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The Official Rondy Guide for 2017!

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2017 official rondy guide february 24 —­ march 5, 2017 anchorage, alaska www.furrondy.net www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 1


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Photo: Britt Coon-Britt’s main passion is photographing the Sprint Sled Dog Races in Alaska. She loves capturing images of the dog teams racing along the trails. She has been a volunteer photographer for the Alaskan Sled Dog Racing Association for the past decade. Welcome to Fur Rondy! Message from the Mayor......... page 4 From the Rondy President......... page 5 Meet the Rondy Team.............. page 7 Fur Rondy Shop....................... page 9 Keystone Kops....................... page 10 Daily Events Pre-Rondy Events................... page 13 Friday, February 24................. page 14 Saturday, February 25............ page 20 Sunday, February 26............... page 27 Monday, February 27.............. page 34 Tuesday, February 28............. page 35 Wednesday, March 1.............. page 37 Thursday, March 2.................. page 38 Friday, March 3...................... page 40 Saturday, March 4.................. page 51 Sunday, March 5 .................... page 55 Rondy Route........................... page 29 Downtown Map and Parking.................. pages 30 & 31 World Championship Sled Dog Races Overview............................... page 44 Race Course........................... page 45 Rondy Traditions Collector Pin & Button Artists......................... page 47 Rondy Traditions..................... page 48 Rondy Royalty Tradition.......... page 49 Special Thanks....................... page 57 www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 3


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welcome to fur rondy! Welcome to the 82nd year of Fur Rondy! Fur Rondy brings Anchorage together as we celebrate our frontier history and winter spirit. Fur Rondy is sprint dog races, running with the reindeer, a carnival, and the bustle of a community coming together. Fur Rondy depends on the support of event organizers, and volunteers. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to make this signature event come alive. Best wishes for a safe and fun Fur Rondy 2017 and see you out there! Ethan Berkowitz Mayor, Municipality of Anchorage 4 2017 ANCHORAGE FUR RENDEZVOUS Anchorage, Alaska


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from the rondy president Beth Helgeson President, Board of Directors Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Dear Alaskans and Guests, Welcome to Fur Rendezvousl! Now in it’s 82nd year, it has grown from a local sporting event to a world-renowned winter festival that attracts visitors from around our state, and around the world. A full schedule is contained within this guide to help you plan your time enjoying events that span the ages, traditions, and culture of Alaska. Fur Rendezvous’ continued success would not be possible without our community partners, members, sponsors, and volunteers. This kind of tradition cannot continue without intent and assistance! Each individual that participates is responsible for the success of Rondy – by purchasing a signature pin, participating in events, merchandise and memberships, you are keeping the festival going for future generations. Fur Rondy is about having fun, hospitality and the Alaskan Spirit. Whether it’s your first time or one of many, please consider this your personal invitation from the Board of Directors and staff to come out and celebrate Rondy! alaSka Sound celebration preSentS hThiedWeorGled TFamTouosGFiersTT-heveerr February 24 – March 11 49th State brewing coMpany theatre ever wonder how Fur rondy really got started? travel back to 1935 and find out at the 2017 Melodrama! with heroes and villains, singin’ and dancin’, popcorn-throwin’ and even a variety show, there’s never been a more entertaining history lesson! Reserve your seats today at CenterTix.net or 263-ARTS. alaskasoundcelebration.org Written by Nancy Arnold & Sue Kjellsen • Stage Direction by David Block • Musical Direction by Peggy Benton Supported in part by the Municipality oF anchorage. www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 5


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CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY GCI’s 33RD ANNUAL SNOW SCULPTURE COMPETITION With an arsenal of stuff like Alaska’s fastest internet, the biggest and fastest statewide wireless network, advanced fiber optic networks, high definition video, crystal clear digital local phone service, HD video conferencing, remote telemedicine, distance education, and more, GCI knows about cuing edge technology. We’re Alaska Born and Raised, so, it only makes sense for us to be the title sponsor for the 33rd Annual GCI Fur Rondy Snow Sculpture Competition. Besides, we love a good block party. Proud sponsor of Fur Rondy 6 2017 ANCHORAGE FUR RENDEZVOUS Anchorage, Alaska


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meet the rondy team Fur Rondy Staff John McCleary, Executive Director Erik Judson, Marketing Director Tom Grainger, Operations Director Kevin Young, Events Manager Carol Daughtry, Sales Manager Fur Rondy Board of Directors Officers Beth Helgeson - President Kathy Chamberlin - Secretary Rod Williams - Treasurer Ruth Williams - Past President General Board Lori Brewer Bev Felix Nikki Giordano Charlie Grimm Amie Haakenson Gary Hufford Denis Hippert Jim Huettl Virgil Jensen John McCleary John Kevin Powers Mike Robbins John Rodda Rod Williams Board Emeritus Rhea Bowman Cary Carrigan Mary Fairbanks Ernie Hall Fur Rondy Headquarters 400 D Street, Suite 110 Anchorage, AK 99501 Phone: 907-274-1177 Fax: 907-277-2199 www.furrondy.net Thank you to BP for supporting our community nonprofit organizations presenting events during Fur Rondy. www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 7


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Caffe D’Arte! Coffee, Espresso, Cold Drinks, Snacks and more. Open during Rondy February 26, 27, 28 and March 5. rondy headquarters Rondy Shop! Exclusive Rondy Merchandise - Pins, Shirts, and more! Dog Mushing Hall of Fame’ TM View memorabilia from the history of Fur Rondy and the Alaska state sport! BUY TICKETS and REGISTER FOR EVENTS Jim Beam JaM Friday, February 24, $25.00 Miners & Trappers Pardi-gras Saturday, March 4, $30.00 Frostbite Footrace Saturday, February 25 Running of the Reindeer Saturday, March 4, $30.00 Running with the Critters Saturday, March 4th, 2:30pm $10 per child, $25 per family of four Visit www.furrondy.net for other team events and tickets on sale. Rondy Melodrama, Hockey, Snowshoe Softball and more. Become a Fur Rondy m e m ber Support Rondy and enjoy member benefits such as: • Free Rondy & Booster pin(s) • 10% discount in Rondy Shop • And more*... *Member benefits vary by membership level. See www.furrondy.net for information. www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 9


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keystone kops Keystone Kops of the University Kiwanis, Anchorage In the mid-sixties the University Kiwanis came up with the idea of being Keystone Kops, enforcing the tradition of having to wear a Fur Rondy pin or button when a person is in attendance at any of the winter festival activities. Their Kiwanis club constructed a couple of portable jails where they good-naturedly incarcerate “villains” who are not wearing a Fur Rondy pin or button. One way to stay out of jail (or get back out) is to purchase a pin or button from the Keystone Kops who, coincidently, sell them! This project is their largest fundraiser. They receive a percentage of the pin and button sales for their efforts, netting approximately $10,000 to $20,000 annually. These proceeds go back into the community via their many projects – predominantly to the four Key Clubs and a KCI club they sponsor each year. Starting around Thanksgiving, they staff a pin sales table each weekend at different locations throughout Anchorage to sell the current year’s pins. Also, members individually sell the pins and buttons through the winter months as do some of their Key Clubs. During the actual Fur Rondy festival they are on the streets downtown, in local establishments, in the parade, and at other events actively selling pins. They also have their own pin design, new each year, which they sell at the same time. Although this is their largest fundraiser, it is also a community service project. Over the years the Keystone Kops have become recognized as the face of the Fur Rondy celebration. They appear in their Kop outfits (looking like British Bobbies with many Fur Rondy pins on their coats) at many public functions to advertise the event. They also appear on television raiding the newscasts to arrest local newscasters who do not have a Fur Rondy pin. All of this is done in good-natured fun to promote the winter carnival. During the event they serve as ambassadors for the festival, providing information and directions to many visitors. They are in hundreds of photos, posing with visitors, from around the world, who want their picture taken with a Keystone Kop. For more information, or to learn how you can join the fun and become a Keystone Kop, visit www. anchorageuniversitykiwanis.org. 10 2017 ANCHORAGE FUR RENDEZVOUS Anchorage, Alaska


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RONDY CORNHOLE “Toss” your hat into the ring and test your skill at cornhole! Toss us a like on Facebook! www.facebook.com/ak.cornhole ICE BREAKER TOURNEY Friday, March 3rd, 7:00pm American Legion Post 28 7001 Brayton Drive CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday, March 5th, 10:30am Anchorage Senior Activity Center 1300 East 19th Avenue For tournament fees & details, visit www.furrondy.net Sponsored by: BsoMrtutehMseaatarkutchohseaueiltfcCBtthooee&nactceorosmdtsd,ptaueomtrn&eecsshinoaMinwnthogdeou,cf“fescMlyetrobo.aurFarsuctebrthoFutedahMeyc…eceabrChtrocaininngoMtethsynpeto,it”ounertehnsewwstoA“hr,lladIinpsa-kckalnaafnsdSosdtabrtItceeehaMCreTdharatoa.tmonpofdfiofuAnyicsrrohtuiipCrafoeBlanxettcearaesretdm”l.eaal2ynsd0tko1laer7an.t 30$ 00 per person. tickets available fur rondy shop at furrondy.net, the and other locations. 5s:3a0tuprdma•y,EgMaanrchCe4ntther Must be 21 years or older to attend. id required. Benefiting local lions cluBs charities “ink lobby and ice pardi doors tattoo open: 5:00pm art contest”: 5:30pm gras start: 5:30pm Beard contest: 7:00pm costume contest: 9:00pm liVe Band Music 12 2017 ANCHORAGE FUR RENDEZVOUS Anchorage, Alaska


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Monday, February 20 5:30pm-7:00pm Fur Rondy Pin Swap Moose Lodge 1534 4211 Arctic Blvd THE LEGENDARY® BURGER pre-rondy events Wednesday, February 22 7:00pm Musher’s Bib Draw Hard Rock Cafe Upstairs, 415 E St The mushers competing in the 2017 Open World Championship Sled Dog Races draw their bib numbers to determine starting order. Musher registration at 5:00pm, draw begins at 7:00pm. Thursday, February 23 10:00am PLAAY Day All Across Alaska Elementary schools participating in the PLAAY Day will gather their students together in gyms, recreation centers, common spaces, outside or in classrooms to participate in a half hour of fun physical activity. Alaska role model athletes will lead and encourage the students through the exercise routines. www.plaay.org OFFICIAL RONDY EVENT 3:30pm-7:00pm Frostbite Footrace Bib Pick-up Glacier BrewHouse 737 W 5th Ave, Suite 110 OFFICIAL RONDY EVENT 6:00pm-10:00pm World Championship Outdoor Hockey Tournament Delaney Park Strip & Mulcahy Ice Complex 6:00pm-10:00pm Fur Rondy Spiel Anchorage Curling Club, 711 E Loop Rd Curling Tournament open to 16 teams. Club is open to the public to watch the games. See www.anchoragecurling. com for more information or to register to play. 100% ALL-NATURAL BEEF. SMOKED BACON. ALL THE TOPPINGS. IT’S THE ONLY BURGER THAT BELONGS IN A ROCK & ROLL MUSEUM. join hardrockrewards.com ANCHORAGE | 415 E STREET | +1-907-274-7625 HARDROCK.COM #THISISHARDROCK ©2015 Hard Rock International (USA), Inc. All rights reserved. * Nonprofit listing provided by BP www.furrondy.net CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 13


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friday, february 24 Official Rondy Event 10:00am-8:00pm Amateur Photo Contest The Mall at Sears 600 E Northern Lights Blvd Come see the world through the eyes of amateur photographers as they display photos and compete for top honors in various categories. * Nonprofit listing provided by BP 9:00am-6:00pm The Great Train Show Historic Alaska Railroad Depot 411 W 1st Ave The Military Society of Model Railroad Engineers bring you sights, sounds, and shapes of model railroading. Kids of all ages will enjoy the wonder and magic of model railroading brought to life with trains operating on multiple layouts of different scales. Re-invigorate your inner child while sharing and exploring your thoughts, stories and ideas with other people who share the “I had a layout as a kid” experience while reviving memories of railroading from years gone by. Come and partake of the aura of the Historic Alaska Railroad Depot, help bring ARR 557 back to life, and find out what adventures await you on the Alaska Railroad. We’ll see you there. All Aboard! Official Rondy Event 10:00am-8:00pm Amateur Photo Contest The Mall at Sears 600 E Northern Lights Blvd Come see the world through the eyes of amateur photographers as they display photos and compete for top honors in various categories. Official Rondy Event 10:00am-10:00pm GCI Snow Sculpture Competition Ship Creek Ave, across from Comfort Inn 8ftx8ftx8ft blocks of compressed snow form the starting point for creative miracles to happen. Watch artists of varying levels create and compete for sculptural dominance! Division 1 winners go to the US Nationals to compete as Alaska’s team. 10:00am Judged Art Show Anchorage Senior Activity Center 1300 E 19th Ave Free. Open to the public. 10:00am-6:00pm 13th Annual Craft Alaska 4th Avenue Marketplace, 333 W 4th Ave 4th Ave Marketplace will be having its 13th Annual Craft Alaska Event. Get out of the cold & come into a warm, dry, festive atmosphere. Craft AK is a fun, family-friendly festival with Alaskan artists, craft vendors & local snacks located inside the 4th Avenue Marketplace at the corner of 4th and D. 14 2017 ANCHORAGE FUR RENDEZVOUS Anchorage, Alaska


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FRuorndy Carnival Parking February 24 - March 5 • 5th & B Garage • Sockeye Lot 3rd Ave & C St • Coho Lot 3rd Ave & E St www.furrondy.net 276-Park(7275) EasyParkalaska.com CELEBRATING 82 YEARS OF ALASKAN SPIRIT! 15



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