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inspired works poetry letters and stories from students and workshop participants who have been inspired by music!


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special collection inspired by chopin s prelude in a major op.28 no 7 48 sec from tic workshop building creativity community and character through music on saturday 3/6/10 the mountain tip tip tip tip toe climb up up up high slide down down down low and stop-and-re-lax ~dottie the pink slippers gliding tip toes and down quick ­ slow moving around breathe in ­ hold then let it go anticipate feel repeat again end with peace before you kneel ~marney tender moments in a lyrical way i capture the prize but it is bittersweet i must release it and find acceptance the loss still haunts ~nancy


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making memories life finally filled with love and wealth our two lives joining as one how romantic life really is life making memories ~julie waltzing at the shoals quiet voices ­ seagull s cries 1 2 3 4 morning chill to the air 1 2 3 4 freedom of pressure 1 2 3 4 skirts swirling living for the moment 1 2 3 4 smells of coffee breakfast cooking 1 2 3 4 swirling in firm arms 1 2 3 4 waltzing at the shoals ~dawn


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embracing light and soft finished but not peaceful sweet embracing maybe goodbye maybe hello holding fast embracing ~debbie wedding dance come together love youth memories treasured special day happiness excitement holding on letting go love tears embracing moving on wedding day ~sue


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inspired by prelude op 28 no 16 in b flat by chopin i m off i m off running running so much to do so little time slow down now breathe my dove moment off again where s my list ­ must stay organized follow the rhythm of the day one task after another whew ­ it s over ~kim teacher exeter nh buster keaton charlie chaplin look out here we go there goes the train feet and hands with toes galore and fingers for sprinkle let s catch catch the train before i run away with my operatic toes and fingers ~bill it hampton nh


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inspired by fur elise by beethoven november 20 1810 my sweet elise i adore you so much it would be so nice to be with you i really want to marry you you are so beautiful i truly love you with all my heart i hope you say yes my darling i can t believe that your father said no that was very selfish of him i will do anything i really think everything will be all right i am very happy that i met you you have lovely eyes oh please oh please i hope you write back you are really sweet do not forget i love you your love beethoven ~second grade boy inspired by the william tell overture by rossini quick notes build the excitement gallopping across time strong bursts of sound exploding through my ears like fireworks ~fifth grade girl


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chopin prelude op.28 no 15 dada poem by stacey s.



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