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FTC-NME SYSTEM Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry Installation and working procedure Gerotto Federico S.r.l. – Via Croce, 26 – 35011 Campodarsego (PD) – Italy Tel. +39 049 5564422 – Fax +39 049 5564784 – info@gerotto.it – www.gerotto.it


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FTC-NME Underground fuel tanks need periodic maintenance for cleaning the internal surfaces from material sediment and encrustations. Gerotto Federico Srl has designed a complete system for cleaning these dangerous and confined spaces, avoiding man entry: the explosion-proof robot named Fuel Tank Cleaning - No Man Entry, complete with Power Pack and Video Inspection System.


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Installation The components are brought on the site (1) and the Power Pack is connected to the robot with quick connectors (2). The FTC is a pneumatic machine, suitable for working in potentially explosive atmospheres. 12 For enhanced security, the machine can be started up only after the connection of the grounding system (3). 3


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Installation The Power Pack is switched on (1) and the grounding is activated (2). Now it is possible, for the operator, to turn on the radio remote control (3) to move the robot from a safe distance. 2 1 All the working parameters can be constantly monitored on the Power Pack, and the PLC allows the operator to control all functions and potential anomalies. 3


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Robot functions All the functions of the robot can be controlled from the radio remote control. 1) Lifting up the tower 2) Extension of the telescopic arm


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Robot functions 3) Activation of the upper and lower high-pressure water nozzles 4) Moving the suction nozzle 5) Lateral/frontal orientation and rotation of the upper water nozzles


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Installation An explosion-proof, touchscreen monitor is connected to an explosion-proof camera, to allow the operator to maneuver the robot from outside. A Vacuum Truck provides the FTC with high pressure water for washing the tank and, at the same time, it sucks up the material.


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Working procedure The FTC is secured to a stainless steel rope and lowered in the tank through the manhole, using a tripod with a winch installed on it.


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Working procedure Once the robot reaches the bottom, a camera with integrated LED lights is fixed to the entrance for remotely controlling the robot. The operator can safely watch the operations through the screen, and videos can be recorded on a USB flash drive for documentation.


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Working procedure The first phase is to suck up the debris right under the manhole to facilitate the movements of the robot. As the FTC moves forward, the aspiration of the material contributes to keep the tracks clean. Then, depending on the thickness of the sediment, it is possible to spray a chemical solvent to simplify the removal of oily substances from the surfaces. This function can be activated from the remote control.


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Working procedure At this point the rotating nozzles can be activated from the remote control to wash the tank with high pressure water. The effluent on the bottom is sucked up from the lower suction nozzle and collected in the Vacuum Truck container for disposal. At the end of operations, the FTC is closed and taken out of the tank. Then it is cleaned following specific procedures appropriate for the working environment.



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