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issue nineteen c1vsht Class group ExLcinlug sTiavneg ©Song Zhao


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featu Ling Tang - page6 Jamie Jay - page10 Marie Jones - page20 2 The Capitals - page32


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ures Chris Bowman - page38 Ashley Steam Rally - page42 George Best & Me- page47 Chebra Dorsey - page54 3


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contents 06 Little China Girl’s Dream 10 Jamie Jay 14 Photographer Craig Barker 20 Marie Jones 24 Amy Barbera 30 Through the Eyes of the Homeless 32 The Capitals 34 Ask Françoise 36 Manchester Wellbeing 37 According to WHO 38 Chris Bowman 42 Ashley Steam Fair 44 Rainbows Journey 46 Being Referred to Hospital 47 George Best & Me 52 Straight From The Oven 54 Chebra Dorsey 58 Mailbag 62 Ask PC Kevin WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY PHOTO’S OR ARTWORK WITH COPYRIGHTS THAT ARE SUPPLIED TO US BY INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR FEATURES 4


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Letter from The Editor Hello Everyone Welcome to our latest Issue 19, here we feature interesting, outstanding people from around the world. Bringing you Celebrities and Real People from different backgrounds and cultures. Special thanks to our Columnists and Correspondents who tirelessly bring you their stories, all are true lives of individuals who help brighten our world with their talents and skills. Here is my thought of the month ‘Each minute of every thought, word and deed, let us paint out our own destiny and let us make it colourful. Incidentally for some of our American readers who might wonder why we spell differently to them. In Britain it is Colour and USA it is Color, like many other words. Because British traditional old English spells words that have been used for centuries. While Americans often spell words as they sound. Both are correct. But for our European readers used to the original spelling we use the British words. I say this as many contact us regarding this. Hope this clarifies things. Warm Wishes to you all. Christina V Howard Editor Christina V Howard Profile - Journalist, Radio Correspondent, PR/Marketing, Events Organiser, Fashion Style Coach, Theatre Producer, Former Textiles Lecturer, Fashion Catalogue Designer. Enjoys Science, Technology, Classic Cars, Singing, Cooking and Animals. Charity helper and a strong Humanitarian. CVH 1st Class is a Not-for-Profit organisation (As a family magazine we reserve the right not to print unsuitable material) ON THE COVER: Ling Tang ©Song Zhao EDITOR Christina Howard | +44 (0)7713 973640 MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston EDITORS PA Stan Dwight EDITORIAL SECRETARY Sandra Boyce CORRESPONDENTS Anna Karin Carole Gray & Cerdan A Smith Tammie Starr Olga Vlady Jody Du Priest Gail Carson Pat Rowbottom Dr Gareth Presch Robyn Megan Silberman Hedi Elizabeth Hansen COLUMNISTS Kevin Maddox Dr Kailash Chand OBE PC Kevin McEvoy Dr Amir Hannan Francoise Pascal Angela Brown MAGAZINE DESIGN, PRO- DUCTION & PHOTOGRAPHY Bob Alston - RAPhotograhy WEBSITE Stephen Kimber | stevek100@yahoo. QUESTIONS, FEEDBACK AND SUBMISSIONS Phone: +44 (0)7713 973640 Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 5


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Little China Girl’s Dreams Exclusive by Tammie Starr The story I am about to tell you is very special. Beautiful Ling Tang was a little girl who dreamt to one day be involved in theatre art. Ling was born in Chong Quinn China a big city middle of the Yangzi river south West China. As a child her mother had a good friend who was a local Opera Singer and Ling would help her out many times as a background Singer Sichuan Opera Style. Ling would organize the kids performing in Arts. Ling parents were both teachers she was very fortunate with good education and she learned a lot from both of them. ©Song Zhao As the Performing bloomed they would perform at military bases, schools and local villages. Ling would create dances, poetry, and singing. All the props were created by her. From the age of eight years old Ling she produced these creative events. Ling was highly privileged to achieve education in China and USA. Ling created Maeya Culture Exchange Group provides a platform for different culture to explore share and also in communication. The Economic Globalization brings financial benefit Maeya Culture Exchange Group brings harmony through culture and Art environment. Ling had a role model she looked up to her name was Marie Sklodowsha Cutie. Polish and naturalized French Physicist and Chemist. Ling started the San Diego International Kids Film Festival Awards. She loved Entertainment with Education encouraging the kids to follow their dreams. First CVH Curvy Ambassador; Corespondent; Professional Model; Singer; Starr Productions; ShiningGraceHost! Curvy Wonder Woman with many talents! Positive Role Model for the Women in the world! Ling had many Amazing Talented designers she worked with. The designers are incredible to bring colourful costumes to the Broadway shows and Films.The fashion is a wearable art. The film is powerful to influence people to bring fashion into films and Broadway shows like the Chinese Opera. To show the pride in the Chinese culture. The first Broadway show ever Ling saw when she was young girl was the Lion King. Inspiring her to become the first ever Chinese Broadway Musical Producer. First Chinese Opera of Chen Ying Rescuers the Orphan. Also number one in her country in China news. Executive Director of Universe Multicultural Film Festival. Director of San Diego International Kids Film Festival Awards, Founder of Epic ACG Festival; Chair Woman of Maeya Art Festival. Ling just completed a couple production feature movie (China and Hollywood) “Hiding Sword”. This little China Girls dream came true pushing those doors open to bring Love Peace, Beauty and Humanity for the world to see. Ms Tang is a film and Broadway. Producer.She has been 4 years in a roll as film jury and international commissioner of Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival ( Korea); Two years in a roll as Asian Film Block director of the Broadway International Film Festival –Ensenada (Mexico). CVH 1st Class wish Ling Tang every continued success. 6


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1st C lcasvs azine 1st Cl zine ©Weizheng Wang © Weizheng Wang azine 1st C lcasvs ©Weizheng Wang 7


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© Weizheng Wang 8


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Jamie Jay Exclusive Jamie Jay is a popular young artist in Greater Manchester. He studied LLB law at University of Huddersfield, his golden voice attracted enormous fans. The postgraduate law student became a professional singer and today he has made audiences very happy, who can never get enough of hearing him. Here Jamie tells us about himself. S©trDeoetmSitnaircSStaubdiinoes bringing the art of singing back to the music industry in my opinion.” Q&A Who was your role model as a child? “I would definitely say my parents; they worked so hard to give my siblings and me everything we wanted. It made me realise that you have to work hard for what you want in life. Something I always try to do.” Back then who where your favourite singers/ performers? “I like the older music. My parents have influenced my music taste massively, on a Saturday night as a child we would get my mums vinyl collection out and sit around listening to songs, quizzing each other as to who the singer was or what the band was called, I loved those times, and I loved the music. I think as a result I developed an more mature taste in music, although some modern music is good also I love a good mix. “I do have a great addiction to Cher she is my absolute idol, I would say Celine Dion, Elvis Presley and Shania Twain are up there too. Nowadays I love the sounds of Sam Smith and Adele, they seem to be What age did you start singing? “I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t sing to be honest, I always have, as a young child I used to get up at family parties and sing, my cousin was a cabaret artist and I always wanted to do what he was doing on the stage. I used to drive my family mad with singing at all times of the day and night.” Did you perform in school plays? “I was in the choir at primary school and we performed in regional shows, I also featured in my secondary schools version of Bugsy Malone, only a small part as school I wouldn’t push myself to the front for these things, I was born with a speech impediment (cleft palate) which meant that I was on the receiving end of banter from my classmates, this made me a little shy in school. Instead I would spend most of my time organising bring and buy events to try and raise money for different charities, its something I am quite proud of if I am honest that I managed to turn a negative into a positive.” As a teenager who where your favourite singers and bands? “I had I had a phase of becoming a bit of a rocker and listened to a lot of bands such as Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers, however I still enjoyed the older music a lot, I found that I grew out of that phase and went back into my soul and Motown music.” 10


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by Christina V Howard Which artists inspired you to perform? “I would say that they all inspired me in different ways to be honest, I don’t think I could pick out one who inspired me more, I find that music is very strange in a way that certain music just grabs you and it doesn’t really matter who the artist is, you like what you like, I like finding meaning in songs, even if I’m covering songs I try and apply it to myself and find my own meanings in the song.” Were you formally trained or self taught? started to perform a tribute to Sam Smith as well as my Jamie Jay Cabaret Show, I think he is an amazing talent and I love performing his songs as they are so emotional and I can really pour my heart and soul into them. I will say that my life has become so much more fulfilling since I decided to become a singer, I am happy with what I do, I like to put on a good show, I love interacting with my audiences and I love travelling around meeting new people. I work with Shout Promotions based in the northwest and I really enjoy what I do.” “Definitely self taught (other than a brief stint in the choir in year 4 of primary school), although I have never really spent time ‘teaching’ myself, I have always just sang along to songs, it wasn’t until the past few years I have really started to pay attention to how I sing and see my voice as an instrument, I’ve discovered that I can sing in certain ways and I enjoy training my voice to improve it.” Tell us about yourself and your career. What do you do outside of singing? “I try and spend time with those nearest and dearest to me, I also enjoy relaxing and meeting with my friends to socialise. I also like cooking and gardening. Most of the time I will be listening to music or trying to learn new material for my set, I like to constantly update it so that It keeps it fresh and brings a new element to my shows every night.” “I decided to start gigging as a cabaret artist and found myself a great agency to work with, I then started to perform on a regular basis and between myself and my agent I perform quite a lot all around the country as well as the Manchester area as I live in Stockport, I also Looking back on your singing, would you like to thank anyone in particular for? “To be honest, there are so many people I would like to thank. I know that I am so lucky to have such a great 1st C lcasvs azine © Dominic Sabine StreetStar Studios 11


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azine azine 1st C 1st C lcasvs ©StrDeoetmStianricSStuabdiinose ©StrDeoetmStianricSStuabdiinose lcasvs CVH 1st Class wish Jamie Jay every success in his career. Special thanks to Dominic Sabine 12


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family and friend network that are always there to support me and encourage me to keep pushing on. I am lucky that people come to watch my show and show their support for me. I always enjoy seeing them. There would be too many to name. “I would like to thank my friend Darren Craig who I feel gave me the last push that I needed, he is a cabaret artist himself and he would take me to his gigs and get me up during his set to sing a couple of songs, he also helped me to get started with my publicity and recording a few tracks. I think if I had not of had that guiding hand I would never have been able to take the jump into gigging myself. “Also my agent Steve at shout promotions is great, very supportive and has such a wealth of knowledge of the industry.” What are your singing dreams? “I have a few goals that I really want to pursue, I would love to get the opportunity to travel to a few countries performing my show, I would also love to take my tribute show to new bigger audiences, I know that these things take time and I am sure I will get there in the end. I feel I already have the best job in the world, I get to share my favourite hobby and passion with people and have it be my job, not many people are as lucky as that.” Which artists today do you greatly admire? “I really like Sam Smith and Adele, I definitely think they are carrying the torch for vocalists, I also really like Paloma Faith I think her voice is so unique.” If granted a wish to travel back in time which 3 people would you like to meet and why? “That’s a tough question, firstly I would say Elvis Presley, and I just think that he had it all, I would love to just be a fly on the wall for a day of his life, since being a kid he has been an idol of mine. “Secondly it would probably be Whitney Houston, I thought she was the best voice I have ever heard when it comes to pure vocals. “The third one is the difficult one. I would say Donna Summer, she was such an amazing talent and I really wish I had been able to see her live in concert.” Which 3 people would you like to meet from the present day? “Firstly I would love to meet Cher, as she is my biggest idol, I have always loved her music and everything about her. “Secondly I would love to meet David Foster the music producer, I would love to have a chat with him and find out some of his stories about the amazing artists he has worked with over the years. “I would also love to meet Sam Smith, I feel a bit of a connection to him as I have connected to so much of his music, I would love to find out if he thinks about the songs he sings in the same way as I do, to see if we interpret them the same or not.” What do you do to chill out? “I usually like to wind down, candles on, and relax, although I lead quiet a busy life so I don’t do much of it.” Have you any pets? “We have a lovely 5-year-old dog called Ebony. She is adorable.” Given a choice to perform a duet with any famous singer who would it be and why? “I have always wanted to perform with Celine Dion, I love the duet of Beauty and the Beast she did with Peabo Bryson, and have in fact just added the duet to my repertoire for my solo show, modern technology means that I can sing a virtual duet with her and I really enjoy doing so.” What does the future hold for you? “I hope that I can keep improving my show and making it bigger than before. I am looking forward to many more gigs in the near and distant future and I am also looking forward to making lots of memories with my great family and friends.” Finally, will you sum up your show in a few words? “Yes. My Jamie Jay show is a real mixed bag of hit songs, every show is a little different to the last as I never really sing the same songs in the same order, I try to gauge my audience and engage with them and sings songs i think they will like. I would say my show is quite interactive, as I like to chat with the audience and have a rapport with them. The music in my show goes from the 50s right up to date, I always like to think there is something for everyone, and I try and cater to many different tastes. My Sam Smith show is slightly different, I try to play on the emotion of his lyrics and performance and really grab my audiences heartstrings and take them on a bit of a journey through Sam’s career so far.” Jamie, what impresses me about you as an artist, outside of your brilliant talent you are a very humble young gentleman. How refreshing, you have no ego it’s a rare attractive character and your management are very lucky. “Thank you Christina, I can never understand artists who are full of themselves, as singing is a treasured gift and I enjoy being myself. I work with shout promotions and all of my gigs can be booked through them -” 13


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Photographer Craig Barker by Christina V Howard Born in Manchester and growing up in Withington, Craig Barker is one of the leading British photographers in the UK. Craig has always been a keen photographer whose work is inspired by the buildings and thoroughfares of his home City. Having formally studied photography Craig joined a company specialising in black and white photography, which gave him a solid technical grounding and experience of marketing in a commercial environment. During this time Craig graduated with an Honours Degree. This was an excellent stepping-stone to establishing his fine art photography business, in 2004. His artwork now features on the walls of galleries throughout the UK and has been acquired by many international companies and private collectors who recognise the unique nature of his artistic and technical abilities. The NHS and The National Trust are regular commissioners of his fine art pieces that present local landscapes in a new and visually exciting way. In his own words, Craig aims to capture ‘the tension and drama that he sees in these environments. Q&A Which photographer/artist inspired your work and what particular shots do you enjoy? “As a photographer, I like to work at the edge of light and dark, at the extremes of lighting. In doing this I don’t capture a split second of time, but in some of my pictures a few minutes are portrayed. Hence many of my shots are taken when the lighting is poor or the weather is bad.” 1st C lcasvs azine Manchester Rain Craig, as the weather is mostly raining here, have you adapted to this? “Growing up and coming from Manchester, I suppose adapting to the weather is part of my DNA. I remember walking down Oxford Road in Manchester on a rainy gloomy day and thinking, “this would make a great image”. The image now gets lot of comments, as it seems to resonate with people. They’ve lived it! (Image - Manchester Rain) “My photography isn’t pretty but I try to convey what Llsiceiebsnrbeae,rnbyeuaatnthbde. cTTarhuaesmece)Inahtnardavletlrciabamrpat,ruiyrt’es(dIjmuasatfegawen-meCvienernuyttdreaasyl of time the image is like a little movie capturing the narrative of people and lives, which is where I believe the beauty lies. 14


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Central Library & Tram azine azine 1st C 1st C lcasvs “The biggest thrill for me is revealing something of the scape be it land, sea or city that is unexpected I used to go into the Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery and would always stop at a picture by Adolphe Valette of canals, I loved the atmosphere and darkness. Much later, after I had taken the Manchester rain image I came across a painting Valette had done of the same scene, spooky. lcasvs “The photographer I most admire is Ralph Gibson; I love his simple but surreal approach and always in black and white. His images often have a mysterious narrative, which I often use as in my image Girl with Umbrella. U(Immbagreel-laG).”irl with people and architecture. It was only later when I started working in photography that I realised what an impact the time spent watching the world from this different perspective had on my work. I now always try to look beyond the obvious, whether it looking to get higher lower, use of texture or just a different Mtimileleonfndiauym. (IBmriadggee-).” What are your hobbies? “I’m also a musician and played a lot in bands in 80 and 90 in some of the iconic venues of the time in Manchester. I have recently combined my photography and music with some montages I have posted on YouTube complete with a soundtrack I composed.” Who inspired you? “My inspirations come from an early age, my dad used to be a Manchester black cab driver. I would often go out with him as a child, sitting in the well of the taxi (the space, low down, next to the driver seat) just observing the Girl with Umbella Now, if you were granted three wishes to travel back in time , what era would you like to be in to capture, which buildings, places and people? “My parents grew up in the 1950’s (Hulme) in a 15



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