Scary Stories volume One


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Scary students written by our students to keep you up at night.

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SCARY STORIES volume one 1


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Read and take note of the title of your favorite story, one you found scary, original or creative, and so well-written you keep holding your breath until the end… 2


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The Day before Christmas One day just before Christmas, a woman (Mary) came in the shop to find a doll, for her daughter Jane. we can suppose that the doll is 8 years old and it seemed to be an orphan: it looks like a boy with long hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. Mary bought the doll and brought it home. The 25th of December, Jane opened her present and was so happy to discover such a nice doll ! She decided to name it Chucky. She spent all day playing with him, as a toy without life. Jane slept next to Chucky. But when the sun came down, the doll began to move as a real little boy; the problem was that he transformed into a horrible doll alive, his face changed and became very ugly and nasty and he had a lot of scars in his face. He woke up, went to the kitchen to take knives. First of all, Chucky went upstairs in Jane's bedroom, looked at her asleep and sliced her throat without mercy. Without any sound, Chucky came in the parents’ bedroom. He killed all the persons in the house (Jane and Jane's parents). And he came back in front of the toy shop on the floor as if he had been abandoned, to be bought another time… 3


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Billy The Doll One night, as nobody was in the village, owls were hooting and the wolves were howling, Peter and Lisa were sitting in the sofa when suddenly someone knocked the door. Peter opened. There was nobody. On the floor there was a box. The box seemed like a coffin. Peter and Lisa looked at each other with a scared look and they wondered what it could be. Inside there was a big doll with big eyes and a big mouth. His name was Billy. Lisa was very happy with the doll but Peter wasn’t. She sat the doll on her bed and covered it with a blanket up to its the neck. Lisa went to take something to the closet and suddenly the doll turned his head towards her. Lisa was scared and screamed. Billy cut Lisa’s tongue and killed her. He put Lisa on her bed with blood on her face to scare her husband when he comes. Peter started researching about the doll. He found that Mary Shaw was his creator. Mary Shaw didn’t have children but she had hundreds of dolls. Everybody thinks that she’s dead but she’s a spirit and builds dolls as realistic as possible that kill people and take parts of their bodies. He also found that someone had dug up the doll and had sent it to him. The legend explains that Mary Shaw was doing a show with Billy in an old theatre. Billy had to answer Mary’s questions - but Billy is a doll and dolls don’t speak. A boy said that Mary Shaw was speaking for him. Mary became angry and two days later the boy disappeared. During his search, Peter found the old theatre where Mary and Billy did their show. The boy became a mummy, and he worked for Mary Shaw. In this theatre Peter and a policeman found all the dolls. Some had real legs or arms, other real eyes, noses and tongues. There were hundreds of showcases full of diabolical dolls. All the showcases were full except one. Billy’s showcase. All at once Mary resurrected 4


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of the darkness and scared Peter and the policeman. They ran, they ran, and Mary took the policeman and killed him. Peter got away of the old theatre and came back home. Above all, if you see Billy in your dreams… don’t scream! 5


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The Monster of The Dark Night Once upon a time, a strange family named Stransburry lived in a lonely house in the famous region of Transylvania (Rumania). But why did they decide to live in this lonely region being English? Aren’t enough cold in England or what?! This family hides a dramatic anecdote about his younger soon named Christian Stransburry. There aren’t a lot of people who know the true reason why this family lives in Transylvania. The Stransburrys left England because they had been persecuted by the state for practicing witchcraft. And Christian has been brought up in Transylvania since he was very young and his parents have taught him dangerous witchcraft. It has to be said that, of his five brothers, Christian was the best apprentice. The oldest brother was jealous of him because Christian was the model to follow since he was very intelligent and handsome! His brother was very bad with him and Christian was really scared of him! He was the only one in his family who had blond and straight hair and big blue eyes! He was quite tall for his age and he was thin. Christian was always friendly and cheerful. He was the perfect boy! But witchcraft can be used for the good but also for the bad! Christian was 16 years when one night, while he was practicing witchcraft in his bedroom, Rodrick, his oldest brother, cast a dark and evil spell to transform him into a monster! It was a forbidden spell in the Stransburry family and a very difficult one to realize, but that night, Rodrick used it to take a vengeance on his little brother. Suddenly, the innocent child became a psychopathic boy with dark eyes and hair, his body was deformed, his teeth and nails became long and sharp like knives, and his only intention was to kill and slaughter all humans. But the question is: who is more of a monster, he or his brother? 6


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That night he left home and we have never heard anything about him again, only some news about “a young psychopath that had assassinated and dismembered lots of people near the region!” The people of this region call him “The monster of the dark night!!!!!!” 7


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A long night I’m 21 years old, my name is Marcus Warley. People say I’ve got black hair like ravens' feathers on my head and sometimes they are afraid of me because I have one brown eye and one green eye. Everything began when I was waiting in my bedroom, it was the afternoon. I was preparing for that night’s party in my house because it was Halloween. I finished my costume throughout the afternoon and then people started arriving. My house was ready for the party, a party of fear and death. In the living room, there were a lot of things but there was one thing that I’m afraid of. This thing is a clock, a dark clock, near this clock my parents died. This clock only shows midnight. The party started, all was good. We ate really well because people brought food, we all enjoyed the party. Suddenly the clock rang, it was midnight. I felt fear, a lot of fear, there were no lights, no music, no people. It was like I was in another age, in the past, I was frightened. I was in my living room but there were my parents alive. Was this the night when my parents died? My father was working on the computer and my mother reading. The black clock was near the bookcase in the living room. I could hear the incessant “ticktack”. I waited a couple of hours, strangely nobody could see me. Every second, there was a tick and then a tack and then a tick all these hours. I nearly became crazy. Some questions were in my mind: “What can I do? What must I do? Why am I here?” But my only answer was “tick-tack”. And then midnight, the clock rang, the tick-tack stopped and the darkness of the night replaced the light. I curled up, I waited seconds, minutes that seemed hours to me. When there was no more darkness I opened my eyes, my parents were dead. 8


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At this moment a violent blow fell on my neck and then I fell asleep. I was once again in my house and my parents in the same position. Once again with that horrible incessant tick-tack. I waited hours but this time I was ready, I wanted to know what was happening here. When midnight rang, I ran where my parents had been before. I touched the clock. Where were my parents? I opened my eyes. There was a woman. “Hello Marcus, how are you?” I asked her, “Are my parents alive?” “Yes”. I looked around me, I was in an asylum. I heard the tick-tack once again and all disappeared around me. I was in eternal darkness. 9


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Backwards Sometimes, I’m not sure I really know my son. Well, it is more « Knew » than « Know ». One day my husband lost his job. We had to move to a little city named “ NewTown” of about 1,500 people in Georgia. My husband found a job there and we had enough money to live our lives. Our son, Joey, didn’t like this; he wanted to stay in New Texas with his only friend: Robert. It was a coincidence because our last name was also Robert. Personally I didn’t like this boy. He was really strange and I hated to see him with my only son. My son didn’t like other boys, he didn’t have any friends in New Texas and I thought that maybe, moving to Georgia and taking him out of this boy was better for him and he would find friends. But I was wrong. In New Texas, he was really good at school but in Georgia, his marks fell under 10. He was even more withdrawn than before. There wasn’t any psychologist in “New Town” so we had to do 3 hours of car every month to see one in Atlanta. He hated to go there, he always said that he was only a capitalist that took advantage of stupid and rich people’s money. When he had free time, he was always spending it locking himself in his bedroom with his mirror that he used to name: Trebor. He was really strange with this mirror. He used to treat it as a real human. At dinner he wasn’t even waiting for dessert; he ran to his room to “talk”, as he used to say, with his mirror. I tried to confiscate his mirror a lot of times because I thought that it was because of this that he was even more narrow-minded than before. But each time I tried, at night it was in his hands another time. One day I had also tried to throw it away, but at night, he asked me with his little voice showing me the mirror: “Mum, can you wash Trebor, he’s dirty…” and I 10


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took IT and I washed IT. My relationship with my husband was getting worse and worse because of our son. One year later, my son was going to enter 9th grade but he was getting worse and worse. His marks weren’t even sufficient to be admitted in 9th Grade and the principal took an appointment with my husband and I. Staring at us like monsters, he told us that our son couldn’t stay at school. During all the dinner, my husband was looking at my son with disgust and something like disillusion. At one moment he looked at me and coughed. I knew that I had to talk to Joey to explain to him that he couldn’t stay in his school. So I stammed slowly: “Son, we talked to your principal and he said that students may have a certain level to remain in that school and… that your marks aren’t sufficient to… to… keep in the school.” He stared at me without any sad expression with eyes that I didn’t know, it was like he has just showed me his most inhuman aspect. He stood up with the same expression that before and he left the dining room without any hurry. With my husband, we didn’t understand our son’s reaction and we stayed at the table arguing about that until we went to our bedroom. I couldn’t sleep at all during the whole night. I was thinking about my son, my husband, my family and my life. I had even thought of killing myself or just running away and starting my life over. At 4 O’clock I heard a scream. I thought that it was my husband, because he was sleeping in another room, and I just locked my door and took the phone. I called the police. After 3 rings, they answered. “Hello?” “Hello, I’m Mrs. Robert. I live in “NewTown” in the place next to the “NewTown college” and I have just heard my husband’s scream. I think a man has entered my house!” 11


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“Excuse me, this the Atlanta police station and we have a problem and we can’t establish any connection with the other police stations of the state” “Why?” “I don’t know we have had the same problem for 4 hours.” “How much time does it take you to come to “NewTown”?!” “It will take 3 hours ma’am.” “Can you come now?!” “Ok, ok, maybe we could make it in 2 hours going fast” I hung up. I heard whispers. It was Joey. I was afraid that the man would do something to my son. I decided to do something. I couldn’t stay here and wait 3 hours for the police. I opened the door slowly. I couldn’t see anything in the dark so I thought that the man couldn’t as well. I walked on all fours slowly. I was feeling my way into the dark until I touched a wall. My gut feeling told me that it was the bathroom door. I realized that I was really tired because I hadn’t slept at all that night. I suddenly fell asleep on the floor. I woke up suddenly because I heard the doorbell. It was the police. I heard the police scream. “Open the door! Open the door or we break it open!” I recalled the man, my son, the scream. I got up and slowly walked in the dark. The absolute dark. I felt the stairs’ banister and went down the stairs. I noticed a bloody body on the kitchen’s floor. It was my husband. I saw my son standing in the middle of the restroom with a bloody knife in the hand. I felt a terrible feeling of fear. I didn’t want to believe that my son was standing there. He turned his head in my direction staring at me with the same expression that he had at dinner. I ran upstairs terrified at my bedroom and locked my door. I waited a few minutes and 12


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suddenly CRACK! a knife’s blade penetrated the door’s wood violently. I saw, in the dark, the blade came back slowly making a frightening grinding noise. CRACK! The same blade penetrated the door a little bit downer and more violently than the other time. CRACK! Another time! Suddenly when the knife was returning I heard my son scream, “I KILLED THEM ALL, I KILLED THEM ALL!” CRACK! “AND HE CAME BACK IN THE MIRROR” CRACK! “NOW HE WANTS TO KILL ME WITH MY OWN BLADE” CRACK! “WITH MY OWN MADNESS” CRACK! “BUT BEFORE EVERYONE HAS TO DIE!” CRACK! “NO, NO DON’T DO THAT ROBERT! PLEASE!” Silence. I stayed there a few minutes petrified in fear. Suddenly I heard the police that had pushed the door open. They came upstairs and screamed, “Open the door.” I slowly opened it and I saw three policeman standing there. I turned on the light and saw behind them the bloody body of my son with the knife across his bloodied neck. 13


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Scott His name is Scott, he’s 16 years old and he lives with his mother and his two sisters. He doesn’t have a father because he left home mysteriously and never came back. Sometimes, Scott argues with his mother. One night they had a violent fight and Scott decided to leave his home that same night. Outside it was cold and dark. It started to snow. He was so angry that he did not realize that he was far away in the middle of the forest and got lost. Suddenly he saw a little house with lights. He walked to the house and knocked at the door. An old couple opened and invited him to come in. They offered him a room to sleep and some dinner. Scott thanked them and went to his room. Three hours later, Scott went down the stairs to drink water and noticed the house was empty, the old couple had disappeared. He took a lantern and went outside to find them. It was a foggy night. He heard screaming and saw blood in the snow. He touched it and noticed it was still warm. He followed the blood spots and stopped in front of a water well. He heard screams coming out of the well: “Help, please help”. Scott directed the lantern inside the well. It was about 7 meters deep. He saw a man crying. He was covered with blood and his right hand had no fingers. Suddenly, Scott felt something behind him. He turned and saw the old lady laughing very loud: “Hahahaha “. She pushed him and Scott screamed. 14


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After two hours, Scott woke up. He had a terrible headache. He opened his eyes and discovered he was in the well and the wounded man was his father! His father told him he had been kidnapped by evil spirits. He tried to come back home, but every time, the spirits possessed him and made him do horrible things. Scott was so happy to be with his father again, when he noticed his father’s face turning red. The hand with no fingers hit him and the other hand strangled his throat. He could not breathe and thought this was the end, but his father stopped. Scott knew he was going to die, killed by his possessed father or from hunger and thirst. After 2 days, Scott had lost all hope when he heard dogs barking. He shouted: “ Help, help, help “ and after a few minutes, he saw faces looking at him. The dog hunters had found them! 15



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