Y2 Internet Safety


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6th Grade, Internet Safety

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p. 1

aleysia never talk to stangers online be smart when going online always ask a parent to use the computer never give out your personal imformation to stangers


p. 2

thy turn off internet when you done don t open too much program when you use internet don t take a picture of your self don t takl to trangirs


p. 3

ruben be with an adult when your online tell an adult if something happens when your online don t give out information always now who your talking with online.


p. 4

he got that right its bad to watch bad stuff so that why an adult have to be with u to see what you re watching y my son is happm use i show hi ca e how to use th internet mario i teach my kids how to use the internet my friend at school puts bad stuff at school so i tell on the teacher


p. 5

luis hey be a bully do not get peoples phonenumber online unless you know them hey don t say that he s just kidding dont be a bully online becuase that is mean i know im tuff but if somebody bullys online you tell somebody for they could take care of it hey did you know some old people take pictures of a teenager so be careful


p. 6

don,t meet some body on the enternet make shure you dont take picturesof your self kiara your right on that one for the first time are you talking to strangers agiain help me somebody don,t get stuck in bad situation make shure you have a trusted adult with you


p. 7

kayla do not act like someone else do not put bad pictures on the inerant do not talk to peole you do not know do not put to much information


p. 8

jose dont talk to strangers im not a stranger dont go online without permision yea its bad you can get tricked.


p. 9

jaden dont be a followyou fiona whats a followyo u fiona never give out personal imformation dont ge spamed t


p. 10

gia thats right never tell anyone personal i shouldn t tell anyone y my info about me don t bully someone thats smaller than you don ever bully someone because you will end up getting in trouble.


p. 11

be nice to peopel elizabeth lopez don t takle to peopel back be respe ctful don t takle to strangers


p. 12

edwin you guys are talking about computers lame hey guys i got new computer who s awesome now yeah whch out there are people you don t know watch out there are stangers in the internet


p. 13

yes you never know what kind of people are online bella be careful when using the internet i wish i had a internet safety buddy it makes things much safer make sure you always have have buddy when using the internet dont post a picture of yourself to impress someone you may think its okay but it turns out worse!



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