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4th Quarter 2016


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TOWN HALL MEETING 2016 ZAFCO’s desired destiny has its own importance, as success depends a lot on the vision that you have and path that you define for it to achieve and ZAFCO has a firm belief in that. The Town Hall Meeting took place on October 13th, 2016 at Muhammed Hussain Auditorium in ZAFCO, Dubai, where the executive directors of the company – Mr. Zafar Hussain, shared how the company has fared so far in 2016 and what is the vision for 2020. A logo for vision 2020 was also unveiled. Mr. Zafar started with a sweet surprise by unveiling the Employee Appreciation program “MASHKOOR” in order to motivate the ZAFCOIANS. The volume and profit growth till Q3 2016- we did better than the same period last year and much better than the industry. He also shared that the attrition rate of ZAFCO is much lower than the general attrition rate in UAE market. Not only that, it is even lower than the 10% upper limit set for our organization. The meeting finally ended by setting a reminder for the Family day for employees.


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Zeetex has launched #reTYREd campaign! Zeetex is known for its costumer centric approach and has been very active with its educative digital marketing campaigns. After a couple of very successful campaigns- Switch to Zeetex & Don’t drink and drive; it has now come out with a very interesting campaign which is aimed at educating the audience on how to use their used car tires. Though there is some commercial usage of used tires- fuel in cement industry & making crumb rubber which is used for making roads/ jogging tracks etc; many used tires still end up in stock pile and landfills, causing serious health and safety hazards. Zeetex is encouraging people to become responsible and make use of used car tires, wherever possible. The brand is reaching out to its audience on social media through a series of animated posts; each of which shares a new idea on how to convert used car tires into a useful thing- a series of Do It Yourself(DIY) ideas. Zeetex continues to create an impact by spreading awareness and helping its customers yield maximum benefit out of Zeetex tires even after it’s promised life. This campaign is a true gesture of being a responsible brand, yielding positive outcomes for the customers, environment, and the society, as a whole.


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UAE NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONS @ ZAFCO ZAFCONIANS celebrated 45th UAE National Day by forming a human flag outside the Jebel Ali office. 72 employees came together to form the UAE flag, showing respect to the nation which brought all of them together to pursue their dreams and to be a part of this amazing ZAFCO family. The video was uploaded on various social media platforms and received a very good viewership online. Christmas Day Celebrations @ Zafco Celebrations are a part of life @ ZAFCO. Christmas gave us all the more reason to come together and celebrate. ZAFCONIANS came together and expressed the excitement of the festive season by singing a Christmas carol. The same was filmed and uploaded on various social media channels. Apart from the carol video by employees, another animated Christmas video was created by the marketing team to send out wishes to our social media audience.


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EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION FIESTA 2016 We, at ZAFCO; believe in appreciating the efforts, our employees put in each day to help us grow! We believe that every little contribution matters and we move together as one team with a common mission and vision. The Employee Appreciation Fiesta reflects the Management’s “People First” belief. This year, an overnight stay at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa was arranged for the employees and their families. Besides feasting on the sumptuous food, employees participated in various sports and team building exercises. Various creative activities kept the kids busy. With a stay over for the night, everyone got ample time to relax amidst beautiful & serene surroundings. On the whole, it was a refreshing trip that gave the employees and their families a pleasant break from the routine life in the concrete jungle that we all live in. We also had an event for our Service level employees who went for Desert Safari. Activities they enjoyed included Desert Driving and Dune bashing in 4wds by professional drivers, Camel Riding, Arabic costumes for photographs, Fragrant Sheesha (Arabian Water pipe), International Buffet dinner, Enchanting Belly Dance entertainment, Bold Fire Dance and Tanura Dance Show. Cheers to team ZAFCO!! Wishing for a bright future and looking forward to many more reasons to celebrate together.


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Training Program – Zeetex PCR A technical training on Zeetex Passenger Car tires for the Sales and Supply Chain Staff from Angola, was conducted by Mr. Raghavendra Sanga. Besides getting acquainted with the Zeetex product portfolio, the participants gained confidence in the brand as they saw the amazing test results and went through the key advantages of our tires. Product comparisons further helped them understand the unique selling points of our tires. The session equipped them with the right knowledge to pitch the product to the customers effectively. The participants were elated to have got the opportunity to attend the session and requested for more such sessions in the future-at regular intervals to refresh their knowledge and to get updates on new product launches. 2016 Training for the Warehouse team In close coordination with Technical Services departments, Human Capital Management department initiated a 5-month Warehouse Personnel Training Program from July to November 2016. Various work related modules were covered, including Basic Tire Training, how to read Sidewall Marking, Tire Safety, Storage and Brands We Deal with followed by a brief Quiz. 99 ZAFCO employees attended various modules and spent around 370 training hours during these learning sessions. Based on the participation and quiz results, 2 individuals from each of the three locations (Sharjah, Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi) emerged as toppers and these 6 individuals competed among each other for the ZAFCO Quiz Championship trophy. Certificates of Participation were awarded to all the training participants. The idea was to give them the opportunity to learn, yet encourage them to come forward to perform and shine.


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Digital Campaign: Zeetex Batteries & Lubricants In order to promote Zeetex Batteries and Lubricants, we initiated digital campaigns for these businesses. A series of creatives to promote the long life and low maintenance of Zeetex batteries were created. Another set of creatives were made to promote the benefits of using Zeetex automotive lubricants. Both the campaigns were promoted online in the local market and parts of Africa. Edit the below creative: remove tyres part. Make it only for batteries and lubricants. Zeetex Brand Campaign in Japan We kick started a full-fledged brand campaign for Zeetex in Japan through an external marketing agency. Regional social media pages have been created besides the campaign microsite. We are generating a good database from this campaign as thousands of people have registered for a lucky draw on the microsite. Till date more than three thousand entries have been received. We are giving away fortnightly and monthly prizes. In addition to this, we recorded a product review video with a famous auto journalist. Two press releases have also been given out, so far. Going forward we will participate in the Earth Hour event in Japan and will promote effective usage of used car tyres, under our #reTYREd campaign to highlight our concern for the environment.


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ZEETEX – “Don’t Drink & Drive” We successfully concluded a social campaign again under the Zeetex brand: “Don’t Drink & Drive”. When we are on the road, we need to be very much responsible and try to be as safe as possible because life doesn’t give a second chance-always. As a responsible tire brand, Zeetex sent out a very strong message to its audience- “Don’t Drink & Drive”. Drinking and Driving is a strict NO!! The creatives were really hard hitting as we wanted to make a lasting impact in the minds of the people.


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New Brand Themes- Otani & Zeetex We are in the process of infusing some freshness into the visual identity of our brands: Zeetex & Otani. As a first step in this direction, we have developed a theme for each of them which sends out a very strong message, emphasizing the strengths of these brands. Going forward, this will give a direction to our brand communication. We will be using this in all future communication regarding Otani. It communicates three important messages: 1. The tyre strength- Built Tough 2. The Origin- Thailand 3. Global Brand- Trusted across the globe This is what Zeetex as a brand stands for! It can be interpreted in a lot of ways: 1. Good road grip 2. Better handling 3. Stability 4. Efficient cornering etc. ONLINE PROMOTION – RETAIL BUSINESS In order to promote Zdegree & Supercarz business, we launched various promotional schemes and promoted them through our social media pages, e-mailer campaigns and bulk SMS. Gradually the follower count has been increasing and interactions on the social media pages of both these brands have gone up. Being in B2C category, these measures have helped a lot in promoting the brands and pushed sales to some extent. In order to make the website more interactive, we even introduced a “submit your query/feedback “section which allowed the visitors to ask questions and share their feedbacks on a regular basis. A good number of enquiries have been generated through this; over the last couple of months.


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Otani Convention 2016 – Thailand The Otani Convention 2016, Thailand from 2nd-8th October 2016 brought Otani dealers from different parts of the world, together. Besides the usual brand and product knowledge sharing, the participants indulged in various fun filled activities. We used this opportunity to record video testimonials of the customers in their regional languages. This, after compilation will be promoted online and will be used in various events to gain confidence of new customers.


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Zafco turns on the hospitality for dealers at SEMA Zafco invited select dealers to meet their representatives at a private suite at the world-famous Bellagio where they had one-on-one meetings in a relaxed environment on November 1 and 2. This was an opportunity to escape from the bustling halls of SEMA and have a deeper and more intimate interaction with interested prospects. “We’re not just any other distributor in the market, but manufacturers as well with equities in all our factories, which gives us full control of our supply chain and makes us uniquely positioned in the industry from a cost-competitive perspective. Our private hospitality suite was where we invited dealers to experience for themselves the ZAFCO difference.”


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