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Try our Delicious Jam and Cream Scone with Pot of Tea or Fresh Coffee £3.45


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Jacket Potatoes £3.20 Served with salad and choice of delicious fillings Roast Chicken Chicken and Bacon Tuna Chicken Tikka Mexican Chicken (hot and spicy, guaranteed to tickle the tastebuds) Rustic Ciabatta Panini - PLEASE NOTE: ALL Panini’s have CHEESE Freshly made with a delicious filled and toasted Ciabatta served with a complimentary side salad, see below for fillings. Ham/Cheese Roast Chicken Chicken and Bacon Tuna Melt Chicken Tikka Mexican Chicken (hot and spicy) Shared Panini £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £2.95 £3.30 Cakes Selection Caramel Short Cake £1.50 Muffins £1.50 Cakes £1.85 - £2.50 Scone with butter £1.40 Scone with butter & jam £1.50 Toasted Fruit Slices with butter £1.35 Toasted Plain Slices with butter £1.10


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Our own filter coffee beans (Rainforest Beans) £4.59 for 250-gram. We can grind the beans for you with no extra cost. Our Special Chorizo and Tomato Panini’s Pesto Panini’s ~£3.30 Salads Ham/Turkey/Beef £3.85 & Teacakes available £2.60


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Hello and Welcome to the Overflowing Cup Coffee House Opening Hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday Saturday – 10am to 4pm Phone in Orders 01274 617737 Wi-Fi: c0ff335h0p Cotw Wi-Fi: iamthewaythetruthandthelife



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