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H&H CVC 1991 2017 Club Mag March 2017 - Edition N° 302


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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 Chairman, Treasurer and Director - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Vice Chairman and Director - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Assistant Chairman and Director - John Walker - 01663 766861 Account administrator - Jean Knowles 19, Bath Crescent Cheadle Hulme Cheadle Cheshire SK8 7QU judojean@btinternet.com 0161 439 2106 Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Company Secretary, Director & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07970 254172 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section - John Walker2 - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk Club Stands Mike Coffey - 01298 27424


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Club Mag. For February 2017 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT The front cover picture is of Bob Berry with his Richard Burnham restored Mk 1 Ford Cortina. For those of you who weren’t at the AGM, Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer about three years ago, and has been successfully ‘cured’ by a revolutionary treatment at Christies. The editor has expanded on this. My only comment is that I am glad Bob’s treatment has gone well, and we look forward to seeing him at shows and club nights. I am pleased to advise that the AGM went well and well attended thanks to all. The minutes of the previous AGM were presented in club magazines over the last two months Unfortunately, we were unable to present a written statement of our finances due to the recent Accountant hick up due to unforeseen circumstances but we are safe in the hands of Jean and Graham Knowles, and being overseen by David Rainsbury. David presented a statement relating to our finances and we are assured that we are financially healthy. I was able to sign the appropriate document for presentation to Companies House and so far, have not had the need for a cake with concealed ha3cksaw blade to be sent to Her Majesty’s prison.


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I was able to announce amongst other things, that as the Ian Law shield is now full, in a very poor state of health, and needs replacing. Also we struggle with members with motor cycles, likely as not because those of us who have them are getting a bit long in the tooth to continue riding them. As suggested by Mike Coffey, we will now have one new memorial shield in memory of Ian Law, Scott Jones and with Wilbert McKee now added, which will be presented as always at the September show at Marple Garden Centre. Not sure if I have mentioned it before but I am assured by Chris Shaw, the manager at the Garden centre that the problem of last year with our allocated car park having some racks of compost etc., restricting the space available to us, will be overcome for this year’s show. I have spoken to Chris about using another area which seems to be on the cards if necessary particularly as they are very keen to have us. I keep banging on about vehicle security etc. but this story is beyond belief. Some friends in Hazel Grove woke up one morning and went downstairs to make a cup of tea. She noticed the garage door was open, the keys still on the hook in the kitchen, and shouted for her husband who quickly dressed and went outside. The lock on the garage had been forced and the broken lock was on the lawn. The car was still in the garage as were their bikes, tools etc. but what was missing? About 40 bottles of home brewed wine so the Police are looking for drunken thieves! No, in actual fact, the wine was freshly bottled and needed to be left for a few weeks before being drunk. Had it been drunk right away, the unfortunate person would have had an extremely upset tummy. On the subject of vehicle theft, my next-door neighbour and me both awoke to find our cars unlocked having locked them the previous evening. Both cars are BMWs and it is suggested that whilst it is possible to un-zap the door locks, without the security key starting them is impossible. As I keep on saying, be very careful. And so, you are feeling very down in the dumps, because for instance, the job on the car you are trying to do, won’t go right, or maybe you have a decorating problem you can’t solve, or if you still work, and you are well and truly fed up with your job. Just go to the chemist and buy a rectal thermometer, take it home, relax, undo the packing and read the instructions. The print reads ‘each thermometer has been personally tested and then chemically sterilised before packing’. Maybe the job ain’t so bad at all! I have a friend with a 14-yr. old Astra which failed the MOT because both headlamp lenses had gone opaque. New ones are at least £140 a pair and they are not available from scrap yards due to high demand. He found a web site telling him to rub them down with wet and dry, starting off with a course grade, and slowly getting finer which he had laboriously started and was finding very unsuccessful. I told him about how to clean the rear windows of car hoods using Brasso. After half an hour using a small ro- tating brush and a tooth brush and Brasso, both lenses were satisfactorily cleaned and MOT obtained. Job done! 4


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In last month’s magazine, I passed comment about the fact that successive Governments continue to rape the Motorist. In the 70’s I worked for an engineering consultancy who carried out a lot of work for West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive in respect of exhaust emissions from Diesel engines in buses. They established that some manufactures engines had worse emissions than others and at the time any new buses bought were from manufactures of less polluting engines and at the same time tried to get their existing fleet to be cleaner. One government, without getting political, decided that the way forward for motorists was to buy cars with diesel engines as they gave greater MPG and although seemingly continued to pollute the atmosphere, did so at a lower rate because of the greater MPG and improvements in exhaust systems. At the time diesel was a lot cheaper than petrol so diesel car drivers were quid’s in, that is unless you did a small annual mileage. Now the boot is on the other foot and diesel is more expensive than petrol.! The present government has decided that diesel car is no longer politically correct and are encouraging us to buy petrol engine vehicles. But it doesn’t end there. Some Cities are saying that petrol engine cars over 10 yrs. of age put out more pollutants than newer vehicles and that those cars entering their cities will be subject to a charge like the congestion charge in London and in some other Cities. I thought that the MOT was designed to sort all that out so where does that leave the folk who cannot afford or have no need for a car under 10 years of age. May I continue to thank those of you who continue to give me stamps for training dogs for the blind which are well received and I think we are amongst one of the greatest donators in the area. For next month’s meeting, we have, in case you have missed it, a fun evening with rocker box racing strapped to a skate board thanks to Ed Burke. He showed me some pictures of very exotic contraptions including one in the shape of a snail. I must borrow my grandson’s skateboard and strap the TR rocker box to it. If you missed it there are more details on the website. 5


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Editorial Mag Cover Picture Bob Berry, showing off the trophy won at Capesthorne Classic Car Show with his immaculate 1965 Ford Cortina Mk 1.. Bob’s been in the press, and on TV after he was diagnosed as having terminal lung cancer. and being given just 18 months to live, Bob signed up to take part in a new immunotherapy treatment with a brand new drug, which has given him 12 sickness free months. Recent scans show that he’s had a complete response, with no apparent trace of tumor in his body. Bob will continue to be closely monitored. 5th March SPRING RUN - it was announced at the AGM that Andy Robinson had to postpone the Spring Run due to illness. Mike Coffey, and the boys put a run together, a report will appear next month. Andy’s run will be replanned when he’s up andrunning again. CLUB NIGHT 15th March - Rocker-box Race night. See over for an update. There will be an entry form for the 21st Peaks & Dales Charity Run, which takes place on the 18th June, (See description on page 15.) Always a very sociable day starting with a bacon sandwich at Marple, and using Richard Burnham’s, easy to follow, Tulip Route which finishes near the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, where the cars will be on display. Entry Money for the run, always goes to charity, which, as you’ll know is Manchester Blood Bikes, keeping their machines on the road. You will see a piece on REDEX on page 23 Now, our Margaret remembers serving this to customers when serving petrol. 1d per shot, ‘And a shot in the engine as well, but stand back if you don’t want a face full of black smoke’ - that’s what she used to get as cars drove off the forecourt! New Members Alan & Gill Smith. They have a very nice1966 Triumph TR4a.in red. Hopefully they’ll be on the Spring Run - Welcome to you both. 7


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March 2017 Events Update from Chris Howarth Lymm Historic Transport Day – 25th June 2017 As you will have seen in the January Magazine we applied for a stand at Lymm Historic Transport Day. Last year we tried but were unsuccessful, as was GVEC. This year we have both been allocated adjacent stands, with 25 places in total. We have 17 spaces on the Parade. It is difficult to get a stand at this very popular show. It will also be difficult to continue to get a stand for future years if we don’t have a good turnout this year. Gawsworth Oldtimers Bank Holiday 1st May 2017 – cars up to about 1970. Youngtimers Bank Holiday 29th May 2017 from about 1970 – 1990 or possibly later. Tatton Classic Car Spectacular 3rd/4th June 2017. If you would like to go to any of these it is important that you register soon. Num- bers need to be firmed up by the end of March. Please see the forms on the Events page of our website. On-line forms for Shows & Events Martyn, our webmaster, has created forms on our Events page for many of the events that we are having this year where registration is required. They are really easy to use. Click on the link & complete the boxes with the details, which are the same as on the paper forms. Once you’ve filled in the details press “submit” & the details will go to the person who is organising event & an email will be sent to you showing the details that you have completed. This will also add your details to a spreadsheet that lists all the entrants. Not only is this more legible than handwritten forms, but it saves the organiser having to rewrite it all too. Postage is going up again, so that is another reason to do it on-line! Tatton, Gawsworth & Lymm shows are getting closer & names & numbers are required soon. If you really want to go please register by the end of March. Attendant: 'Is four gallons enough, sir?' Motorist: 'Yes, thank you.' Attendant: 'Check your oil, sir?' Motorist: 'No, thank you. It's okay.' Attendant: 'Got enough water in your radiator?' Motorist: 'Yes, it's full.' Attendant: 'Battery need topping up ?' Motorist: 'No, thank you.' Attendant: 'Anything else, sir?' Motorist: 'Yes, would you please stick your tongue out so that I can seal this letter?' 8


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The 2017 H and H CVC International Rocker Box Racing Championship As most members are aware the March club night is the Rocker Box Racing night. The idea is that Simon Isles, Craig Isles and myself (Ed Burke) will arrive early say 6:30 to set up the track for say an 8:15 start. If anybody needs to try their car they can have a run down the ramp (once set up) on their own so as not to give anything away reference speed etc. Once the event starts at around 8:15 two cars will be placed on the top of the ramp by the owners and aligned down the track, the cars will then be held there by the starter until the owners walk to the finish line. Once they are there the starter will let the cars go, first across the line wins and it will receive a winners ticket, if its a draw both cars get a winners ticket, if neither car makes it the one travelling furthest gets the winners ticket. It will be the owners responsibility to catch/reclaim their cars at the end of the run. Once everybody has had a go, the winners will stand to one side and all the losers will run off again against each other just as above. In this heat each loser will be knocked out and the winners will keep returning to the start for another run until the last one left is declared the winner of the losers (A.K.A. the Wooser). The Wooser will then join the previous winners (who stood to one side) and we will repeat the same exercise for this group until an overall winner is declared. Three prizes will be presented by the Judge one for the overall winner (the Wilbert Mckee Trophy), one for the best dressed car (the Chester ‘’Mad dogs’’ piston broke Trophy) and the Chris Parr special prize for the best laugh (worst luck) on the night. Peter Norbury (Ex GMP) will be upholding the law with an ex traffic police car (Austin J 40). Please try to conform to the build rules set out in a previous mag but remember it’s just for fun and the clerk of the course has the final say. 9


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Part 2 of MG V8 from Richard Lomas The Costello V8 made in Kent by Ken Costello, garage proprietor, and successful Mini racer, he had contacts with Piper Engineering who had recently obtained a alloy V8 engine, being able to lift it Ken's thoughts turned to, would it fit in a MGB ? He had driven MGB's and C's and knew that they both lacked power, the V8 seemed to be the answer. He convinced a friend to let him have a MGB Roadster for six months. Must have been very trusting. He replaced the 1.8 Litre standard engine with Oldsmobile V8, rather than the Rover this being one of the first Turbo Charged engines. The difference being superior combustion chambers, it also formed the basis for Brabham’s racing engines. The first car was a success, and he then went on to build another, but using a donor car. The MGB GT was green and fitted with a Rover V8, this was a prototype. The roadster next, and the body shell. Would it take the extra torque ? A bar was welded across the chassis legs to test out any distortion. None of the welds broke, so no flexing was seen. The Rover V8 was on its way into an MG. As far as the engine spec is concerned, it came from the Rover P6B saloon, with SU's carburettors on top of the engine. The bonnet on the MGB would not accommodate the carburettors, a fibreglass bonnet being required to accommodate them, but eventually he managed to use different carburettors to eliminate the bulge. Much to the disappointment of some enthusiasts. The British Motor Corporation had a very poor reputation, so a London born upstart from a small company telling them how to do things did not go down very well. Costello initially did a small amount of advertising, but then tackled the publicity by ringing various national and local newspapers, this was to invite motoring journalists to try his demonstrator. This proved to be the correct line. A Sunday Times journalist tried the V8 and reported the headline. ‘A Tiger in MG's clothing in July 1971’. The MGB GT in blue still survives. Ken Costello was not the first to build a V8 MGB an Australian Mark Keeley of Sydney had a MGB which he fitted a 3542cc Oldsmobile engine in with auto gearbox which cost around $800 it was fuelled by four barrel Holly carburettors it produced a top speed of 120 mph. This being two years before Ken Costello first thought of his V8 project. After his publicity with national and local newspapers he received flood of orders so had to move to larger premises in Farnborough with more staff to cope with the work load, this is when British Leyland decided to take a closer interest in Kens project . More on how BL and Ken got on later Ken Costello was not the first to build a V180MGB an Australian Mark Keeley of Sydney had a MGB which he fitted a 3542cc Oldsmobile engine in with auto gearbox which cost around $800 it was fuelled by four barrel Holly carburettors and returned a


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top speed of 120 mph. This being two years before Ken Costello first thought of his V8 project. After his publicity with national and local newspapers he received flood of orders so had to move to larger premises in Farnborough with more staff to cope with the work load, this is when British Leyland decided to take a closer interest in Kens project . More on how BL and Ken got on later. Fact: Just after the turn of the century a no-doubt worthy organisation called the Farmers' Anti-Automobile Society set itself up in America and published a pamphlet of 'rules' for mototorists who drove on country lanes. One rule suggested that a car owner, propelling his vehicle after dark, should stop every mile, send up a warning rocket, then wait for ten minutes to ensure that the road ahead was clear before proceeding. If a horse is unwilling to pass all automobile,' the Society declared on another page, 'the driver should take the machine apart as rapidly as possible and conceal the parts in the bushes. 11


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas February has been a quite month for the club, but I'm sure we are all getting ready for our eagerly awaited shows and runs. A number of our members joined up with the Glossop Vehicle Enthusiast Club for their annual anniversary meal, with local entertainment. Approx 50 members arrived to enjoy a very good social evening of food and music at Peruga in Marple Bridge. Also joining them on their Valentine’s run on the 19th. My MG having its first outing this year, even had the top down. The H&H AGM was well attended on the 15th with the committee being voted back in for another year, with Graham and Jean Knowles who are taking over as accounts administrators. Good luck both of you ! Our Spring run on the 5th March has been altered from the Salt Mines at Nantwich to a run to the Flowerpot Pub in Macclesfield, this is due to Andy Robinson, this event organizer, being unwell but I'm assured he is in the mend. Hope to see you soon Andy. April the 2nd we will be joining up with Chesterfield MG Group for their annual Shakedown run, any classics are invited and they have a nice run, so please if your MG is on the road can we support them. Drive it day will soon be upon us and we will be hoping everyone can get out for a Spring drive, weather permitting. Please don't forget our annual Peaks and Dales run on the 18th June, our Manchester Blood Bikes charity will benefit from your generosity on this run. 12


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Tesla’s award-winning cars, with the longest range of any electric vehicles and complete with Autopilot features, are an evolution in automobile engineering. Both the Model S and Model X are the fastest accelerating, safest and most technologically advanced vehicles in their class. For a limited period, we’re now offering a special interest rate of 3.9% APR* for Hire Purchase on all vehicles ordered and delivered by the 31st March 2017. Test drives are now available at your local Tesla Store and at events around the country. Register your interest in a test drive today. Reply-To: uk_events@teslamotors.com 14


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