Y1 Internet Safety


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6th Grade Internet Safety

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daisy peopel can say bad things to you on the web don t givepeopel your password don t talk to people that you do t know if you get on the web let someone know


p. 2

zayne internet safety is important to not talk to others that you dont know never reply back to anyone you dont know and never ever give out you personal information it is important because anything can happen to you it might be bad or good.


p. 3

zachery you could see stuff you can t see be careful with the internet hear stuff you can t hear and you can t give persnal informaion to other people


p. 4

shawn don t talk to a bully on the internet s ta y s a fe the we on b don t talk about the password to your friend if a kid is bullying to you you should tell a adult if you see a person you don t know you need to tell a adult don t talk to a person that you don t know.


p. 5

samantha mom i just got an email from a person i do not know it is not safe to give where you live or your full name do not respond okay hey do you want my password to my facebook you never give your password away.


p. 6

quintin hill dont give people imformation about you or where you live if someone sends you bad pictures tell your parents i dont talk to people you don t know people can hurt your feelings


p. 7

if you are on the web and they send you a message that u don t like save it and tell a adult perla never talk to strangers on the web always have a adult with u wen u never put youre personal information on the web


p. 8

dont talk to some one on the computer that you dont know matthew if some thing pops up on your screen tell teacher always tell a adult when you see something thats in aprofret if some one says something bad to you tell a adult thats close by you.


p. 9

lexi be safe on the internet do not talk to strangers don t be a bully iwill be safe on the internet


p. 10

juiissa always have a adult with you wen u go to the you can go to a page but not talk to extrangers watch the web page you are going to don put pachures tha core afect you


p. 11

by juan yea kids and u should never reply a message to some one you don t know always to an adult hi kids internet safety is important u should never give out information about your self yea just what snakie said also you should always tell an adult if some sends a mean message to you yea and remember have fun but always be sure that u follow these rules !


p. 12

jessica keep your identity a secret stay safe on the web true that i always keep my identity a secret if something bad pops up tell a parent or teacher i know i ll remember that never tell anyone your password not even your bff


p. 13

don t give out your personal information don t talk to people you don t know be safe on the web don t tell strangers where you live .


p. 14

erica you should never talk to stangers online you also tshould paren ell your t that ps about ers too1 on you should also never tell anybody your passwords they can act like you on the internet and say bad things to other people yes they can you should also never cyber bully it could really hurt someoneand you can never take it back.


p. 15

david if something bad pops up tell someone never give personal information thats right never give anyone your password be safe and watch out for cyber bullies okay!



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