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tjm xgs xgs gold edition 4wd suspension


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approved make landrover landrover landrover toyota toyota toyota toyota toyota toyota nissan nissan mitsubishi model defender 90/100/130 discovery 2 discovery 3 l/c 76r l/c 78/79 l/c 200 l/c 80/100/105 prado hilux navara patrol triton tested yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes approved yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes tjmxgs 4wd suspension for over 30 years tjm have built upon their extensive expertise in the design testing manufacture and installation of specialist 4wd suspension for the enthusiast off-roader and many tradesman applications this period of continuous development has culminated in today s tjm xgs 4wd suspension range tjm are proud to provide you with suspension that s a pleasure to use whether on or off road the xgs range is the result of the time and resources of a dedicated team and their idea of the `best ride ever that will continue to deliver the ride you expect does your vehicle have any of the following undesirable characteristics lack of ground clearance the tjm xgs 4wd solution you ll notice the difference tjm xgs 4wd suspension will transform your vehicle to handle the rigours of offroad travel like the corrugated roads of cape york and the canning stock route tjm xgs gold edition 4wd suspension takes the constant undulations of the simpson desert and the articulation work of the victorian high country in its stride and all of these situations demand improved ride handling and wheel travel while carrying increased loads whether you install a set of shock absorbers a pair of springs or a full tjm xgs 4wd suspension kit you ll notice an immediate improvement in your vehicles ride handling load carrying and towing capabilities we believe it s the best ride ever that s why we offer an industry leading three year 50,000km warranty this is backed by the peace of mind knowing there is a extensive network of xgs suspension specialists australia wide for your assistance if you need it uncontrolled bounce nose dives under brakes excessive body roll why suspension is so important a vehicles suspension is one of the hardest working components on todays 4wds with more people experiencing this great country of ours and fitting accessories like bull bars winches roof racks fuel tanks and the like suspension is often the most important component to be overlooked how about starting with springs with the ability to improve your ride or increase your load carrying characteristics tjm have constant and variable rate coil spring and leaf spring designs that are tuned and matched to the range of tjm xgs shock absorbers in fact good shock absorbers play an integral part in keeping your vehicle on all fours when braking cornering and during wheel articulation shock absorbers may also increase your tyre life steering wheel wobble tail drag under load unstable when towing rough harsh ride limited wheel travel off road?


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the tjm xgs gold edition has industry leading features valving and build quality o n pa p e r 1 12 11 9 7 5 6 8 10 all weather fluid contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction and seal life full displaced valving tuned specifically for each application this velocity valving automatically adjusts to road extremes to provide consistency in ride performance 36mm big bore larger displacement bore than most shocks to provide more efficient and consistent control teflon banded piston reduces friction and heat build up between the piston and pressure tube thus giving a much longer piston life 2 4 3 tjm xgs gold edition will transform your vehicle to handle the rigours of offroad travel it will deliver improved ride and handling while carrying increased loads off road cold drawn seamless inner pressure tube to maximize accurate tolerance and increase the life of the piston 18mm diameter induction hardened chrome piston rod for longer service life and strength 2.5mm thick outer tube wall strongest on the market to resist stone damage or bending bulged body where clearance permits gives greater cooling due to more fluid and surface area tjm xgs gold shock absorbers are nitrogen gas charged and feature velocity proportional valving for improved ride and handling also reduces aeration heat build up and shock fade special triple lip seal designed to separate gas and oil for maximum performance whilst keeping contaminants out tjm xgs gold shock absorbers increase stability by reducing the body roll rate in evasive manoeuvres tight turns and minimizing brake dive during sudden stops tjm xgs gold shocks and struts keep the tyres on the road through curves and rough terrain providing greater control tjm xgs gold shock absorber is designed for hard working and heavily loaded vehicles these shock absorbers provide firm control without a harsh ride we have developed integrated and advanced engineering and test capabilities to provide product reliability endurance and performance our engineering capabilities feature advanced computer-aided design equipment and testing facilities the tjm xgs gold 4wd shock absorber range is 100 designed and engineered in australia with sensitive dampening and our exclusively engineered valving with teflon banded piston to improve the ride handling and safety characteristics of the vehicle these features allow the tjm xgs gold shock absorber to adjust more rapidly to changing on road off road and weight conditions better than any other available 4wd shock absorber the result exact control with uncompromised performance and ride comfort 1 n2 charged nitrogen is an inert gas and therefore not affected by the elements such as heat 2 2.5mm outer tube wall the strongest on the market 3 twin tube design reduces aeration active damping tube is protected from external elements such as rocks 4 6 seamless welds stitch welded construction incredibly strong less likely to break 5 high durability bushes smoother action increased longevity from improved bonding processes 7 high grade damper oil less impurities more resistant to aeration this increases performance longevity 8 36mm big bore hi-flow piston designed for the vehicle designed for your needs 9 internal hydraulic stop softens the impact on `top out of the shock avoiding damage on `big hits 10 cold drawn seamless cartridge cylindrically formed while cold making it stronger more resistant to cracking piston wear 11 german quality teflon bushes seals smooth action longevity from improved materials and bonding processes 12 18mm hard chromed shaft strong hard to bend tougher for australian conditions unique multi adjustable spring seat for different vehicle heights and springs struts the best value for a lifetime of all a vehicle s suspension components nothing works harder than the shock absorbers making it critical to pick the right ones tjm xgs gold shock absorbers are a cost effective fast way to dramatically improve the ride handling and control of a vehicle and more importantly they are built to last.


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tjmxgs coil springs springs are one of the hardest working suspension components in any vehicle supporting the vehicles weight 24 hours a day often your original springs will fatigue and perform less than adequately with additional load or when used in extreme environments tjm xgs 4wd suspension offers one of australias largest range of aftermarket coil springs made to tjms exacting specifications with many unique design features to suit todays four wheel drives tjm xgs coil springs are available in linear and progressive designs for most applications they also come in various heights and load carrying capacities enabling the optimum suspension system to be achieved tjm xgs coil springs are manufactured on computer controlled coiling machines scragged before and after shot peening load tested and supplied in a durable powder coat finish linear coil springs linear or constant rate coils offer consistent spring rate in all situations this coil spring design is suited to most 4wd vehicles to increase ride height and improve stability they are ideally suited for installation to vehicles equipped with accessories such as steel bull bars andwinch combinations progressive coil springs progressive rate coils provide smooth comfortable ride when the vehicle is unladen and improved stability and load carrying ability when the vehicle is loaded designed to increase the spring rate as the load increases the vehicle displays less tendency to bottom out thus improving ride comfort it s an ideal solution for vehicles that carry weight only occasionally tjm xgs leaf springs provide a significant improvement to your vehicles load carrying ability towing safety ride comfort and directional stability tjm xgs quality leaf springs use high grade spring steel and are available for todays four wheel drive and tradesman vehicles off road the improved flexibility of tjm xgs springs results in better traction from increased wheel travel and ground clearance cutting edge design 1 military wrap for safety and manufacturing manufactured techniques produce a from high grade smooth riding spring spring steel for most vehicles the tjm xgs leaf springs 5 3 are available in either graphite medium or heavy coated duty load carrying capacities and for certain applications tjm xgs suspension also provides a commercial range of leaf springs precision moulded die-formed ensures consistency to the design specifications quality assured a strict quality programme is adhered to through all stages of manufacturing load rate tested to ensure exacting quality control accurately heat treated to ensure exacting quality control anti friction pads nylon pads are positioned between leaves to reduce friction where available prestressed to eliminate the possibility of sagging 1 in cases of extreme abuse if the main leaf breaks the spring should be retained in a drivable position 2 used instead of fold over slips whereever possible for better rebound control of the leaf spring bolt clip liners also reduce chance of squeaks 3 individual leaf spring ends are diamond cut to reduce inter-leaf friction and improve distribution of pressure on the load bearing surfaces between leaves tjmxgs leaf springs bolt clips 2 4 6 slipper pads diamond cut ends 4 to increase elasticity memory lengthen life and improve safety 5 reduces friction between leaves for supple performance 6 inserted in most applications to reduce friction wear and increase comfort head office factory 150 robinson road geebung brisbane queensland 4034 australia t +61 7 3865 9999 f +61 7 3865 3677 e w export enquiries t +61 7 3865 9999 f +61 7 3865 3677 e w



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