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2017 / 2018 School Prospectus

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MAGHERAFELT St Pius X College Magherafelt 2017 / 2018 Prospectus “Success for all”


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2 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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Our Aims MAGHERAFELT We are committed to excellence for all our pupils. St Pius X College values each pupil as a unique individual. The ideal to which we aspire is contained in our Mission Statement: “To promote partnership, develop talents and encourage participation.” We aim: • to enable all pupils to discover and develop their talents in relation to knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes in an environment wherein learning is an enjoyable experience; • to give all pupils the experience of a Catholic education; • to further the working partnership between the college and the community; • to enable pupils to realise the importance of active participation in all relevant aspects of life and to encourage them to become responsible citizens. St Pius X College Magherafelt 1


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MAGHERAFELT Welcome to Our School It is my pleasure on behalf of the governors, staff and pupils to welcome you to our school. Welcome to St Pius X College. I am very pleased that you are interested in finding out about our vibrant and dynamic school which has been commended on its outstanding quality of pastoral care and curricular provision. We hope this prospectus will give you a glimpse into the rich, varied life of this exceptional school. As a Catholic school, we work to build upon the values of home and we foster a strong sense of faith in all our pupils. We encourage every pupil to play a part in helping others – in school, in their neighbourhood and in places in need throughout the world. Their educational experiences are eclectic, broad and diverse to ensure each child can fulfil their academic and personal potential. St Pius X College has an excellent record of academic success. At GCSE and A Level our pupils achieve outstanding grades, reflecting their ability and hard work. This is accomplished with the expertise, dedication and inspiration of their teachers and with the support they receive at home. This is a happy school, a place where the pupils work hard and find friendship, enrichment and fun, and where every pupil can enjoy success. Through the School Council and Student Leadership Teams we give our pupils a voice and all the decisions we make have their best interests at heart. I hope you enjoy your visit to St Pius X College and that you will get a sense of the positive attitudes and strong relationships that permeate our school community. Ms J Bartley Principal 2 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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MAGHERAFELT Our Pastoral Care Our inclusive ethos is based on high aspirations, support and respect for all. Pastoral Care In St Pius X College we pride ourselves on the quality of our care for all pupils. We believe that a caring and happy environment is essential for pupils to succeed. We therefore place great emphasis on our pastoral care provision in order to foster positive relationships and community spirit. We promote healthy lifestyles, emotional well-being and positive attitudes in all our pupils, as well as fostering an environment where diversity is valued. Our aim is to ensure that the college supports and equips all pupils with the life skills they need to make responsible choices and achieve their full potential. We have a specific pastoral care structure which provides guidance and support to all pupils. Each member of the team has an important role in supporting pupils and meeting with parents. In addition, a number of external agencies help to provide counselling services. The pastoral care of pupils is supported by a well-planned pastoral programme which examines physical, spiritual, health and emotional needs and issues of concerns deemed relevant to our pupils’ lives. Rewarding and recognising achievements are also very important and carry considerable weight in St Pius X College as they raise pupil self-esteem and promote self-confidence. “As soon as I met my form teacher Mr Young and got to know a few other pupils, I was not scared or anxious any more.” Claire - St Patrick’s PS, Loup Code of Conduct Effective teaching and learning can only take place when attitudes and behaviours are positive. In St Pius X College we strive to establish a positive ethos where all pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility. Our Code of Conduct is based on the simple requirements of courtesy and mutual respect, both on and off the school grounds. The college is committed to creating an environment which is orderly, respectful and conducive to teaching and learning. Our Code of Conduct clearly sets out our expectations and has a structured system of rewards and sanctions which promotes high standards of work and behaviour. We therefore seek the support of all pupils and parents/ guardians for the implementation of the Code of Conduct by asking them to sign a positive behaviour contract which can be found in every Pupil Homework Diary. Anti-bullying Our college ethos is that bullying is completely unacceptable. The use of group work, peer support schemes, selfdiscipline and praise are used to support our anti-bullying culture. The following policies and structures are available on our college website and are designed to minimise risks: Safeguarding & Child Protection, Anti-Bullying, E-Safety, Pastoral Care & Positive Behaviour Management and the college Code of Conduct. 4 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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“I enjoy going to St Pius X College because the teachers are so nice and I have made lots of new friends.” Daire - St Trea’s PS, Ballymaguigan 6 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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Our Supportive Environment We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our pupils. MAGHERAFELT Safeguarding/Child Protection We aim to provide a safe and caring environment within St Pius X College which will allow pupils to feel secure and may encourage them to consult members of staff regarding their own personal concerns. All child protection concerns are discussed with our designated staff identified below and, in some instances, with external agencies. School Counsellor The school counsellor is a professional counsellor from Familyworks who supports pupils with particular challenges. The counsellor talks to individual pupils to help them with whatever difficulties they are facing. Pupils can self-refer to the college’s counsellor or referrals can be made by pastoral staff. The designated teachers for child protection are: Ms J Bartley Mrs E Toner Mr J Mulholland Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal The deputy designated teachers for child protection are: Mrs I McCann Mrs C Bell Mr B Mc Erlain Mrs U O’Kane Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4 Chair of Governors Designated Governor At any time you can call the following numbers for advice and support: NSPCC 0808 800 5000 Childline 0800 1111 Drugs Education Policy St Pius X College is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of all members of the college and to adopting a consistent approach to drug related issues. In the interests of health and safety, neither the misuse of drugs or alcohol by the members of the school nor the illegal supply of these substances on school premises is condoned. Any instances of possession, use or supply will be regarded with the utmost seriousness. E-safety Policy The e-safety policy identifies the risks involved in using the internet and the wide range of new technologies available. The internet and other technologies are embedded in pupils’ lives, not just in college but outside as well, and the college has a duty to help prepare pupils to benefit safely from the opportunities that these may present. The college is committed to developing a set of safe and responsible behaviours by all members of the college community that will enable us to reduce the risks whilst continuing to benefit from the opportunities. Gateway 0300 1234 333 Familyworks 028 9182 1721 St Pius X College Magherafelt 7


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MAGHERAFELT Our Pupil Participation We believe that pupils flourish when they are given the opportunity to lead and to mentor. Student Council Pupils take an active part in decision-making in the college through the elected Student Council. Their opinions are frequently sought across a range of areas including teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities and pupil welfare. The Council gives a voice to the pupil population and an opportunity for the pupils to discuss pertinent issues with staff and to influence policy. The Council then forwards proposals to the Senior Leadership Team. The aims of the School Council are: • to improve communication between pupils and staff; • to ensure St Pius X College promotes a healthy environment in which we learn in partnership; • to ensure that pupils’ views are acknowledged and, where appropriate, acted upon; • to provide pupils with the framework for engaging in active citizenship; • to make the school a more harmonious place to learn. Senior Mentors In St Pius X College two senior mentors have been assigned to Year 8 classes to help them with the transition from primary to secondary school. The mentor is a senior school pupil who has expressed an interest in helping the younger pupils. They help to make pupils feel welcome and at ease. The mentors help out in form class and encourage the pupils to join extra-curricular activities at break and lunch time. They answer questions the pupils might have about any aspect of school life. Individual pupil mentors are employed where appropriate. The pupils respond well to having mentors and relationships between pupils and mentors are positive. Issues addressed can range from managing school work to how to make new friends. “My form teacher Mrs Cooper and our Year 13 class mentors, Conor, Aoife and Ciara, have really helped me to settle in.” Caoimhin - Lissan PS 8 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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MAGHERAFELT Our Student Leadership Teams We are committed to ensuring that pupils have the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Senior Leadership Team Ciaran Burns Head Boy Celine Devlin Head Girl Rachel Quinn Deputy Head Girl Student Council Michael McConway Deputy Head Boy STEM Anna Devlin Liturgy Odhran Bradley Mentoring Anna McGeown Pastoral Rory Doherty Sport Joseph Maybin Primary Links 10 St Pius X College Magherafelt Dervla McElhone Media


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Junior Leadership Team MAGHERAFELT Anna McConway Head Girl Jarlath McKernan Head Boy Paddy McNaney Careers Oisin Gribbin Performing Arts Molly Quinn Liturgy Meabh Higgins Media Aaron Donnelly Sport Mark Scullion Eco Schools Dominic O’Neill STEM Deaglan Kelly Student Voice St Pius X College Magherafelt 11


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MAGHERAFELT Our Year 8 Pupils We recognise that transition plays a key part in the future happiness and success of our pupils. In St Pius X College we aim to ensure that each new Year 8 pupil experiences a smooth transition from primary school. We are totally committed to supporting pupils throughout this process. Some of the key steps in our transition programme are outlined below: • In June, prior to arrival in St Pius X College, Mrs Moore (Head of Year 8) and Mrs Carron (SENCO) visit our feeder primary schools to meet with the transferring pupils and their teachers. They are provided with comprehensive information on each pupil’s academic progress and any relevant pastoral issues. • An Induction Day is held at the beginning of June for all parents/guardians and transferring pupils where they will receive important information and be introduced to the Year 8 Pastoral Team. Pupils participate in a range of practical activities to help them get to know other transferring pupils. • In July Primary 6 and 7 pupils are invited to attend our Summer Scheme with current Year 8 pupils to help get to know one another, meet some members of staff and familiarise themselves with the school. • At the end of August the year 8 pupils start school one day before other Year groups return. • In September we have a range of induction activities planned to help pupils settle in, such as Young Enterprise “Your School, Your Business”. Our Year 13 mentors assigned to the Year 8 classes have a significant role to play in these events. These senior pupils also meet the Year 8 pupils at break time, lunch time and during PSHE class. • In October of Year 8 parents/guardians are invited to attend our Year 8 Mass and meet the form teachers. • In Term 1 we have a trip for Year 8 pupils to promote friendship building. 12 St Pius X College Magherafelt


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“I am happy I picked this school because I enjoy meeting all the teachers and pupils and studying different subjects.” Karen - St Columb’s PS, Cullion St Pius X College Magherafelt 13



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