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WELCOME Dear Parents Welcome to Marlborough Primary School. We are a school with a developing history and an exciting future. We provide and value the happy, friendly environment that is at our school. We aim to ensure that every child is given every opportunity to develop and grow to be the best they can be, in a supportive, engaging school. Our values of learn, excellence, achieve, respect and nurture (LEARN) are shown and modelled throughout our school day, as these are essential elements of our curriculum and school philosophy. Board of Trustees (BoT) Apart from the Principal, all members of the Board are elected representatives. The Board consists of 7 people: The Principal, the staff-elected representative, and 5 elected parent representatives. Board meetings are held once a month, and are advertised in the newsletter and on the website. Please come along and hear what they do, to ensure that our school continues to do a wonderful role of educating your children. Charter A copy of the school charter which includes the Strategic Plan and Annual Plan is kept in the school office and available on request. A copy of the School Policies is also kept in the Office. They are continually renewed and updated with changes being communicated to parents through the newsletter and on the website. We welcome parent input into the documents. OUR SCHOOL Marlborough Primary will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary since officially opening, in 2017. Our school roll has been steadily growing over recent years, and currently stands at 320+ We have a school hall (multi-purpose room), library, whanau room/music room, swimming pool, and a new administration block. Playgrounds, hard-court areas, and a sandpit provide interactive, challenging equipment for the children to explore in and on.


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WELCOME Haeremai, naumai, pikimai. Haeremai nga whanau ki te kura o Mapeera. Haeremai, haeremai, haeremai. Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa. Marlborough Primary School is situated in the suburb of Glenfield, on Auckland’s North Shore. It is bound by Archers Road, Chartwell Avenue, Lingfield Street and Wykeham Place (main entrance). There is currently no enrolment zone, so you are welcome to enroll your child(ren) here. An enrolment form (blue) is located in the back section of this pack. Governance of the school is through a community-elected Board of Trustees, as required by the Ministry of Education. The Board consists of the Principal, 5 elected parents and one elected staff member. The school provides a quality education based on the New Zealand Curriculum document for children aged from 5 years to approximately 11 years of age – school years 0/1 – 6, and staff are constantly striving to improve outcomes for all students, whilst having fun. Children from more than 20 different nationalities attend Marlborough School. This diversity is celebrated in a variety of ways, including our International Food and Cultural Festival and the traditional New Year festivals of various countries. Our school is sited in attractive, well-kept grounds. Facilities include a music room/whanau room, solar heated swimming pool, hard court areas, fitness and fun playgrounds, a multi-purpose room, also used as an assembly hall, and a well-stocked library. There is an interactive white board in every classroom. Students, with teacher supervision, are able to access the internet, use Digital and Flip-it movie cameras. All students and staff are required to sign a ‘Cyber Safety” agreement and a contract. Our school is registered with the Ministry of Education “Network 4 Learning” which filters and blocks access by staff and children to unsuitable sites. Information and communication technology (ICT) plays an important role in the education of Marlborough Students. We invite parents to be active participants in our school, and we operate an open-door policy to address concerns quickly and to create effective lasting relationships between parents and staff. The school is a member of the Glenfield Cluster of Schools - the Principals and staff work together on Ministry of Education funded learning and teaching projects and bi-annually organise an event such as the performing arts show “Glenfield Has Talent’. All the Glenfield primary schools participate in the cluster inter-school sports programme throughout the year. Kind regards Sue Buckley Principal


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Marlborough Primary School 2017 Principal: Sue Buckley ( Deputy Principal Senior classes: Alison Matkin ( Deputy Principal Junior classes: Dian Warner ( Senior Team Alison Matkin Maria Kim Lillian Beattie Middle Team Rosie Bohling Jeanette McGrath Helen Martel Nicole Williamson Junior Team Sally Peterson / Charlotte Morrison Ria Lloyd Di Warner Kim Thexton Sophie Clunie Kallia Patching / Karen Jones Part-Time Teachers Jillian Light Nicola Rodger Margaret Harvey Teacher Aides Raewyn Mitchell Cristina Morunga Year 5/6 Year 5/6 Year 5/6 Year 3/4 Year 3/4 Year 4 Year 3/4 Year 0 Year 1 Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 0/1 Year 3/4 Maria Neli Lisa Dickson Room 3 Room 2 Room 4 Room 1 Room 13 Room 15 Room 14 Team Leader Team Leader Room 5 Room 8 Room 7 Room 10 Room 11 Room 12 Room 9 Room 7 Room 13 Steph Pickerill Bella Bristow Team Leader Language/Maths Reading Recovery Sunilla Naik Office Manager Jodine Watts Accounts/Payroll Lynda Twidle Property Manager Ian Rankin


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Additional Programmes At Marlborough Primary School we offer support for Children with Special Needs (CWSN) and extension through a variety of Gifted and Talented opportunities. Our CWSN programme includes: Reading Recovery  an intervention reading programme for 6 year olds. Spelling + Behavioural  In-class Teacher Aide support for identified Behavioural or Learning Needs  Teacher withdrawal groups for identified learning needs. Our Gifted and Talented opportunities include:  ICAS English  ICAS Maths  ICAS Science  ICAS Spelling Additional Opportunities We offer the following:  Art Club  Green Club  Kapa Haka - Junior and Senior  School Choir  Ukulele  Te Reo  School game (lunchtime) Sporting Opportunities Our school takes an active role in the organization of out-of-school sports teams, which include:  Miniball  Netball  Rippa rugby  Hockey  Touch Rugby Parent support in the areas of coaching and managing is essential to the successful running of these activities. Diversity ESoL Support Children who are learning English as a second language are given additional support with English in classes, 3 or 4 times per week with the help of a ELA (English Language Assistant) and/or Teacher Aide. International Students – We welcome International Students. They are fully included in our school classes and programmes and bring a unique variety of ethnicities to our community.


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Eco-Friendly At Marlborough Primary School we recognize that environmental sustainability is essential for the health and welfare of our world. We want our students to live in a healthy and peaceful environment that they have created, and maintained, and to realise they are the guardians for our future generations. Through the Green Team and Waste Wise programme, we aim to reduce our waste an create sustainable systems. Support Your Child’s Schooling He/she should:  Arrive on time  Wear correct school uniform (including shoes – not boots)  Have a nutritious morning tea and lunch As a parent, you should:  Assist in homework/learning  Read school notices to keep up to date with what is happening. School Donation This is $150.00 per child, per year. Donations that are paid in full before the end of Term 1 each year will enable automatic registration in our ‘Mathletics’ programme to Year 1-6 children. For further details, see the information leaflet regarding the School Donation in this pack. Parent Involvement Friends of the School (FoS) At Marlborough School we welcome the support of Parents. We have a ‘Friends of the School’ committee, which not only raises funds for various expensive items such as new playgrounds and curriculum resources, but also during the year runs Family Fun nights. Meetings are held twice per term, and we always welcome new parents and their ideas. Parent/Caregiver participation and support for the school Parent/Caregiver helpers are made very welcome and we value the time you can give to the school. There are many areas in which you can help - in the classroom with reading, writing or mathematics programmes, supervising a station for the Perceptual Motor Programme, the re-shelving of Junior readers, on class trips or during sporting events. Please check with your child’s class teacher to see what is required and which time suits you both. From time to time we need the help of interpreters to translate newsletters to parents for us. If you are bilingual, with English as one of your languages, we would greatly appreciate help in this area. Please let us know.


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An Alphabetical Guide to Marlborough Primary School Absentees If a child is absent, please inform the class teacher by phoning the school office (Ph. 481 0365) before 9am, emailing the office or clicking on the link on our website and completing the form, or by using Tiqbiz. Example: “Health’ plus an explanation is acceptable. “Health” only is not acceptable. Afterschool care programme is run by ‘Kids Klub” at Marlborough School. The before school programme is available at Glenfield Primary School. Our students are transported from there to arrive at Marlborough before 8:55am. Enrolment forms are available from our school office. Assemblies Whole-school assemblies are held on a Friday and are advertised in the school newsletter. Team assemblies are held weekly on a Friday. The Juniors at 9:05 – 9:45am, the seniors at 10:45am – 11:45am and the Middles at 12noon. Attendance Our school attendance is monitored by an electronic roll. Every morning an afternoon the class teacher marks the roll. If your child is sick, please phone the office or email the office via the website link, or by Tiqbiz and record the absence. In this way we can ensure that every child is accounted for at school or at home. Bike and Scooter Licences Year 5/6 students who have permission to ride to school, undergo a test of their bike/scooter helmet and road sense by a Police Education Officer, in order to obtain their Bike Licence. This then allows them to ride to and from school. Camp (EOTC) Every even year, the Senior classes (Yr 5/6) attend a 3-day camp at MERC (Marine Education and Recreation Centre) at Long Bay. Students experience activities which challenge their confidence and skills, and build trusting relationships. Compulsory Uniform Marlborough students wear our school uniform with pride. At the present time our uniform can be bought from The Warehouse in Glenfield. Please see the uniform list at the back of this pack. Name all school uniform clothing belonging to your child. Use a black vivid marker and write their name on an inside seam or hem. School-owned uniforms are provided for children representing the school in sporting and cultural community events. Crossing Supervision Parents/Caregivers have a responsibility to model for all of our students ‘SAFE CROSSING’ by crossing with their children at the designated supervised school crossings. Wykeham Place 8:30 – 8:55am 3:00 – 3:15pm Teacher Teacher Chartwell Avenue Parents are to make their own arrangements for supervising their children crossing in the morning. After school they cross with an adult from the Walking School Bus.


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Lingfield Street Archers Road Traffic Wardens and a Parent 8.30am – 8.55am 3.00pm – 3.15pm 3.00pm – 3.10pm Teacher Wardens & parent Supervised 3.10pm bell Children should leave the school grounds by the 3.10pm bell if they are not staying for after school organised activities e.g Kelly Sport, sport practices or Wednesday library. Enrolment If you are considering enrolling your child(ren) at Marlborough Primary School, a member of staff will be very happy to show you around. There is no school ‘zone’, so we are able to accept enrolments from beyond our immediate location. Extra-curricular Activities Throughout the year, senior student are given many opportunities to represent the school in sporting and cultural activities: Miniball, Netball, Soccer, Hockey and Cluster Schools’ competitions such as Softball, Cross Country Run, Athletics, along with inter-school Rugby, Soccer and Netball; Auckland Primary Schools Speech Competitions, the Auckland Primary Schools Music Festival and the Onepoto School’s Cultural Festival. Senior students perform in our International Food Festival, held usually on the last Friday evening in November. This celebrates the school’s diverse ethnic mix. GATE - Gifted and Talented Education These students are identified from test results and daily performance. They may be invited to participate in the Australasian Schools Assessment in Maths, Science, English and Spelling. Sporting, Visual Art and Cultural programmes provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills. Class programmes are designed to cater for individual abilities, talents and/or needs. Homework/Home Learning In the Junior classes the home learning is daily reading, and as they get older it could consist of maths activities, and learning spelling. In the Senior classes, the children read nightly, and have a termly homework sheet. The homework sheet gives them tasks to complete over the term and they share their completion each Friday in class. Home / School Communication Communication between home and school is essential and to this end we try in many ways to keep you informed about school events and functions.  School newsletter. This is sent home with the eldest child in each family at our school, every Monday.  Senior Team Portfolios : Work samples are sent home in these for parents to see at various times of the year. Provision is made for parents to comment on their child’s work.  Team newsletters: From time to time Senior Teachers in charge of each area send home a newsletter informing parents of future events, activities or homework requirements  Class teachers: Teachers may send home notes and newsletters relating to their room. Communication may also be made through phone calls, emails or informal chats before/after school.  Tiqbiz – this is an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Visit and follow the instructions. The app allows you to receive notifications of our news, messages, events and our weekly newsletter.


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House Competition Points are awarded, at the teacher’s discretion for various reasons, in the Senior classes. Class totals are combined and the points tally is announced at the weekly assembly. The House banners are displayed in order. The house which has the highest number of weekly wins is able to wear mufti for one day in the first week of term. Languages Every class receives tuition in Te Reo Maori throughout the year. In 2017 we are hoping to have instruction in Mandarin. Library Books All children have a library bar code. This enables them to borrow two library books each week. There is a charge for lost or damaged books. The library is open after school on a Wednesday from 3.05.- 4.00pm, for Marlborough students with a parent / grandparent to browse, borrow and enjoy reading together Lost Property If your child loses anything, check in the Lost Property trolley, which is located in the Library Office. Children have access to this throughout the day. Lunch Time Lunch eating starts at 12:30pm and for the first 15 minutes, the children are supervised by a duty teacher. During this time the children are expected to sit quietly and eat their lunch. All students are encouraged to take their litter home.A bell rings at 1:25pm so children can put away any sports equipment, use the bathroom and wash their hands, before returning to class to start the afternoon of learning. Mathletics We are a ‘Mathletics’ school. We have secured a heavily discounted rate for this programme, compared to purchasing it privately. Mathletics is an interactive web-based programme that encourages students to increase their knowledge and strategies in Mathematics. Mathletics is incorporated into all Year 1 – 6 class programmes and is accessible from home throughout the year. Each child has their own ID and password as the programme tracks their progress.


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Medication If your child requires prescribed medication during the day, please bring the medication to the admin office and complete a medication authorization form available from Mrs Watts (Office Manager). Mobile Phones Mobile phones must be given to the class teacher for safe keeping during the day. The school does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss. Money at School When sending money to school for whatever purpose, please place it in an envelope with your child’s name, room number, the amount, and what it is for. Children should not bring money, family jewellery or valuables to school, unless they have prior approval from their parent. New Entrants All new entrants have a wonderful transition to school life. We have a transition programme in place, which usually includes two morning visits just prior to the child’s 5th birthday. These provide the opportunities for the child to experience the school environment, and meet their teacher and classmates. It also gives parents the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the school, talk with the teacher, and to have any questions they may have, answered. The new entrant programme focusses on helping the children become familiar with school rules, routines and developing a love of learning. PB4L (Positive Behaviour For Learning) This is our behaviour management model at M respect Myself P respect other People S respect our Surroundings The children are awarded ‘Shout Out’ tickets for displaying targeted behavior and these tickets are collected and count towards a termly prize for the whole school. The children get to select the prize. Personal Items at School Children are not encouraged to bring toys to school as we cannot take responsibility for the security of these items. Electronic, remote control or toy weapons are not permitted, unless prior arrangement with the class teacher has been made. Special ‘Wheels Days’ during the year are set aside for children to bring these various modes of transport – skateboards, in-line skates and scooters with appropriate safety gear. These dates are notified via the weekly newsletter. Reporting to Parents Term 1: Meet the Teachers Evening & Student-led Celebration of Learning Term 2: Three-Way Conference and a Written Summary Term 3: Student-led Celebration of Learning Term 4: Formal Written Report.


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School Hours Start time: Interval: Lunch: Finishes: 8.55 am. 10.25am – 10.45am 12.30pm – 1.25pm 3.00 pm. Children should arrive at school from 8.30am onwards and before the 8:55am bell. Please note that any children arriving before 8.30 or staying after 3pm will not be supervised by school staff unless prior arrangements have been made – or there is an emergency. To ensure the school environment is safe and secure for your child, teachers are on duty at break times. Senior Students are expected to develop their potential in a safe, positive learning environment. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, behaviour, property and to act as role models for younger children. Sick Bay/Medical Room If your child feels ill, or has an accident at school, they are treated in the sickbay, which is located in the main administration building. You will be phoned if it is a head injury or if further treatment is required. Please collect your child from the admin office. Staff Car Park This is for staff only, taxis, delivery vehicles and other educational professionals and agencies during the working day. Stationery Marlborough Primary School only sells stationery for Years 0, 1 and 2. Stationery letters are given at the end of the year, and the stationery packs can be purchased over the holiday break. Children coming in part way through the school year can check with the school office and class teacher for an updated partstationery list. Student Concerns or Queries We are a school that openly welcomes communication with its parents and community. If you have a concern about your child and their education, please see the class teacher in the first instance. If you need further support or advice, please make an appointment to see the relevant Deputy Principal. If you still have concerns please make an appointment through the office to speak to the Principal, Mrs Sue Buckley. If you are still not satisfied, you can write to the Board of Trustees stating your concerns. Student Council The Year 5/6 children nominate two classmates to represent their class/house on the Student Council. The student council meets weekly with the Deputy Principal to discuss ideas and suggestions that have been made by the students. Sunhats In accordance with our Health and Safety Policy, all children are required to wear a sunhat when outdoors during Terms 1 and 4. Hats should be clearly named.


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Swimming Our school has a solar heated swimming pool. Swimming is part of the curriculum, and children are expected to take part unless illness prevents them from doing so. Children are instructed in the ‘Swim Safe’ programme by class teachers. Please ensure that all swimming gear, towels and clothing are clearly named. To assist us, please make sure that your child knows how to dry and dress themselves before and after swimming. Transporting your child to School. Parent Cars Please be aware of the chaos at the school gate before and after school. Parents who park illegally across driveways or on yellow lines disregard the safety of all. They put their own children and the lives of other parent’s children at risk. Infringements of road rules (as above) are reported to the North Shore Central Police Station and are dealt with by them accordingly. Parents/caregivers may use the car park after 4:00pm. Vision and Values Our vision statement is ‘Learning through Living’. We believe that our guiding values ensures that our children are equipped with the skills and attitude to be who they want to be in later life. L Learning for Life E Empowering Independent Learners A Achieving Personal Best R Respecting people’s Rights, Roles and Responsibilities N Nurturing People and the Environment Waitemata Health Child and Family Services Dental Health Care – Nurses come in a mobile dental van to Marlborough during the year to check the children’s teeth and if necessary appointments are made for them to go to the Dental Clinic at Glenfield Intermediate for further work . Hearing and Vision Testing – technicians visit the school twice a year to screen new referrals and follow-ups. Public Health Nurse - provides a consulting service to schools Ministry of Education - Special Education School/parent referrals for children with special needs/disabilities Website: Please visit our website often. Walking School Bus We have two ‘Walking School Buses’ in our area: 1. To and from Ramillies Place 2. To and from Greenvalley Rise/Woodcote Drive. Parents ‘drive’ the bus on a rostered basis. Further information is available from the school.`



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