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Vocation Brochure of Daughters of the Heart of Mary

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Women Consecrated for Mission “I do not ask you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the evil one.” 264


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Overview Who  Women committed to living for God alone  Women united to Christ by our consecration  Women striving to be Christ’s presence in the world  Women committed to serving the Church and the world Our Model “Through Mary we can find all the graces needed for making our way. She is like a beautiful canal linking us with the source.” How  Nourished by the Word of God, the Eucharist and the other sacraments, we strive for a deep intimacy with Christ.  Inspired by the first Christian communities, we desire to be united in faith and love; to be of “one heart and one soul.”  Attentive to the material and spiritual needs of the world, we participate in a cordial solidarity with the joys and sorrows of others.


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Vision - Mission In union with Mary, the Christ-bearer, the U.S. Province of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary seeks to foster a world rooted in and revitalized by the Word of God. The Word is made flesh in our lives as we:  Cooperate with God’s grace to build a world in which the primary values are equality and justice for all God’s people.  Endeavor to be a community in which each member’s God- given gifts are appreciated and nurtured.  Work and pray for an earth protected and restored. Ministries We believe that we are both individually and corporately called upon to use our gifts for others, adapting to the needs of the times in which we live. Through our works and ministries we affirm our deep commitment to serve people of all social backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups and religious traditions. Our individual ministries include the fields of medicine, social work, education, spiritual direction and retreat work. Not limited to just these, DHM can work in most professions and jobs while being the presence of Christ to others.


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A Brief History The Year was 1790 Amidst the turmoil and strife of the French Revolution, a noblewoman and a Jesuit dared to dream of a new way of living religious life while remaining in the world without benefit of habit or cloister… Two Inspirations On July 19, 1790 the priest had the first of two inspirations...a society for priests that would reinforce their spiritual lives and provide the necessary support needed for them to serve in troubled times. On August 18th he had the second inspiration… to found a similar society for women, a project which corresponded to the way the Holy Spirit was leading the noblewoman. The Birth of Two Societies took place on February 2, 1791 amidst the revolution: Priests of the Heart of Jesus and the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (DHM). Arrival in North America. In the mid-19th Century, following a severe outbreak of cholera which orphaned many children, Bishop Rappe of Cleveland OH extended an invitation to the DHM to come to America. Arriving in 1851 an orphanage was set up in Cleveland and soon after schools were established in New York. As the years progressed DHM moved to other places to serve in catechetical ministries, provide education to the deaf, supply residences for unemployed women until they found positions, and in a variety of other ministries.


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Our Founders PIERRE JOSEPH DE CLORIVIÈRE S.J. Born in Saint Malo in 1735 In the revolutionary turmoil of 1790, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he conceives a new form of religious life - first for priests, and then for women - which consists of living in the midst of the world, exemplifying the lives of Mary and the first Christians. In 1814, Father de Clorivière is given charge of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in France. He died before the Blessed Sacrament on January 9, 1820. MARIE ADELAIDE DE CICÉ Born in Rennes in 1749 During the turmoil of the French Revolution she receives the inspiration of a life consecrated by vows and lived outside any enclosure, in order to be more available to the material and spiritual misery, which she encountered. Considered a Mother of the Poor in her neighborhood, her inspired project was close to the plans of Fr. de Clorivière, who called her in 1791 to take charge of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary. Despite the terrors of the Revolution, the Society develops in the shadows of Brittany and Paris. She died before the Blessed Sacrament on April 26, 1818.


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Sponsored Ministries ADELAIDE’S PLACE Atlantic City NJ Adelaide’s is a welcoming place for homeless women. During the day they are provided a safe haven for socializing with others as well as receiving the opportunity to meet with social workers for help in finding housing and scheduling medical appointments. NARDIN ACADEMY Buffalo NY - Montessori through High School, founded by DHM in 1857 www.nardin.org ST. JOSEPH’S SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF Bronx, NY - founded by DHM in 1882. www.sjsdny.org DECICÉ HALL at the Marian Center Holyoke MA www.decicehall.org Located on the grounds of the Marian Center, DeCicé Hall offers a congenial contemporary space in which religious and community groups may gather to grow holistically and spiritually.


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Vocation Information Our Formation Takes place within the local community, during which the candidate continues in her work or profession and lives in her own residence. The stages in our formation program are: Aspirancy—Postulancy—Novitiate—Juniorate (temporary vows) Five Year Vows (full profession as a DHM) A sister may discern a call to request Perpetual Vows if she is suitably free to place herself at the disposition of the General Superior for the service of the Society and of its universal mission. Our Vows Consecrate us to Christ for mission in service to the Church and God’s people. Chastity - to love freely, exemplifying concern, compassion and cordiality towards the poor, lonely and neglected members of society. Poverty - to live a simple lifestyle, in total dependence on God and inter-dependently on our sisters, desiring only what is necessary for our personal well-being and ministry. Obedience - to embrace a spirit of availability for the mission of the Church and the needs of our religious community according to our ability to serve.


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Who We Are A community of women religious founded in 1791 during the chaos of the French Revolution, living now amidst God’s people in the chaos of today, with a charism, mission and ministries that flow from and with the breath of the Holy Spirit. Where We Are From our humble beginnings in France, we moved out across the globe. As an international community, there are now over 1,200 DHM serving on five continents, in 30 countries. How to Contact Us Vocations Office 1365 Northampton Street Holyoke MA 01040-1913 Phone: 413-534-4502 Email: vocations@dhmna.org Website: www.dhm.org



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