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Camp in Armenia

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The Union of Information Technology Enterprises initiates a summer camp in a new format, which supposes to bring together the youth of the Diaspora and Armenia, to strengthen the bond between the children living in the Marzes of the Republic of Armenia and the children living in the Diaspora and their further cooperation, to serve as a wonderful platform for getting preliminary knowledge and skills in engineering. Participants The camp is for young people aged 10-13 and 14-17. The participants of the camp are  The schoolchildren studying in ''Armath'' Engineering Laboratories and robotics clubs operating in all regions of the Republic of Armenia,  The children living in the Diaspora  The children of employees of Armenian companies/ organizations Camp Agenda The duration of the camp is 10 days, which will include a specially drawn up agenda. The agenda will include  trainings for the acquisition of the initial knowledge and skills of programming and robotics, of engineering knowledge ,  courses,  tasks,  competitions,  entertainment program: team sports games, intellectual competitions, etc.


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Attaching importance to the sowing of patriotism and attachment to the own country, the main directions of the camp are the activities aimed at recognizing the homeland:  camps,  classes of national dances,  preliminary firearm training, medical training,  cartography Thus, through activities and tasks organized during the camp the children of "Armath" engineering laboratories will share their experience and knowledge with their peers from the Diaspora which will be an excellent opportunity for an open dialogue, teamwork, for sharing experience and knowledge, establishing ties. Participation conditions The cost of the participation includes:  Transfer from Yerevan to the camp area and back. If necessary, meeting and seeing off at the airport too.  10-day accommodation and food in the camp area.  Participation in all the events organized within the framework of the camp. The cost of the participation in the camp for one child is $ 350.


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Camp conditions:  3-times meal.  Specially trained leaders with great experience in the camps organizing processes will take care of children, as well as will guide and support them during the fulfillment of the competition tasks.  There is a first-aid post in the camp area, where children undergo a medical check-up at the beginning of the camp.  There are all relevant conditions in the camp for maintaining personal hygiene /separate bathrooms/.  Rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities, cleaning is carried out daily. * All the necessary toolkit and equipment for carrying out contests and tasks are provided by the organizers. * After the approval of child participation a contract is concluded between parents and the UITE, under which the camp organizers assume the responsibility for organizing the camp, ensuring the full participation of a child. Responsible person: Anna Sargsyan Tel.: +37491009181 E-mail: For participation please fill this form



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