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Winter 2017 COM Community Education Courses

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MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM | WINTER 2017 JAN 30 – MAR 18 Community Education URBAN AGRICULTURE Explore our new Modern Shepherd and Mushroom Cultivation classes on pages 25 and 26. SQUARESPACE: FAST, EASY WEBSITE CREATION P. 9 INTRODUCTION TO VOICE ACTING P.11


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Contents | Winter 2017 College of Marin Community Education ONLINE REGISTRATION HOURS AND CONTACT INFORMATION Mon–Thurs 9am–noon, 1–4pm Fri 9am-Noon (Subject to change) Phone: (415) 485-9305 Fax: 1 (415) 456-5065 Email: Facebook: MarinCommunityEd OFFICE LOCATIONS Kentfield Campus Student Services Building, Room 145 Kentfield, CA 94904 Indian Valley Campus Building 7, Room 194 Novato, CA 94949 MAILING ADDRESS 835 College Avenue Kentfield, CA 94904 4 About 4 College Campuses CLASSES 6 Art 8 Business/Career Development 9 Computer 9 Contemporary Science 10 Marin Chinese Cultural Association 10 Current Events 11 Dance 11 Drama/Stage and Screen 11 Financial Planning 12 Food and Wine 12 Health Education 13 Health Sciences 13 History 13 Home and Garden 14 Languages 15 Literature/Humanities 15 Marin Adventures 16 Music 18 Personal Enrichment 20 Photography 21 Physical Fitness 25 Urban Agriculture 26 Writing


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About College of Marin Community Education offers a variety of short-term courses designed to meet the lifelong learning needs of the community. This fee-based program is developed for individuals who wish to explore their personal interests or enhance their careers. College credit is not given and there are no grades or tests. We are self-supporting; your fees pay for costs associated with our courses. ESCOM Courses offer low-fee classes for older adults who wish to discover new interests, reconnect with lifetime passions, and find engaging interaction with like-minded individuals. Refund Policy We will gladly process your refund request if it is received in our office by 4pm, three (3) business days prior to the starting date of the class. Membership fees are not refundable. Submit your request and view details at FOUR EASY WAYS TO REGISTER 1. Online: 2. Phone: (415) 485-9305 3. Mail (Registration form p. 28) Community Education 835 College Avenue Kentfield, CA 94904 4. In Person Kentfield Campus Student Services Building, Room 145 Kentfield, CA 94904 Indian Valley Campus Building 7, Room 194 Novato, CA 94949 HOURS Mon–Thurs 9am–Noon, 1pm–4pm Fri 9am-Noon (Subject to change) College Campuses101 1 Kentfield Campus 835 College Ave Kentfield, CA 94904 101 NOVATO BLVD 2 Indian Valley Campus 1800 Ig1n01acio Blvd Novato, CA 94949 SAN ANSELMO 101 4TH ST S A N R A FA E L 3RD ST 2ND ST ROWLAND BLVD 101 NSET PK 37 37 SU WY LYNWOOD DR WOLFE GRADE RD 1 KENTFIELD COLLEGE AVE 101 SIR FRANCIS DRAKE BLVD 2 IVC 580 IGNACIO BLVD 101 BON A I R RD 580 101 Parking Information 580 Parking permits can either be purchas10e1 d in-person or by phone at (415) 485-9305. If you purchase by phone, you will receive an email confirmation. A temporary parking permit will be sent to you by regular US Postal Mail within 3 business days once your enr10o1 llment and/or membership information has been verified. Permits must be clearly displayed or you will be cited. 4 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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Classes How to read our class listings. Knowing how to read our class schedule—and understanding the key terms you will find on it—will help you easily register online. Here are the key things you need to know. Visit to view the full class description. Class title ESCOM Courses Featured class Class description Class ID, instructor, campus location, building, room number Days, times, dates Course fee, ESCOM member discounted fee, materials fee NEW | EC The Flow of Watercolor: The Figure Julie will give you the essentials for how to easily draw and paint nude figures. No knowledge of figure drawing or portraiture is required. As you view three live models, and refer to Julie’s photos of nude models, learn how to make your drawings and paintings proportionally pleasing. See online schedule for details. 0051 | Cohn | KTD | FA 301 6 Wednesdays, 2:40–5:30pm | Sept 3–Oct 8 $105 (MF $24) | ESCOM $85 (MF$24) Course cost includes materials fee. What our symbols mean KTD = Kentfield Campus IVC = Indian Valley Campus OFF = Off Campus AC = Academic Center EC = Emeritus College FA = Fine Arts Center LRC = Learning Resources Center MF = Materials Fee PA = Performing Arts PE = Physical Education Center RM = Room SF = Special Fee SMN = Science Math Nursing SS = Student Services Center VS = Village Square WINTER 2017 | 5


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Art Figure Painting This studio course is an opportunity to explore materials, color, composition and agenda in any medium of the student’s choice, while painting the figure. Class time will be primarily devoted to painting but will also include discussions, demonstrations, and critiques. You will work from undraped models every session and also have the option of working on your own projects from photos. Bring your own supplies to the first class and be ready to start working. 2420 | Bencich | KTD | FA 301 5 Saturdays 9:10am–1pm | Feb 4-Mar 11 1 Saturday 9:10am–5:30pm | Mar 18 (No class Feb 18) $243 (Includes MF $66) EC | Abstracting Landscapes in Acrylics An artistic departure from traditional landscapes. In these painting sessions we employ various abstract and creative techniques to produce a fresh approach to problem solving in regards to composition, techniques, and concepts using landscapes as an inspirational starting point. We will also experiment with the practical methods of applying acrylic techniques to produce effective textures. 2416 | Healey | KTD | FA 301 4 Tuesdays 2:40–5:30pm | Feb 7-28 $84 ( MF $1) | ESCOM $64 (MF $1) Course cost includes materials fee. Drawing with Chalk Pastels From sketches and dark and light studies to fully developed drawings and paintings, explore the full range of chalk pastels. First time students will have a full introduction to the chalks, surfaces, and techniques. Continuing students will work on expanded projects emphasizing the expressive use of the medium. Bring pencil and paper and any pastels you have, and a good photo to work from. Materials will cost from $90-$150 and will be discussed during the first class. 2431 | Lawrence | KTD | FA 215 6 Fridays 1:10–4pm | Feb 3-Mar 17 (No class Feb 17) $101 Amazing Pet Portraits in Pastels Capture not just the look of your pet but your pet’s personality as well. Starting with just the right photo to work from, in just a short time you will be well on your way to creating vibrant, life-like portraits. We will start with the basics in dark and light, then follow with pastels. You will learn about shapes, values, line, and movement. What makes a piece jump off the page? Lecture and demos will get you started. Then we will critique, discuss, and adjust accordingly. You will be amazed. Bring clear, sharp, large photos and drawing materials to the first class. Materials will cost from $90-$150 and will be discussed during the first class. 2552 | Lawrence | KTD | FA 215 7 Tuesdays 2:10–5pm | Jan 31-Mar 14 $113 EC | Watercolor Basics and Beyond An all levels class, however, beginners will receive the very basics. More advanced students are encouraged to work on their own projects, or, if desired, the instructor will provide specific assignments. How to ‘control’ the paint or let it ‘flow,’ color mixing, and composition will be covered. We will work from still lifes and landscapes. Come and paint in a very supportive atmosphere. 2413 | Meade | OFF | San Geronimo* 6 Fridays, 10:10am–1pm | Feb 3-Mar 24 (No class Feb 17) $117 (FF $16) | ESCOM $97 (FF $16) Course cost includes facility rental fee. * 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd San Geronimo 2412 | Johnson | KTD | FA 215 6 Saturdays, 10:10am–1pm | Feb 4-Mar 18 (No class Feb 18) $101 | ESCOM $81 6 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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NEW | EC | The Flow of Watercolor: Trees, Lakes, and Snow You love nature and want to paint it in a way that is unique to you. Learn how to create trees that feel alive, and paint beautiful, tranquil lakes that show reflections and movement with watercolor. Use the white of your paper with animated shadows to invoke the snow scenes you remember or wish to see in the mountains. If you want to paint up a “storm,” mist white gouache over your watercolor scene! All levels are welcome. Continuing students may choose to work independently. Individual attention will be given as time allows. 2438 | Cohn | KTD | FA 301 6 Wednesdays 2:40–5:30pm | Feb 1-Mar 8 $109 (MF $8) | ESCOM $89 (MF $8) Course cost includes materials fee. Mixed Media Art Books This class will introduce you to the inspiring and creative world of handmade art books. Using mixed media such as altered papers, photos, collage, metal, and fabric, you will discover how to create unique art books and journals. We will cover how to combine monoprinting, stitching, photo-transfer, free-form calligraphy, and a variety of binding techniques to create a different type of book each week. A materials fee will cover supplies for the first class. Students will purchase additional materials as needed. 2419 | Jucker | KTD | FA 215 6 Tuesdays 7:10–9:30pm | Feb 7-Mar 14 $122 (Includes MF $30) Jewelry and Metalsmithing The beginners/beginners plus class focuses on fundamentals of soldering, forming, construction, use of hand tools, and finishing techniques. The number of projects will be at the discretion of the instructor. The goal of the intermediate/ advanced class is the refinement of the fundamentals of jewelry making with a focus on the development of the student’s personal design ideas. BEGINNERS/BEGINNERS PLUS 2441 | Haiman | KTD | FA 123 7 Tuesdays 7:10–10pm | Jan 31-Mar 14 $138 (includes MF $25) INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED 2442 | D’Agostino | KTD | FA 123 7 Wednesdays 9:10am–4pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $248 (includes MF $25) Traditional Chinese Brush Painting Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world! Students will learn how to use a Chinese brush and ink to paint different animals, flowers, leaves, and bamboo. The connection of the brush and ink to the paper is both satisfying and challenging. Students will create their own painting after the first class and improve their painting skills and creativity throughout the session. 2424 | Cheng | KTD | FA 301 7 Mondays 9-10:30am | Jan 30-Mar 20 (No class Feb 20) $105 (Includes MF $25) See page 9 for more courses offered by the Marin Chinese Cultural Association. Spontaneous Painting: Watercolor and Fluid Acrylic Wet-into-Wet Discover the nature of these poetic and spontaneous mediums, and learn how to handle them. Enhance your current painting techniques or start with beautiful atmospheric and textural effects. Color mixing and saturation, rhythmic composition, and intuitive resolution will be emphasized. Freedom of expression is encouraged. Abstract, representational, or combined approaches and all levels of skill are welcome. Bring a playful spirit and watercolor supplies to the first class. Suggested materials list will be emailed to you by the instructor. 2415 | Duchamp | KTD | FA 312 6 Wednesdays 2:10-5pm | Feb 8-Mar 15 $101 WINTER 2017 | 7


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NEW | Drawing and Painting Workshop Develop your skills in drawing and painting while discovering and nurturing your unique expression. Composition, color, spatial relationships, layering, adding and subtracting will be addressed as a means for creating the images that you want. Accepting the unpredictable will be encouraged. Subject matter can be taken from nature, the imagination, photographs, poetry, music, film, the news, anything. Students will be asked to keep a visual and written journal of source material. Understanding and appreciating one’s own mark-making and perspective will be at the core of this class as well as improving hand-eye skills. Instructor will give visual presentations and bring books for class discussion. Materials will be discussed in the first class. 2476 | Yokell | KTD | FA 215 6 Wednesdays 10:10-1pm | Feb 8-Mar 15 $101 Business/Career Development Four Steps to a Better Job With the job market opening up, now is the time to find more rewarding work. Whether you are looking for your first career, considering a major job change, or returning to the job market after an absence, this course is designed to help you find the right job for who you are today. Using respected career tools, you will identify your strongest skills and match them to potential career paths. You’ll also clarify your ideal work environment and interests to focus your search. In just four nights, you will have created your ideal career profile and developed your next steps toward getting the job you want. 2524 | Tenison-Scott | KTD | SMN 217 4 Wednesdays 6:10–9pm | Feb 1-Feb 22 $94 (Includes SF $15) What is Your Gold, Silver, and Jewelry Worth? If you’ve inherited jewelry, silver or coins, if you love to treasure hunt, want to add to your income, have some jewelry to sell or are just curious about how precious metals are valued, please join us for a four hour workshop. Learn the secrets of the trade, including how to identify jewelry made of precious metals, determine its value, and sell it in the right place for maximum profit. Learn how to read karat marks and hallmarks, identify items of historical or antique value, and where to get metals price quotes. Instruction will also be provided in using the tools of the jewelers’ trade, including the magnifier called the ‘jeweler’s loupe’, the weight scale, and testing equipment. A professional jeweler’s loupe and the instructor’s companion book The Urban Gold Miner are included. Hank Friedman has 40 years of experience buying from private sellers, second hand stores, flea markets, antique shops, and on the internet and is a charter member of the Jewelers Trade Network. Students should bring up to two pieces for evaluation to the workshop. 2562 | Friedman | KTD | AC 237 1 Saturday 9am–1pm | Feb 11 $78 (Includes MF $30) 8 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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CREATIVE WRITING Thomas Centolella Thomas Centolella is a former Stegner Fellow in poetry at Stanford University and the recipient of the American Book Award, the California Book Award, the Northern California Book Award, and the Lannan Literary Award. His poems have been featured on Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac” and in numerous anthologies. His newest book, Almost Human, won the Dorset Prize from Tupleo Press and is due this year. He has taught creative writing in the Bay Area for 30 years. For more instructor bios visit Computer Fast, Easy Web Site Creation Design and construct your own website using Squarespace, a fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio. Allowing point-and-click control over every design element, this platform is perfect for personal or small business websites. Squarespace is completely web browser based and works with all popular web browsers. In this course we will cover site set-up and page style template selection, customization of style templates, creating page content and links and much more. 2444 | Salzman | IVC | Bldg 7 Rm 192 3 Mondays 7-10pm | Feb 27-Mar 13 $119 Introduction to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apps Transform your iPhone or iPad into the true mobile computer it has become and access full internet capabilities and mobile connectivity. During this class, we will view applications from the Apps Store ranging from Books and Business to Social Networking, Sports, and Travel. We will also look at iTunes U with a large number of free audio and video courses from leading colleges and universities around the world. There will be plenty of time for class discussion and questions. Bring your iPhone or iPad to class. 2445 | Salzman | IVC | Bldg 7 Rm 192 3 Saturdays 1-4pm| Feb 4-25 (No class Feb 18) $119 Contemporary Science NEW | EC | Forensic Psychology This course introduces forensic psychology to anyone interested in the criminal justice system. Unlike a course in forensic sciences which focuses on scientific issues such as toxicology, ballistics, fingerprints, etc., forensic psychology deals with the psychological issues related to topics such as liedetection, hypnosis, false confessions, criminal responsibility, profiling, victimology, mental competence, the death penalty, eyewitness identification, psychological autopsies, jury deliberations, line-ups, and interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects. 2536 | Cavanaugh | KTD | LC 39 7 Tuesdays 2- 4pm | Jan 31-Mar 14 $91 | ESCOM FREE (Sponsored by the Haddie Fund) WINTER 2017 | 9


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Marin Chinese Cultural Association Educational Programs
 College of Marin’s Department of Community Education, Lifelong Learning, and International Education is pleased to join with the Marin Chinese Cultural Association (MCCA) in presenting courses that promote awareness and understanding of Chinese American culture and history. FREE | MCCA Advanced Mandarin Chinese Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginning and Intermediate Conversational Mandarin, offered by College of Marin Community Education. To register or for more information, call Emily Peng at 415.342.5224 or email Meeting time: Every Monday, 5:15–7:15pm Location: Indian Valley Campus 1800 Ignacio Blvd. Novato, CA 94949 See page 14 for more exciting language classes. Beginning Conversational Mandarin Chinese This course is designed to teach the basic skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese to students with no prior background in the Chinese language. 2514 | Peng | KTD | PE 91 7 Tuesdays 6:40–8:30pm | Jan 31-Mar 14 $91 Intermediate Conversational Mandarin Chinese This course is designed to teach an intermediate level of listening and speaking in Mandarin Chinese. Students will expand their vocabulary and develop the ability to engage in conversations that focus on basic personal information, some daily activities, personal preferences, and shopping. Students will continue to practice basic sentences and develop oral fluency in conversation. 2515 | Peng | KTD | PE 91 7 Wednesdays 6:40–8:30pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $91 Current Events Current Issues Before the United States Supreme Court This is a discussion class for which we read a summary, briefs, and other materials concerning major cases currently being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. The instructor provides background materials on the Court, explanation of legal jargon, and how the Court’s cases are chosen. The course will cover the historical development of the Court and its place in our Constitutional government, but its primary emphasis is on current issues. We will discuss all arguments in the cases and vote on the outcome. No legal background or specialized knowledge is required. 2558 | Krause | KTD | VS 5A 6 Tuesdays 11:10am-1pm | Jan 31-Mar 7 $85 ($2 MF) | ESCOM $65 ($2 MF) Course cost includes materials fee. 10 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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Dance Financial Planning Traditional Hawai’ian Dance This course offers an introduction to classic choreography in two styles of Hawai’ian dance: the ancient form (hula kahiko) and the contemporary style (hula auwana). We will explore the effect of pre-missionary era Hawai’ian history and culture on social protocols, and their relationships to the Hula. 2522 | Saunders | KTD | PE 22 7 Thursdays 7-8:30pm | Feb 2-Mar 16 $89 (includes SF $9) EC | International Folk Dance Come learn dances from all over the world including Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, and Israel. You will be introduced to basic international dance movement vocabulary, dance formats, rhythms, and cultures. The dances are fun, danced to a wonderful assortment of world music, and are a great way to stay mentally and physically fit. The class is open to both novice dancers and those with more experience; no partner is required. 2494 | Friedman | KTD | PE 22 7 Wednesdays 2:10–3:30pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $74 | ESCOM $54 Drama/Stage and Screen Introduction to Voice Acting This is a chance to have time on the mic with a critique from Terry McGovern, as well as to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the business and marketing of voice acting. This experiential and informational workshop includes a guest speaker from the industry. Scripts provided! There will be a one-hour lunch break. 2446 | McGovern | KTD | SMN 226 2 Saturdays 10am–5pm | Feb 25 & Mar 4 $99 (includes MF $2) EC | Increase Your Home Value with a Junior Unit Your home is your biggest investment, and it should be working for you. Come learn how the creation of a legal accessory dwelling can benefit you and your community. Topics will include types of units, zoning and legal requirements, financing, and a new, simpler permitting process to turn a bedroom into a “junior” unit. 2496 | Ginis | KTD | PE 91 2 Wednesdays 2:10-4pm | Feb 15 & 22 $53 | ESCOM $35 Wi$e Up: Financial Education for Women This course is a financial education program for women of all ages. The class will help you gain knowledge, skills, and confidence, and create a road map to reach your financial goals. Each week, students will review information to build a foundation in the following: money, credit, debt, savings, insurance, investments, and financial security. 2436 | Abe | KTD | AC 248 4 Thursdays 6:15–8:15pm | Mar 2-Mar 23 $73 (includes MF $8) Reverse Mortgage 101 Are you a homeowner, 62+ who would like to utilize the equity in your home without having a required monthly repayment? Then the HECM FHAgovernment insured loan may be the answer. We will discuss pros and cons, eligible properties and candidates, options for receiving your money and more pertaining to reverse mortgages. This class will be of importance if you are a senior homeowner, have elderly parents, or are a Financial Planner/CPA preparing a retirement plan for a client. This course is informational and educational only. No sales products will be presented. 2523 | Schwartz | IVC | Bldg 27 Rm 118 1 Saturday 12:30-4:30pm | Mar 4 $53 WINTER 2017 | 11


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Life and Retirement Planning Today This course is designed to teach you how to build wealth and align your money with your values to accomplish your goals. Whether you plan to retire in 20 years or have just recently retired, the information you learn in this class will deliver rewards throughout your lifetime. Spouses can attend at no additional cost. Please come to the first class 15 minutes early to register. 2556 | Hall | IVC | Bldg 5 Rm 188 2 Saturdays 9am–noon | Feb 25 & Mar 4 $59 2561 | Hall | KTD | VS 11 2 Tuesdays 6-9pm | Mar 7 & Mar 14 $59 Food and Wine Wine Tasting Fundamentals As a wine lover have you ever wondered about the aromas and flavors in your glass? Be introduced to the world of wine by an instructor with over 24 years of experience in the wine industry, including as an internationally published wine writer and wine judge. This class will cover the basics of the process of wine making and wine tasting. We will explore different types of wines, where they come from, “wine talk” and what it really means, and some basics of food and wine pairing. Students should bring 2-3 wine glasses to each class, and must be at least 21 years old. 2447 | Sandri | KTD | SS 111 1 Saturday 9am-3pm | Feb 11 $88 (includes MF $13) History of Wine in 150 Minutes! Wine has been around for thousands of years, but do you know the history of it? This class will explore it all---in 150 minutes!!! Tasting will be part of this worthwhile whirlwind historical tour, so please bring 2-3 wine glasses with you as well as a taste for adventure. Students must be at least 21 years old. 2448 | Sandri | IVC | Bldg 13 Rm 226 1 Saturday 10am-12:30pm | Mar 4 $57 (includes MF $7) Beer and Cider Tasting Fundamentals Beer and Cider is growing in popularity, but how do you identify what you are tasting? This class will cover basics of production, how to taste and what to taste for, and basics of food pairing. Students should bring 2-3 drinking glasses to each class, and must be at least 21 years old. 2449 | Sandri | KTD | SS 111 1 Saturday 9am-3pm | Mar 11 $86 (includes MF $13) The Wines of Luxury: Exploring Champagne and Port When most people seek out wine for special occasions they find a fitting Champagne or Port. This class will explore these sparkling and fortified wines of the world, highlighting their traditional homes as well as diverse global expressions. Students should bring 2-3 wine glasses to each class, and must be at least 21 years old. 2450 | Sandri | IVC | Bldg 13 Rm 226 2 Wednesdays 6:30–9pm | Mar 8 & 15 $88 (includes MF $15) Health Education NEW | Jumpstart Weight Management Learn how to change your eating and exercise behaviors and adopt a healthy lifestyle. No gimmicks; pure evidence-based nutrition, exercise, and health behavior change methodology. LoseMore(SM) Jump Start combines the use of meal planning and exercise best practices with expert behavior change counseling. This class offers distinct advantages because of the high level of accountability, skilled facilitation by a Master’s Degree holding health education professional, and the supportive social network that forms and keeps you aligned with your goals. 12 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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2546 | Lahey Huff | KTD | AC 105 6 Saturdays 10am-11:30am | Feb 4-Mar 18 (No class Feb 18) $76 (includes MF $5) Health Sciences with the return of the Jews to Spain in 1858, and their present situation. Class format will include lectures and Power Point presentations. 2418 | Harkins | KTD | AC 102 7 Mondays 2:10–4pm | Jan 30-Mar 20 (No class Feb 20) $92 (MF $1) | ESCOM $72 (MF $1) Course cost includes materials fee. NEW | Stress Reduction Strategies for Helping Professionals: Nurses, Teachers, Health Care Workers and Others This experiential course presents skills to successfully manage stress. Each student in this course will: develop awareness of habitual stress responses, practice mindfulness meditation, learn one-minute stress busters, explore the benefits of meditation practice, discover compassion practices, and develop a self-care plan. Teaching methods include lecture, discussion, and guided meditations. This course references the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). (CEUS available for RNs.) 2547 | Lefkowitz | KTD | PE 22 1 Sat 1 Sun 9:30am-4:30pm | Feb 25-26 $93 (includes MF $10) History EC | The History of the Jews From Spain The history of Spanish Jews dates back 2,000 years to when the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in Jerusalem, and brought Jews with them back to Europe. Since that time, the Jews of Spain experienced times of oppression and hardship, as well as periods of unprecedented growth and renewal. Join us in discovering the origins and evolution of the Jews from Spain, presented within the background of Spanish History from their arrival to the time of their expulsion in 1492 by the Spanish Inquisition and supported by the monarchs Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.The class will end Home and Garden Natural Floral Design: Flower Carpets/Pavés A flower carpet or Pavé is a flat, textural arrangement of flowers made in a shallow container of water. Europe has a rich history of Pavé style flowers and examples of exquisite arrangements are easy to find. In this class students will learn about the Pavé technique, look at sample arrangements, and then create their own arrangement. Students will walk away with new skills as well as great ideas for making additional, varied table arrangements. The instructor will provide flowers and tape, and students are asked to bring a low container for their arrangement. The instructor will e-mail container recommendations or, if desired, purchase a low-cost container for you. 2551 | Nardo | KTD | FA 312 1 Saturday 10am-noon | Feb 11 $89 (Includes MF $28) WINTER 2017 | 13


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Languages Community Education language courses teach conversation skills, emphasizing the ability to engage in everyday conversation and to handle typical situations. Each successive quarter continues to develop your ability to converse in the language. If you are unsure of your placement, call the Community Ed office at 415.485.9305 and ask to have the instructor call you. Visit to view course descriptions and recommended textbooks. Program Timeline FIRST YEAR LEVEL A 1 2 3 4QTR QTR QTR QTR SECOND YEAR LEVEL B 5 6 7 8QTR QTR QTR QTR A = BEGINNER, B = INTERMEDIATE, A/B = BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Course Listings and Schedule CLASS ID COURSE TITLE LEVEL DATES SESSIONS TIME DAY ROOM FEE INSTRUCTOR 2508 2509 CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH A3 1/30-3/13^ 6 B7 2/1-3/15 7 6:40–8:30PM M 6:40–8:30PM W VS 1A $85 LEBAS AC 246 $91 LEBAS 2488 CONVERSATIONAL ITALIAN A3 2/1-3/15 7 7:10–9PM W AC 249 $91 CANTARUTTI 2489 CONVERSATIONAL ITALIAN B 2/2-3/16 7 7:10–9PM TH AC 245 $91 CANTARUTTI 2521 CONVERSATIONAL ITALIAN B7 1/31-3/14 7 2:10-4PM T VS 3 $93* SALOMONE–SMITH 2493 CONVERSATIONAL GERMAN A3 2/2-3/16 7 6:40-8:30PM TH FA 201 $91 EMAMI 2502 CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH A3 1/31-3/14 7 2:10-4PM T VS 7 $91* HAIN 2511 CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH A 2/2-3/16 7 7:10-9PM TH AC 247 $91 MCINNES 2490 CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH B7 2/3-3/17^ 6 2:10-4PM F AC 102 $84* DIBENEDETTO 2514 CONVERSATIONAL MANDARIN A 1/31-3/14 7 6:40-8:30PM T PE 91 $91 PENG 2515 CONVERSATIONAL MANDARIN B 2/1-3/15 7 6:40-8:30PM W PE 91 $91 PENG 2532 BEGINNING LATIN A 2/1-3/22^ 7 6-8 PM W AC 102 $91 STOCKER TEXTBOOKS: WHEN THE PURCHASE OF A TEXTBOOK IS RECOMMENDED, THAT TEXT WILL BE USED FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES. COSTS OF TEXTBOOKS VARY. *ESCOM MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS APPLY. ^SKIP DATES APPLY. VISIT WWW.MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM FOR MORE DETAILS. 14 | REGISTER ONLINE AT MARINCOMMUNITYED.COM.


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Italian in the Kitchen Buon appetito! Have fun learning a language through Italian food and culture. Be introduced to recipes in class, cook Italian food at home, and share what you’ve cooked with your classmates. All class activities will be conducted in Italian, of course!!! Beyond words and recipes, this class will also introduce relevant Italian cultural tidbits. No previous knowledge of Italian or cooking ability needed. 2557 | Labriola | IVC | Bldg 27 Rm 233 6 Wednesdays 3:10-5pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $84 (Includes MF $1) See page 14 for more exciting language classes. Literature/ Humanities NEW | EC Iranian Cinema Iranian films are known globally for their outstanding storytellers, industry leaders and scholars whose diverse, innovative voices enlighten, engage, and inspire change for a better world. In this course students will be introduced to prominent Iranian directors and producers who have been creating masterpieces of cinematography under decades of restrictions and censorship. Iranian cinema has gained international acclaim in the last 20 years, with films receiving prizes at the prestigious film festivals of Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, London, and San Sebastian, as well as Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Students will view and discuss award-winning films as well as the circumstances in which they were created. 2549 | Dadgar | KTD | SMN 215 7 Wednesdays 10:10-12pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $89 | ESCOM $69 EC | Fault Lines, A Novel by Nancy Huston Join us in reading excerpts and analyzing and discussing this captivating novel by one of France’s most talented writers. Fault Lines won the Prix Femina and confirmed Nancy Huston’s literary fame in her adopted France. Written in French and published in France, the novel sold 400,000 copies before being translated into English by the Canadian-born author. The themes in Fault Lines are selfexploration and quest for belonging. The protagonists are children of four generations of the same family, tracing their history from California to New York, from Haifa to Toronto to Munich. This is a fascinating tale in which love, music, and faith confront evil. 2452 | Harkins | KTD | AC 104 7 Wednesdays 2:10–4pm | Feb 1-Mar 15 $92 (MF $1) | ESCOM $72 (MF $1) Course cost includes materials fee. Marin Adventures Exploring Ship Operations in the Bay This class will provide a general overview of commercial shipping operations in the Bay. The course will include a presentation on types of ships, ship construction and manning, and commercial and operational requirements of these vessels. There will also be a review of the types and locations of terminals and international, U.S., and California regulations. A typical voyage for a tanker and container ship into the bay, on to a terminal (including cargo operations), and heading back to sea will be provided. This class is open to adults of all ages. Come with a curious mind! 2533 | Thomas | KTD | SMN 227 1 Saturday 9:10-11:30am | Feb 11 $51 (MF $1) | ESCOM $33 (MF $1) Course cost includes materials fee. WINTER 2017 | 15



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