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The Bridge delivers practical and leisure courses and workshops, some of which are subsidised to benefit the surrounding community and those on benefits. We also offer learning and job related advice, as well as practical one-to-one sessions.

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Spring 2017 Call: 01273 687053 Visit: Learning to make life better NEW COURSES British Sign Language Business Start-up Confidence & Stress Management FREE ADVICE & SUPPORT WITH Money Matters Finding Work Careers and Personal Development See inside for more information


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The Bridge Community Education Centre Spring 2017 01273 687053 • | Half Term: 13 – 17 February ARTS, CRAFT & MUSIC n ART FOR ALL Jan 17 - Mar 28 • 10 weeks Tuesdays 10am – 12noon Tutor: Kitty Cava • Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £18 This course is for people of all levels wishing to learn about art and develop their drawing and painting skills. We will work with a new theme each term which people can adapt to meet their own needs. Students are encouraged to look at the work of other artists and experiment with a range of materials. n DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – IMPROVERS Jan 16 - Mar 27 • 10 weeks • Mondays 11am – 1pm Tutor: Beatrice Haverich • Cost: A: £75 B: £30 C: £15 Practise digital camera skills and learn essential photography and editing techniques through 3 mini projects: urban landscapes, people and following a photographic style. Create a photo portfolio and display. Entry requirements: Previous experience of photography. Digital camera: either DSLR or bridge camera, or compact camera with manual setting. n GUITAR Jan 10 - Apr 4 • 12 weeks • Tuesdays 9.30am – 2pm Tutor: Robin Jones • Cost: £12 for 30 min lesson Have a first go at strumming the guitar, learn to play your favourite tune or perfect your sing and song writing skills. All levels and abilities welcome. n MOSAICS Jan 18 – Mar 15 • 8 weeks • Wednesdays • 10am – 12noon Tutor: Emma Sutherland • Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £18 Design and make your own mosaic mirror, frame, plant pot, tile or gift using handmade tiles, vintage, crockery, mirror pieces plus pieces bought from home. A small charge for mosaic-making materials apply. n PIANO Jan 9 – Apr 3 • 12 weeks Mondays 1pm – 6pm • Tutor: Lubov Simon Cost: £17.50 for 20 min, £10.50 for 30 min lesson Lubov is a classically trained pianist. All ages and abilities are welcome. 100% pass rate in the piano exam. n POTTERY & CERAMICS FOR ALL DAY: Jan 16 – Mar 20 • 9 weeks Mondays 12.30pm – 2.30pm EVENING: Jan 19 – Mar23 • 9 weeks Thursdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn • Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £18 +£5 materials to all Beginners will gain confidence in basic ceramic techniques: pinching, coiling and slabbing. Have a go on the wheel! Scope for experienced pottery enthusiast to develop. Material and firings included within limits. n POTS OF TALENT Jan 23 – Mar 6 • 6 weeks Mondays 3pm - 5pm • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: £15 membership fee + materials according to use Community Group Pots of Talent invites new members to make and fire Raku pots. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – Event Launch Dec 10 • 1 day • Saturday 10am - 4pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: £5 for a ½ hour slot, including fired pot Inspired after watching 'The Great Pottery Throw Down'? Then join us for a series of hands-on-clay challenges, beginning with this launch. 'Book a ½ hour slot to ‘Test your nerves on a Pottery Wheel’. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Get a Handle On it’ Jan 21 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 10am – 1pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all This is The Great Bridge Pottery Throw Down 1st Spot Test! Make yourself two mugs to share your ‘cuppa’ with someone and stick a handle on them that holds its promises and is full of your own imagination. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Impressed Words’ Jan 21 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 2pm – 5pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all We’ll be keeping up with Keith Brymer, a judge on the Great British Throw Down, and making our own versions of his designer tableware. Come away with a set of bowls, mugs or egg cups! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Irresistible Slip Resist & Flowing Brush Strokes’ Jan 28 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 10am – 1pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all Here’s The Great Bridge Pottery Throw Down 2nd Spot Test giving you the opportunity to make 3 plates and try your hand at three different decorating techniques. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Tall Impressions’ Jan 28 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 2pm – 5pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all ‘Tall Impressions’ can be made today - Turn a tall cylinder into a cutlery drainer, a spaghetti jar or wine cooler and use texturing tools to make your very own mark on them! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Piercing Spaces & Shadows’ Feb 11 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 10am - 1pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all The Great Bridge Pottery Throw Down 3rd Spot Test! Make a cylinder & allow your talent and the light to shine through. You can turn it into a tea light holder, an aromatherapy burner or it can simply be a delicate decorative piece. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘A Kate Malone Pumpkin Pot’ Feb 11 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 2pm - 5pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all Emulate Kate Malone’s vegetable inspired pottery style let a pumpkin grow out of your own hands! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Making Three Distinct Appearances’ Feb 25 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 10am - 1pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all In the 4th Spot Test of The Great Bridge Pottery Throw Down you will be invited to create 3 small pots, all the same, until attachments make them develop their own style! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘With a Slip and a Scratch!’ Feb 25 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 2pm - 5pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all Explore using coloured slips and the technique of scraffito to transform a flat platter into a dish very much your own. Amazingly simple and so effective! You will be given a readymade, unfired dish to decorate. n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘A Wedgwood Trinket ‘ March 4 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 10am - 1pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all Enter the world of the famous Wedgwood Jasperware: you will make your own trinket box using delicate sprigs to adorn the lid and sides to hold your mementos in style! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Pinched, Joined & Transformed!’ March 4 • ½ day workshop • Saturday 2pm – 5pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all It only takes two balls of clay, a bit of pinching, joining and transforming and you’ve made yourself a hanging light, a hen or even a birdhouse! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – ‘Transform your Pot into a Glazed Wonder!’ March 18 • 1 ½ hour slots Saturday 10am – 11:30am, 12pm – 1:30pm and 2:30pm - 4pm • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £15 B: £10 C: £5 + £3 materials cost for all Now that all the pots are made they need their final touch of decorating and glazing – painting, dipping, and brushing - before they go into the kiln again to emerge in their full glory ready for our final exhibition and for you to take your precious creations home! n THE GREAT BRIDGE POTTERY THROW DOWN – Event Finale April 1 • Saturday 1pm – 4pm Tutor: Sabine Dahn • Cost: A: Free to all Celebrate a season of creativity & community spirit by joining us in decorating small clay flowers, enjoy all the work produced during this series of pottery challenges and helps us nominate our ‘Bridge Head Potter’! HEALTH & WELLBEING n CONFIDENCE BUILDING Feb 22 – Mar 22 • 5 weeks • Wednesdays 10am – 1pm Tutor: Dovi Requena • Cost: £45 C: £15 Improve communication skills and how you feel about yourself. Gain new confidence that enables you to take the steps you need to get back into work, volunteering or learning. Overcome hurdles and bring more peace, mindfulness and awareness into your everyday life. n MINDFUL MOVEMENT AND RELAXATION Jan 16 – March 13 • 8 weeks Mondays 12noon – 1.30pm • Tutor: Sabine Dahn Cost: A: £56 B: £48 C:£32 Simple movements and breathing practices to create ease and lightness in body and mind. A significant first step towards making your day-to-day life more enjoyable. Participants with physical or mental health challenges most welcome. n NUTRITION & WELLBEING Feb 21 – March 21 • 5 Weeks • Tuesdays 10am - 12noon Tutor: Jan Eaton • Cost: A: £40 B: £20 C: £10 Do you want practical guidance on your well-being, what to eat and how to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle? Come and enjoy learning about how food can support the health of your body and mind. Using fun classroom activities and group discussions, we will make sense of some of the confusing information around food, nutrition, health and diets. Sign up for our email newsletter for all the latest on courses, workshops and events


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n STRONGER YOU Jan 17 – Feb 28 • 6 weeks Tuesday 10am-12.30pm Tutor: Kirsten Joris Cost: Free to all learners aged 19 or over The Stronger You Resilience course is all about harnessing the power within you to overcome adversity and move forward. Research has shown that being resilient in the face of life’s struggles is something that we can learn and through the journey we can actually move forward and become stronger than we were before. In the supportive environment of the classroom we will look at practical ways to find more resilience in your own life. n TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF – Qigong Stress reduction workshop March 6 • ½ day workshop Monday 10am - 1pm Tutor: Emma Burnett • Cost: A: £20 B: £10 C: £5 Find out how to boost your immunity, optimise your energy levels and improve your resilience to stress. You will learn some Qigong (‘chee gung’) - energy cultivation which will leave you feeling refreshed, more able to relax, be present and at ease. Simple but effective, these ancient stress busters centre you in your body, shifting you into a relaxed yet alert state. n TANGO, RUMBA AND FLAMENCO – Beginners and Improvers Jan 16 – Mar 27 • 10 weeks Mondays 10am – 12noon Tutor: Cecelia Donoso • Cost: A: £5 B: £3 C: £2.50 Learn the basic steps and movements for three dance styles in one class. Great exercise for co-ordination, flexibility and tone. Learn to work with and without a partner in a relaxed and fun class. An existing student said of Cecelia: “She is a world class tutor and she is great at making you feel the passion of the music, which is key to learning the dance”. n YOGA FOR ALL Jan 19 – Mar 23 • 9 weeks • Thursdays 6pm - 7.15pm Tutor: Karen Bramley • Cost: A: £70 B: £40 C: £15 Strengthen and stretch your body, clear and calm your mind and increase your sense of wellbeing and vitality at this gentle and welcoming yoga class. n YOUNG AT HEART 50+ LUNCH CLUB AND ACTIVITY GROUP Every Monday 12.15pm – 2.15pm Cooked lunch is provided by The Bridge Kitchen – just £3. Lunch Club and activities including talks, games, quizzes and craft sessions are free and free transport can be provided for Moulsecoomb residents with mobility issues. LITERACY & LANGUAGE n LITERACY Ongoing • Free Literacy support for adults who need help with reading, writing, speaking and listening. Provided by trained volunteers on a one-to-one basis. For more information or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer tutor, please phone Alison/Kate on 01273 687053. n BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE Jan 20 – Mar 31 • 10 weeks • Fridays 1.30pm – 4.30pm Tutor: Natalia Cybaniak • Cost: A £90 B: £40 C: £20 This course will enable you to develop skills in BSL to sign a variety of topics including: food and drink, holidays and travel, weather, hobbies, medical signs, colours, numbers and many more! At the end of the course you will be able to have basic conversations in BSL and you will also develop skills in Deaf awareness. WORK SKILLS AND IT n BUSINESS START-UP Jan 24 – Mar 21 • 8 weeks Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm • Tutor: Alan Vickery Cost: A: £75 B: £30 C: £15 Would you like to be your own boss and run your own business? Do you have a business idea but would like to know how to get started? We can help you in setting up your own small business and develop your own business plan for your enterprise idea. This course will cover a number of key areas that you will need to know such as getting started, the financial needs that go with your own business and how to go about marketing and selling your product or service. n EMERGENCY 1ST AID AT WORK – Level 2 award Jan 31 • One Day • Tuesday 9:30am - 4pm Tutor: James Aldcroft • Cost: A: £40 C: £12 A widely recognised qualification lasting 3 years. Participants will be confident in an emergency and can act as first aiders in their workplace. The course covers a wide range of first aid situations and offers hands-on advice and practice. n CUSTOMER SERVICES TRAINING Jan 25 • 1/2 day workshop • Wednesday 10am –12.30pm Tutor: Anne Key • Free Join this workshop to increase your employability. You will learn the essential communication and presentation skills demanded by modern businesses and organisations when dealing with customers, clients and the public. n FOOD HYGIENE – Level 2 Award March 23 • One day Thursday 9.30am – 4pm • Tutor: James Aldcroft Cost: A: £50 C: £12 Gain the standard qualification for anyone working in, or wanting to get into, the catering industry. Run in a fun and lively way, the course will give people greater confidence to prepare safe food. n GADGETWISE Jan 10 & 31, Feb 21 and March 21 Tuesdays 12noon – 1pm Tutor: Tony Marshall • Free This is a one hour workshop that will introduce you to smartphones and tablets. A non-technical course that looks at types of devices, Apps, online security, and connection to the internet. n HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE – Introduction Jan 20 – Mar 31 • 10 weeks • Friday 10am – 12.30pm Tutor: Anne Andrew • Cost: A: £80 B: £40 C: £18 This course will give learners a basic knowledge of health and social care for adults, young people and children. You will learn about communication, healthy eating and drinking, safeguarding, equality and inclusion, and person-centred support. n INTRODUCTION TO VOLUNTEERING Jan 11 • 1/2 day workshop • Wednesday 10am – 12:30pm • Tutor: Anne Key • Free Come along to find out about the range of volunteering opportunities available at the Bridge and across Brighton and Hove. Discover how important volunteering is to the national and local economy and how volunteering can help you learn new skills, meet new people and achieve your goals in a fun and enjoyable way. n IT FOR BEGINNERS Jan 19 - Mar 30 • 10 weeks • Thursdays 10am – 12pm • Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: £10 Learn computer basics such as using the mouse, keyboard, Word files and folders, Internet and email. Suitable for IT beginners and those who are worried about using the computer. n IT FOR IMPROVERS Jan 19 – Mar 30 • 10 weeks • Thursdays 1pm – 3pm Tutor: David Purkiss • Cost: £10 Perfect your skills in using Word, the Internet and email. This course is for IT improvers who would like to learn more and expand their existing knowledge of the computer. n JOB CLUB Ongoing • Tuesdays 10am – 12 noon Facilitator: Tony Marshall • Free Get help with CV writing, covering letters, application forms and interview techniques. Computers and an adviser at hand to help you with your individual job searches. Good job success rate for previous attendees! n JOB CLUB EXTRA Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon Facilitator: Tony Marshall Join these FREE high impact workshops for specific input on: Employability for over 45s January 18 Discover your skills and talents February 18 Effective CVs and applications February 1 Successful Interviewing February 8 Career Change March 1 Coping with Redundancy March 15 n SOCIAL MEDIA Mar 2 – Mar 30 • 5 weeks • Thursdays 3.30pm – 5.30pm • Tutor: David Purkiss Cost: A:£60 B:£24 C:£12 Get started with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.We will consider Internet safety and learn how to share photos on the Internet. Ideally you will have some familiarity with the Internet, a digital camera/mobile phone with camera and leads as needed. n TELEPHONE SKILLS TRAINING Feb 8 • 1/2 day workshop • Wednesday 10am - 12:30pm • Tutor: Anne Key • Free Enhance your employability by being confident on the phone. You will learn the customer service skills required to communicate effectively and professionally with colleagues and customers in modern business. Plus how to use a basic office switchboard: transferring calls; placing people on hold; taking and delivering messages. n USING ICT – Entry Level Award (Entry 3) Jan 20 – Jun 30 • 20 weeks • Fridays 9.45am – 12noon • Tutor: David Pamely • Cost: £150 full fee or Free to those in receipt of JSA/ESA/MTB In this accredited course you will develop your practical ICT skills to create documents, add pictures to your work, save, to research a hobby and interest and use email to contact family and friends.You will become more confident in the use of ICT and be able to progress to higher qualifications such as the ITQ or the European Driving Licence. MONEY SKILLS n MONEY MATTERS WORKSHOP Jan 27, Feb 24, March 31 and Apr 28 Fridays 10am – 1pm Tutor: Jenny Draycott • Free Stay on top of your finances by setting up a budget plan, manage debt, use an online benefit calculator, access charitable grants and make the most of what you have got. s such as craft fairs:


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Volunteering Boost your confidence and gain practical experience through our Training through Volunteering programme. • Meet new people in a warm, safe and friendly environment • Share your existing skills - help others • Varied volunteer roles available • One to One training provided – progress at your own pace • Information, advice and guidance in preparing for employment • Improve your I.T. skills • Gain experience in a real workplace • Ideal to restore confidence before getting back to work Advice & Support Our professionally qualified advisers work with you on a 1-21 basis or in small groups, to provide Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) to help you plan and achieve your goals. The service is qualAitydavssuicreed th&rouSghuopurpMoatrrixtaccreditation. • Free, impartial, personal and confidential advice • Skills and strengths assessments • Find out about learning, training, volunteering • Help to stay on top of your finances, by setting up a budget plan and manage debt • CV writing, interview practice and help in applying for jobs • Career planning and coaching • Adult Directions is available - a careers guidance programme that will help you explore you career options For details phone 01273 687053 or email Andy at Literacy Free Literacy Lessons One-to-one weekly lessons with trained volunteers, supported by literacy specialists To book an appointment please phone 01273 687053, for further information email 50+ Young at Heart Not quite ready to retire? Come and join us for quizzes, games and activities, from Boccia to Flamenco, to keep your brain and body active. • Day trips & talks • Activities & courses • Lunches & social events • Project volunteer opportunities • Get involved with friendly, fun and fabulous 50+ groups • FREE transport for people who need it For details phone Alison/Kate 01273 687053 or email For more information call Helen on 01273 687053 or email


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How to join and how to find us HOW TO JOIN Pick up the phone 01273 687053 and talk to us. Or pop in to Lucraft Road BN2 4PN during the day Monday-Friday. We'll show you how easy it is. PAYING You must pay for your course (and any exam fees) up front.We can accept payment by card over the phone or when you pop in. Refunds will only be issued if a course is cancelled by us. COURSES - ABC Some courses have 3 price codes - A, B, C. A is the cost of the course before any discount. B if you live locally you may pay less. C if you're on benefits you may pay even less. If you think you qualify for B or C let us know and we'll book you a chat with one of our advisers, who'll tell you what paperwork we need and help you enrol. LOCATION Situated near the AMEX football stadium only six miles from Lewes and four miles from Hove, an easy journey by car (we offer free parking), bus and train. Stony Mere Way Coldean Lane Falmer Hill A27 A27 Falmer Station A27 Brighton Academy 24/25/25a 25b/25c Coldean Lane Bus Stop Bus Lewes Stop Road A270 25 The Keep Bus Stop A270 Lucraft Road BridgeNewick Road CEodCmuecmnauttrineointyChailey RoadRingmer Drive Halland Road 49 Bus BolnSetyonReocardoss Road Egginton Road Stop Ashurst Road Brighton Aldridge Community Academy University of Brighton A27 American Express Community Stadium FREE SPECIALIST ADVICE Talk to our advisers who will support you to get the support you need: Moneyworks Advice Line Call 078009887037 to receive free independent advice on a whole range of money issues including dealing with debt, benefits and paying for your fuel bills. Mental Health & Wellbeing The Bridge Community Education Centre Lucraft Road, Moulsecoomb, Brighton BN2 4PN bridgebrighton Call: 01273 687053 Email: Visit: thebridgebrighton A company Limited by Guarantee No 4179358 Registered Charity No 1100405 Thank you to all our partners. Call Mind on 01273 666 950 or visit if you are looking for information and advice on how to look after your mental health or want to know about local services and groups.



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