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interactive pmeursficoarml ance Alchemists in search of happiness festival tailored family oriented


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storiesuniversal human told on the streets of your town during an hour, together with the audience, we go on a journey to find happiness musical experiments and alchemical games, where strange things happen and people become performers themselves


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after pre-premiere shows in parks and event-halls of moscow we officially start our program at the spring 2017 and at the summer go on a tour in Europe you can be our next destination!


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maAlucmshiebcmboicoaxxl an electric hurdy-gurdy, that transforms your kinetic power into electricity - and plays anything, anywhere, anytime. No charger or batteries more than 90 tracks on sd-card can be syncronized with other amboxes to play a part in one composition it talks, sings, tells your fortune or even recreates sounds of forests and busy towns


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Program2 variantsofa scalable with 2 our tutors we will stage a performance right on a spot with local performers (minimal number of participants - 4) standart with 4 our performers and a regisseur we will bring you a fully prepared program with professional performers and hand-crafted decorations


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ulпentаi’qsрuteaаnlдkess your country - your language we collaborate with native speakers and use synthesized voice to make Ambox speak the way you understand as interactive as it can get all you have to do is turn the handle - and see, what will happen we keep it simple you don’t have to worry about large and difficult to transport decorations


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why we made in cardboardia For 10 years we organise events and celebrations all over the world (Russia, England, Germany, Taiwan, Netherlands, Latvia) Ambox A unique author project, that assembled together musicians, artists and inventors international team We work with curators, musicians and creative entrepreneurs from USA, UK and many other European countries


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how to contact us Sergey Korsakov: +7(916) 650 73 60



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