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Lesson plan for working the Neil Gaiman's book "Coraline"

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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Reading and Working with Coraline by Neil Gaiman The BFG, Written by: Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by: Dave McKean. From imagenes/noticias/2012/12/17/coraline-neil-gaiman_1_1501852.jpg 1


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén 1. Start by reading the first five chapters: I (page 3), II (page 15), III (page 27), IV (page 41), V (page 57). Translate or explain in English stunted (p. 5) tarragon garnish (p.11) distort (p.13) knit (p.21) thimble (p.24) scurry (p.36) rare (p.43) nimbly (p.47) spool of cotton (p.53) beckon (p. 55) Reading Comprehension 1. How would you describe Coraline’s parents? 2. What is your reaction to the button eyes of Coraline’s other mother? 3. What has happened to Coraline’s real parents? Map of Characters after reading 1/3 of the book Start by discussing and comparing characters from the book with students in your group. Then fill in the characteristics using the form, map of characters at the back of this worksheet (p.5), for the two characters you have chosen. (You will continue to fill in this map as you continue to read.) 2


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén 2. Read the following chapters: VI (page 81), VII (page 97), VIII (page 105). Translate or explain in English. dislocate (p. 81) vague (p. 84) mantlepiece (p 85) prey (p. 91) sob (p.97) scuttle (p. 97) flicker (p. 118) marble (p. 124) Reading Comprehension 1. What is special about the cat in the story? 2. What does the other mother like to eat, and how do you react to that? 3. Who are the other children in the closet, and how did they end up there? 4. What do you think is the significance of the button eyes in this story? Map of Characters after reading 2/3 of the book How do the characters develop as the text progresses? Discuss and compare with students in your group. Pick out specific parts (quote) from the text to support your arguments. Then continue to fill in the characteristics in the map (p.5). 3


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén 3. We finish reading the book. IX (page 125), X (page 139), XI (page 153), XII (page 167), XII, (page 179). Here are some verbs, what do they mean and how would you use them? Put them into sentences. swirl toward ponder raise adjust curl 1.____________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________ 4.____________________________________________________ 5.____________________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________________ Reading Comprehension 1. How does Coraline save the children? And what happens to them after they have escaped. 2. What are ’the marbles’ in this story? 3. Where are Coraline’s real parents?’ 4. At the end Coraline has a dream. What happens in her dream? 5. How does Coraline finally trick the last part of that evil creature, ’the other mother’? 4


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Finish your map of Characters after reading all of the book. Discuss what you think about the characters after reading all of the book compared to what they seem like at the beginning of the story. Your notes and your map will be a help to you when you write your essay. List of qualities a character can have. You can choose from this list when mapping your chosen characters and/or add your own descriptive words (adjectives). 5


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Map of Characters Characteristics after reading 1/3 of the book Character 1 Character 2 Name:____________________ Name:_____________________ _ after reading 2/3 of the book after reading the complete book 6


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Characters and foreshadowing in Coraline by Neil Gaiman The BFG, Written by: Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by: Dave McKean. From https:// 7


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Coraline ENGENG05 CHARACTERS in Coraline Coraline Jones Coraline’s mum - Mrs Jones Coraline’s dad - Mr Jones Miss Spink Miss Forcible Mr Bobo The Black Cat The Other Mother (The Beldam) The Other Father The Other Miss Spink The Other Miss Forcible The Other Mr Bobo The Ghost Children Henrika Florén 8


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Foreshadowing Coraline 1 Foreshadowing is a when a book gives us hints or suggestions about what's going to happen in page or two (or more). Authors use trick in different ways such as by… • describing a similar event • pointing out an object that will be important later • using words and images that hint at the future Now start looking for clues in the text Work in groups of 3-4 students Using the clues below identify five examples of foreshadowing in Coraline. In each case, you and your group need to identify both what the hint is, and how it eventually pans out. Be prepared to share your examples with the rest of the class and your teacher at the end of the period. Tip: Chapter 1 has lots of foreshadowing included in it, but it is by no means the only place you can find it. 1 Clues and answers from Instructions for you, fetched 2017-01-11 from coraline-book/teaching.html# 9


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Clues Chose at least five of the clues below. - It all begins here with the discovery of something and we know that Coraline's life will change because of it. What is it? - They make a point of telling her not to go near it, but she finds it on the third day. What is it? - Nobody goes in there, and you have to ask permission, so we know it is an important place. Where is it? - "Oops, you forgot to do something, Mom," says Coraline. "Why should I?" Mom replies. What is it and why will it change Coraline's life? - "Intensely uncomfortable,"—these are Coraline's words. What is she talking about and how does this intensely uncomfortable thing show up later in the text? - They are singing her song. What are they and what do they say to warn her? - A spot of tea might help make things better, but beware the dregs (tea leaves). What do Miss Forcible and Miss Spink say that tells us Coraline might need to beware? 10


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén - A gift from two ladies, but it has a hole. Maybe it is broken? Perhaps not. What is it and why does the black cat comment on it? - Checking on the mice, Coraline finds they are not well. What happens and what is the root of the problem? Does it have something to do with the key around Coraline's neck? - "I am just going out to play," Coraline comments as she gathers her dolls and her teapots. Miss Spink agrees, but cautions her about something. What does this tell us about the object, and how it might be important in a few pages? LINKS Coraline Characters "Coraline" - Meet the Inhabitants of Coraline's World Literature glossary Instructions for you 11


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Coraline ENGENG05 Henrika Florén Finally you write an ESSAY based on this book. You may write using using your computer, the book, as well as all your notes, but the text should be written in class during the set time and lesson. In this essay you describe how the two characters you have chosen develop (change, grow…) during the course of the story. To support you argumentation you you must quote or retell parts from the book in your essay. The essay should be 300 - 600 words long. Hand in your finished text in Fronter Quote - Within this sign “ “ you quote exactly what is written in the book, and mention between brackets at what page you find these particular words, f.ex: When describing the weather Gaiman writes “The rain was still coming down, pattering against the windows” (page 11). Retell - This is when you, in your own words, retell parts of the story, f.ex: One day Coraline found a hidden doorway… 12



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