic global procurement. Costs are also saved when we assume control of organisational and process-related services in the area of acquisition, distribution and logistics. Furthermore, our customers benefit from sophisticated, web-based e-commerce solutions with an individual order system for targeted product range planning, budget administration and documentation. 3


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BEST PRODUCTS FOR TOP SOLUTIONS With more than 80,000 products in all areas of cleaning and hygiene, DHYS offers a universal range with an outstanding price-performance ratio, perfectly tailored to large-scale users on the international market. To deliver this service, we cooperate very closely with selected brand suppliers. Whether in terms of manufacturer brands or private labels, the global procurement strategy of the DHYS Group will pave the way for your success. › Washroom hygiene & paper hygiene › Cleaning chemicals › Cleaning equipment › Waste disposal › Medical products & personal care › Incontinence systems 4


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SUPPORTED BY STRATEGIC PARTNERS In terms of strategy, we work very closely with extremely powerful and experienced companies that act as global players not only in terms of business relations but also for branches around the world. Our designated strategic partners enable us to develop our position in international competition. The top methods include key terms such as ‚product‘, ‚quality‘ and ‚innovation‘. The cooperation is active and holistic, featuring the entire DHYS Group. 5


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SUPPORTED BY PREFERRED PARTNERS We work very closely with extremely powerful and experienced companies that act as global players not only in terms of business relations but also for branches around the world. Our designated preferred partners enable us to develop our position in international competition. The top methods include key terms such as ‚product‘, ‚quality‘ and ‚innovation‘. The cooperation is constructive yet free, with participation optional for DHYS members. 6


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WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY The DHYS Group makes a contribution to greater ecological, economic and social responsibility in the interests of the prosperity of future generations. Remaining competitive in the long run is another important factor. In the global context, sustainability is of great importance but it also presents issues relating to insecurity. Which products are sustainable? What about the companies themselves? What is more important for sustainability and are customers ready to pay for it? The fact of the matter is that sustainability is inevitable. The DHYS Group strives to promote sustainable development with transparency and credibility. We therefore pay careful attention to: › The conservation of resources within the company, in production and logistics › The increase of efficiency and intrinsic value of products › The observance of basic human rights such as health and safety in the workplace 8


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CREATING SYNERGY AND INNOVATION The DHYS Group has real entrepreneurship and constant willingness to innovate. Due to their medium-sized and often family-run operating structures, the member companies offer the best conditions for this purpose. Therefore, the DHYS Group not only promotes the development and optimisation of new product and product range profiles but also the setup and renewal of business relations, strategies and perspectives with which the markets of the future can be accessed. In this way, DHYS additionally creates key synergy effects. WE RELY ON QUALITY DHYS is able to demonstrate that many of its member companies implement a verified quality management system which also satisfies global requirements. There are organisational standards for products, processes and services. The decisive factor is the extraordinary personal commitment of more than 3,000 employees who work to ensure the success of the Group and its customers every day. 9


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FACTS & FIGURES › Founded 2013 › One of the leading international associations › Currently seven groups, approx. 120 member companies with 158 sites in 25 countries › Approx. 3,000 employees (consultation, technology and service) › Decades of family-run company tradition › More than 80,000 products in the range › Proprietary transport systems (approx. 1,200 vehicles) › Strategic global procurement › Sales: approx. 865 million euros 10


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OUR COMPETENCE IS TRADITION The history of the DHYS Group is as steeped in trading tradition as the history of its members. Thus, the association has decades' worth of expertise in the strategic consultation of major customers all over Europe and beyond its borders. DHYS is considered a well-known, high-performance and reliable partner in the market. The family-run profile of the Group ensures the presence of customeroriented, regional roots with a global orientation. 11


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mwici.de CONTACT OUR HEAD OFFICES: GVS Großverbraucherspezialisten eG In den Seewiesen 26 / Gebäude 18 89520 Heidenheim Germany Phone: +49 7321 35 50 95 50 Fax:  +49 7321 35 50 95 79 zentrale@gvsgroup.eu www.gvsgroup.eu GEH Groupe Europe Hygiène 12 Rue des Cortots Parc d‘Activités des Cortots 21121 Fontaine-Les-Dijon / France Phone: +33 3 80 57 07 07 Fax:  +33 3 80 57 07 00 geh@geh.fr www.geh.fr Picture credits: © pict rider / Fotolia / p. 1 | © lassedesignen / Fotolia / p. 1 | © pressmaster / Fotolia / p. 1, 2–3 | © danielsbfoto / Fotolia / p. 1, 4–5 | © TTstudio / Fotolia / p. 4–5,12 © pressmaster / Fotolia / p. 6–7 | © cambo photography / Fotolia / p. 6–7 | © daniel.schoenen / Photocase / p. 8–9 | © Syda Productions / Fotolia / p. 8–9 | © Rawpixel.com / Fotolia / p. 10–11,12 EUROSAN d.o.o. Bišc´ e polje bb 88000 Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone: +387 36 342 220 Fax:  +387 36 352 743 info@eurosan.ba www.eurosan.ba EUROPAP d.o.o. Cesta 24. junija 23 1231 Ljubljana – Crnuce Slovenia Phone: +386 1 523 10 21 Fax: +386 1 541 13 30 europap@europap.si www.europap.si DINO DIS DINO S.L. Plaza del Conde Valle Súchil, 9, 1-A 28.015 Madrid Spain Phone: +34 91 593 40 10 Fax:  +34 91 594 17 44 grupo@dino.es www.dino.es We Italia Srl Piazza dei Martiri 1943/45, n.1/2 40121 Bologna Italy Phone: +39 051 26 86 01 info@we-italia.it www.we-italia.it SOCIUS Network Ltd Suite G, King Business Centre Reeds Lane Sayers Common West Sussex BN6 9LS United Kingdom Phone: +44 1273 833325 Fax: +44 1273 831553 info@sociusnetwork.com www.sociusnetwork.com www.dhysgroup.com



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