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H&H CVC 1991 2017 Club Mag January 2017 - Edition N° 300


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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 Chairman, Treasurer and Director - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Vice Chairman and Director - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Assistant Chairman and Director - John Walker - 01663 766861 Account administrator - Jean Knowles 19, Bath Crescent Cheadle Hulme Cheadle Cheshire SK8 7DQ judojean@btinternet.com 0161 439 2106 Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Company Secretary, Director & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07970 254172 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section - John Walker2 - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk Club Stands Mike Coffey - 01298 27424


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Club Mag. For January 2017 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT HAPPY NEW YEAR In customary fashion, I begin with my usual ‘Happy New Year’ greeting to one and all and hope that both Christmas and New Year celebrations passed well and without incident. Our Christmas Party went very well in the now customary format but numbers were a little down on 2105. I hear on the grape vine that some members would like a change in format so any ideas on that front would be most welcome. For 2017 a combined team of Mike Coffey, Chris Howarth and Steve Bagnall are planning some more evening and weekend runs following the success of the Bugsworth Basin run last year. The weekend runs will start from the The Dog & Partridge pub opposite the Conservative Club where a hearty English breakfast will be available for £4+ before the run for those who wish to participate. If any members have any ideas about places that could be incorporated in these runs then please pass them on to Mike Coffey. Also, a reminder that whilst we have a reasonably good programme of events for the evening club nights at the Conservative Club, any input would be most welcome with details of any guest speakers or other events. I know that Ed Burke, together with Craig and Simon


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Isles have a planned rocker box racing event for the March Club night where modified and decorated skateboards will be launched from sloped ramps and the one that goes the furthest is the winner. There are one or two rules which were published in the last magazine and these are also available on the website. In the 1970s the Reliant car company had a renowned design house which was used by many manufacturers when seeking designs for new or replacement models. One such company was BMC. When looking for a replacement for the 1800/2200 ‘Landcrab’ series of vehicles, they approached Reliant who came up with a proposal which BMC ultimately decided was unsuitable and BMC approached that man, Harris Mann, to come up with an alternative, that being the Princess and Ambassador models. Now Reliant knew that Citroën were looking for a new car to replace the DS in the line of the BX and ultimately Reliant sold Citroën the BMC design which became the CX. I do not know if any BMC prototypes were produced using the CX layout. There is no news as yet regarding the possibility of a change in date when vehicles do not require an MOT. It would appear that the topic is ongoing. I read in Practical Classics that our hobby regarding classic vehicles is healthier than ever in that we contribute £5.5 billion each year to the UK economy and rising, figures having been produced by the FBHVC. The report states that 34,900 people are kept in work as a result of the Historic Vehicle scene but also notes that in keeping with many skilled businesses today, historic vehicle businesses are struggling to find skilled staff. H&H are well aware of the work done by Stockport College in this respect but in today’s world, much of the work undertaken on a modern car involve the use of a computer. When I open the bonnet of both of our modern cars, a mass of plumbing and electronics faces me and the only thing one can do is to check fluid levels. For the first Club night of 2017 on January 18th, having consulted my laminated H&H calendar with thanks to CP, we have our annual Chairman’s quiz. Please bring a writ- ing implement. Please note that teams must be of four and that it has been suggested that teams of more than four should have their result discounted appropriately. Unusu- ally I am able to list the topics thus enabling you to be able to swat up on them. They are as follows, but the order may be changed:- Christmas Motoring Firsts Classic British Aircraft Historic Formula 1 facts Car manufacturers using the same model name Cryptic Morris car names Notable dates in history HA&ndHsoAIGlMookwfhoircwh awrdilltobeanheinldteorensFtienbgruevare4yni1n5gt.h May with I a also remind you complementary of the hot pot supper.


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Editorial Mag Cover Picture Cars parked at The Navigation Inn at Bugsworth, following the Club Run on November 6th . Major point here. As editor, I would like to thank everybody who has contributed items, articles etcetera, which helps with the production of this regular magazine. Not only that it keeps everybody informed about the comings and goings, i.e. What goes on in the club week to week, month to month. Herewith the list, for your appreciation:Main contributors, Anthony Boe for his monthly writings. Martyn Faulkner (Webmaster) for occasional articles. Richard Lomas MG Reports + Paul Barratt Barry Lester With Steve Divall, and Chris Howarth, regular contributors, and many others. Without you all, it just wouldn’t happen. Finally, and much appreciated, Kevin Lomas, the printer, who binds and prints your brilliant magazine. You should all know, by now, that the Annual General meeting is upon us once again. About the New year RUN on 22nd January. We’ll be going from the Dog & Partridge on High Lane You may like to call there, & have a very reasonably priced breakfast before leaving on the run Meeting at 10.15 for 10.30 start it’s a 2 hour run which ends at the Bull’s Head, Smallwood Cheshire. CW11 2TY It will be seen in future magazines, that we’ll be having a lot more club runs, with the introduction ofSseheoyroteuraotctchaesCi6ohnaailromnaens’sinQeuviezn. ings.


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Events & Runs 2017 – Forms & Website Martyn Faulkner, our webmaster, has put a page on our site to list the events we know about for 2017. At the bottom of the page he has put buttons to enable printing of forms & also buttons to enable you to complete the form online. In 2017 H&H have planned a number of additional runs. There will be evening runs on the 4th Wednesday of the month from April to September. They will all start at the Dog & Partridge at High Lane & leave at about 7 o’clock, giving time to have something to eat there if desired. The runs will be quite short & will end at convenient points to be able to get home at a reasonable hour. We are also planning a number of Sunday Runs. Andy Robinson has already sorted the Spring Run on the 5th of March – who can forget the 2016 one with all the daffodils. Later dates to be announced. As usual some shows require registration & the forms are on the Events/Runs page on our website. It would be a great help if you could use the online forms. They are very easy to use, much quicker & cheaper (no postage) & the chance of mistakes in copying is much reduced. Please have a look at the page & register for any that you want to. You can register for any now whilst you have it in mind, even if it is months away. Forms for the Tatton Show on 3rd & 4th of June have arrived. We have only 10 spaces per day so early registration is recommended. It may not be possible to accommodate everyone who wants to go. GVEC’s stand will be adjacent to H&H’s & also for 10 cars. We’ve also applied for a stand at Lymm Transport Festival & I’m pleased to say that we have got one. I’ve not been told how big it is but doubtless numbers will be limited. As we are likely to hear soon after the magazine is published it will be emailed to those members who have email addresses on record. It will also be announced at the January Club Meeting. If you would like to go please act quickly. Please note that it is the Sunday after the Peaks & Dales. Other information will also be sent by email, such as details of runs. If you are not sure whether yours is on the records please send an email to Chris Parr to confirm it. Chris Howarth


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With next month’s Annual General Meeting in mind. Minutes Minutes of AGM dated 18th February, 2015 Delivered with the February magazine to all members was approved by the floor. Apologies As always, John Walker tendered his apologies for non-attendance as on holiday in Anglesey, Fitting with teaching & school holidays. Chairman spoke with the Education Secretary to get this changed to no avail! As always we’ll find John an unpleasant job - back to cleaning the Toilets at the Scout Hut prior to this year’s Peaks & Dales Run. Treasurer's report. Distributed on a separate sheets. Ray Etchells distributed copies of the accounts which had been audited by Mr. David Rainsbury. No queries from the floor Chairman Firstly the Chairman introduced the committee: Ray Etchells - Director and Treasurer Chris Parr - Director, Secretary, Company Secretary, magazine editor etc. Mike Coffey - Vice Chairman and Club Stand organiser. John Walker - Assistant Chairman, Director - Modern Classics Representative Richard Burnham - Routemaster & photographer Martyn Faulkner - Webmaster. David Bowden - Commercial Vehicles representative, also Regalia and club Sales Helen Bowden - Publicity Sec. Chris Howarth - Show Co-ordinator Jill Dewsnap - Minutes Sec. Eric Dewsnap - Committee Member & Stamps for charity collector Myself, Steve Divall, Director, and Chairman We also have with us Auditor, David Rainsbury, and Richard Lomas, our charity co-ordinator. As stated previously, the minutes of the 2015 AGM were distributed with the February Magazine, Issue N° 289. I trust that all present will have found them to be an accurate record. Chairman’s Report Started by acknowledging and thanking David Rainsbury for auditing and checking annual accounts. For 2016 the Committee chose the ‘Hand on Heart’ Charity, who supply Defribrillators to Schools (Registered Charity N° 114531). It is hoped that we’ll be able to supply two defibrillators to different Cschhaoroitlys,weailclhbeinparelsoecnktaabtleoucronMtaaiynemr,eaentidngwtiothg8iinvsetraucptrieosnesntfaotriouns.e.WReepwreosuelndtahtoivpeestoofptrheesent each chosen school with, perhaps a vehicle display, and publicity in the local media. Represen-


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tatives of the charity will also be present at the gathering of Peaks & Dales Entrants at the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, and at the club show in September for a cheque presentation. Despite a very wet year, we managed to attend a number of shows around the region, and to boot, our members won a few awards. The Peaks & Dales Charity Run in 2015 was very successful with 100+ entrants being flagged off from the Memorial Park in Marple by members of our chosen charity for the year, Glossop Mountain Rescue. The event was very well publicised by High Peak Radio, with an announcement from the Chairman repeated approximately every 4 hours. Chairman delighted to report that the sum of £2,500 was raised, the highest ever amount raised by the club. The Club Show at Marple Garden Centre was again, a great success with approximately a hundred vehicles attending. At the show, we were able to present a cheque to Glossop Mountain Rescue. Notable winners were:- Lim Lavery who was awarded the Chairman’s Cup, with Eddie Partington receiving the Ian Law Trophy, and Fransesco Angrisani receiving the Scott Jones Trophy for the Benvenuti Restaurant. The Stockport Market Place Show took place on May 24th with 45 vehicles on display, plus motorcycles from the Vintage Motorcycle Club. Award was presented to David Howard for his Austin Ruby. The Show for 2016 is to take place on Sunday August 14th, with details to be published later. We continue to get an excellent turn out on club nights, especially our BBQ, and Show night, and on Club runs, some organised by various club members, throughout the year, with a variety of guest speakers. Our ‘Noggin & Natter’ nights which are always well received. At this juncture, I would like to thank our ‘dinner ladies’, Helen Bowden , Jan Etchells, Jill Dewsnap and Margaret Kenworthy, for manufacturing the sandwiches, given out on club nights. (The sandwiches are paid for with income gained from the club Draw) As many of you will know, Jan Etchells went into hospital just before Christmas, for a back operation, and is now in the Devonshire Unit for rehabilitation therapy. She is giving up her sandwich making position, so I would like to give her a small gift as a token of thanks from us. I asked for volunteers to fill her vacant position on the ’Dinner Ladies’ team, and so, please welcome Yvonne Lomas, and a joint effort from Elaine Lomas with Breda Johnson. Next, about Ray Etchells, who, as you know, is retiring, having held the position for the last fourteen years, and he leaves with our thanks. Several months ago we advertised the vacancy of Treasurer, and after discussions with several members, Jim Lavery has taken up the position


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The H and H International Rocker Box Racing Championship (Winter Series) From Ed Burke. Just a quick note on the subject of the March club night. The track is well on its way, the main trophy has been ordered and a second prize for the best dressed Rocker Box Racer is in hand. I have found a rocker box in the shed off a BMC A series gold seal engine, it is in very poor condition and some bits have rotted so I have removed these and sandblasted it. I feel it’s a shame that it could not be left in its original colour of Jewish Racing Gold but I think its fitting that it’s getting a second life when it is probably too far gone to be used on a classic. I have found a new child’s skate board on EBay for £6.60 delivered but the wheels are a bit stiff, so it will need running in (any volunteer's?). I now need to cut down the plywood base to match the size of the rocker box, nail it on, add some weight and away i go hopefully ? A couple of other members are using their own design of chassis with wheels to suit and I believe one of them is borrowing the rocker box from his classic car which is off the road over the Winter. This will allow him to do the tappets and fit a new gasket after the race (not a bad idea) and maybe even give it a paint job to make it a show winner next summer. Some members are being very secretive with their design and are searching the internet for the trade secrets, so all betting maybe off. This type of racing has taken off around the world and in a lot of countries its called British Rocker Box Racing because of the suitability of the good old British Box. I may be able to find another couple of rocker boxes to loan out if anybody gets stuck, so if required see me at the next club night. (Or, Just mention it to Chris Parr).


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas I'm sure we are all looking forward to a new season of classic car shows and runs. December was quiet at the Hare and Hounds Christmas party earlier in the month, but we have in hand a number of events for all tastes in 2017. Our first event of the new year will be a run on Sunday the 22nd January, always subject to the weather so please support his if you can. I will list all our planned runs and shows so that you can start to plan your year ? We meet every 3rd Weds of the month from 8.15 earlier if you want ? February 15th is the AGM With hot pot supper. And our new Charity will be announced. March 5th Andy Robinson’s Spring run always a nice easy start. March 15th Club night is to be the previously advertised Rocker cover racing for the Wilbert McKee Trophy. April 23rd - Drive it day run. June 18th is the ‘Peaks and Dales Charity Run’ starting in Marple, Stockport, finishing at Buxton Pavilion Gardens. Sept 3rd is the annual car show at Wyevale Garden centre in Marple. December 6th is the Christmas party. Various other events and meetings and runs will be announced as the we get into the season. 12


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MGB V8 Richard Lomas British Leyland's idea of fitting a V8 into a MGB GT was formed from the idea of Ken Costello who was famous for taking a MGB Roadster and fitting a V8 engine into it. Don Hayter (MG draughtsman and latterly MG chief designer) had a V8 fitted to his own personal roadster which is probably the only factory built MGB in existence, it is still owned by him. The story of how the Rover V8 engine began its association with MG is in parallel with the MGB and MGC, the alloy V8 that has made such a difference to the MG family. In 1964 Rovers North American operation discussed with their British counterparts the need for a new range of engines for Rovers cars . The Rover 2000 had been a big success, but the large Rover saloons still relied on the heavy 3 litre straight six . The need for a new engine had become urgent. Rover approached Mercury Marine in the USA who were experimenting with a Buick alloy engine, it was found to be a good fit for the Rover P6 and had a capacity of 3.5 litres The Roverisation of the V8 was helped by Buicks chief designer Joe Turlay its significant changes made to the basic design but its capacity remained the same. Production of the alloy blocks and heads were revised and to allow them to be gravity die cast by Birmingham Aluminum at Smethwick . Despite having 5 bearing crankshaft Rover discovered a great deal of stresses in the valve gear and pistons at speeds above 4,800 rpm They the ditched the American Rochester carbs in favour of twin SU 's The rocker covers were also changed and Lucas distributor and alternator fitted with bespoke exhaust manifolding. The new Rover V8 made its debut in the P5 saloon or PB5 to recognize the Buick engine at the 1967 Motor Show. The Buick and the related Oldsmobile engines made their debuts in the modest sized four door saloons. The tuning potential of the lightweight compact engine was soon recognized , and the Aluminum Fireball V8 performed well In lots of stock car races across the US. Lack of servicing of these engines was not recognized as the US was more used to cast iron engines, this was ignorance rather than the engine design .The correct use of coolant and concentration is very important to avoid corrosion, waterways can become heavily silted causing overheating problems. This was not the case with cast iron engines and with new techniques to make cast iron engines lighter and with thinner castings was this the end for The Alloy blocks ? General Motors had probably decided it was but some after market tuning business still carried on in low capacity , but this was when Rover got involved. To be continued


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Chris Howarth’s Visit to Fuzz Those of you who were at Gawsworth Youngtimers last May will remember Fuzz Town- shend, the mechanical/bodywork brains of the Car SOS show on Channel4/More4. Fuzz was there with Footman James. He came & had his photo taken with a group of members & some individuals, and also had a chat with some of us. He is a most approachable & pleasant gentleman. When I saw that there was an open morning at the new workshop of To-Ta Classics, (Townsend & Tassell), which is the name of the company that runs the Car SOS workshop, to have a look around & meet Fuzz & Tim (the annoying one – if you’ve watched the show), we decided that it was an opportunity not to be missed. It was in Oldbury, what we would think of as Birmingham, on Saturday the 17th of December. It was decided that we would go in the Range Rover – Ann seems to have really taken to it - &. as it runs on gas like the Bentley, it was rather 6 & 2x3s. The, allegedly, cheapest autogas in the country is in Birmingham, so we’d fill up whichever we went in. There were hundreds of people there when we arrived, not to mention the, mainly classic, cars that they had come in. In the workshop, which wasn’t up & running, although there were a few restoration jobs already there, they had bacon baps at £1.50 & free really good coffee (donation to charity – which did pretty well I think). Fuzz & Tim spent all morning chatting to the folk there & having their photos taken with them. Ann was keen to get ours taken with Fuzz because, although I had quite a lot of photos at Gawsworth, I took them, so didn’t appear on any. When the opportunity arose I went & had a word & he remembered meeting at Gawsworth & was happy to do some, & even asked his daughter to take them for us. Fuzz’s wife had a baby at the end of the last series & I said that I’d been wondering when to get Erica, our granddaughter, some tools, as she is interested in mechanical things. He said he’d had the same thought for his little boy, but we decided that they are still a bit young at 1 & 2½! Fuzz confirmed that he is booked to come up to Gawsworth for the Youngtimers on the 29th of May. I might just take Erica to meet him!



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