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The Annual Youth Heritage Competition 2016 Participate and win! Are you a young person below 21 years? Are you interested in promoting your culture? Here is a chance for you to shine! TASK: Draw or paint a traditional game or sport (e.g. omweso, hunting, wrestling, boat racing, etc.), explain how it is played, and its cultural significance to your local community Submit your entry before 26 August, 2016 to: 1. Your Heritage Club Patron; or 2. The Community Museum near you; or 3. The nearest Straight Talk office; or 4. The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda Off Bativa Road, Makerere Hill, P.O. Box 25517, Kampala, Uganda, Tel. +256–393294675,, The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda supports the Annual Youth Heritage Competition and awards winners with prizes at an annual grand awarding ceremony. Heritage Youth Connect - Uganda



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