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Delicious recipes, fitness tips and at home training plan by Clean Eating Alice

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& ‘I am so excited to be working with Udo’s Choice for this project. I’ve long been a fan of their Super 8 Microbiotics and have recently been introduced to the rest of their range which I have found a welcome addition to my diet. Optimal digestive health is so important and investing in good gut health has been something that I’ve personally been very interested in, so working with a brand that has a similar ethos seemed like the perfect fit.’ CLEAN EATING ALICE @UdoschoiceUK Udoschoice.co.uk Tag your favourite recipes with Udo’s Choice #UDOSGUTHEALTH Please consult your doctor before following any of the guidelines outlined within this book. Udo’s Choice assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this book. Copyright © 2017 Udo’s Choice Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring and lending is prohibited. Savant Health is the official distributor of Udo’s Choice in the United Kingdom.


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Contents Nutrition pages 4-11 Recipes pages 12-33 At Home Workouts pages 34-47 Essential Nutrition pages 48-51 Contents | 03


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04 | Nutrition


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Nutrition Written by Udo’s Choice Nutritional Therapist and Food Scientist, Susie Perry Debice Nutrition | 05


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Keep Your Gut Healthy Nutritional Therapist and Food Scientist Susie Perry Debice describes how good nutrition provides the body with the basic building blocks and essential nutrients that support its many biological tasks. Why Gut Health Is Important Modern life, although comfortable and exciting, can be very taxing on our health reserves and the typical modern diet with its heavy dependency on fast food and convenience food can make topping-up on essential and protective vitamins, minerals and nutrients rather challenging. Couple this depleted diet with the added emotional stresses of a fast-paced lifestyle and it becomes easy to understand how quickly you can fall into a pattern of fatigue, low mood, recurrent infections and tummy troubles. Gut reaction Have you ever noticed that when you get excited your tummy can do flips? Those butterfly sensations are an indication that your tummy is sensitive to your mood, your emotional environment and your expectations. The busier you become; the more conflict you experience and many of the day-to-day challenges that you face can have an impact on your gut. Break it down… A stressed gut can become a gut that functions poorly and this is reflected in an inability to properly or fully digest foods since secretions of digestive enzymes, juices and mucus tend to fall short. A lack of adequate digestive enzymes means that undigested food particles can enter the large intestine causing symptoms of pain, irritation, bloating, gas and abnormal bowel function (diarrhoea or constipation). Inadequate secretions of mucus leave cells of the intestine lining unprotected setting the scene for leaky gut and food sensitivities to become established. Supplementing with a digestive enzyme helps support digestive power enabling foods to be properly digested, taking the stress out of the digestive system and easing digestive discomfort and restoring the protective mucus lining, an important habitat for friendly probiotic bacteria. Protective probiotics You just can’t underestimate the benefits of having good levels of friendly bacteria setting up home in your gut! These probiotic bacteria provide us with a perfect symbiotic partnership. They get a perfect home environment with plenty of food and in return they provide us with a source of B-vitamins (needed for energy), anti-microbial substances that help irradiate potential harmful pathogens, immune boosting factors which fire up our immune army and they even assist in the breakdown of certain metabolic toxins and hormones. However these clever microbes are highly sensitive and if conditions aren’t right then they find it hard to thrive. Supplementing with a good probiotic is a great way to keep your levels of probiotics tip top and this is a good idea after a period of indulgence, a course of antibiotics or a period of extended stress. 06 | Nutrition


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The gut-brain connection The link between the gut and the brain is starting to be unravelled by scientists and researchers. It’s now become clear that the gut contains receptor sites for the same neurotransmitters – serotonin, dopamine, adrenalin - that are present in the brain and that are responsible for our mood. It’s now considered that the benefits of looking after the health of your gut can be experienced in your mood and general sense of well-being. Best Diet To Keep Your Gut Healthy Keeping your gut healthy can have a number of phenomenal health and well-being benefits. Aside from digesting your food your gut also has a role to play in hormone balance, detoxification and elimination, energy and vitality, immunity and believe it or not your mood! With this in mind you are bound to be wondering which foods to eat to keep your gut functioning at its prime! Overall balanced In general following a Mediterranean style diet is quite possibly the best diet for gut health. This diet is low in red meat, has a moderate amount of white meat and oily fish, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, a decent portion of nuts and seeds, has plenty of whole grains and very little fast food or convenience foods – fresh wholesome food is definitely the best! “The friendly bacteria that reside in our intestine have a major role to play in gut health and gut immunity.” A is for apple… The liver clears toxins and metabolic waste products from the blood and passes them into your intestine for elimination. You don’t want these toxins to hang around in the intestine for too long as they could end up getting reabsorbed back into the body. Pectin found in soft fruits such as apples, pears and plums, cleverly binds with these toxins and escorts them safely out of the body. Soluble fibre for action Focus on hitting your 5-a-day for optimum bowel regularity. Starting the day with a breakfast made using rolled oats is a great way to top up on soluble fibre. This type of fibre absorbs water in the intestine, softening and adding bulk so that intestinal muscles can work properly and efficiently. Another tip is to pre-soak chia and flax seeds which take on a gel-like consistency beneficial for gut function. These seeds are great added to smoothies or breakfast bowls. Magnesium for muscles The muscles that line the gut, which propel the food you eat from your stomach to the end of your intestine, can become tired and fatigued. The mineral magnesium helps relax and rejuvenate these muscles. Foods rich in magnesium include tahini, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, buckwheat, brown rice and dark green leafy vegetables. Top up on probiotics The friendly bacteria that reside in our intestine have a major role to play in gut health and gut immunity. These probiotic bacteria help to protect us from gut infection and troublesome tummies and produce immune enhancing substances that keep intestinal cells healthy. Eating ‘live’ probiotic yoghurt and fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut helps to keep levels of probiotics in good shape. Stomach tonic Stress, coffee, salty snacks and foods, alcohol, pickles and vinegars can all aggravate a sensitive stomach. An age-old tradition for calming down stomach and small intestine inflammation is cabbage juice! I know this doesn’t sound particularly pleasant but if you juice ¼ to ½ a white cabbage and blend this with the same amount of apple juice then you’ll be surprised at how palatable it becomes! Nutrition | 07


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Your Shopping List Susie Perry Debice outlines the best foods to include in your diet to maintain a healthy gut with a diversity of good bacteria. It’s easier to plan meals that are balanced when you start with a healthy shopping list. Keeping the right foods in your fridge and cupboards will keep you on the right track! 08 | Nutrition


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Whole grains - Rolled Oats, Oat Bran, Quinoa Brown Rice, Red Rice, Wild Rice, Buckwheat Fruits - Apples, Pears, Plums Seeds And Nuts - Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Tahini, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds Vegetables - Cabbage, Green Leafy Vegetables, Bitter Salad Greens, Peppers, Aubergine, Pumpkins, Squashes, Green Beans, Fennel, Broccoli, Sauerkraut Oily Fish - Mackerel, Sardines, Salmon, Herrings Dairy - Live Probiotic Natural Yoghurt, Feta, Haloumi Meat - Chicken Nutrition | 09


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A Little Progress Everyday Adds Up To Big Results 10 | Nutrition


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Meal Planner Udo’s Choice team have put together a weekly meal plan to help you eat a more nutritious and well-balanced diet that supports the health of your gut and overall well being. The recipes from the meal plan can be found in this guide and online at udoschoice.co.uk/recipes (w) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Breakfast Berry, Ultimate Banana Smoothie And Greens Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Choconut Probiotic Smoothie Ultimate Smoothie Breakfast Bowl Berry 4 Ingredient Poached Banana Banana Eggs On And Greens Pancakes Rye Toast Smoothie With Chilli And Basil Drizzle Lunch East African Quinoa East African Warm Roasted Sweet Super Food Sweet Cauliflower, Aubergine Potato, Salad With Potato, Butter And Ginger And Udo’s Oil Ginger And Bean And Avocado Cashew Omega Cashew Feta Salad Salad (w) Nut Soup Dressing (w) Nut Soup (w) (w) (w) Raw Pasta Mackerel With Salad (w) Avocado (w) Dinner Warm Harissa Lentil And Salmon Beetroot With Salad With A Chilli Sumac And Lemon Halloumi Dressing Chicken, Aubergine And Avocado Salad (w) Courgetti With Buttery Fried Eggs, Feta And Pesto Drizzle 15 Minute Thai Prawn And Spinach Curry With Rice And Carrot Salad (w) Chicken, Sweet Potato, Chickpea And Kale One Pot (w) Chocolate And Chia Pudding (w) Chilli Con Udo’s (w) Individual Mini Strawberry And Almond Cheesecakes (w) Snacks Avocado And Lime Cucumber Bites (w) Small Handful Of Mixed Berries Apple Raw Bar Raw Bar 3 X Energy Balls Pear 3 x Energy Balls Small Apple Handful Of Berries 3 x Energy Balls Raw Bar Orange Raw Bar Nutrition | 11


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12 | Recipes


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Recipes Recipes | 13


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Choconut Probiotic Smoothie If you are looking to boost your energy this one is definitely for you! Perfect for refuelling or as an on-the-go snack. ½ cup cashew nuts 1 tbsp raw cacao 1 frozen banana 1 tbsp ground flaxseed 1 tsp maca powder 250ml brown rice or hazelnut milk 20ml Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 1 capsule Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Open the Super 8 capsule and sprinkle the microbiotics powder over the smoothie. Add Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in at the end and blend again for a few seconds. SERVES 1 Berry, Banana And Greens Smoothie Antioxidant berries blended with essential fats - a great start to the day! 50g frozen blueberries 50g blackberries 1 frozen banana 2 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp ground flax seeds or chia seeds 250ml almond milk 10ml Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend ½ scoop Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens 1 capsule Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics SERVES 1 Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Open the Super 8 capsule and sprinkle the microbiotics powder over the smoothie. Add Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in at the end and blend again for a few seconds. 14 | Recipes


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Recipes | 15



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