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SIOUX FALLS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS Summer Instruction 2017 Parent Guide Registration Deadline: MARCH 30, 2017 Courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Achievement Academy Program Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3 Testing Available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 Achievement Academy Tutors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 Early Childhood Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4-5 Elementary – Grade 12 Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5-9 Beginning Band Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 Summer Camps at O’Gorman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10 High School Summer Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10 Tuition Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Insert Skill Specific Tutoring This individualized program is designed to accommodate academic remediation or enrichment. Student’s assessment includes parent/teacher interview, standardized tests, formal and informal inventories, and additional specific evaluations as appropriate. A comprehensive program is developed that reflects the evaluation and is prescriptive in tutoring rates contracted by parents. Specific programs include, but are not limited to, the programs listed below. Progress report will be provided. Programs Available Include, but are not limited to: Sonday I & II Reading Program, Sound Reading Solutions, LiPS (Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing), LindamoodVisualizing andVerbalizing, Rite Flight Reading Fluency Program, Earobics and Hear Builders Phonemic Awareness, Following Directions, Sequencing, Hear It-Say It-Learn It, HandwritingWithoutTears, SightWord Fluency, FASTT Math, Lindamood On Cloud Nine Math, Strategies for Study Success and CogRead Brain Fitness. CogRead Brain Fitness Training This brain fitness program trains and improves a broad range of processing skills including: memory, processing speed, attention, visual processing, auditory processing and logic, and reasoning. Brain training is very similar in principle to fitness training. Students perform increasingly challenging game ­like tasks online to strengthen the neural pathways in the brain to become more efficient and stronger.The right training done consistently and intensely can improve cognitive processing skills and can help to make learning easier and faster, and improve self confidence. Contact Amy Isaacson to enroll today. Mind Play MyVirtual Reading Coach is a computerized program recommended for grades K-­ 4th that helps improve their overall reading skills. MyVirtual Reading Coach assesses each individual child to specify and prescribe programming to meet their unique reading needs. The assessment includes the following areas: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics,Vocabulary, Grammar for Meaning, Comprehension and Fluency for students Kindergarten through grade 4, or any student needing to improve reading skills. For further information, please visit or contact Amy Isaacson to enroll today. 3


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Testing Available • Woodcock Johnson IVTest of Cognitive Ability • Woodcock Johnson IVTest of Achievement • Woodcock Johnson IVTest of Oral Language • Key Math Diagnostic Assessment • DIAL (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning) • The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) • LiPS; LAC II (Lindamood Auditory Conceptualization) • Developmental Reading Assessment K-3 • The ComprehensiveTest of Phonological Processing • Test of Reading Comprehension (TORC 4) • OT Screening and Evaluations throughTheraTime Achievement Academy Tutors: Amy Isaacson McKenzie Docken Kristin Pollema Karla Erickson Michelle Estes Jennifer Sandman Mary Lenards Patricia Lein Jennifer Mieras Grace Heller Lauren Hammer Jennifer Wrigg Margaret Jarding For Enrollment form, contact your child’s school office or Amy Isaacson, Achievement Academy Director at 605-271-0133 or Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss Grade: Preschool You could not, would not want to miss, an opportunity as fun as this. There will be books and friends and learning too. There will be so much for us to do. Dr. Seuss will guide us through our fun. There will be something for everyone. If you like books, science, art and math, you will definitely want to follow the path. It will lead to exploring, learning, creativity and more. We look forward to seeing you come through the door. St. Mary June 5-8 M-TH 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Instr: Jill Casey Preschool, Here I Come! Grade: Preschool Preschool is such an exciting adventure for children! This program is designed in mind for children who will be going to preschool in the fall. During the time at school, students will enjoy time listening to stories and singing while sitting at a rug, playing with peers, lining up, using the bathroom in a school setting, interacting with scissors, practicing how to hold a crayon, marker, and pencil. While working with the crayons, markers, and pencils, the students will begin to write their names, practice letters, and draw and color pictures. This week will also be time for students to practice social skills such as sharing, taking turns, playing games together, etc. This will be a fun, exciting time to introduce children to going to school. Christ The King July 10-13 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Jennifer Wrigg Kindergarten Readiness Entering Grade: Kindergarten Let this fun interactive class help prepare your child for the challenges that will allow him/her to successfully excel in his/her new Kindergarten setting right from the beginning. Students will have a blast while harnessing their desire to learn through movement based play opportunities. The camp will take children on an adventure and build up their confidence when taking the first steps toward reading and handwriting. Presented as individual weekly 4


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Kindergarten Readiness Camps, students will spend 12 hours involved in activities designed to cover the following kindergarten readiness concepts: • Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet • Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter sound correspondence by producing the primary sound made by most consonants • Follow words left to right and top to bottom • Understand that words are separated by spaces in print • Master holding a pencil, marker or crayon • Write all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet top to bottom and left to right • Develop attention and listening skills • Socialize and communicate • Enjoy learning The program will also feature art, music and science activities that will inspire creative interests and will offer hands-on fun through touching, exploring and games. Parents can enroll their kids in a single weekly program, but enrollment in the two week sessions will build stronger, lasting skills. St. Mary (Session 1) July 31-August 3 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Katie Meert St. Mary (Sessio n 2) Augu st 7-10 8:00 a .m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Katie Meert Christ the King June 26-29 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Jennifer Wrigg St. Michael (Session 1) May 22-25 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Shelly Ziebell St. Michael (Session 2) May 30-June 2 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. T-F Instr: Shelly Ziebell St. Katharine Drexel June 26-29 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-TH Instr: Jennifer Sandman Camp Invention-Launch Grades K-6 Camp Invention is a nationally recognized, non-profit summer enrichment program for Kindergartners through 6th graders that is inspired by the brightest thinkers around- the Inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Children are empowered to have big ideas while they take on challenges that inspire them to question, brainstorm, collaborate with teammates, and build amazing invention prototypes. The 2017 Camp Invention is called Launch, and explores spy gadgets, rocket science, duct tape entrepreneurship and space exploration among many other fun things. St. Michael May 22-26 9:00 a.m. -3:30 p.m. Cost: $235 M-F Registration: Please see Camp Invention flyer for registration. 5


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Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic Grades: K-6 This option is designed to improve learning skills in Reading, Writing, and Arithm­ etic. This program will individually evaluate reading and math abilities of each student and use a combination of the Sonday I & II, LiPS, The Phonics Program, Rite Flight Reading Fluency, Sound Reading Solutions, Earobics and HearBuilders to strengthen reading, writing, and spelling skills. Strategies for Study Success will be incorporated into the lessons along with FASTT Math (Fluency and Automatic­ity through Systematic Teaching and Technology). Other strategies will include sequencing activities and following directions and strategies to increase memory. Each class will be held for 2 ½ hour sessions, three days per week for four consecut­ive weeks. Student-teacher ratio 4:1 *$50 assessment fee for non SFCS students. St. Mary: St. Mary: St. Mary: St. Mary: St. Katharine Drexel: St. Katharine Drexel: Holy Spirit: Holy Spirit: May 30-June 22 T/W/TH May 30-June 22 T/W/TH July 11-August 3 T/W/TH July 11-August 3 T/W/TH May 30-June 22 T/W/TH July 5-July 27 T/W/TH June 6-29 T/W/TH July 5-27 T/W/TH 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Instr: Jennifer Sandman 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Instr: Jennifer Sandman 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Instr: Lauren Hammer 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Instr: Lauren Hammer The week of the 4th of July will meet on W/TH/F, July 5, 6, and 7th T/W/TH July 11-27 for classes at HSP with Lauren Hammer and SKD with Jennifer Sandman Visualizing & Verbalizing Reading Comprehension Course Grades: 2-6 The Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®) program, created by Nanci Bell, helps struggling readers develop the sensory-cognitive function of concept imagery. Unlike most reading and comprehension programs, V/V instruction directly applies concept imagery to the comprehension and expression of both oral and written language, as well as the development of critical thinking skills, Students in the V/V program move through a series of steps to learn the process for creating an imaged gestalt, then integrating that imagery with language to strengthen their comprehension and critical thinking. Developing concept imagery is necessary to becoming an independent reader, which is necessary to becoming a proficient learner in any subject. The process-based instruction provided by the V/V program has proven successful for individuals exhibiting symptoms of hyperlexia, ADHD, ASD, CAPD, and other learning difficulties. This class is limited to 4 students. St. Mary (Session 1) St. Mary (Session 2) May 30- June 22 T/W/TH July 11-August 3 T/W/TH 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Instr: Amy Isaacson 6


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Spanish Grades: K-6 Hola! Come join the fun of learning Spanish! Students will familiarize themselves with the Spanish Language through prayers, songs, games and stories. Engaging activities will help the students have fun while they are learning the language and exploring their bi-lingual world. This class will provide a wide variety of activities to introduce your student to basic vocabulary and grammar of the Spanish Language. Come join the fun! Holy Spirit June 5-29 K-3rd Grade: 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. 4th-6th Grade: 11:00 a.m.-noon T/TH Instr: Deanna Marsh Coding Grades: 3-6 Do you love playing on the computer? Enjoy coding? Want to learn how to create your own games and apps? Then this is the class for you! Coding is a way that we tell computers what to do. has been introduced in the elementary curriculum, so through this class, students will be able to apply what they have learned and take it to the next level! St. Michael May 30-June 22 3rd-4th Grade: 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. 5th-6th Grade: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m T/W/TH Instr: Anna Geier Holy Spirit July 11-August 3 3rd-4th Grade: 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. 5th-6th Grade: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m T/W/TH Instr: Anna Geier Blended Learning Grade: 3-6 This class will use a combination of web-based learning and traditional instruction to help students bridge that summer learning gap. Students will complete a variety of activities designed to reinforce their reading and math skills, as well as develop higher level thinking skills. Christ the King June 6-29 3rd-4th Grade: 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. 5th-6th Grade: 10:00 a.m.-noon T/W/TH Instr: Mary Lenards The Wonder and Writing Book Club/Workshop Grades: 4-6 Wonder, the movie, comes out in April, but Wonder by Palacio was a wonderful book first. Grab your copy and enjoy a summer of reading, discussing and then utilizing the creative opportunities to practice all those writing skills that are essential for success in school. We will prepare the perfect paragraph and create a fantastic five paragraph essay. We will craft a compare/contrast report and write a sensational summary. The options are endless with Wonder. St. Mary June 1-29 & July 6-27 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. TH Instr: Michelle Estes Math Club Grades: 4-5 Let’s keep our math skills sharp through fun practice. Math can be enjoyable when you can feel comfortable and interested in the necessary skills. Start out your school year prepared and ready to go! St. Mary July 6-27 T/TH 10:30 a.m.-noon Instr: Michelle Estes 7


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Robotics 101 Grades: 1-3/ 201 Grades: 4-6 In each Robotics class, your child and a buddy work together to plan and build a new robot using LEGO® bricks, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work. As the kids’robots take shape, they experiment with LEGO® Education’s award-winning WeDo™ software. They discover how to apply computer programming concepts and find new ways to get their“bot”moving Holy Spirit June 5-9               8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-F St. Mary June 5-9               1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. M-F St. Michael July 10-14              9:00 a.m.-noon M-F St. Mary July 17-21            9:00 a.m.-noon M-F Engineering 101 Grades: 1-3 Your budding engineer will bring creations to life that specialize in forces and motion like driving, cranking, walking, spinning, flexing, reeling or lifting. Engineering 102 Grades: 4-6 Using theme based programs, students will discover how to create cool machines and design superstructures. This program involves engaging hands-on projects building complex models with K’NEX pieces. Students will explore engineering concepts such as designing, testing and redesigning through experimenting and problem solving skills that encourages teamwork, critical thinking skills and an early love for STEM. Holy Spirit June 12-16               8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. M-F St. Mary June 12-16               1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. M-F St. Mary July 10-14            9:00 a.m.-noon M-F St. Michael July 17-21               9:00 a.m.-noon M-F Oral Interpretation for Beginners Grades: 5-7 This is the ideal workshop for the student who is becoming interested in public speaking and performing literature. Our low key, comfortable summer workshop setting is the perfect situation. Our students will practice and gain experience with the different genres included in oral interpretation. St. Mary July 10-26 M/W 10:30 a.m.-noon Instr: Katie Travis and Michelle Estes 8


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Strategies for Study Success Grades: 5-6 Students will use the strategies outlined in this program to enhance and promote strategies for study success. The three components that will be emphasized are: Highlighting: This helps students build reading comprehension and active reading skills by identifying three important elements while reading: the topic, main idea, and important details. Summarizing: This series is designed to develop reading comprehension, attention to detail, and listening skills. The exercises teach the students how to summarize text and edit these summaries for missing information. Note-taking: In this series, students develop skills for in-class and independent note-taking St. Mary June 6-29 T/TH 8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. Instr: Jennifer Mieras SFCS Beginning Band Camp Grade: 5 A great opportunity for students to get a head start on their instruments before the school year begins! Two Separate Band Camps will be offered at OGJH. The goal of these camps is to introduce your student to their new instrument and provide them with the tools needed so they can practice throughout the summer and be ready to start band in the fall as a 5th grader! June 5-9th: Students will meet for 30 minutes each day at an assigned time (according to their specific instrument) Camp starts at 8 am and lessons conclude at 12pm August 7-11th: Students will meet as a group each day from 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m. Camp will conclude with a performance on Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. Registration information for both of these camps will be sent home with students in May. **Beginning Band Screening is scheduled for Thursday, April 20 at St. Michael Elementary.**Beginner Band Informational Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 22nd in the OGJH Gym. Schmitt Music will be present to introduce their packages and provide instrumental rental agreements. Math Prep for Junior High Grades: Junior High This class will sharpen your math skills and help prepare you for the math at the Junior High. Students will review math vocabulary, develop deeper understanding of math concepts and participate in some fun math activities. O’Gorman Junior High June 6-29 T/TH 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Instr: Jennifer Mieras Study Strategies for Junior High Students Grades: Junior High Learn new study strategies and practice techniques that will help you be even more successful in Junior High. We will be practicing a variety of strategies that will be beneficial for you to have throughout your academic career. We will integrate Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies as we learn specific study strategies. O’Gorman Junior High July 11-20 T/W/TH 10:00 a.m.-noon Instr: Kristin Pollema Book Club Grades: 7-9 Members will read, discuss, and complete projects with selected books. O’Gorman Junior High (Session1) June 6-22 (Session2) July 11-27 T/TH 10:00 a.m.-noon Instr: Aubrey Windish 9


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Welcome to Junior High Grade: 7 or new to the Junior High Meet new friends, practice your locker combination, walk through your class schedule, meet some of the staff, and review some of the essential reading, math, language and study skills necessary for 7th grade! These are just a few of the things that will be part of this junior high readiness class in which indoor and outdoor games, activities and technology are utilized to assist students in getting acquainted with students from other schools and become more familiar with the O’Gorman Junior High building and routines. O’Gorman Junior High (Session1/2) August 7-10 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (Session 1) 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Session 2) M-TH Instr: Kristin Pollema /Julie Manning Summer Classes offered at O’Gorman High School O’Gorman High School will be offering the following classes for credit this summer. BUS 210 Personal Finance 10-12 ENG 220 Speech 9-12 PE 110 Wellness for Life (PE/Health) 9-10 SSC 130 World Geography 9-10 SSC 230 World History SSC 320 US Government Drivers Education 10-12 11-12 The registration form is available in the OGHS Counseling Office or online at academics/drivers-education. The form is due on March 31, 2017. If you have any questions please contact our counseling office at 605-575-3320 or email Sue Knight - O’Gorman Summer Camps Football Camp for grades 4-12 Boys and Girls Basketball/Girls Volleyball Summer Boys and Girls Soccer Camp for grades 3-12 Leagues for grades 4-8 Girls and Boys Basketball Camp for grades 3-12 New in 2017 Boys and Girls Basketball Specialty Volleyball Pre Season Training Camp Camps for grades 3-12 Volleyball Specialty Camp Registration is available online at ogorman-high-school/ or by contacting Aaron Strand at or 605-575-3300 Location of Summer Instruction Holy Spirit: 4309 S Bahnson Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 St. Katharine Drexel: 1800 S Katie Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 St. Mary: 2001 S 5th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 St. Michael: 1610 S Marion Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Christ The King: 1801 S Lake Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 O’Gorman Junior High: 3100 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 O’Gorman High School: 3201 S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105 10


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The Achievement Academy is a supplemental academic program for SFCS students, from preschool through grade 12. It is a special service offered to families that includes enrichment or remedial programs to broaden and strengthen student achievement, skills, knowledge and success. It utilizes well-researched assessment, extensive resources, proven methods of instruction and a dedicated staff to design and implement individualized learning programs for each child. The program’s goal is to assist parents and schools in educating students to their highest potential. Because this program is supplemental, these services are not covered under normal tuition plans, but the fees are competitive. For more information please contact: Amy Isaacson, Achievement Academy Director (605) 271-0133 /



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