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Life in the Inner West Est. 2005 Jenevieve Chang on the Sydney Writers Festival and water chestnuts Eggstatic things to do in the School Holidays Road testing poetry slams, jams and word-offs GIVEAWAYS Win double passes to Sydney Royal Easter Show & Spanish Film Festival Free Issue 302 April 2017 ’The Writers’ Issue’


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Inner West Whispers Big Brother in your bins – Trackless trams • Bin thieves around Ashfield, watch your backs. The 35,000 new bins in the council’s upcoming rollout are coming fitted with monitoring devices, giving your trashcans the Nineteen Eighty-Four dimension they’ve always been missing. Allegedly also on the target list are people who incorrectly sort their rubbish. Is that a cry of “nanny state” we hear? • The never-ending quest to transform Parramatta Road into something mildly pleasant and functional continues. The latest are council’s plans to introduce “track-free trams” to ease the Inner West’s greatest traffic burden. “What exactly is the difference between these and buses?” you may ask. Word on the street is they’ll be “cleaner” but we won’t know until 2023, when they will finally arrive. City of Canada Bay Mayor Helen McCaffrey says “We must make the most of the opportunities that WestConnex provides. The opportunity to really transform this area is here now.” • Cracks in the walls continue to form around the WestConnex development, although this time quite literally. Homeowners in Haberfield and Beverly Hills are blaming roadworks for damages to their homes and are reportedly wanting to chase WestConnex for compensation. • The total numbers are in, and it turns out a crackdown on food safety practices has left 56 Inner West businesses with hefty fines from regulation breaches. The NSW Our future? Food Authority “Register of Penalty Notices” – aka Public Humiliation Leaderboard – was topped by Stanmore McDonalds, which managed a trifecta of failing to prevent the likelihood of contamination, unclean equipment and failing to wash their hands properly. Hopefully its recent renovations herald the dawn of new, hygiene-friendly practices. • Offering to share your extra spacious umbrella with those who have foolishly trusted optimistic weather reports is by far the most popular act of kindness going around at the moment. These selfless deeds have prompted members of the Inner West to share their appreciation for their umbrellaclad saviours on social media. While we’re praying for sunnier skies this April, if no such luck is had, remember to look out for your weather-vulnerable neighbour. Things we love Canada Bay Club’s support of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is one of its niche endeavours, with the club hosting a GCF Gala Dinner on May 5. We love the idea of this unique merger between the Inner West and African wildlife. The event will be held at the Canada Bay Club, and attendees can look forward to a silent auction, three-course meal and live entertainment. The best bit? Funds go towards the GCF’s good work (curbing the diminishing numbers of giraffes, conservation strategy development, conservation and education for African school children), which negates all guilt associated with the unlimited wine on offer. Things we don’t love The refilling pile of second-hand goods at the Hay Street car park is a visual abomination. Old fridges, pillows, cardboard boxes and clothes racks make up just a small sample of the selection of damaged and decaying household items routinely offered by this magic fountain of garbage. Passersby are often seen sidestepping pieces of cardboard or cans that have been flung from the pile by inconsiderate breezes. But, we’re confident no acts of illegal dumping or other garbage-related immorality have occurred, because plastered firmly above the pile is an unmissable yellow “Report Illegal Dumping” sign. We’re stumped. In / Out • Fans. Ye who aren’t blessed by the miracle of air-con will be welcoming blade-fuelled artificial breezes. Boy, is it humid. • Pickling. Pickle eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables, meat. Pickle whatever your heart desires. Added bonus: selling the results of your endeavours at the markets to eager quirky shoppers. • Protests. Keep Newtown Weird and Safe Festival, Rally for Refugees, and the March for Science Rally are among the many collective actions taking place across Sydney in Autumn. Sydneysiders ain’t sitting still for injustice. • Harmony Day. The Inner West turned up to celebrate at this year’s Carnival of Cultures. Food, performances, food, children’s activities, food, prizes, and food. • Public transport. It’s been running surprisingly smoothly despite the torrential downpours that marked March. Busses, trains, ferries and light rails have been without the major delays usually characteristic of such messy weather. • The slice of Ramsay Street that has fallen prey to WestConnex developments, because who doesn’t love a detour via Parramatta Road? • Norway. It’s stolen Denmark’s place as the world’s happiest country. We thought it was Australia’s turn this year? A steep rise from 9th place isn’t that unthinkable, is it? • Easter obnoxiousness consuming every supermarket shelf. With April comes some relief that the technicoloured rabbits and eggs will retreat. • Trucks and busses that spray pedestrians with a tidal wave of rain water that’s filled up road-side gutters. There’s nothing pleasant about it. • The sun. It’s been almost an entire month since we’ve been blessed with its constant presence. Message to the sun gods: please come back this April. Righteous Rightie Righteous Rightie’s panegyric to a humble humanitarian Dear RR – I’m disappointed about the lack of coverage the passing of Bill Leak has received, especially in the News Corp papers. It’s self-evident that Leak was cartooning’s Leonardo da Vinci, Australia’s Nelson Mandela and the world’s Jesus Christ. Indeed, the only other mortals who come close to matching his global impact are Rupert Murdoch, Sir Donald Bradman and maybe John Howard. I know you two were close, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how Gillian Trigger-harpy and that jumped-up reffo Tim Sourpussinsane essentially murdered one of the finest men to ever walk the earth. Chris, Petersham RR replies: Can I just take a moment to observe that Bill Leak was a ripper larrikin, a rough diamond with a heart of gold, a fair dinkum mate and a you beaut billabong of a bonzer bloke. Now I’ve got that out of my system, let me drain the swamp of the tsunami of PC bilge unleashed about Bill turning into an embittered reactionary late in life. I ask you: if you detect bigotry in the drawing of a shoeless, unshaven, lubra-lipped Indigene clutching a beer and expressing ignorance as to his son’s name, or some backwards curry munchers eating solar panels, is it not you who is truly the racist? And if you find a cartoon of goosestepping shirtlifters in rainbow-coloured Nazi uniforms tasteless, shouldn’t you acknowledge you’re the Holocaust-denying homophobe?! All Bill wanted to do was exercise his free speech, without anyone who disagreed with him exercising theirs. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is, in an Australia brought to its knees by 18C! Well, I hope the ‘Tolerant Left’, with its Twitter lynch mobs and Human Rights Commission apparatchiks, is satisfied now! Rest assured they’ll be smugly sniggering on the other sides of their faces when an Australian Trump inevitably emerges to safeguard (the right sort of) freedom of speech! We are Ciao Advertising: & Editorial: Creative: Publisher: General: No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. © All rights reserved. Contributors: Nigel Bowen, Lianna Taranto, Jada Bennett-Cross, Russell Edwards, Maani Truu, Lucia Moon, Winsor Dobbin , Lucie Jamison, Alison Xiao, Jane Lifen Chen and Maria Zarro. 460A PARRAMATTA ROAD, PETERSHAM 2049 WWW.CIAOMAGAZINE.COM.AU (02) 9518 3696, M:0405 509 805 Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle. Cover: Writer Jenevieve Cheng shot by Ben Cregan -2-


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ND HAND SATU SECO RDAY is anoOthneerp’seprseorsno’snt’sratsreha, sure. Giant suburban garage sale in individual households. When 5R]HOOH /LO\ͤHOG Saturday, 15 April 2017 /HLFKKDUGW $QQDQGDOH Saturday 13 May 2017 9am - 2pm Second Hand Saturday is our local and much loved neigbourhood garage sale program - offering guilt free shopping since 2000! REGISTER NOW ,I\RXOLYHLQ5R]HOOH/LO\ͤHOG/HLFKKDUGW or Annandale register now to hold your garage sale! SHOPPERS Grab a bargain and meet the neighbours! Second Hand Saturday is a great opportunity to get your hands on some great stuff that’s looking for a new home. Buying secondhand saves the raw materials needed to make new products and saves valuable products going to ODQGͤOO Visit ZZZLQQHUZHVWQVZJRYDXVKVor Customer Service Centre – Leichhardt T: 9367 9222


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FEATURE STORY LOCAL STORIES THE INNER WEST SETS THE SCENE FOR SOME OF SYDNEY’S BEST BOOKS Norton Lodge performs at Story Club in Redfern From comedic brilliance to historical drama and gritty urban crime, Ashley Kalagian Blunt looks at books set in the Inner West that bring a unique perspective to the suburbs we know and love. ALMOST SINCERELY BY ZOË NORTON LODGE “Annandale: it’s that skinny little suburb that fell asleep between good suburbs. Good suburbs where actual stuff happens like trips to the movies and catching the train.” But, as Zoë Norton Lodge goes on to prove in her almost-memoir Almost Sincerely, a lot goes on in Annandale – and wherever else she happens to be. Norton Lodge is known for her comedy stylings on ABC’s The Checkout and The Chaser. She also co-created Story Club, a live comedic storytelling event that happens monthly at Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern. Her first book, Almost Sincerely, is a collection of comedic vignettes about growing up in 1980s and 90s Annandale. These absurdist tales begin with childhood dramas of preschool, bullies, pet fish and wild possums, and move on to the struggles of terrible jobs with even worse bosses. Another story shares Norton Lodge’s experience with Bell’s palsy, when her face becomes “half a wheel of brie that had been left in the sun and dressed up as a pirate.” Her family also features in many episodes, such as when her parents turn their neighbours into contestants for their own personal reality show, Survivor: Annandale, and the day her mother douses herself in petrol. As Norton Lodge puts it, “Let’s take Annandale for a spin.” DARK FIRES SHALL BURN BY ANNA WESTBROOK Set in 1940s Newtown, Anna Westbrook’s debut novel is a rich Inner West story that revolves around the murder of an eleven-year-old girl. While the real life victim, Joan Norma Ginn, becomes Frances Reed in the book, the details of her death in what is now Camperdown Memorial Rest Park remain unchanged. Westbrook discovered that the park was originally the third-oldest colonial burial ground in Sydney. In 1946, Ginn’s murder shocked the community and, although police investigated hundreds of suspects, no arrests were made. Public outcry led to the cemetery’s closure. The gravestones were relocated and walled off around St Stephen’s church but the bodies remain under the park today. In Dark Fires Shall Burn, Westbrook explores what this girl’s life in the Inner West might have been like in the tumultuous years after World War II, and how her death affected the community. Rumours abound among the characters, weaving in further history: “Personally, I think it was the Yank,” one suggests. “Like that lunatic from the US army they hanged in Melbourne a couple of years back for strangling those three broads.” Westbrook doesn’t sensationalise this violence, but instead crafts an emotional story full of complex characters. The novel’s evocative sense of place comes alive through the vivid language of the era and its music, film and fashion. In her research, Westbrook noted that, while much of Sydney has changed significantly since the 1940s, photos of Newtown are still immediately recognisable. Dark Fires Shall Burn offers a chance to time-travel into those images. TUNNEL VISION BY ANDREW CHRISTIE The latest in a crime series featuring Camperdown resident John Lawrence, Tunnel Vision is set in and around Sydney circa 2016. It features a career bank robber being hunted by two violent lowlifes and a pair of high school students trying to escape the fallout of a disastrous stunt. Christie’s main character is a regular guy, tough and knowledgeable thanks to a military background, with a habit of getting mixed up with serious criminals. But in the novel’s more domestic moments, Christie captures the feel of Inner West life. Billy, one of the teenage protagonists, lives with Lawrence and spends time “wandering between Leichhardt, Newtown and Marrickville. He liked Newtown best. There was always stuff happening on the streets, musicians to listen to, and street people to watch and to talk to.” Considering it better to hide out after his stunt goes south, Billy spends his nights in the same Camperdown Memorial Rest Park that features in Westbrook’s novel. There, he watches park-goers picnic and relax. If he’s aware of the park’s origin as a cemetery, he’s unbothered by it, as he climbs over the stone wall into the cemetery to sleep at night – until Lawrence finally tracks him down. Billy inevitably has to get out of Sydney and run for his life in the novel’s surprising climax. -4- Author Talks in the Inner West Keen to hear from local writers? The Inner West is buzzing with author talks. GLEEBOOKS, GLEBE The iconic Glebe Point Road bookshop holds author events nearly every day. Author Nikki Gemmell in conversation with Sarah Macdonald 4 April, 6pm, $12 NSW WRITERS’ CENTRE, LILYFIELD Located in a heritage house that once housed inmates of Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital, the NSW Writers’ Centre features regular Talking Writing events. Talking Writing: India 5 April, 6.30pm, $10 FIVE DOCK LIBRARY Father and daughter duo Tom and Meg Keneally discuss their new historical crime books, The Monsarrat Series. Meet the Author 6 April, 6.30pm, free NEWTOWN LIBRARY A team of comedians, actors, artists and musicians bring to life various, colourful family dynamics. Oh Baby It’s a Wild World: Late Night Libraries 20 April, 9.00pm, free BETTER READ THAN DEAD, NEWTOWN Author talks, book club meetings, and high teas are regular events. Join author of The Bird’s Child, Sandra Leigh Price, for high tea and the launch of her new enchanting novel, The River Sings. High Tea and Book Launch with Sandra Leigh Price 29 April, 3pm, $15 GLEBE LIBRARY Little Straights’ Dire Straits: Late Night Libraries Stories of people tackling modern predicaments. 18 May, 9.00pm, free Writer Patrick Lenton, appearing at Newtown Library


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What’s On RESIN ART WORKSHOP Candu Creative, 53 King Street, Newtown Create your own masterpiece in resin at this three hour masterclass and go home with a unique artwork of pigments and pearlescents. SAT 1 APRIL, 10.30AM – 2PM MAKERS AND SHAKERS MARKET Marrickville Town Hall Pick up some wonderful new treasures at this indoor market for locally-made food, homewares and lifestyle products. SAT 1 APRIL, 10AM – 3PM BALMAIN SINFONIA Italian Forum, Norton St Kicking off their 2017 season – and 25th anniversary year – with a triple threat of Mahler, Mozart and Debussy, the Balmain Sinfonia brings classical tunes to the Inner West. SAT 1 APRIL, 5PM NIGHT SHIFT The Factory Theatre, Marrickville Work hard and laugh hard on the Night Shift with improv and sketch comedy by LaughMasters Academy, featuring Sydney’s rising improv and comedy stars. FR I 7 AP R IL, 7.30P M NADYA AND ZORAN’S 101 CANDLES ORKESTRA Camelot Lounge, Marrickville SAT 8 APRIL, 9PM PAST TENSE AND PRESENT PEACE Leadbelly, 42 King St, Newtown Country singer Haley Jensen launches her new EP, Past Tense and Present Peace. SUN 9 APRIL, 6.30 – 11PM TURIN BRAKES Newtown Social Club As part of Bluesfest Sideshows, Turin Brakes will showcase their latest work from their seventh album, Lost Property. MON 10 APRIL, 7PM LEARN TO SAIL Concord and Ryde Sailing Club This popular three-day school holiday camp, run at the Discover Sailing Training Centre at Concord and Ryde Sailing Club, welcomes all children. No experience required! 10 – 12 APRIL EASTER BUNNY MEET, GREET AND EGG GIVEAWAY MarketPlace Leichhardt 10 – 13, 15 APRIL 11AM – 2PM WALKING TOUR Cnr Audley St and New Canterbury Road, Petersham See now defunct old dairies and abattoirs, and remember long gone convict huts, acres of Indian corn and dense woods. T U E S DAY 1 8 AP R IL, 10AM – 1PM FOUNDATIONS OF GOOD MARKETING The Brand Architect, 3/670 Darling St, Rozelle Marketing gurus teach you the tricks of the trade and break down what ‘marketing’ is all about. Places are limited at this free event. THURS 20 APRIL, 6 – 7:30PM PLACES OF INCARCERATION Level 6, Ashfield Service Centre, 260 Liverpool Rd From prisons to orphanages and asylums, the lecture will discuss the nation’s history of incarceration as imposed by British ruling classes. F RI DAY 2 1 A P R I L , 11AM – 12PM, THE BOWER’S ON THE ROAD REPAIR CAFE Annandale Neighbourhood Centre Free advice and repairs for your broken toaster, kettle, lamp or other small domestic appliance. SAT 22 APRIL, 10AM & 11.45AM ANZAC DAY DAWN SERVICE Loyalty Square, Corner of Darling and Beattie Streets, Balmain TUES 25 APRIL, 6 – 7AM, AUSTRALIAN BALLET’S COPPÉLIA Palace Norton Street The comic ballet is filled with sorcery, masquerade, romance and high jinks. A sparkling tale of magic and mischief. 29 – 30 APRIL Recover from the rain with a dose of local culture this April. -6-


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WHAT’S ON CIAO’S PICKS K EGWORTH AUTUMN F.A.R.E. S UNDAY 2 APRIL, 9AM – 3PM The annual Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E. has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars over eight years for Leichhardt’s Kegworth Public School. Aside from rallying funds towards a community cause, Inner West locals can feast on pulled pork rolls and homemade desserts, as well as enjoy rides and a petting zoo. F.A.R.E. stands for Food, Arts, Rides and Entertainment – four things that the day will serve in bulk. In the past, funds have been used to buy electronic whiteboards, playground equipment and educational resources. 60 Tebbutt St, Leichhardt SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW 6 – 19 APRIL Ready for your annual dose of cute animals, carnival rides and a severe chocolate indulgence? The Royal Easter Show is back with all your favourite rides, entertainment and showbags. Go for the cute and cuddly animals; stay for the festival of flavours and tongue-teasing taste sensations. A little tip for those of all ages – a bunny tells me that lasagne on the stick is this year’s must-have at the show. Ciao Giveaway: Lucky readers have the chance to win 4 double entrance passes. Just email with your name and address, letting us know where you found your copy of Ciao and what you love about the show. LA BALLATA DELLE BALÀTE 7 – 8 APRIL Vincenzo Pirrotta, Sicilian director, screenplayer and actor, brings his Italian theatre production to the streets of the Inner West. La ballata delle balàte showcases the struggle of a mafia figure in balancing his faith in God with the cruelty and cultish devotion of the mob. “How can mafia men allow death sentences and love sermons to cohabit?” asks the play. The text is entirely in Sicilian dialect with subtitles in English. Don’t worry about a language barrier; with themes as rich as these, the emotional turmoil of the protagonist will surely break through. Italian Forum Auditorium, 23 Norton St, Leichhardt ASYIK FOR KIDS FESTIVAL 2017 SATURDAY 8 APRIL, 10AM – 3PM Ever wanted to soak up rich Indonesian culture on vacation in Bali, Lombok or Java? This is your next best thing, right in the heart of the Inner West. Presented by Suara Indonesian Dance, the festival will transport you to a world of traditional arts, culture, food, music and dance. In his aptly named event (asyik means fun in Indonesian), over 50 children from various dance groups across Sydney will present an energetic mix of dance, body percussion and song. Be sure to enter your child in the traditional costume fashion show, visit the art and crafts corners, and feast on delicious Indonesian cuisine. Leichhardt Town Hall, 107 Norton Street, Leichhardt PROMOTION Bayswater Gardens welcomes first residents to leafy Abbotsford Award-winning retirement and aged care provider Cranbrook Care has welcomed its first residents to Bayswater Gardens, its new aged care residence overlooking Hen and Chicken Bay in Abbotsford, with more set to call it home over the coming weeks. Commenting on the opening, Ms Kerry Mann, CEO of Cranbrook Care, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome our first residents and their friends and families to Bayswater Gardens, our new aged care residence which has been developed in response to increasing demand for quality, bespoke seniors’ care in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West. “At Cranbrook Care we strive to enrich the lives of older Australians. Each resident will be cared for by a team of skilled professionals, including those in nursing, hospitality, personal care, cuisine, maintenance, administration and much more. “We look forward to delivering our unique approach to aged SECONDHAND SATURDAY SATURDAY 15 APRIL, 9AM – 2PM Now in its 17th year, Secondhand Saturdays allow prying neighbours to visit nearby garages, hoard newfound wares and unearth forgotten treasures. Whether you’re looking for vintage kitchenware or retro clothes, there’s something for everyone and you’ll never know what you’ll find. These giant neighbourhood garage sales are held in individual households and promote the value of resource conservation. The event aims to reduce waste in landfill and spread a message of sustainability. It’s also a fun chance to make a dollar or two while meeting your local neighbours. Good luck with your next bargain hunt! Rozelle & Lilyfield, See Website care to our new residents at Bayswater Gardens,” Ms Mann said. The new team at Bayswater Gardens is steered by experienced leaders, and will offer the highest level of service to residents, encompassing extra services, dementia care, palliative care and respite care. Residents of Bayswater Gardens, which is adjacent to Henry Lawson Park, will be able to choose from a number of beautifully appointed lounge and dining areas designed by leading interior architects Pike Withers, as well as a range of lifestyle services, including physiotherapy, massage and podiatry. A hydrotherapy pool, hair and beauty salon and gymnasium with premium, age-specific exercise equipment from Finland are located within the state-of-the-art Reflections Wellness Centre. The Leisure & Lifestyle team will keep residents busy with a daily schedule encompassing exercises, games, art and crafts, in-house concerts, history discussions and seminars, outings to the local area and much more. Bayswater Gardens’ landscaped grounds are fully accessible via -7- CLOTHING SWAP FOR FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK THURSDAY 27 APRIL, 6PM Any excuse for a wardrobe makeover! The Inner West Council is holding a clothing swap that invites attendees to bring up to six quality items of clothing and trade them for ‘new’ items. If you’re after new closet staples, come along for a taste of everything – be it hipster, chic or professional. Styles will collide, new treasures will be found and personal fashion will be revolutionised. The swap is held for Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. Camperdown Commons, 31A Mallett Street, Camperdown, New South Wales elegant walking paths. Residents are also encouraged to meet friends and family for a coffee on The Green, an idyllic on-site central meeting place with panoramic views of the water and a waterside gazebo. Cranbrook Care’s cuisine has been commended at the state and national levels by the Savour Australia Hostplus Awards for Excellence – a nationally recognised, independently judged awards program that recognises exceptional service and culinary talent across Australia. All meals are prepared in consultation with in-house Executive Chef Walter Fernandes and a nutritionist, and the daily à la carte menu can be tailored to suit individual preferences. A resident at one of Cranbook Care’s locations


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MOVIES A saucy Spanish affair THREE FULL WEEKS OF PASSION ERUPTS ON NORTON STREET There’s an Australia connection to the Spanish Film Festival’s sexy and daring opening night film, Kiki, Love to Love. And that’s not the only delight in store for us either. With 38 features lined up, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this year’s Spanish Film Festival. The program includes a star-studded line-up of films, featuring performances by Penélope Cruz, 2013 festival guest Maribel Verdú, and Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in a new installment of their gastronomic tour (shouldn’t they invite Michael Caine along this time?) The Trip. There’s also an intense black comedy The Bar, another tale of corruption (Smoke and Mirrors) from the makes of 2015’s outstanding Marshland, a focus on flamenco dancing, and a retrospective on iconic actress, singer and director, Ana Belén. But it’s the R18+ opening film that is sure to attract attention. Kiki, Love to Love is an adaption Josh Lawson’s risqué local comedy, 2015’s The Little Death. Its five stories of sexual dysfunction have been moved to Madrid during a heatwave, where temperatures and passions rapidly get out of control. Reviewers have compared director Paco León to acclaimed Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar, so that sounds like a hot opening night… Star of the film Natalia de Molina will also be in along to share in the festivities. ABOVE: The Hollywood Reporter called Kiki, Love to Love, “an upbeat, vibrant crowdpleaser. Sexy, daring, transgressive (and) hilarious...” LEFT No Spanish Film Festival would be complete without Penélope Cruz! She stars in The Queen of Spain. Elsewhere, the Centrepiece film Summer 1993 will be on most film-buffs’ must-see list. It had a critical breakout at this year’s Berlinale, taking out the Best First Feature prize. Telling the moving tale of a six-year-old orphan girl, the film is delicately crafted by Catalan director Carla Simón and marks the arrival of a major new voice in world cinema. And that’s only a taste, there’s heaps more… Head to for info and bookings. ■ Sydney dates: April 18 – May 7. We have 5 double passes to festival films give away. See below For the young at heart THE WORLD’S ONLY FILM FESTIVAL FOR THE OVER 60S RETURNS Back again at Palace Cinemas – a whole week of adventurous and diverse movies at amazingly low prices for Golden Club members Said to be the only film festival in the world catering to film lovers over 60, but really, it’s hard to see a lot of difference in the programme to what’s regularly on offer at our arthouse cinemas. A fair sprinkling of the films will be getting regular releases too – most notably Neruda, from multi-award winning director Pablo Larraín (Jackie) and starring Latin heartthrob Gael García Bernal, and festival highlight Their Finest, Lone Scherfig’s (An Education) magnificent romantic drama starring Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton. Also noteworthy are Viceroy’s House, a sweeping period drama about the British retreat from India; the London romance for book-lovers and gardeners alike, This Beautiful Fantastic, and the Australian premiere of Whiteley, a doco on the Australian modern artist Brett Whiteley. Perhaps best of all are the prices – just $7 for Golden Movie Club members, or $7.50 for regular pensioners discount. April 3 –9. Bookings and info – ■ We have 5 double passes to festival films give away. ABOVE: Gael Garcia Bernal looks very dapper in Neruda ■ WIN DOUBLE PASSES To be in the running to win double passes to the Young at Heart Film Festival, The Spanish Film Festival or Colossal just email with your name and address telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. Then make sure to head to regularly to keep up to date with all our giveaways. -8- April hits & misses A MAN CALLED OVE ★★★★ We all know grumpy old men like Ove – just picture Mark Latham when he finally grows up. As wonderfully played by Rolf Lassgard, he directs his anger at his neighbours, bureaucrats, foreigners, anyone not parking correctly and cats. But after an attractive Iranian woman and her unruly family move next door, life slowly changes for the miserable old tosser. Hannes Holm’s film is not without it clichés, yet the telling of Ove’s backstory is so well done, even its predictable outcome can be forgiven. As it grapples with grief and loneliness, it turns into an unexpectedly touching film. And at a time when our country is so divided by race and politics, and we’re being instructed to distrust our neighbours, it could almost be seen as an important one. M from Mar 30. DANCE ACADEMY ★★★ 18 months after we left the gang of the much-loved ABC series, Jeffrey Walker’s movie-length version reunites them all in NYC, still facing the same YA issues. It’s a largely successful update, and its legions of fans will be more than happy. Newcomers will find plenty to enjoy too – and maybe after the nastiness of Black Swan and grunge of Flesh and Bone, the sanitized world (and language) of these young millennial dancers will seem refreshing. It’s certainly novel! The naughtiest thing that happens is (trigger alert!) one of the girls farts in bed. PG from Apr 6. COLOSSA L ★★★★ How did Nacho Vigalondo ever pitch such a concept? Even for a strange left-field indie, this is a decidedly weird idea. It’s a rom-com, sort of – a wryly hip coming of age dramady that gives Anne Hathaway as Gloria (above) her best role since Rachel Getting Married, but its sci-fi too, and oh yes, by the way, a Godzilla-like creature is destroying Seoul, and somehow that might be Gloria’s fault. She’s a partying, out of work blogger prone to drinking to catatonic levels every night, but can she change and save the Korean capital from annihilation? Put aside any reservations and just go with this. Hathaway is brilliant, and the clever twisty script delivers a climax that is both grandly operatic and surprisingly cathartic. CTC from Apr 13 ■ We have 5 double passes to give away. See below MORE LOCAL CINEMA Land of Mine ★★★★ Ghost in the Shell ★★★★★ The Lego Batman Movie ★★ Keep up to date all month at ■ Reviews – Russell Edwards


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DAWN SERVICE 2UP MAI I N N THE BAR FROM 1PM - 6PM to cJoominmuems ofroartae ocuorlddoigngeers LIVE MUSIC FROM 7PM Tuesday 25 April 2017 6:00am - 7:00am ~ Loyalty Square, Darling St Balmain. (outside woolworths) For more information please visit Come & get involved in our exciting Easter activities. Easter Bunny meet, greet & egg giveaway. When: Time: Monday April 10 to Thursday April 13 & Saturday April 15, 2017 11am to 2pm Live cooking & tasting demonstrations showcasing a variety of Easter meals. When: Time: Monday 10 April to Thursday 13 April, 2017 11am to 2pm CENTRE TRADING Good Friday 14 April CLOSED Saturday 15 April 10am-4pm HOURS EASTER 2017 Easter Sunday 16 April CLOSED /QPFC[#RTKNCORO Meet the Reptiles - FREE school holiday entertainment. Snake Tails Award Winning Show – All about Reptiles! When: Time: Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 April 11am, 12pm and 1pm Craft Activity – Snakes & Lizards When: Time: Tuesday 18 April – Friday 21 April 11am to 2pm Corner Marion & Flood Streets, Leichhardt Tel: 02 9560 4488


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PROMOTION Local Business Spotlight A SPECIAL PLACE FOR LOCALS ONLY Regrets, I’ve Had a Few... Tattooed Inner Westies Getting Lasered in Increasing Numbers At James Lawless’s laser clinic in Leichhardt, a constant stream of clients undergo laser treatment for their unloved tattoos. These could be the name of an ex, an outdated design or simply something that their owners feel is ‘just not them’ any more. Australians - particularly women - are getting tattooed in record numbers. According to Choice, 25% of Australians under 30 are tattooed - and one in three regret the sometimes impulsive decision. Fade to Blank is one of a growing number of tattoo removal clinics all over Australia, a rise matched by the massive growth in tattoo culture. Laser treatment has never been safer and more effective, and it is the only proven technique to remove tattoo ink. James uses a state-of-the-art laser machine imported from Italy. Laser tattoo removal is an ongoing process that requires several treatments. The number of sessions needed for total removal depends on many factors, such as the amount of ink in the tattoo, location on the body, and lifestyle factors. “Some tattoos are harder to get rid of than others,” he says. “Black only tattoos are the easiest; multi-coloured ones can be more challenging.” Removing an unwanted tattoo can be a bit uncomfortable, but the treatment is much quicker in comparison than getting inked in the first place. A machine blowing out freezing cold air minimises any discomfort during the treatment. There’s no shortage of regretful tattoo owners willing to put themselves through the process to be rid of ink that’s become an embarrassment, a hindrance to career advancement, or even just to make space for a new tattoo. If you have a tattoo you’re no longer happy with Fade to Blank is currently offering $50 off the first treatment. Call/SMS 0479 123409 or email to enquire. The first 5 Ciao readers to email will get a FREE first treatment. When you just can’t find a Fresh Set We all know that moment when you open your top drawer to pull out a clean pair of undies, only to realise that what you have is a drawer full of old, misshapen, holey knickers. Let’s be honest, life is hectic! Add in jobs, kids, running a house and partners and underwear shopping for us busy women slips right down the priority list. Enter Fresh Sets! Born out of our own experience of limited time to prioritise ourselves, Fresh Sets is a new online subscription underwear business. Every 3 months we deliver to your door 3 pairs of Fresh Sets, hassle free. No joining fees. No cancellation fees. No shipping fees Australia wide. It’s so simple. But it’s not just about making life that little bit easier, we also want to be super comfy doing it. Which is why our Fresh Sets are made from Modal - a fabric so soft it feels like you aren’t wearing any undies at all! Modal is an all natural, breathable fabric extruded from beechwood trees. The cellulosic properties of Modal fibre also naturally inhibit odour causing bacteria, keeping you feeling fresh for longer. With a motto of ‘All Women, All Sizes”, our Fresh Sets ranges from size 6-20 and currently come in 2 styles, briefs or ‘High Tops’, with g-strings being added to the range soon. To order go online to Select your size, style and colour and we do the rest! Even better, if you don’t love your first lot of Fresh Sets as much as we do, we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked. That’s how much we love these undies and how confident we are that you’ll love them too. They are the most comfortable undies you will ever wear, guaranteed! Want an added bonus? Don’t forget to use code CIAO25 to get 25% off your first order. Why wait, let us take some of the hassle out of your life today. The Mystique of Mash Mash Accessories is completely intrigued by the mystique of the enigmatic Indian culture. Mash has stunning range of handbags, clutches, envelopes a perfect gift for mother’s day. Mash is a brand that is strongly inspired by the textures and hues found in nature, and it was a natural progression to stay committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in any of Mash designs. It is of course entirely sustainable and vegan friendly. Two words we absolutely love! Mash is founded on an intuitive understanding of women’s needs and desires. A range of products created to appeal to fashionable women’s lifestyle. Mash is an expression of confidence where design is full of sophistication and takes pride of its quality. Mash has bags and clutches for the Everyday Busy Woman which is unique and stylish and most importantly affordable. “We create statement pieces to surpass all others and bring color with our envelopes. We customize in bringing the glamour note and creating something special just for you.” The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece curated at Mash Designs extremely exquisite. Mash Accessories has bags that are raw and simple with quality and eternal style, not ‘fast fashion’ in mind. Give the gift of handmade this Mother’s Day. Get your hands in and grab your new style now. Follow our progress on social media. Social media links: -10-


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PROMOTION Headpieces Make Headlines Embellish® Atelier has been established for over 10 years as a dedicated millinery business. Founded and run by milliner extraordinaire and Balmain local, Catherine Kelly, whose passion for making original hats and headpieces using traditional millinery techniques turns those headpieces into headlines. Catherine’s hats and headpieces are consistently well received at Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day, and Royal Ascot with their wearers frequently featured in national newspapers, on Wedding Magazine covers, in movies, and theatres. Find time to visit her elegant shop and studio at 128 Victoria Rd, Rozelle, where she creates hats and headpieces for all occasions including Bridal, Racewear, Hats for Hair Loss and offers Millinery Workshops. The wonderful historic building has been lovingly transformed under Catherine’s artistic eye into an inspiring and creative space for the many workshops and events, like the popular “Millinery High Tea”, that are planned for the year ahead. The original pressed metal ceiling has been revealed, the walls have been taken back to the original brick finish and chandeliers and mirrors installed to create a ‘rustic-glamour’ backdr op for all Embellish® Atelier activities. Here all the hats and headpieces are created by hand using a growing collection of fabulous new and vintage wooden hatblocks and trimmed to exacting care with handmade flowers, ribbon twists and beading. This season the Halo, Wide elegant brims, Pork Pie styles, Funky tweeds, Seductive Veiling, and the Breton will make a strong presence.. Each month the shop features the work of a “Designer– in –Residence”; an initiative created by Catherine to collaborate with like-minded artists and artisans. Recently Sherry Tamin Bridal Couture gowns were featured in store and showcasing soon is Ruth Tate Sydney’s autumn clothing collection. To find out more about Embellish, visit the shop, check out the upcoming workshops online at embellish-hats., or enquire directly about the Designer – in-Residence programme on 0416182486. Visit ; make an appointment on 0416182486 ; or visit the shop Wednesday to Saturday between 10.30am and 4.30pm Follow Catherine on Facebook or Instagram & Twitter - @embellish_hats Are you living your Lifestyle Career? We know that finding great people to fill roles can be challenging, we also know that the key driver people want when they’re looking for a role is flexibility and the ability to be trusted. Lifestyle careers specialises in bringing together companies and individuals who have a progressive outlook to work. Our mission is to form a community of people and businesses who offer workplaces that promote flexibility to individual lifestyle choices. “We have a large candidate database that we nurture and grow of individuals from all generations and walks of life, who are looking for careers that allow them to balance and integrate their lifestyle choices,” says owner Louisa. A lifestyle career allows individuals to develop their own criteria on the work lifestyle that meets their aspirations; whether that be a business that allows working from home, remote working, flexibility on daily work hours, part time, compressed hours, contract work or an environment that encourages individual empowerment. The choice is individual. “Our clients are businesses that offer progressive attitudes and environments to work places. They realise that talent is essential and traditional working environments may not attract the calibre they are looking to hire; therefore, they think progressively and are open to different solutions. We want to support those businesses who want to be progressive and want to attract hidden talent. We can help by developing strategies that create flexible and engaging environments that allow you to attract and retain the best talent. We can do as little or as much as you want or need.” To advertise with us, we will offer Ciao readers 20% off our job packages throughout April. Contact us at Hello@ quoting Ciao to be eligible. Lifestyle Careers, helping you create your ideal lifestyle. Your work. Your life. Your way. -11- WORKSHOP DATES Millinery High Tea – 23rd April. Millinery High Tea Saturday 6th May. Luxurious Leather Headpiece 13th, 14th May 2017 The Language of Flowers 27th May 2017 Made My Hat – 3rd, 10th, 11th June. Millinery High Tea 24th June Sinamay Button Beret – Saturday July 22nd. Millinery High Tea Saturday 19th August 20th, 26th, 27th August – Made My Hat


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Laura’s look is very laid back boho-chic. A simple white cami is bloused over her beautiful red flounced maxi skirt and paired with leather slip-ons. Her slogan tote bag is from a sustainable and socially driven Australian label, Society & Co. Alicia is sporting a quirky yet laid back look with her geometric gecko printed dress from H&M, paired with tan leather boots. Inner West fashionista Jenna frequents the markets to find second hand gems. Today she picked up this faux fur coat, which will perfectly complement her quirky vintage street style. Ailee puts together an eclectic mix of street wear trends – from sporty to minimalistic and bohemia – many of which are second hand garments. Jess is wearing a dress found on her last trip to the Glebe Markets. The retro geometric pattern is very fun and playful but toned down with chunky black Doc Martins and cat-eye sunnies. Jen’s monochromatic look is sophisticated yet made playful with polka dot shorts. Her leather loafers are right on trend and their silver buckle feature coordinates well with the rest of her jewellery. Marta sports a Glebe market find – a long sleeve playsuit with a stunning ethnic-inspired print. The outfit is completed with neutral suede boots and oversized sunnies. These Glebe locals complement each other so well, both channelling a very relaxed 1970s streetwear vibe with their wavy beach hair, striped tops, high waisted jeans and sneakers. They are mostly wearing General Pants. Jax dons a minimalistic sport-luxe look. She frequents Newtown boutiques to find staple pieces like these great baggy high waisted drawstring denim shorts. Simple accessories, a plain grey tee and pristine white joggers let the shorts become the statement piece. Street Fashion The second weekend of March was a great time for our Inner West fashionistas to shine. Glebe held its seasonal Artisan Market at Foley Rest Park along with its usual weekly Saturday market at the Public School just down the road. The streets were bustling with some of Sydney’s best street style looks. Photos and words by Sophia Chrysanthos. Fin dons the perfect summer look, minimalistic yet colourful. Her on-trend Mink Pink vertical striped midlength slip dress is perfectly paired with tan leather sandals. Jane sports on-trend geometric earrings and frayed end jeans, paired with classics: Birkenstocks, a striped top and a leather satchel. Jamie rocks a bohemian cross utilitarian vibe. Her vibrant floral bell-bottoms are offset by a faded vintage cropped tee, a great casual street wear combination. -13-


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The Hungry Flying Fox A DECLINING SPECIES NEEDS OUR FRIENDSHIP ENVIRONMENT The late summer has seen a record number of Grey Headed Flying Foxes being caught and injured in nets used to protect backyard fruit trees. The native megabats usually feed on eucalyptus blossoms, however, due to a poor bloom season across the city, they have been forced to dive into suburban backyards in search for food. The bats are hungry. They have been drastically decreasing in numbers over the last century due to food shortages and heat waves, and are now listed as a threatened species. Since being evicted from the Royal Botanic Gardens in 2012, the number of roosting camps in Sydney has increased as the flying foxes continue their search for food. Unfortunately, they are often viewed as a pest due to their raucous behaviour and tendency to defoliate the leaves of the branches on which they roost. But some local members of the Inner West community have welcomed the furry, winged creatures into their yards. “When the mulberry tree was fruiting in summer, they came every night”, recalls Drew Rooke of Marrickville. “They were not a nuisance. Sure, they made some noise and created a mess in the garden, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to live alongside amazing wildlife.” Pteropus poliocephalus is an essential species in the ecosystems of eastern and northern Australia. They are important pollinators of the eucalyptus forests and woodlands, travelling up to 100km in one night, linking fragmented patches of native vegetation and helping to sustain Australia’s hardwood timber, honey and native plant industries. To be effective in this role, flying foxes need to be in large numbers. It is therefore important to protect this species as much as we can. If you find an injured or caught flying fox in your backyard, you can call WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) who will rescue the bat and often take it home for recuperation and rehabilitation. Handling the flying fox yourself is unadvisable as a bite could result in the transmission of a rabies-like virus, which is carried by a very small percentage of the population. Meanwhile, dispersing the bats from their roosts is sure to place continual stress upon the species. Perhaps it’s time to welcome the flying fox to peacefully live alongside us. Words by Lucia Moon Grey Headed Flying Foxes Rant Think before decrying the price of books What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of commercial, specialty bookshops? If you thought ‘expensive,’ that’s fair. Some books can be quite pricey, particularly compared to prices that can be found at retailers like K-mart. As an employee at a specialty bookshop chain, I often receive complaints, and even issue refunds, based on the comparative price of books. My colleagues and I find this particularly insulting, especially if the customer sought advice from our staff before purchasing through another store. Kmart and Target are able to provide lower prices by selling books at cost price and compensating by increasing the prices of other items once they’ve drawn you in. Despite low prices, they’re still making a profit. Some larger retailers approach printing companies with a set figure that they are willing to pay for bulk stock to supply nation-wide, ordering amounts that a small independent bookshop would never dream of. This practice is not supportive of the book industry nor those who take part. So yes, the prices may seem high, but consider this: you are not simply paying for ink on paper. So much work has gone into each book that you see in a store, from writing it to creating it and making it available on shelves. Every book has an author (or multiple), an editor, a publishing team, a printing company, supplier, delivery personnel and book store employees. That price tag, which so offends, takes into account all of the people who contribute to the creation of the book you love and value. Without that price tag, specialty bookshops, where many people go for book related assistance and recommendations, would be unfeasible. We’d all lose! Words by Emily Norman, an Inner West bookseller ART GALLERY NOW OPEN! Affordable Australian & Aboriginal Art Gallery stocked - over 200 artworks to view Free Shipping 704 Darling st, Rozelle Call us: 1300 362 185 Ozbid Auctions Ozbid Auctions is an art auction company like no other. Giovanna Fragomeli from Ozbid Auctions tells us what Ozbid Auctions does, and how they do it. “We run our business based on a unique business model which means our clientele are privy to exceptional artworks at a fraction of gallery prices,” Giovanna says. “This means we have been able to transform the way in which art buying is perceived and, in doing so, have opened up the opportunity of purchasing art to a larger demographic of individuals, business and collectors, thereby expanding a once niche market. “We pride ourselves on the quality of the artworks we sell, which in turn is exemplified by our high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat clientele. Our business is customer focused as we believe they are the backbone of any strong and successful small business! In keeping with this, Ozbid auctions is fuelled with an energetic and diverse team who grow together in the development of our company.” Unit 2, 483 Balmain Road Lilyfield (enter via Fred st) Phone: 1300 362 185 The Ozbid Team


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GIVE YOUR GARDEN SOME Make your own soil. NO! Get 50% off a compost bin or worm farm from your council, recycle your food scraps and watch your garden grow! This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy. 50 % * OFF a compost bin or worm farm + FREE DELIVERY *RRP THIS IS ILLEGAL! INVESTIGATORS ARE IN YOUR AREA TO CATCH PEOPLE WHO DO THE WRONG THING You can help by reporting people who dump. A NSW Environment Protection Authority and Council joint initiative FLAVOURS OF ITALY SHOW PASQUETTA AND BALLO IN PIAZZA SUNDAY 23RD APRIL - ITALIAN FORUM CLAUDIA MIGLIACCIO JAMES LIOTTA ARTURO DE BELLIS PAIGE TOSCANI SHOWBAND JEFFREY MATTHEW DAL CIN ITALIAN FORUM, 23 NORTON ST LEICHHARDT FREE ENTRY 1PM-5PM



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