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www .gatoralley.net abate of florida inc gator chap alley t e r volume 26 november 2010 issue 15 state meeting december 11th 2010 · 2pm abate of florida inc office meetings state board meeting 12 noon state delegates meeting 2pm at the comfort inn comfort inn executive suites 3860 tollgate blvd · naples fl 34114 rooms $40 per night/per room tax no pets call 239.353.9500 call before nov 26th to receive abate discounted rate or riz 239.398.1014 · aura o 239.404.7006 for more information dedicated to freedom of the road · let those who ride decide ffrizman1951@yahoo.com · laurajosmith1156@gmail.com l j merican rotherhood ikers abat gainst iming otalitarian oward e nactments ducation


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter publication deadline the deadline for all submissions is at the chapter meeting or if submitting by e-mail no later than the 6:00pm tuesday following the meeting all members are asked to submit anything they have that would be of interest to their fellow members such as stories and/or pictures gator alley board of directors november 18 2010 vfw · 7pm gator alley chapter meeting november 28 2010 vfw · 11am goals purpose to fight for the freedom of the road and the freedom of choice for the motorcycle riders of florida to become a powerful and viable political force in florida by encouraging riders to register to vote and to communicate with their legislators to promote safe riding habits and to promote driver awareness without infringing on the rights of the individual to work toward educating our legislators on motorcycle issues so they are able to make the right decisions regarding florida s motorcycle riders to publish a newsletter to keep members of abate of florida inc informed the views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of abate of florida inc nor those of gator alley chapter this publication allows members the freedom of expression of their own beliefs and opinions abate of florida inc and gator alley chapter accepts no responsibility for the comments or opinions contained in this publication disclaimer identification statement this publication is the monthly newsletter of abate of florida inc gator alley chapter p.o box 10395 naples fl 34101 page 2 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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www .gatoralley.net 2009-2010 state board of directors 2009 2010 state board of directors state office abate of florida inc po box 2520 deland fl 32721-2520 386 943-9610 fax same e-mail stateoffi ce@abatefl orida.com president james doc reichenbach ii po box 712 silver springs fl 34489 352 625-6353 fax same 352 506-5001 pager e-mail abatefl @att.net vice president danny doc fish po box 2225 pace fl 32571-2225 850 994-3652 850 995-8517 fax e-mail dfi sh30775@bellsouth.net secretary bob alexander po box 848 sebring fl 33871-0848 863 385-7236 fax same e-mail freddymac@ct.net treasurer patti nasrallah po box 16309 temple terrace fl 33687-6309 813 695-9203 fax 813 626-2306 e-mail patti.winter@gte.net sgt at arms dennis mudder rudoi p o box 4148 winter park fl 32793-4148 407 925-4307 fax 407 699-9748 email statesgtatarms@abatefl orida.com pr/communications/web dave lockdown rich po box 990584 naples fl 34116-0584 386 490-4821 386 490-4482 fax e-mail statepr@abatefl orida.com membership val loper po box 220346 hollywood fl 33022-0346 954 309-3505 954 926-5665fax e-mail statemembership@abatefl orida.com masterlink editor bob von bulow po box 2520 deland fl 32721-2520 386 451-0323 fax 386 943-9610 e-mail masterlinkeditor@abatefl orida.com legal counsel larry crow 1247 s pinellas ave tarpon springs fl 34689-3719 727 945-1112 fax 727 945-9224 e-mail crowlaw@tampabay.rr.com legislative darrin scribe brooks po box 2520 deland fl 32721-2520 239 398-7145 239 261-5795 fax e-mail statelegislative@abatefl orida.com products steve caretaker knee po box 4372 milton fl 32572-4372 850 529-4446 850 995-9113 fax e-mail stateproducts@abatefl orida.com director 0f safety education po box 2520 deland fl 32721-2520 386 943-9610 fax same e-mail stateoffi ce@abatefl orida.com bylaw review committee bylawsuggestions@abatefl orida.com legislative hot line 1-866-flabate 1-866-352-2283 toll free inside florida only web problems dave lockdown rich e-mail statewebmaster@abatefl orida.com state abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 3


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter district legislative representatives 2009-2010 regular session state page 4 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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district legislative representatives 2009-2010 regular session www .gatoralley.net state abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 5


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter state delegates meeting minutes · 10/02/2010 · san antonio fl called to order 2:14pm presidents report doc reichenbach new life insurance policy 4k inform members that they do not have to send in card only requirement is member must be in good standing with abate of fla abate will never give out mailing info to unauthorized persons or companies vice president doc fish need to determine methods to raise funds need members help send to dan call or email secretary report bob alexander minute accepted as submitted treasurer report patti nasrallah see report sargent-at-arms mudder inventory time 1 for state merchandise and 1 for safety send all inventories to mudder due by next state meeting format should be email from website or fax would like help on bike week set up at campground feb 26 state office boots please send any completed bike tickets to state by dec must send in any unsold or sold tickets by state meet in feb don t wait till bike week membership val loper reports due at 15th of month do not wait till end of month to send updates are in report most new members interstate vintage highest percentage of growth masterlink bob von bulow send approved flyers bob or new assistant rhonda if mailing bulk rate ads that are not permitted are for insurance companies credit card companies or travel agencies pr/communications lockdown do not print copies of bike tickets in newsletter or write sample across to prevent fraud flyers for bike week on website help state by distribution of flyers to anyone that may be interested need help getting voting right restored check out website for info results of candidate surveys also on website also tracking of any bike accidents for stats send info to lockdown 31k visitors to website last month safety brenda heck new forms and how to download in packets certification was made available at spooks only a few members there but it was very informative brenda is a great source for safety materials and ideas for program promotion safety director will be sending info to state on certified participants so they may receive their patch state got and spent most of 70k grant lots of new products to give out for safety including signs and other new magnetic signs available products steve knee new patch for 10 yr helmet bill hb 1911 commemoration now available remind products person to identify each page of sent report with quantity of items desired only see products person for available items legislative scribe brooks candidate survey very effective 37 response lobbyist doc reichenbach the bills in place are well supported by present representatives note marine corp does not support rep state page 6 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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www .gatoralley.net state delegates meeing cont d grayson as may have been represented beware there may be an attempt to create a national helmet law if democrats win house and senate also there may be a new inspection called a safety inspection being used as excuse for illegal search please vote legal council larry crow government cannot take intellectual property due to inddiscretions of individuals abate sued state of florida concerning helmet law in supreme court 20 yrs ago refused to be heard n.c.o.m 2011 convention will be held in nm 2011 in indianapolis mrf ama no report bike week 2011 campground reserved hopefully it will be bigger than last year note in tallahassee reservations to be handled by koa .please send the names for the bell ringing ceremony to steve at senate old business mentioned show of support in bushnell for abate concerning the trial of person who killed 4 bikers remember purpose of abate is to promote legislation in favor of bikers rights first and safety second new business feb meeting to be held in alachua or central florida if not determined good of the order next state meeting in naples adjourned approx 4pm shortest meeting submitted by state fred corr state delegate state meetings december 11 2010 gator alley february 12 2011 open april 10th 2011 tallahasee abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 7


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abate of florida inc 2010 2011 board of directors 2010 2011 boardof directors executive board roger janes phil teach depuy ethel labin scarlett leeper president@gatoralley.net rgr.jns@gmail.com vicepresident@gatoralley.net secretary@gatoralley.net treasurer@gatoralley.net 239.776.1108 239.370.0029 239.597.7768 239.784.9661 gator alley chapter president vice president secretary treasurer gator alley elected board sgt at arms legislative state delegate state delegate state delegate alt #1 state delegate alt #2 membership newsletter editor public relations products quartermaster special events safety director jim hashman darrin brooks fred corr marie ratcliff paul evans rusty crans denise russo laurajo smith karen guerra debi west jon rambo reinbold heidi yahl john frizz stevens sgtatarms@gatoralley.net legislative@gatoralley.net statedelegate1@gatoralley.net statedelegate2@gatoralley.net altstatedelegate1@gatoralley.net altstatedelegate2@gatoralley.net membership@gatoralley.net newsletter@gatoralley.net laurajosmith1156@gmail.com publicrelations@gatoralley.net products@gatoralley.net quartermaster@gatoralley.net specialevents@gatoralley.net saftey@gatoralley.net 239.292.9769 239.398.7145 239.348.7119 239.564.4953 239.961.1414 239.821.1943 239.596.3925 239.404.7006 239.435.0314 239.289.1004 239.229.2764 239.455.5767 239.776.9690 appointed officials ad executive chaplain chapter historians nora mucha jerry mason lynn corr ruth kalvin election chair newsletter asst sgt at arms asst sunshine chairperson webmaster safety assistant margo dugan dave lockdown rich sunshine@gatoralley.net webmaster@gatoralley.net 239.404.1279 239.285.4011 margo dugan scarlett leeper advertising@gatoralley.net chaplin@gatoralley.net historian1@gatoralley.net historian2@gatoralley.net sunshine@gatoralley.net treasurer@gatoralley.net 239.348.7119 239.280.8004 239.404.1279 239.784.9661 239.253.8692 page 8 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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www .gatoralley.net gator alley abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 9


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter president s report hey folks how is everyone doin this month thunder alley was a great time great vendors great bands and good times had by all that attended not a lot of work to set up since there was a lot of help by folks tear down the same it just seemed to flow memorial run was a nice ride to everglades city and then the roll call then ringing of the bell thanks to lynn corr ruth kalvin jim kalvin doug white jerry mason jim hashman the ride was safe only broke up twice at the 951 and 41 light man that was a quick light thanks to brad and margo for the after event at the iron horse south hope i haven t forgotten anyone the temps are warming up again for a little over a week but i hear it s finally going to cool down fall temps are finally coming now that temps are dropping in the overnight hours make sure and check those air pressures on the tires cooler temps means lower air pressures keep an eye on them run and gobble is coming up in nov and then our heritage run and the state meeting in dec check out the flyers and website for info if you re not sure when they are jan 2 is swamp to the city so keep an eye out on the road for tire debris been seeing a lot of it lately from the big trucks and remember the season is upon us for that flux of northeners to come down they are more into looking at the pretty flowers than the bikers or other motorists as well beware till we see ya again take care and be careful gator alley vice president s report hey everyone i hope everyone had a great october if you did not attend the chapter s thunder alley chrome classic 2010 you missed a great time i would like to thank a few people for their above and beyond help denise vendors jim ruth kalvin breakfast rick mark beer tent partway slow race roger setup tear down frizz setup tear down rambo jim hashman security dee laura jo tickets tina 50/50 ruth music bands rusty bike show bike wash naples harley davidson and to all of those who took time out of their schedule to help at this event i do apologize in advance for anyone that i may have not mentioned personally ok it is that time for name that song first october s winners were ruth kalvin and crabby they were first to name david allen coe s song long haired redneck ok go the section labeled teach s song of the month for this month s clue good luck remember i need the name of the song and the artist emailed to me if you think you have won make sure you attend the general membership meeting that month life s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine well-preserved body but rather to skid in sideways totally used up and worn out shouting holy sht what a ride i guess that is it for now remember i know you are thankful for someone make sure you let them know if anyone has any questions information or comments that you would like me to bring to the board meeting just email me be good ride safe and have fun remember teach page 10 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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www .gatoralley.net estero river chapter abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 11


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter 10/24/10 general membership meeting minutes president meeting called to order at 11:01 pm by roger stand for the pledge of allegiance moment of silence roger read resignation letter from nora accepted it scarlet will be taking over the advertising position thunder alley what a great turn out we had a lot of people through the gate at bod meeting we discussed having a meeting in december the board voted to have a meeting on december 19th vice president teach had two winners for the song of the month long haired redneck by david alan cole crabby was on the phone with teach when his blackberry went off with ruth s e-mail both will receive $25.00 secretary motion made by frizz seconded by rusty and that the minutes be accepted as printed in newsletter roger recognized new members and guest treasurer scarlet gave balance and has deposits to be put in the bank sgt at arms jim had no incidents to report we had a great turn out for thunder alley he talked about the safety at our events he thanked everyone who helped at thunder alley legislative darrin introduced our guest speakers rosanne winter candidate for dist 1 for collier county school board roy terry dist 5 school board member candidate darrin read a list of candidates that are running and are motorcycle friendly he had sent out information on the amendments and read the list for any questions state delegate fred touch on the life insurance policy raising funds for state chapter level bike tickets safety and how to reach the people we need to see his full report in newsletter safety director frizz has got set up for the for swamp buggy weekend he has safety products yard signs membership denise we have 530 members she passed out life cards she gave out anniversary pins recruiter pins newsletter laurajo mailed out 470 newsletters we will print 550 for the month of november any advertising see scarlet or laurajo special events heidi swamp buggy races run and gobble november 14th heritage run december 5th state meeting december 11th swamp to the city january 2nd jamboree coming up p.r karen thanked cadillac for getting the newsletters flyers to florida motor sports if chairing an event make sure you get the flyer finished as soon as possible it has to be approved by state before we can put it out products debi excused rambo has her table set up for sales scarlet we have ordered t-shirts long sleeve short sleeve in both colors it will be a couple of weeks before the order is ready quartermaster rambo has items to be returned to storage in the afternoon other than that everything is quartered mastered sunshine margo has sent out cards see her full report in the newsletter webmaster lockdown has nothing new at this time plenty of flyers on web site to be downloaded to be passed out historian lynn thanked everyone who helped in putting the list for the memorial run together if you know of any member who has passed that wasn t on the list contact lynn ruth ethel or roger old business memorial run jim got a phone call from ruth she couldn t be here today but wanted to thank everyone for attending and for those who helped she wanted to thank brad for letting us have the party at his place and fred lynn for the entertainment run and gobble november 14th starts at the golden gate moose at 10:00 am we will be raising money for gift cards a jar will be at the first stop to put page 12 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter secretary s report gator alley


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www .gatoralley.net 10/246/10 general membership meeting minutes cont d names of members that might be having financial difficulties this is a private thing it will go to the e-board and they will get the gift cards sent out this is the purpose of the run and gobble to help those in need this time of year state meeting coming up frizz needs volunteers to make side dishes servers jim ruth are heading up the cooking bike tickets sold need to be turned in by december 11th thunder alleyteach thanked everyone involved he received a call from shawn later that week from harley thanking gator alley they sold seven bikes and two appointments jim reported that thunder alley collected $4,275 the bill total was about $2,700 and our profit was around $1,600 for the day he thanked everyone who worked security we had 702 adults 49 minors signed in swamp to the city january 2nd starts at joanie s ends at the cruzin cafe cadillac is co-chairing new business jamboree bill will be chairing this event he thanked teach for thunder alley bill would like to see more members get involved in helping with the jamboree he will lock in a date that won t conflict with other events casino run coming up we need to start thing about it we will be looking for a chair person for this run good of the order margo s lost keys have been found one camera from the birthday party is still missing if you have it please get it back to margo or get the pictures developed and get them to her swamp buggy weekend lynn went over volunteer list times to be at the gate and for the bartenders at the dance cadillac said the men s auxiliary will be serving breakfast at the december s meeting they will also be raffling a 32 inch tv at noon that day ticket are $5.00 cadillac would like to see more of our members support bike night sponsored by florida motor sports at the hurricane grill every other wednesday night he thanked the members who had attended last week scott deb the dolphin run 1/1/11 it s a mystery ride will have 50/50 guess the mileage flyers are on our web site mark toys for tots 3rd stop iron rhine if anyone want to ride after the meeting rick holt s bike for sale see our classified ad in newsletter lynn ruth tommy will be playing at the pewter mug saturday the 30th for the costume party g.w mentioned the vfw has saturday night dinner music and the first sunday of the month from 1pm to 5 pm music cadillac said bikes for tikes run is coming up next bod meeting november 18th the chapter meeting november 28th winner if the 50/50 is jenny and the winner of the t-shirt is leeha motion to adjourn by frizz seconded by rick at 12:51 pm gator alley respectfully submitted ethel l abin page 13 abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter


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abate of florida inc gator alley chapter september sunshine report gator alley dinah fultz sympathy card for the loss of her mom she had a long battle and dinah was by her side the entire time best wishes as time heals your heart robbie crans son of rusty and kelly a get well card for a nasty ear infection that dr s missed the first time around poor little guy was sick longer than he should have been but he is up and running his parents ragged once again christine strobel a get well card for a bicycle accident she suffered at the hands of a negligent driver word has it that she is recovered but haven t heard if she is back in the saddle again sue nickerson sympathy card for the loss of her only son chris there was a phenomenal showing of gator alley at the service and curt s spirit rode along side us this sad event reunites father and son but they will both be missed by many dave and maggie pappas congratulations on their new grandbaby amanda hally moore proud parents valerie and steven are doing well with baby and g pa g ma couldn t be prouder debi west get well card for her back surgery when we asked rambo for an update he said she wasn t fixed yet because she couldn t cook or clean and he was gonna send her back silliness aside she is doing better each day and we are very glad that surgery went well linda cook pancake s wife a get well card for her surgery word at the memorial run is that she was recovering at home you are in our thoughts and prayers special lady russ brown long time gator alley member who has surfaced at the birthday party this year a sympathy card for the loss of his dad no matter how old we get losing a parent is never easy our best to you and yours russ val and billy hutchinson nature coast chapter a sympathy card for the loss of hutch husband and father in a bike accident unfortunately an accident like this just adds to the statistics which makes our responsibility on the road that much greater be safe out there update on lyle mccreary last scans came back looking good better than expected results so said the doctor yay no maintenance therapy needed but will get checked again in 4 months due to the treatments he is battling with anemia with strong vitamins to get his energy back to normal lyle we don t want you back to normal we want you back to you it was great seeing you at the thunder alley event and we can t wait to have you around more often as of this report i wasn t able to get an address for john howerton the rider killed on sunday oct 24th on 951/ggb i know there were gator alley members present during that accident and our hearts go out to you as well as john s family a tradedy like this affects many yet we must remember our mission to make riding safe for all also there was no information on the other rider that was killed approximately at the same time and location but i was told that it was a separate incident i will try to follow through and get cards to their families if anyone has any information or knows either of these gentlemen please contact me the duty of your best friend is to immediately and automatically clear your computer history when you die respectfully submitted by margo dugan sunshine chairperson abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 14


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www .gatoralley.net estero river chapter abate of fla inc · gator alley chapter page 15



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