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this story compilation is a result of a project we completed in 2011 my students were assigned to write a 20-page story inspired by a reading task from our coursebook you will read 3 stories because only these three have a plot character development and an event with an ending my students really worked very hard but as this was our first attempt we ended up with some unfinished ones first i thought to correct the mistakes then i decided to leave them as they are stories dora and her friends ­the lost by murat cakir who is the killer by bianca sariaslan miko the dog by karolin kalustyan 1


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dora and her friends-the lost family fantastic&adventure murat Çakir 2


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a fter that terrible disaster this was the most powerful earthquake ever happened in england at the beginning of the 16thcenturies.so that this disaster called second noah event after that event people became more sensitive to god on a sweltering day in a natural park in london there were three friends and they were home mates too they were very close to each other they were walking happily in the park these were dora tim and paul dora was 16 years old her eyes were green and she had long orange hair because of that she was called carrot girl by her friends she was clever and hardworking and she loved play with her black cat coal tim was 17.his eyes were black he had black hair and he was curious and inquisitive he had never had a friend before why because he had a snake called tail he always loved dora but he didnt tell about it to her and paul he was 17 too his brown eyes always encouraged him he was creative but a bit lazy he had an owl called beak his necklace was important for him he inherited it from his grandfather and he never put off it they walked nearly two hours around the park and they got tired and they decided to go to their cottage .this was an unusual cottage people didnt see this cottage even it didnt seem from map anyway they arrived their cottage they were too tired and they sit in a chair quickly .a few minutes later they could realize the three letters which were in the table first they only looked at each other for a minute and then they took the letters to read at that minute letters started to fly around the room they were flying as if winged finally they managed to catch the letters there written 3


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dear our new pupil you should feel lucky you had chance to be a student to ravenwood school of wzardy and wtchcraft the school would start a week later please be on time at station and dont forget to bring your magic wands and books manager cortus corelius they all confused and again they looked each other they screamed dora said what is this is this a joke i dont know but it isnt a good joke said tim paul said anyway will we go to the school of course no it is only bad joke said tim angrily a week later they found a note there written why dont you believe us you are young witch and wizards .dont you want to know how to use your special abilities dont forget to bring your magic wands and books manager cortus corelius this was the first time that this three friend felt shocked .it isnt easy to hear young witch and wizards of course they couldnt believe at first time are we magicians said tim and laughed 4


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dora waited for a minute she was thoughtful she trying to remember her one of the memory that it happened to her when she at the age of four .she could remembered her memory and started to tell it to her confused friends look when i was four while me and my mum were walking on the street somebody came near to my mum he caught my mum s bag and started to run quickly .at that time i felt different than ever before i mean i felt braver and powerful and i followed the thief i managed to caught the thief a voice whistled me a sentence this was your first experiment and you succeed in paul and tim were listening to dora excitedly dora s memory helped to convince paul and tim finally they decided to go to ravenwood before they had gone to school they went to old francis magic shop to buy their books and magic wands old francis was the last person to sell magical things they arrived the shop they opened the door and entered to the shop hello said politely all together hello what do you want from me tell quickly said old francis he was a bit opposite person unfortunately paul answered we need magic wands and books for ravenwood first old francis couldnt believe that they were the student of ravenwood school and he didnt want to give them what they needed normally students go to ravenwood when they are at the age of ten however on average they are seventeen he suspected that they were umano it was prohibited to sell magical things to umanos because of that he refused but they werent umanos they were only called a bit late from manager just it at that minute they saw a note written 5


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dear francis it is all my fault i sent the invitation letters a bit late i should have sent them 7 years ago can you give them whatever they need manager cortus corelius this time old francis didnt refused the students he gave them three magic wands books also old francis gave to dora a crystal ball and he continued this crystal ball will help you when do you need help dora couldnt understand what he was talking about but she thanked politely and took the crystal ball all right it was time to go to ravenwood they went to ravenwood train station with their lovely pets this train used only to bring new student to the school safely they were waiting at the station suddenly they heard an announcement we regret to tell that the train to ravenwood wasnt be able to be at the station on time we have to be there at ten oclock but if wait the train we will late said tim what can we do i mean can we be there on time said paul i have an idea lets try it now close your eyes and think about the train is coming then they heard the sound of the wheels of a train they learnt that if they really believe in something it will be real soon after also it is possible for us we dont have any special abilities like them but if we believe we can do more than we do 6


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anyway finally the train came to the station they could enter and they found seats and sit they were talking about ravenwood they were happy yet still confused dora was looking at her magic book she started reading a word with spell out s-cam-bo said she with shaking her magic wand to tim unconsciously at that time the funny thing happened and tims black hair changed into red wowoow said dora she and paul laughed at tim for three minutes enoughhh said tim to them asked dora to change his hair colour into black again she again looked at her book she was turning the pages quickly to find the necessary spell for tim ive found said dora happily and she started doing a new spell surely riprendere shouted dora both tim and paul were watching dora admiringly they had enjoyable and interesting times on the train eventually they could arrive to the ravenwood there were hundred new pupils too new students entered from ravenwood s huge door there was a sentence written over the ravenwood s huge door inutilmente agitando la bacchetta it means do not use your magic wands if you dont need students directly went to great hall to have dinner together it was a tradition in that school on tables there were many types of food when dora tim and paul sat down they were disappointed because their classmates were younger than them at that moment there was loud in the hall even deaf people could be annoyed 7


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be quickkk shouted the principal cortus corelius at that time he walked to lectern with slow steps and he started his usual speech dear our new students welcome to ravenwood school of wizardy and witchcraft dont forget you are all selected students this building will be your second home you have got seven mandatory lessons tranfiguration charm potion duration flying astronomy and defence against the dark arts your elective lessons are herbology,aritmancy and history of magic it is prohibited to go around the school be careful have a nice meal principal cortus corelius he was a wise person his white long hair made him look wiser .he put on his own special blue robe his eyes like an ocean he was the eldest person in ravenwood he used a powerful magic staff after the dinner students went to their own room dora was looking at her crystal ball she wanted to explore it she touched it in 8


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this time there became a very bright light that dora couldnt looked she was scared and she hid it meanwhile tim was talking about dora to paul he was excited when he said her name paul was listening carefully he was close to tim however paul only could say forget her .tim didnt understand what he was talking about times later on monday morning they got up at 7:00 oclock after a delicious breakfast they were excited for their first lesson their first lesson was transfiguration transfiguration was an enjoyable lesson for students this lesson was taught by professor gloria gutatio she believed that transfiguration need more concentration she used to teach in her first lesson changing pens into a mouse she behaved as a mother to her students and disciplined too she was tall and thin her face was wrinkled she never wore colourful robes it was a secret she interested in manager corelius firstly do not forget this is a very serious lesson young learners a wizard or a witch must know how to change him/her into whatever he/she wants also this lesson will help to defend yourselves from your enemies said prof.gutatio by that time students were listening prof.gutatio carefully but when they heard your enemies they started whistling each other thats enough said she paul asked professor who are our enemies she said nothing about this and she continued to lesson after the lesson prof.gutatio went to the principal s office to tell about her mistake she transformed to a bird so that she can go quickly to office while she was flying all students were watching her admiringly she entered his office the principal was talking with charm professor charlie charmy it was interesting they always talk about something can we speak prof.cortus alone please said prof gloria 9


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oh i have already have things to do tell me gloria what happened said manager gloria told about her wrong manager became upset and gloria became upset too the next day in history of magic lesson their first subject was history of ravenwood ravenwood school of wizardy and witchcraft was built by four powerful wizard and witches in 1666.the school was made in 100 day they used the most powerful spells and charms to make it stronger there are 10000 of rooms and there are unknown rooms too as you know there is a gigantic library for you to read much the founders of this school are cyrus crake falia falmea ,glenda greyrose and molistaire morake they were smart because they built the school far from the city so that umanos not to see us and we think that the other reason is if again a second noah event happens we won t get injured did you catch all in the whole classroom dora could the catch all things professor helga historia explained quickly professor helga historia was a fat woman she usually said that history isnt only a history even if this sentence meaningful but for her it was her philosophy dora tim paul were in ravenwoods marvellous garden with their classmates they were waiting in front of ravenwoods huge door for their flying professor prof.soape suddenly they saw on the sky a thing that was flying it is a bird said a one student no it is a kite said the other it was neither a bird nor a kite it was prof.soape that she was just showing her abilities and she was laughing while she was flying i can say that she was a bit arrogant finally she stopped to fly and started meeting with her new students 10


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hi i am your flying professor my name is soape please dont do any joke for my name to me .flying is the most enjoyable lesson through me it is normal to afraid at first time but dont give up then you will feel excited when you are flying lets start with a basic exercise say up to your broom she was a young teacher she has a fit body a small nose and a yellow hair at the lessons she careful for students if they fall down from the broom she can have a problem with manager up up up said all together they managed to elevate their brooms at the first time well-done ,now sit and just fly said she excitedly do you wanna race said paul to tim tim was afraid of scaring ,however dora encouraged him tim accepted racing with paul ready starttt said the teacher first they looked each other then started to race they were flying as a bird they fought nearly five minutes and tim won the race ,his friend clapped him also dora was happy she was just laughing to tim after that tiring day they wanted to sleep early however they had forgotten one thing .astronomy lesson that it was teaching at midnight by prof.stella .students detested this lesson they were working with stars and unfortunately they couldnt sleep very well this lesson was taught in one of the towers of rawenwood prof.stella was blonde and had a straight hair tall and thin she was crazy stars give me a good luck ,stars are my sisters said prof.stella happily for this sentence students laughed at her she started to cry and said leave me alone with my stars you can go out good nights they directly went to their beds now they worried about the other lesson defend against the dark arts 11


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defend against the dark arts basically in this lesson students learn defending themselves they had to listen to prof.belarus humus carefully .it was important lesson for them there was a silent in the classroom they heard that a student was transformed to a frog by prof.belarus humus when prof.belarus humus came to the class he didnt ask anything he directly started to lesson paul shouted suddenly he y-ee-s stammered he he was scared why are you stemming said humus i heard that you had transformed a student into a frog of course that wasnt true he was serious and always had a sulk face that was true but he never behaved like that prof.belarus didnt care and he started to his lesson you must know your enemies in order to defend yourselves .be brave and attack just it prof.belarus can i ask a question said paul yes please how can i defend myself first dont scare be brave then use your abilities said he that lesson has finished tim dora and paul were talking about prof.belarus i think he isnt bad person as he seem said paul in my opinion he had to be serious because of his naughty students said dora i agree with you said tim tim never had his own opinion he always agreed with dora after that conversation they went to ravenwoods tower for duration lesson 12


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students were walking into duration tower they had never seen this place before when they saw their class they excited because it was a bit different from the other classes there were playing cards empty coffee glasses and most specially there were crystal balls in each table prof.fortuna came to the class with her crystal ball she carried it wherever she went because of that her students called to her crystal head she was tall and thin her orange and curly hair looked like a carrot and she had feminist thoughts duration is the art of interpreting the future it is right we werent able to see the future but we have the talent to interpret it very well now i will tell you a duration i want to a volunteer miss dora can you help me of course professor said she got excited prof.fortuna took a pair of hairs from dora then she put it over hers crystal ball she looked for a moment into crystal ball then her face became different students also dora were became worried what happens asked dora to the prof.fortuna nothing answered she and closed the crystal ball with an unfortunate emotion and she went on a new subject there are types of fortunes as if coffee fortune you should look carefully into the coffee glass after the lesson dora didnt wait for tim and paul she run quickly to her room she wanted to look about strange thing that prof.fortuna saw and didnt tell to her when she came to her room she surprised again because this time she lost her own crystal ball she looked her wardrobe again and again but she failed and she suddenly started to cry that wasnt normal for her there were unknown events about her past and her future she was stabled that she would find the truths for this firstly she went to ravenwoods 13


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gigantic library before she had gone to library she learnt the password to enter the library there were important and hidden files about wizards and witches ,i mean there were their biographies and truths about their lives because of that manager had to encrypt it also there was a library servant in it the password was known by manager and teachers dora went to the library her aim was to learn the password when somebody told it prof gutatio entered to the library by saying reading is the best act that ive ever done five minutes later prof gutatio went out then dora repeated the same password loudly .door opened and she entered in it there were millions of books she walked twelve footsteps then she called loudly book of fate that she wanted it that book came to her by flying she looked at it she was turning the pages quickly finally she found her own page when she was reading the book she learnt that her ancestors were the most powerful wizard and witches in those times unfortunately she learnt the strange truth about her life in fact her mother was cursed by lord of the storms lord of the storms was brother of cortus corelius because of that he was as powerful as cortus corelius however both of them were denied being brother lord of the storms had bad powers he made his magic staff with bats wings ,with body of snake eye of eagle after all power of darkness he had lived in underground in his dark 14


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castle with his faithful servants he also damned doras mother by a charm lord of the storms damned dora s mother teresa by a charm after that she became servant of lord she was danger for wizard world also for her family because of this reason holy wizard and witch committeeh.w.w.c decided to imprison her in a jail h.w.w.c tried to save her but they didnt succeed in teresa is in a jail that nobody knows when dora was reading these lines she was shocked and became very angry eventually she cried at that moments tim and paul were looking for dora have you seen dora after the last lesson paul asked tim he was worried about her no lets find her answered paul they decided to firstly look in first floor but they could see dora on the corridor while she coming to them tim and paul understood that she was unhappy also they saw tears of her and asked for what happened at her heyyy dora why are you so sad let me tell us asked tim nothinggg leave me alone shouted at tim rudely and she run directly to her bedroom when she came to her room she saw a note over the bed she took it and started to read if you want to save your mother come to east of ravenwood at midnight and i will take bring you to your mother be alone and dont tell about this note to anybody it was uncertain that she would go or not for a moment but then she decided to go there alone at midnight she was worried about eight hours later she took a deep breath and she was ready for charm lesson she sat distant from her best friends tim and paul they were offended to dora they didnt concerned about her they were 15



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