Y3 Internet Safety


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6th Grade, Internet Safety

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avalon hello,humans i m here to tell you how to stay safe on the intrenet never meet a person that you meet on line for real never tell them were you live either beacuse you never know just who will come knocking.


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your dont put infor pursenal n the mation o web victor your phone number on the web d ont put never respond to a text to who you dont know if you see something inappropriate tell someone quick


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selena dont trust anybody online do not give any information to anybody on the web dont talk to no one you dont no online tell your perents if someone talk to you and you got very unconfertable


p. 4

never accept people on the internet you dont know maria you should never talk to strangers if someone givrs you thier number never accept it or else yoi will be in danger don t text anyone you dont know like i did


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never talk to strangers on the internet maria don t cyberbulyy don t give out your personal information be carefu ll of what you put on the intern et


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kaylee i sure could use some internet safety advice hey guys i just got a new imac computer that s a really good idea if you ever see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just tell an adult don t give out your address or personal information to anyone they could be watching you you could get hurt that s awesome advice you also should never go meet someone you met on the internet in person!


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never tell anyone your phone number to anyone online never give out information like where you live or your phone number do you have a computer never get out any of your information on your facebook or anything like that tell your parents or someone you trust if something disturbs you yes jose


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jakob tell an adult when you are being cyber bullied never talk to strangers on the internet right on be carefull with what you do on the internet dont ever give out personal info.


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jade never give out personal information get a parent if someone you dont know wants to meet you in person get a parent if you get a mean message from someone you don t know keep your personal info hidden and safe from people you dont know.


p. 10

haley don t tell anyone your address you could get kidnapped don t go and meet someone that you don t know with out an adult hey those are good rules to follow if something makes you uncomfortable tell an adult!


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fernando hey doggies i got a new computer you did thats awesome just becareful not to share personal information dont even think of replying bad messages it is important to follow all these rules


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claire never give out personal imformation never sign up for anything thing you see on the internet because it could be false information never give out passwords or usernames ask alwaysr ou y s parent ore bef first o on you g hts any sig


p. 13

be smart in internet safety be safe to get on your words here do not go to inappropriate sites be safe online buoy


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bryan never give personal information don t give your name to any body don t add a stranger do you have a computure yes



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