Y4 Internet Safety


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6th Grade, Internet Safety

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dont speak to someone online you dont know tell your parents about inernet safety don t talk to people you don t know don t give out personal information abbigail r.


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yannine if someone is sending you a bab message save it or tell a parent this is what will happend if you put in your name adress and zip code if someone told you on the computer to chat go tell a parent tell a mom or dad that something is on the computer that is inappropriate.


p. 3

never give out youre personal information out to anybody you re right you should never give out personal information because,you never know if the person that you give it to might just give that same information to someone else ohh yeah that is a good one we think that we shouldnt even reply the mesage because they might talk you into doing something you don t want to do ohh we have a good one if you get a message from someone you do not know do not send a reply message because you don t well know them rosa


p. 4

aways stay with a adult in the internet if someone wants to be your friend say no don t give out personal information to others mauro do not talk to strangers or text or ,call them


p. 5

lilly s hang around kid approved websites if you wouldn t do it in person then you shouldn t do it online don t give out any and i mean any personal infermation don t ever go to websites without an adult checking to see if it is safe


p. 6

kevin p never give personal info if someone you dont know asks to chat do not accept there are cyberbullies do not chat with people you do not know


p. 7

there are cyerbullys don t give out personle infromation everything will be good if someone being mean tell an adlit kahleel


p. 8

you should never give out your name address or number if says something mean in a email,text,or what ever you use to send something you shouldn t reply you should always tell a parent or leaguel gardenian you never tell when or where your parents are and also do not tell whereyou live because if you do they might come to your house you should never go some place to some one invites you to justin.o


p. 9

juana hi never ever tell your personal info don t open things that are not yours if tou have friends online make sure they are your friends have an adult be at your side when you are at the computer


p. 10

jessica r don t talk to people you don t know if you see something you don t like tell an adult don t give personal info out to other people stay with an adult while using the internet


p. 11

colton k i will make sure to tell my mommy am i cute or what that is why i will never give you my persinal info never give persinal info if someone new that you do not know ask to chat do not accept


p. 12

dont text people you dont know dont look at iinappropriate stuff make sure you ask your family about internet saftey dont give out personal information christian l



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