Mr Fox by Briana


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hungry fox by brianna


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one day mr fox woke up slowly from his very big sleep his shiny nose was pointing up to the ceiling mr fox lived in a house that is in a town of animals mr fox got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen mr fox had a big day ahead.


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when mr fox got into the kitchen he saw that he didn t have any food do i have to go and get some food now i have to go and get dress mr fox said with a sigh.


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when mr fox was dressed he slammed the door and he went to town mr fox was very angry.


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when he was in town it was very hard to find a shop at last he fond a shop that was open then he ran very fast to the fruit shop.


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when he was at the fruit shop mr fox said can i please have the fruit that is not too expensive doodoo the shopowner said we have some pears and they are five dollars ok said mr fox then mr fox opened his wallet and he saw that he had no money in his wallet.


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sorry no money doodoo said we don t have any food that is for free mr fox was very angry so he went home.


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on the way home mr fox saw a gingerbread man at the side of the road mr fox said are you looking for a home or do you want to go home what will happen to mr fox and the gingerbread man


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