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hairstylin and profilin ­ john 11th grade and hadi 12th grade quint 2 athletics ­ john 11th grade horoscopes ­ peno 9th grade quint ii athletics by john grade 11 in the balmy days of summer before the school year began the dedicated athletes of the northwest school practiced to bring our prestigious institution the glory we so rarely see on the athletic scene here after a long season are reports from the front line of our emerald city league girls volleyball at the end of the 07-08 school years the girls volleyball program was in dire straits with the departure of all but two players from the team however that fall the female members of 2012 responded spectacularly filling out the huge void left in the team and leading them to a remarkable single-loss season coming into this year expectations were high the team moved into the varsity division of the emerald city league and gained another crop of equally dedicated girls for the program the results though disappointing at first sight are more encouraging taken in the context of the first varsity volleyball team in school history though they enjoyed only two victories they were both against archrival saas and their tenacious character was visible in every game they played they will end the year mourning the loss of captain and valued veteran finley baba but they look forward to the continued development of the program.


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boys soccer perennial playoff contenders jeff blair s soccer boys have been a pillar of strength of nws athletics for twenty years this year hopes were high for another playoff season despite superstar cooper schumacher s tragic abscence the team still possessed offensive powerhouses in the forward positions and several new guns to help fill the void left by last year s seniors hope as always sprang eternal for the team and its fans in the end it was hope that pulled it through despite a slightly disappointing season the soccer boys gritted it out and made the playoffs they were finally eliminated in a close 2-1 match against seattle academy the real test comes during the offseason however as the seniors who make up the majority of the team depart only time will tell if the program survives the blow and continues the legacy of success that is northwest soccer girls soccer the girls of the northwest school soccer team came into the year with a very ambitious attitude hoping to compile a decent season despite the presence of local titans saas bush and overlake the team coached by the inimitable mike mullen worked hard in the preseason and started the season on a tear winning five of its first seven games they had reckoned however that they would have a full team for the remainder of the season in a ghastly streak of bad luck regulars fell left and right due to injury illness and the menace of the dreaded swine flu with the team averaging only thirteen players per game the stress factor took its toll the team was forced to bring up several girls from the jv team to fill the void in the end the team finished fifth in league one place behind playoff qualification despite this devastating setback and the departure of leading scorer talia rose the team remains optimistic about the future of the program cross country running the fortunes of the northwest cross country team have grown steadily over the years and both teams hoped to step it up for the upcoming season though they were overjoyed with their second and third place finishes in league last year the teams under the guidance of bob martin calvin shaw and joe bisignano looked to finally send a team to state despite the graduation of several seniors from the program the nws boys had a good deal of hope for the year and even thought of possibly winning the league this was not to be however as a string of injuries brought down the top two returning runners and the newcomers to the team were hard-pressed to make up the difference though the team did win second place at league and kilian marsh took 15th at state the bad luck kept the boy s team away from pasco as a group regardless the team looks forward to next season and a healthy boys team will be hard to stop `hard to stop is old news to the xc girls with 2008 state champion maddie meyers returning for another season the team looked to improve on its third-place finish at league last year and possibly place at district however in a season of wilted expectations for many of the nws teams the cross country girls exceeded all previous indicators and tore up the league with ms meyers and freshman lila rice taking first and second in every meet the team tore up the trails getting second place in league and making a school first by sending a cross country team to state where the inimitable duo once again took the top two spots with such a vibrant program northwest looks forward to many more years at the top ranks of girls xc horoscopes by peno 9th grade sagittarius nov 22 dec 21 you have a lot to accomplish this quint sagittarius you ll be faced with a mountain of work remember it isn t about what s waiting on the other side it s the climb due to your tireless nature you might be able to get through it all with a lot of coffee and a few all-nighters by the way happy birthday scorpio oct 23-nov 21


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like the 11 year old boy from idaho that killed a black bear recently a dark force won t leave your porch this quint it might take the form of a big humanities essay or a particularly heated argument be careful scorpio rid yourself of that bear capricorn dec 22-jan 19 capricorn this is the quint to lose the confused face self-reflection is key to success in the next few weeks but don t curl up beside the fire just yet capricorn someone is trying to bring you down and this is the time to figure out who it is and don t be too embarrassed when you inevitably trip up the stairs this quint aquarius jan 20 feb 18 heat is coming into your life soon aquarius the word hot can mean more than one thing remember when you were a toddler and got your hands burned on the stove keep that in mind this quint wrap up in that puffy ski jacket and hit the slopes stay away from the poseurs in brightly colored full bodied snow suits you might get your fingers burned pisces feb 19-mar 20 don t hide behind your screen pisces this is not the time for furtively checking your text messages behind your books however this is the time for deep conversations but move out from your hidey-hole behind the computer some brisk seattle weather and a maybe even a walk to molly moons would do you good watch out for kevin aries mar 21-april 19 people with this sign are usually boisterous and outgoing the center of the drama tread carefully aries because there truly are no secrets in school let a little whisper slip this quint and the news will work its way through the school until it hits the sixth grade keep your secrets safe taurus april 20-may 20 having two childhood friends being born on the same day in this sign has given me a respect for the stubbornness of your sign taurus they just have to have their birthday parties on the same day at the same time your stubbornness can gain you respect but be careful to actually listen this quint otherwise you might miss a few key points of a lecture while glaring at your victim of the day gemini may 21-june 20 guess what gemini tupac and notorious b.i.g were both gemini s it s time to live up to the legend you will find success this quint you can rise to the top but don t let violence even if it is modern warcraft 2 bring you down cancer june 21 july 22 we all know you are a little volatile cancer those big claws can definitely pinch your key planet is the moon but getting bombed by nasa isn t your biggest problem don t let your emotions get in the way this quint everyone tells you to take a chill pill but maybe you should actually take our advice this time leo july 23-aug 22 to make leos happy you must tend to their inner lion this is the quint to keep your leo friends happy because they can be very dangerous you could buy them a bag of spicy hot cheetos from the corner store their inner beast will enjoy the big cat on the front of the bag and they can disgustingly lick their paws clean of that distinguishable cheeto residue virgo aug 23 sept 22 virgo s are known for their perfectionism and their general neurotic nature if someone accidently trips over your backpack and messes up those perfectly sharpened pencils of yours don t yell at them too


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loudly this quint is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself which you won t be able to do if you re worried about the details libra sept 23-nov 2 recently a teacher in phoenix received a package contained two library books that were fifty years late the package also had a check for 1000 dollars and an apology note libra you are very prone to forgetfulness this quint turn in your library books and remember to make use of post-it notes images from www.astrologyweekly.com and disney-clipart.com referendum 71 by peno 9th grade image centraldistrictnews.com voting day for referendum 71 was on november 3rd 2009 the bill enabled same sex couples and senior domestic partners in washington state to have the same rights as married couples but without the term marriage in the state of washington there are more than 12,000 people in domestic partnerships these individuals received various benefits from referendum 71 such as the ability to visit their partner in the hospital take family and medical leave when their partner is seriously ill adoption insurance coverage and legal protection for families with children many washington-based businesses advocated voting yes on referendum 71 including boeing microsoft google and starbucks according to approvereferndum71.org approving ref 71 ensures that important protections are not taken away from committed couples so that they are able to take care of each other especially in times of crisis there are many individuals and organizations who advocated voting no on referendum 71 bob struble from the protect marriage in washington organization strongly supported the reject ref 71 campaign according to election 09 the referendum 71 debate written by austin jenkins on the 20th of october for npr bob struble stated if the people are deceived into thinking this is not about same-sex marriage which it really is it s about the whole same-the sex marriage agenda and go along with this argument then they ll never get another chance courts will rule and that will be the end of the story voters had to decide whether they agree with bob struble and if this being a step to same-sex marriage is negative or


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positive however it is clearly stated on the bill of referendum 71 that it is a bill for the legal benefits of marriage but is in the context of domestic partnership more than 12,000 people received various benefits from referendum 71 many in our community are enthused about referendum 71 several of the seniors chose to campaign for referendum 71 and this actively contributed to getting referendum 71 approved predictably in a poll of northwest students 45 out of 45 students said that if they had the ability to vote they would have voted to approve referendum 71 it is encouraging to see that the northwest school has given this topic a great deal of thought we must continue to stand together for human rights stereotypical asians by daniel 11th grade i am an asian i was not born in america and english is my second language this would qualify me as a purebred stereotypical asian as an asian i often face prejudices and stereotypes deeply embedded in our society supposedly we eat rice noodles and fish all three meals we use chopsticks dexterously as we obsessively watch animation through our glasses with our tiny eyes we speak english badly yet we are nerdy studious and good at math and science these stereotypes are sometimes entertaining but as you would imagine they do not correctly portray asians we eat rice noodles and fish all three meals we use chopsticks dexterously as we obsessively watch animation through our glasses with our tiny eyes.


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every morning diligent asian students from the dorm go to the dining hall our favorite breakfast foods include bacon sausage eggs and hash browns we use forks instead of chopsticks simply because using forks is more comfortable at school many teachers notice that not all asian students are good at math and science there are some asians who actually impress their peers with their sufficient english in fact english may be their mother tongue it is even possible for asians to carry higher aptitude in language and literature than in math and science not to mention there are a large number of asian writers and historians true in the dormitory there are some very studious asians with inferior eye sight also true there are others who have exciting lives and superior eye sight there are stereotypes about many different groups but i only feel comfortable discussing my own race after all what makes up an individual is his or her unique background and character not race developing stereotypes is another unhealthy way to develop a passive-aggressive racism rather than mocking others cultures embracing each other s traditions will draw the community closer community metrics by zach 11th grade over the course of a northwest school humanities experience every student struggles to define terms such as culture truth and justice one term at northwest which is placed on the same tier in northwest school ideology but not pursued as a humanities theme is the term community because of the value we place on community it is worth exploring the definition beyond the one found in the dictionary the biggest assets for truthfully evaluating our community are a combination of objective and subjective measurements there are many different measurable aspects of a community many of these measurements concern the level of trust between its members for example the willingness of its members to share personal information and experiences can show varying levels of trust however a sense of community relies on a broader base than just trust it has two dimensions territorial and relational one index for evaluating the relationship dimension of a community is the sense of community index sci it has four core principles influence on other members fulfillment from participation in the community membership mutual trust emotional safety etc and shared past participation as for the territorial aspect the strength of the relationship dimension is dependent on the amount of contact between members i.e how often we share the same places.


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the aforementioned sci criteria and the insight of the school counsiler peter burner hayes have combined to create an accurate and objective assessment of our community the first metric of the influence that each individual has on the community is highly variable and is usually based on force of personality however what makes the northwest school unique is that one s position within the school is not a limiting factor for the influence one can have another metric is the level of fulfillment and at the northwest school there is a high level of acceptance which encourages higher levels of fulfillment it s a big community so not everyone fits says peter often factors beyond the school s walls influence the level of fulfillment the shared past participation in the northwest school creates a closer community but this makes it hard to integrate new members peter says intergration is an ongoing process and the community is constantly rebuilding itself participation in many activities such as community meeting and interest groups are designed to overcome these barriers the last and most tricky measurement is the level of membership within the community membership is mostly described as the amount of trust in the other members of the community peter commented that initially there is a higher level of trust good will and expectations than other schools i have worked at on the part of each individual there is the decision to trust the rest of the community can we now truly define community absolutely these metrics are the essence of our school community grading by graham 10th grade homework is something that plagues all students it grows in importance with a student s progression through the educational system homework can be either a positive or negative aspect of a student s life however homework is only one aspect of the triangle of student success after classes and homework grades are the second most important factor in students lives from the weekly spelling tests of elementary school all the way up to larger exams such as the sat grades are something to which every student devotes a great deal of attention the ineffectiveness of using letter grades is garning more attention traditionally grades were viewed as one of the decisive factors in whether a student receives his or her choice of higher education they were also the baseline for judging overall academic success now some are questioning whether the stress imposed by grades and exam scores is the most effective motivator of student achievement in the book how to study and other skills for success in college james deece and ellen k deese assert that grades are an imperfect but solid way to measure overall academic performance true while some students are capable of learning a great deal and scoring mediocre grades others focus so much on getting a s that they really miss their education in school districts across the nation some are voting to decrease competitiveness and letter-grade performance as reported by reader s digest some schools in nashville decided to stop releasing the names of valedictorians upon graduation this was after much pressure from parents in some cases those of the valedictorians themselves parents felt that it would cause other children to feel ashamed or discouraged because they were left out some elementary schools including those in illinois have also started to trade in traditional letter grades in favor of more personalized responses mark terry a science teacher at nws feels that although the traditional grading system could be improved it is nonetheless necessary for the college admissions process grades can be intelligently used by teachers to provide encouragement raise red flags and give feedback on what the world might think of a particular student s work oh-ten


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by ben 12th grade in the beginning we took the northwest school by storm the class of 2010 came into freshman year with a multitude of voices and talents athletes artists dancers and drama kids we had them all new faces to the upper school we saw the senior class of 2007 as cool and composed even though they walked in the same halls they seemed a world apart from us who would have guessed that from our troubled clique-ridden freshman class we would become the close-knit group of seniors we are today we were never the most popular grade among the administration nor the rest of the student body we wrought havoc in the commons caused trouble at dances and generally got on kevin s nerves my classmates will remember a seething article in the northwest publication about our class written by senior max skelton his article called out our faults casting us as troublemakers and nothing more over time we slowly took more of a role in the community at large and we gradually overcame our stigma we raised hundreds of dollars for the migrant farm worker s trip with penny wars took leading roles in interest groups and started carpools for our fellow classmates today after the classes above us moved on we now are seniors and hold an important role in the school the job of a senior at northwest is a subtle one after years of always having a group of older kids to look up to all of a sudden we have to be the role models seniors hold the responsibility to look back on their entire time at northwest and set an example for the rest of the community even the word senior suggests experience and know-how about handling life and dealing with problems is this me is this us oh-ten has come a long way and done a lot of things as seniors at the northwest school i want my class to embody that responsibilty and composure which i have always seen the senior class to be we must strive to embody this ideal even if it may be uncreachable for the coming year i encourage the


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rest of the student body to learn from our faults join us in our enthusiasm and look forward to their own opportunity to run the school northwest blood drive by elliot 9th grade on november 3rd the puget sound blood center bloodmobile came to our school for the last 4-5 years phyiscs teacher cecilia tung has been organizing the northwest school blood drive over 25 people from the community including students faculty alumni and parents donated blood this year during the school s fall blood drive northwest helped 50-75 patients that are in need of blood transfusions puget sound blood center says that 900 people every day must donate blood to meet local demand just one donor can provide enough blood for up to three people in need people of all ages need blood in fact 25 percent of americans will need doner blood at some point in their lives who knows it could be you patients that require blood transfusions frequently suffer from one of the following health problems trauma injuries burns cancer blood and immune system diseases surgery heart and blood vessel disease or organ and bone marrow complications nationwide only 5 percent of people capable of donating do the northwest school got involved in hosting a blood drive about four or five years ago says cecilia after she had a conversation with a northwest school parent who worked for the puget sound blood center it seemed having a blood drive seemed like something that nws would support it is great having students so involved in helping other people in need when asked why we as a school community support the blood drive cecilia responded by saying the blood drive definitely saves lives and is an easy way to give back to the community students like the idea of saving lives and helping to give back to the community sometimes the blood drive is tied into veteran s day and serves as a way to give support to those who have given their lives for our country there are so many stories and reasons to contribute but it takes a good dose of courage to sign-up and get over the natural fear of needles all these reasons reflect the mission statement and values of our school one of the goal values our commitment to and participation in school life beyond the classroom and office promote individual and community growth reflects why nws supports and hosts this blood drive twice a year hopefully this will be a tradition that continues to happen for years to come.


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tim brennan by logan 9th grade tim brennan is the 9th grade physical science teacher who has been teaching here at northwest for thirteen years he was born and raised in yakima washington a fact that is a great sorce of pride for tim before coming to nws tim decided to leave his job at the seattle planetarium to pursue a new adventure he had a great time there but he felt that he didn t want to do the same thing every day with different people now he gets to do different things everyday but with the same people he enjoys this much more every first quint he teaches the 9th graders about astronomy though he knows so much about astronomy he actually doesn t have a favorite constellation he says that they re all great if he were stranded on a desert island and could take any one historical figure with him tim replied that he would take henry cavendish best know for his discovery of hydrogen people always worry what saint peter will say to them and tim at least would like a wink from him he feels that that would be a good start tim s favorite silly word is schwa that according to merriam webster is an unstressed mid-central vowel tim congratulations on your thirteenth anniversary here at northwest.


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ben lee by david 9th grade ben lee is the northwest school s new head of upper school being a recent arrival to our school not many people know a lot about him i sat down with ben and i learned that there is much more to him than meets the eye ben was born in 1968 and went to high school in buffalo ny at a school with a similar atmosphere to northwest he studied english at yale where he met his wife after his studies he took a job in provincial china as an english teacher he stayed for 2 years and taught in a school with heat and no panes in the windows from this experience he learned to love teaching so he decided to persue it further teaching in china in 1992 was like wearing a halloween costume 24/7/365 but having people like and respect you anyway says ben ben first heard of the northwest school in the late 90s while job searching in the seattle area he applied for a post in the international department clinched the job but chose not to accept the position instead he decided to go to new orleans with his wife for a few years eventually lee returned to seattle and became the educational director of the soundview school where his two daughters ages seven and ten currently attend ben talks about soundview as a place that emphasizes international-mindedness and rigorous academics sound familiar during the summer of 2006 lee attended a pnais leadership conference at which he met tuney kannapell the following year at the same conference he met additional northwest school representatives these included allen braun ellen taussig kevin alexander and glen sterr when the


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post for head of upper school came available last december he applied the day before the deadline and interviewed later that school year i still remember sitting in ellen s office in the exact same position applying for this job just as i had a decade previously ben says he officially began his new position in july of the 2009-2010 school year ben describes himself as the type of person that listens to the same music for a month then finds something different every three or four weeks to listen to for the next month currently he likes a band called blind pilot his favorite album is 3 rounds and a sound if ben were stuck on a desert island with any historical figure he says it would be with buddha a desert island is small you would need to get along with whoever you are with and the buddha would be pretty easy to get along with so what will lee do now at northwest it s easy to offer cheesy generalities and of course doing so is pretty tempting but the proof is in action not words i am here to work hard engage in the life of the school work to support faculty and students ben first met the northwest school community in 1999 and now in 2009 he has returned to it he supports the northwest school and its mission after his meaningful journey we are fortunate to now call ben lee our own when asked what he wants people to say about his time in northwest he replied ben came to a great school and helped it to grow and thrive can we have early sign out by daniel 11th grade


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for over 30 years the northwest school has operated under rules that are fairly sound and reasonable however recently the students have been questioning the necessity of one of the school s sign-out rules in fact some of the upper school s most recent critical conversations were mainly about restriction of this system it is easy to detect a number of students hovering about the main office at around 11:30 am especially on fridays students discontented with monotonous bagels look around for kevin ben or ebon however they are exceptionally hard to find when we need their permission to sign out other schools around have tried free-sign out system and this precedent proves the viability of the system not only would it prevent the students from sneaking out of school faculty would no longer be bothered by giving permission to student after student in many instances the students have successfully demonstrated their courtesy and common sense in action given more responsibility the students would create a school that is safer and more trusting ben f by stasha 12th grade it is community meeting and suddenly you hear ben funkhouser clap clap clapclapclap you wonder just who is this ben funkhouser to clear the air i have decided to interview him to find out a little more about the man behind the clap stasha moreno:what are your interests your passions?


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funkhouser interests i like music i like riding my bike food justice i guess that doesn t make sense i like being vegan i guess i m passionate about music a lot of it my taste i would say i m selectively eclectic by that i mean encompasses many genres but is fairly specific in artists i think i m going to study ethnomusicology and anthropology in college so that kind of all fits in there i m pretty passionate about that well what i was thinking is that with the relative ease of doing home recording and field recording that i could get a hand held recording device it can hold hours and hours of space so i was thinking that i could travel around and do recordings and bring them back to the states and have them make them available for the public to hear and buy them with a donation to make sure that some of that beautiful music gets heard especially from indigenous peoples they disappear by bigger population maybe spread a little awareness and create some common ground between two cultures you know the language of music is international and defies words really it is something that i think someone who wouldn t understand a culture could see some kind of bond or similarity between the two with sm what is one thing you want to see change f i guess it s really important to me to see people working together and people relying on people rather than having needing a police force or needing a government per say i mean yesterday i saw a man who was having a drug problem he was pretty messed up and there were two citizens holding him down in the parking lot of a goodwill and they were taking abuse from this man he was just screaming at them and insulting them and these two citizens were sitting down with him and making sure he would stay there and get help i love to see people doing the right thing i m passionate about vegetarianism and veganism i like to see people who claim to be for the environment really stick with it you know put their money where their mouth is sm tell me about your band are you still together f nope we are playing our last two shows in december december 4th in seattle at healthy times fun club i m working on starting a new band right now since this article was written ben s band `herr jazz has broken up and went out with a bang he is currently working on starting two new bands one of which sounds like bruce springsteen backed by fugazi for over 30 years the northwest school has opperated under rules that are fairly sound and reasonable however recently the students have been question-ing the necessity of one of the school s sign-out rules in fact some of the upper school s most recent critical conversa-tions were mainly about restriction of this system it is easy to detect a number of students hovering about the main office at around 11:30 am especially on fridays students discontented with monotonous bagels look around for kevin ben or ebon however they are exceptionally hard to find when we need their permission to sign out other schools around have tried free-sign out system and this precedent proves the viability of the system not only would it prevent the students from sneaking out of school faculty would no longer be bothered by giving permission to student after student in many instances the students have successfully demonstrated their courtesy and common sense in action given more responsibility the students would create a school that is safer and more trusting dances by graham 10th grade everyone loves dances school dances are an excellent way to bring the community together and to create a memorable night for everyone dances allow students to have fun in a relaxed setting that is unique to school dances the pressures of life are gone and students are free to hang out without worrying about their typical academic woes the reality however is that dances at northwest tend to suffer despite the best efforts of the senior class this is often the product of a lack of support from the school and faculty according to senior hadi shaibu who helps to plan the dances it would be great it if the school would help them find better locations to host the dances however hadi also reminds us that the seniors enjoy a certain amount of freedom as far as actually running and planning the dances.



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