Scary Stories volume Two


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Scary students written by our students to keep you up at night.

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Read and take note of the title of your favorite story, one you found scary, original or creative, and so well-written you keep holding your breath until the end… 2


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George Williams This is the sad story of a dead man called George Williams. When George was eleven, his family and he moved to London; he was new at school. At first he had no friends but later he befriended people that nobody wanted to meet. These friends changed George´s personality into a dark and more mysterious one. The next year there was a new student in the class, his name was Jimmy and he was deaf. The teacher said: “You can communicate with his writing in his notebook”. It was very strange. Jimmy didn’t speak, the only thing he did was copy what was written on the board. George didn’t understand why a deaf person was in a normal school but he respected him. His friends didn’t think like that, they were nasty people with nasty thoughts. They wanted Jimmy to leave the school because they hated him. They screamed to Jimmy that he must leave this school. The teacher was looking at them. The next day George’s friends started to annoy Jimmy, they broke his hearing aids. The following week they forced George to write insults on his table: he didn’t want to do it but they told him that if he didn’t they wouldn´t be his friends anymore. When George finished, he turned around and saw a backpack on the floor and Jimmy looking at him. Jimmy, crying, took the backpack, left the class and started running. A few moments later the teacher and George´s friends entered the class, and the teacher screamed at him: "SO YOU ARE THE CULPRIT: YOU BULLIED JIMMY, YOUR FRIENDS TOLD ME ALL YOU HAVE DONE!" His friends had betrayed him. The next day Jimmy committed suicide. 3


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Now, every five years Jimmy’s ghost appears in George’s bedroom and deprives him of one of his five senses. At 17 years old, he became deaf, at 22 blind, at 27 he lost the sense of touch, at 32 he lost the sense of smell, at 37 he lost the sense of taste, and at 42, he lost the desire to live. 4


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The Curse of the Ripped Book An anonymous call to the police department. Someone had found a body on the outskirts of New York. When we arrived at the crime scene, everything seemed normal, a body, that of a prestigious lawyer known in the city, people around... He was transferred to the morgues. Searching for clues among the objects found at the crime scene, I found a book, stored in a glass box. Usually the things they put in the glass box are dangerous objects, but a book? I did not need permission from my superiors to investigate the book, but for some reason when I took it out of the glass box my superior came in. He told me that I could not touch it, and told me to go to his office immediately. In his office he explained an old legend about a cursed book: the book had been found many years ago in a house where a family lived with a child, a dog, and a girl - the Fitz family. A case that had never been solved, in the house they had only found the bodies of the two parents, the child, and the dog. But the girl's body never appeared, even though the amount of blood in her room showed that even without body, the girl was dead. After emptying the house, the first owners complained about objects appearing in the girl's old room: a dead hamster, photos of what was apparently a family, but none had a face, one person of the picture look upside-down, another picture of a well located in a beautiful place, an old newspaper headline about a flying accident. They also found dog toys and a teddy bear with a black cape. They had apparently found the bear after hearing screams in the girl's room The bear had a recording inside, and the screams came from that recording. It was a little girl screaming. And finally they had found that book, which they had in the glass box, the book found by an old policeman named Nick Dilaurentis who was the one who was carrying the investigation; he also told me that he was the only person who had opened the book. 5


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Nine more days late he died, without witnesses, only a murder weapon without footprints. In Nick's papers they found a list which looked like the summary of the book: he said that there were horrible images. All those objects found in the house seemed to come to life through the book, photos of the girl, dead, bloodied, a sentence: “The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look upside-down. A marked person feels like a pretty hamster to touch.” Words without meaning, and finally a warning: “Anyone who tries to find me will end up just like me, you have opened the book, and you have 9 days, let’s play.” Nick took the week off, and then someone found him dead, 9 days after opening the book, with the book next to him, and the gun. Just like the lawyer, they took the book to the police department and 9 days later the book disappeared. So for the moment they did not want anyone to touch the book because it was considered a dangerous object. But that night, I heard sounds, in the room where the book was kept; it sounded like someone was inside, looking for something. I went to see what happened, there was no one, but the book was out of the box. Suddenly came to his mind that horrible memory in the orphanage. That day I promised not to believe in the paranormal anymore. I did not care the rules set by the department, so I took the book, and opened it. A collage of images flashed into my mind: a sleepy dog in the background of a house, an old newspaper headline about a flying accident, a hooded bear and a well located in a beautiful place. When I noticed my eyes had hamster-like properties, I realized that the curse of the ripped book was true and called in my lover, an actress called Mia Cavanaugh, to help. 6


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She came as quickly as possible to the police department, to help me. I explained what was happening and she asked me to show her the book. I told her I did not want her to see the book, because then she would be cursed and I could not bear to lose her. But then Mia took the book, she examined it and willingly submitted herself to the curse. She found that the same visions flashed before her eyes. She found the sleepy dog in the background of a house particularly chilling. She joined the queue for a supernatural death. But we did not want to accept that it was the end, so we began to investigate the visions we had had. Beginning with the vision of the bear, we searched the archives of the investigation into the murder of the Fitz family: among the objects were a bear, stuffed, which contained the recording. We pressed the bear's belly, and the cry of a girl did not ring. We listened carefully to the sentence that the bear repeated several times: “Ready to play ? You two are going to lose anyway, watch out for my toys, if something happens to them while you play you will die before time.” And when they thought that he had finished talking, the bear sounded again: “Tick tack, Tick tack. If the dog falls asleep at home, he will never wake up again, Avenue 12 house 1304, in the basement, the time is ending”, and then just a laugh. We went to the house, but there were people inside, so we decided to return the next day. As soon as the sun came out we stood in front of the house, and waited for the owners to leave. The door opened on its own, and a road suddenly appeared on the floor. We followed the path that led to a door, it also opened alone, there were stairs. We heard a whisper: “Come on Jay, if you cannot go down the stairs alone I will help you, but it will cost you your life.” We both started down the stairs quickly and saw a dog in a corner of the basement. He was dead, but his eyes were still open. On the floor, with his blood, was written: “How nice, a policeman and an actress in a 7


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house that is not theirs, trying to save their lives, but that's what I decide, it's time to play another game: guess, guess, something that sooner or later you know, the truth. You will have news of me.” They put the book back where it was, nobody knew what had happened. Two days later, as they still had four days to live, when they were at home, the television came on suddenly: a girl appeared, had no face, and was upside down. She said, “do you want to know what happened to me? Look at the newspaper tomorrow, there will be more truths, believe me, you want to know what it says.” The next day they went to look for the newspaper, which they rarely did. There was a headline about a plane crash, and the newspaper explained the story of a girl who had run away from her house because of ill-treatment by her family. They had hit her and abused her, and one night while they were all asleep, she killed them all, took all the money that the family had and tried to leave the country but the plane crashed. She was 9 years old when she died. But her spirit never left, she left all those objects in the house, in her room, because her spirit lived in that house, and now, dead, she could live quietly in her house without those abusers. The people in the family photos do not have a face, because for her, she never had a family. The curse is created by her, full of the living, those who lie without importing whatever happens, and of all humanity in general, so this is their way of condemning them, frightening them, mistreating them, playing with them, and nine days later killing them. She put the book in the lawyer's office because she wanted to play, she was tired of just being there. And now she planned to continue playing, mistreating, and killing people. PS: now you know my story, and the most important is I know yours. Your penultimate day of life: I'll tell the truth to the other. You Jay, the truth about your parents, and you Mia the truth about the child, you know what I'm talking about. We waited for the days to pass, and I had the courage to tell Mia what happened to my parents: I had left the gas open at night inadvertently, to play with the buttons, and had never been able to tell anyone that by my fault my parents had died. Mia 8


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told me that she got pregnant one day, but she did not want to have the baby, because she was too young, but because she needed her parents’ acceptance for an abortion, she stole money from her parents and aborted it without anyone even knowing that she had been pregnant. On the 9th, our last day of life, we woke up in a very nice place. There was a well. We were disoriented. Mia went for help, or someone who could tell her where she was. Meanwhile I went to see what was happening in the well and someone shot me. I fell into the well. Mia returned to the place where we had awakened, and she did not see me, but there was someone shouting help from inside the well. Mia wanted to help the person inside, saw a hand, took the hand to pull the person up but the person shot her. We are both inside the well and the last thing we saw was a girl. 9


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The Attractive Jade In Alyeska, Alaska, the gloom has surrounded the ghostly city. Yesterday, the 29th of February 1967, a young woman was found dead with a rare precious stone made of jade in her hand. She was found near the silent mountains, in a boat sailing near the dark shores of the lake. A 25 years old man called Bean Bonibrit couldn’t let a murderer prowling in his natal city, so he decided to take a plane from New York to this place, where no police wanted to enter. Working as a cab driver, like his father, he didn’t have loads of money, he would then be welcomed by a childhood friend name Yna. Mr. Bean was very surprised when he arrived. He saw a lot of cars going out of the city, which he had known beautiful and now looked abandoned. People were running away as his father did with him and his brother a long time ago. At this point in time he remembered why, in his youth, he called Alyeska the city of misfortunes, where attacks by unnatural and never-seen beasts were frequent. Mr. Bean had a unique and big question in mind, why was this city attacked? The fear was now present in Bonibrit’s mind. He went to the crime scene and noticed an attractive object that he had seen before, a jade stone. The jade had like a Machiavellian power of attraction, Bean was afraid of the stone but he was obliged to take it. He forgot all that happened afterwards. He woke up in a strange mood, in a place which should be Yna’s house. He was already clothed and while he was putting lacquer on his dark brown straight hair he suddenly saw his face reflected in a silver plate. Since his childhood he had never wanted to see his face. He looked at his horrible sharp nose and his little mouth and when he looked at his eyes he saw an expressive brown-green eye and in the other eye’s place a big red scar. He was shocked. Suddenly he had a feeling of scary vibes, he turned around and noticed a presence, a strange presence with fiery eyes. He still had the jade in his hand and for the first time he discovered fire nuggets in it. He understood. 10


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The Curse of the Sharp Glowing Blue Knife One day a very rich businessman called James Bonibrit was walking in a very gloomy street and suddenly a man stabbed him with a glowing blue knife, but James didn’t die. During his recovery he researched online about the mysterious blue knife killer and he discovered a curse called: the curse of the sharp glowing blue knife. He was very scared because the website said that you had 20 days to find the cure. It didn’t say what the cure was so James called his best friend, Hanna, for assistance. She went to his place to help him with the research but they couldn’t find more information. They decided to rely on the doctors for James to fully recover. After one week he felt much better but he started to see visions of random places in the U.S.A like the statue of liberty, the Empire State Building and the White House… He didn’t know why he had those visions but he always saw the same detail in all the scene: a glowing blue light getting closer. The next day he saw the same visions but this time a new detail drew his attention, he saw the floor’s and the door’s number in the Empire State Building. He decided to go there with Hanna to see what was there. They arrived there and it was very dark. They saw the door, they rang the doorbell but it didn't work so he knocked on the door and by pushing it he noticed that the door opened. They entered and it was gloomy and very quiet, so Hanna tried to turn the light on but it didn’t work so James took his phone’s light and they saw a body. James decided to look in the living room for some clues and Hanna in the bedroom. After a very long time, James finally found the victim’s diary: he started to read it and he found something that might help him: “I found the cure but I don't know if it's going to work...” 12


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James went to see the body once again and, next to it, he found a sort of blue liquid. He took it very carefully to analyse it at home. He called Hanna but she didn't answer so he went to see in the bedroom. Hanna was still there but she had fainted: James was very worried and scared: he took her on his back and brought her on the ground floor, and called the ambulance. They took her to the hospital and James went back home. He arrived at home and took the liquid off his bag. He called a friend who was a doctor and asked him to analyse it. The doctor took the liquid to his lab and told James that he would return it tomorrow. James went to bed to sleep but he couldn't sleep so he went to the living room and suddenly he heard a noise that came from the inside… he told himself that it was nothing but a few seconds later he heard a noise again and this time he was scared. He took a torch and approached where the noise came from. He turned the light on but he didn't see anything. Suddenly everything went black, James jumped and the lamp fell. He was more scared than ever so he called his neighbor, Tom, and told him what had happened. Tom started laughing because it was him that had switched all the lights off in the building and made the noises too. James went back home and he slept. In the morning his doctor friend came to deliver the liquid with a note that said what it was made of. James took it and read the note “blood of someone that has been stabbed by the magic knife, some tears of a dog and a spider web”. He went on the Internet and looked once again for “the curse of the sharp blowing blue knife.” This time it was to know how to apply the cure, and after 2 hours of research he found how to do it: “drink the cure and then read this text.” 13


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Before doing anything, James decided to see how Hanna was so he went to the hospital, discovered that she was in a coma and was no longer helpless. He bought her flowers that he put in her room and kissed her as if saying good bye. He went back home and started looking for the ingredients. One week later he had all the ingredients except the text, so he started to look for it on a web site but he couldn't find it so he burned it. The next day he started to feel so weak that he couldn't even walk so for four days he stayed at home. The fifth day he realizes that he had only one day left to live so he started to search once again and finally he found something, a text which was two pages long. The last day he was ready to apply the cure, he only had twelve hours to do it so he started: first he drank all the liquid and then he started to read it, he was at the end of the text and suddenly he stopped, he couldn't move, speak and the most important thing breathe. He died of paralysis. And that is the curse of the sharp blowing blue knife. No one can apply the curse, when they finally think that they’re going to survive, feel free again, they’re wrong. 14


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The Big Black Door “Come on don’t tell me you’re scared!” said David, trying to push me to open the big black door of the cellar, the forbidden door. David was my big cousin. “Don’t open it Anna please,” said Precilia, my 6 years old cousin. This door had been closed for ages: my aunt forbade us to open it, but she died, so why not. Maybe I didn’t want to open it because I was scared of what I was going to found, maybe a monster with big horns, and big teeth, who was going to eat us, or a beautiful world where I could get married to Batiste, the love of my life. These two theories were possible but I wanted to be sure. So I put my hand on the handle and turned it, and I pulled the door slowly. We saw a corridor with two doors on the side and one down the hall. Precilia went first and wanted to open the first orange door but David stopped her and said, “stop, it could be a trap, let a man do this”. She nodded and let him pass first. He carefully opened the door. It was a black room with nothing in it; David made one step into the room. Nothing happened. He turned and saw us terrified, he started to dance, and he told us to come and join him. He jumped, and a rope caught his right foot and another one caught his right hand. The ropes were pulling opposite sides, then a third rope caught his left hand and pulled, at the same moment a last rope took his left foot always pulling opposite sides. I knew what was going to happen next so I took Precilia and closed the door. For some minutes we heard him screaming, but at last he stopped. We knew we couldn’t go back through the big black door. We had to go past the two doors left. I opened the second red blood door and there was pink and sparkles all over the room, Precilia ran into the room and jumped on the pink bed, she put on some 15



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