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Lesonal News Contents Lesonal Accelerator – AkzoNobel’s answer to market needs Propyltex 140S – Excellent addition to the „Ice” series paints Lesonal Bodyfiller Plastic – Excellent quality at every repair Lesonal – Color is crucial Lesonal – Digital quality of work Lesonal for the best! Lesonal – The fastest growing brand in the premium segment in Poland Lesonal – Brand of the future Cooperation with MM Cars 7th National Dealers Convention Toyota Motor Poland Conference Autonet Mobility Show 2016 – Autonet double celebration Lesonal – Key product on the Czech market Lesonal – Distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Lesonal in Romania AutoFlow 4:G – New quality of management Lesonal – Sponsor of flatwater canoeing Lion’s Run – For the fifth time gains unique popularity Regional AkzoNobel Distribution Centre Report Manager Pro 2 AkzoNobel – Socially involved once again Safe disposal of products 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16–17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26–27 2


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Dear readers, It is my pleasure to present to you the second edition of the Lesonal News magazine. Exactly one year ago this magazine appeared on the market for the first time and was met with great interest from customers and Lesonal brand partners. For the last two years the Lesonal brand has been growing by leaps and bounds. We have introduced products that have established a very strong position for Lesonal in the premium segment. We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers, especially about the 2K Titanium Clear and UV Primer. This does not surprise us, since both products significantly accelerated repair processes in many service stations. You can read more about the range of Lesonal products in our magazine. Lesonal brand development in the major markets of Central Europe is possible due to the activity of our business partners. Lesonal is without a doubt the fastest growing premium brand in Poland. Primakolor Car Refinishes company, which has already been working with AkzoNobel for two years, is seen as one of the key players in the market. Thanks to a very strong commercial and technical department and the wide range of services offered by AkzoNobel, since September 2014 Primakolor has installed its mixers in several large workshops, both authorized and independent. We also see great interest in the Lesonal brand in the Czech market and new installations completed by CRA. Customers in the Czech Republic appreciate primarily the very high efficiency of the system and its price competitiveness against the main companies in the market. The year 2016 was a very dynamic period for Lesonal, i.e. Autonet and Forsius companies, where Basecoat WB GT receives very good reviews and is seen as one of the best paint systems available. In our magazine we have prepared many interesting articles that will introduce you to the world of refinishing through the eyes of the Lesonal brand. Enjoy your reading! Tomasz Loose Premium Segment Sales Director to Central Europe and Russia 3


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Lesonal News Lesonal Accelerator — AkzoNobel’s answer to market needs In response to market demand for even quicker recovery, AkzoNobel Car Refinishes Sp. o.o. has introduced a new Accelerator, which has made 2K HS Premium Clear 420 and 2K HS Fast Clear 420 clearcoats even more versatile. The use of Accelerator and its dedicated products has reduced drying time at 60° by up to 15 minutes, without any reduction in finish quality. It makes no sense to repair quickly when the result leaves much to be desired. A customer wants immediate repairs while maintaining excellent quality. AkzoNobel has created Lesonal Accelerator with both of these characteristics: speed and quality of finish. What’s more, faster repairs mean lower energy and labor costs associated with each repair. This makes body and paint workshops more profitable. In turn, the reduction of energy consumption helps to ensure compliance with the requirements for sustainable development. With Lesonal Accelerator we have managed to achieve a universal solution, suitable for any kind of repair. Accelerator is fully compatible with the components of a clearcoat. Their combination creates a perfect unity, much appreciated by the users of Lesonal products. Accelerator has excellent spray properties, ease of application and polishing, excellent flow properties and hardness, high gloss, and surface resistance to scratches and fading.  4


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Propyltex 140S — Excellent addition to the „Ice” series paints Propyltex 140S is a special powder designed to mimic the structure of a special clearcoat, used, among others, for the original Peugeot „Ice” series colors. The required level of structure and gloss of the original OEM finish can be obtained by adding Propyltex 140S to Clearcoat Lesonal Multi Matt Clear. This product has been designed in response to the needs of the market. Sprayers have been reporting more and more problems with the use of „Ice” varnishes and have expected a rapid solution. AkzoNobel succeeded in meeting these expectations, introducing an excellent addition to the market — Propyltex 140S, a product described as easy to use, with excellent quality and perfect fit.  5


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Lesonal News Lesonal Bodyfiller Plastic — Excellent quality at every repair Lesonal Bodyfiller Plastic is a perfect addition to the Lesonal products range. Bodyfiller offers excellent adhesion and flexibility, easy and fast application, quick drying and easy sanding. Compatible with all substrates made of plastics currently used in the automotive industry, it is trouble-free, durable, and satisfying with every use. Bodyfiller Plastic features: • Compatible with all plastic substrates • Excellent adhesion and flexibility • Easy application • Fast drying, 30 minutes at 20°C • Easy and fast sanding • Occupies little space • Durable repair • Economical  6


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Lesonal — Color is crucial For over 40 years AkzoNobel has been providing its customers with the most innovative color solutions. The company has been exploring the infinite possibilities and revolutionizing the process of color selection, enriching the automotive refinish industry with digital color matching technology. Evolutionary. Revolutionary. COLORVATION! is yet another step in the AkzoNobel evolution, incredibly rich in discoveries and innovations. Choosing Lesonal products and industry-leading digital tools, such as Automatchic and MIXIT, customers trust that they receive the best available solutions on the market, enabling them to obtain a perfect result the first time around. Color is our life. It is written in our DNA. Color Tools: • Automatchic Vision — modern spectrophotometer which allows measurement of the color on a car quickly and easily • Mixit Cloud — modern software running „in the cloud”, available on multiple devices at once • QuickMix — a modern color search program that allows you to find a necessary recipe easily • Variant documentation, which is a constantly-updated color library Spectrophotometer Automatchic Vision: • Lightweight, ergonomically-shaped design, adjusted to both the right- and left-handed • Easy to use, fast calibration process • LED indicators to facilitate verification of the status of the device and measurement • Smaller reading surface, allowing easier measurement of curved surfaces • Color touchscreen display • Even smaller reading area, allowing easier measuring • Internal long-life battery • 2-year warranty  7


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Lesonal News Lesonal — Digital quality of work The power of digital innovation! Mixit Cloud: • Ultra-fast tool for color selection • A cloud-based system, allowing the software use on multiple devices simultaneously • Fast, accurate search • Real-time updates • Available on computers and mobile devices • Compatible with all popular systems: Apple, Android, Windows QuickMix: • Simple recipe search • Online update • Automatchic Vision support with correction step • Recipe comparison engine • Recipes for plastic parts • Color customization • Mixes history • Operations with mixes • Warnings about a change to a mixed recipe • Color variations comparison • Working online • System of reporting • Order management • User-friendly Intelligent software features Smart Search & Smart Correction & Smart Generate • Fast search • Indicate the best color matching — “Master” • Automatic color optimization • Search among related vehicles brands • Color preview • Color matching bar • Recipe comparison • Easy filtering  8


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Lesonal for the best! Lesonal products appreciated all over the world thanks to their irreplaceable quality Lesonal paint systems and products are becoming more popular in the largest service stations in Poland because they meet customers’ high expectations. Lesonal products have received technical approval from many global brands. The user of a vehicle can rest assured that the products used for car repairs are of top quality and the vehicle will be repaired to the highest quality standards, similar to those that apply in the factory.  9


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Lesonal News Lesonal — The fastest growing brand in the premium segment in Poland Primakolor — the sole representative of the Lesonal brand in Poland — is celebrating two years of activity on the market. The years 2015 and 2016 were very fruitful for the company’s business. Customers who began using Lesonal brand products do not need convincing of their excellent quality. For the last two years Primakolor has developed the Polish market by leaps and bounds and can boast of their achievements. New customers had previously been using products from other premium brands. We have asked Jacek Malczyk, a Vice President and Sales Manager of Primakolor Car Refinishes Sp. z o.o., for a comment: “Indeed, the years 2015 and 2016 were very good to the company. Amazing progress. And I have to admit that we have even greater aspirations in the years to come. Great Finish. Fast. This slogan concerns not only Lesonal technology, but can also refer to the dizzying growth of the company.” In addition to acquiring new customers in the Polish market, Primakolor became involved in the implementation of the AutoFlow 4:G program in car service stations. What characterizes the AutoFlow 4:G program? Mr. Jacek Malczyk explains: “AutoFlow 4:G is a Bodyshop Management System type program, which in the process of settling a claim takes into account the repair procedure and ends with the payment of compensation and invoicing. The program has all the features that are necessary for proper and efficient management of the entire service. In the past two years AutoFlow 4:G has been introduced to a number of clients who are among the largest authorized body and paint services in Poland and further deployments are in preparation.”  10


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Lesonal — brand of the future Year by year Lesonal has become more and more known and recognized on the European market. Even the most demanding customers are impressed by the quality of its products. The Lesonal brand was made to take prime place in the market and, thanks to its premium products, to stand out from the crowd. To explain the concept of ‘premium’ and what it really means to the paint market, we asked Mark Wielądek (MW), who cooperates with the exclusive trading partner of the Lesonal brand in Poland, Primakolor, as a technical consultant, and also supports Eastern and Southern European markets in this area. — Recently a lot has been said about Lesonal products and the promises ‘Great finish. Fast.’ brings. What solutions go with it? MW: The customers of the Lesonal brand in Poland are very demanding. They want to have their car ready immediately. We know that for a workshop every minute is valuable and so they need products that are fast, while maintaining high quality. The Lesonal brand provides it all: speed, precision, superior quality and reasonable price. The Lesonal brand provides a complete range of products which, together with dedicated tools, form a whole. Car painters feel confident during their work, which increases their effectiveness. — When you hear ‘premium’, what do you associate it with? MW: First of all, with excellent quality products getting positive feedback in the market. We can be proud of a Lesonal WB GT basecoat — a product that outpaces its market competitors. Second, Lesonal technology has gained worldwide OEM approvals and has been developed by experts from AkzoNobel. Third, Lesonal means consumer confidence in the products. Lesonal products have a lot of supporters, which makes brand loyalty increase. And fourth, our qualified technical specialists support our customers with professional advice and many years of experience in the industry. It can be summed up in one sentence: Lesonal meets the high expectations of the owners of service stations, automobile manufacturers and painters around the world. — Thank you for the interview.  11


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Lesonal News Cooperation with MM Cars On November 6, 2015 in MM Cars Wroclaw (Autoserwis Dolny Śląsk — OPEL Authorized Dealer) an automotive event took place — the promotion of a new model of Opel car. Autoserwis Dolny Śląsk was founded in 1991 and since 1993 it has run an authorized Opel showroom and service station. In 2015 the service joined the MM Cars group, and in April 2016 it changed its name to MM Cars Wrocław. Primakolor, an exclusive Lesonal partner in Poland, was co-promoting the latest Astra 5 model at MM Cars Wroclaw. This event was the beginning of cooperation of Primakolor with one of the largest dealer networks in Poland — MM Cars. At the moment a new paint shop is being built, which will soon start working with a new Lesonal WB GT technology.  12


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7th National Dealers Convention On June 7–8, 2016 at the DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton in Lodz the seventh National Dealers Convention took place. Over 600 guests from all over the country participated in the two-day meeting. The Convention was divided in two: a business part and an evening part. This year’s convention was held under the name “Evolution and revolution. In search of a new concept of development”. During the business part, participants could listen to 10 one-hour lectures, the main idea of which was to discuss the most important problems of the dealership market. In addition to the business part, participants also had an opportunity to talk to representatives of the industry leading brands. At over 1,000 m², situated directly by the auditorium where the presentations and other activities took place, the exhibitors from leading companies in the dealership market had an opportunity to present their companies. Among other premium segment representatives were AkzoNobel, with their Sikkens and Lesonal brands.  13


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Lesonal News Toyota Motor Poland Conference On 19–20 May 2016 in Windsor Hotel in Jachranka a Toyota Motor Poland Conference took place. More than 100 participants contributed. The Toyota conference was dedicated to the heads of services from the Toyota Motor Poland network. AkzoNobel was invited to the meeting as an authorized supplier of materials and paint technology for the Toyota network. By taking part in this event AkzoNobel was promoting the Lesonal brand in the premium segment, as well as the latest tools and service solutions, including AutoFlow 4:G. The project of implementation of the Bodyshop Management System (BMS) program to the Toyota network began in 2015. After nearly a year of testing the AutoFlow 4: G program received excellent reviews and was recommended as the main tool in the management process of the bodywork and painting business in the Toyota network.  14


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Autonet Mobility Show 2016 — Autonet double celebration For the tenth time, the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive parts and suppliers of painting materials and technology had a chance to showcase their products during a two-day Autonet Mobility Show. This event took place on 6–7 May 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, in the north-western part of Romania. On these days Autonet was also celebrating its 20th anniversary of business. The Autonet Mobility Show once again hosted an impressive number of visitors. This year, more than eight thousand people came to Cluj-Napoca. It was an absolute record! The Autonet Mobility Show took place in Cluj Arena, a multipurpose stadium built in 2011. Manufacturers of car spare parts, car accessories and service station equipment presented their offer at 116 stands. It was a meeting place for mechanics, painters, owners of workshops, paint shops and other specialists in the automotive industry. The Autonet Mobility Show is not just a meeting of experts. This year, it was also a celebration for Autonet — their 20th anniversary of business. This special day attracted the whole Autonet “family” to the venue: customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Anyone involved was counting on not only professional meetings but also on excellent attractions and great entertainment related to the jubilee. The Autonet Mobility Show fair combined with the 20th anniversary of Autonet was an unforgettable event. Two days full of professional knowledge and also wonderful fun. Thanks to such meetings, relationships with customers, partners and other specialists will contribute to future business.  15



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