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H & H CVC Ltd http://www.hhcvc.moonfruit.com/ The Club meets at the Conservative Club, High Lane On the THIRD Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm The Annual club Subscription is £20.00 1st Director, Chairman and Treasurer - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 stephen_divall@hotmail.co.uk Director, Vice Chairman - Mike Coffey 01298 27424 mickcoffey@btopenworld.com Director, Assistant Chairman - John Walker - 01663 766861 Account administrator - Jean Knowles 19, Bath Crescent Cheadle Hulme Cheadle Cheshire SK8 7DQ judojean@btinternet.com 0161 439 2106 Director & Committee member - Richard Burnham - 0161 456 9385 (Photography & Runs) ric.burnham@sky.com 07770 533677 Director, Company Secretary & Magazine Editor Chris Parr 4, Bramham Road Marple Stockport SK6 7LJ Tel: 0161 427 1363 hhcvc@yahoo.co.uk chris.parr67@ntlworld.com Webmaster/Mag Distribution Martyn Faulkner hhcvc@marchele.plus.com 07970 254172 Commercial Vehicle Section - David Bowden 0161 427 3584 Motorcycle Section - Steve Divall - 0161 483 4475 Modern Classics Section - John Walker2 - 01663 766861 Show Co-ordinator - Chris Howarth - 01298 26958 chris@c-plus.co.uk Club Stands Mike Coffey - 01298 27424


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Club Mag. For December 2016 CHAIRMAN’S CHAT By the time you get this the H&H Annual Christmas Party will be imminent, and we should be preparing to have a good time in the run up to Christmas. I won’t do my usual sales pitch at this time regarding club regalia that is on sale from David Bowden but all items are available including the new polo shirt which is now available in blue with the club motif. Please be aware that one or two clothing items are made to measure and are made to order so please give David a few days’ notice to get stuff. On the subject of Christmas may I remind you once again of our collection of postal stamps which get passed on to help fund the training of dogs for the blind. We all get cards at this time of the year so I must ask you all to make an effort and save the postage stamps that are attached to the envelope. The more observant member will have noticed one or two changes to the line-up on the front inside cover. Jean Knowles has taken over in an accountancy role with the title ‘Accounts Administrator’, aided and abetted by Graham and from now on she will be handling the day-to-day finances of H&H CVC. For payment of your membership dues your contact is now Jean and she will also handle


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claims for expenses etc. The formal role of Treasurer, will now become my goodself, it being a requirement of Companies house in that the Treasurer has to be a Director, this being in name only. A change of directorship is a real pain with Companies House and we felt that this is the easiest solution. Now, regarding our ongoing relationship with the Conservative Club as our meeting base, the response from members is that we should remain here for meetings, and that these remain on a Wednesday. We are in discussion with the Conservative Club committee to see that during the summer months, some arrangement can be come to regarding parking of the bowlers cars, so as to give more space for our vehicles. With regard to our BBQ night we feel that this must continue, but maybe as a ‘one off’, as it were. We hold this somewhere else nearby, with more space to show our vehicles. The development of the driverless car, has become the way forward for many manufacturers, but this concept was actually investigated way back in 1968 by German tyre maker, ‘Continental’, in conjunction with Mercedes. With a control unit supervising the companies ‘Contidrome’ test track in Germany, an automatic Mercedes, with a boot packed full of electronic gadgetry, spent many an hour driving around the circuit, with measuring coils located in the front bumper, feeding back to the control station, from a cable buried in the concrete track surface. When it was sensed that that car was wandering off track due to a bend or sidewind, a message was transmitted to the control system to put the car back on track. The car however, never left the confines of Continentals test track where it could trundle around, hour after hour, without needing to take a break for a call of nature etc. and so was confined to the history books, for the time being anyway. A friend of mine, John, has a 1.0 litre engine car fitted with one of those devices that switches off the engine when the car is stationary and then starts it again when the clutch pedal is pushed down. Now I always understood that if your engine is stopped for less than one minute and then restarted again it actually uses more fuel in restarting than is saved during the off period. John had a battery failure after three and a half years having used the stop/start device continuously, incidentally he had bought the car brand new. The car is generally used for short runs only. He went back to the manufacturer, and we are talking about a main stream big selling company here, and told them that the battery had failed and although the car was out of warranty the battery fitted was not fit for purpose. He was told that the battery was out of warranty and to go away. Because of the size of the battery to replace it was very expensive and he learned from the battery supplier that the stop/start system can also result in starter motor failure, again a costly item to replace. He has now turned the stop/start mechanism off. 4 I have not had my FBHVC magazine yet prior to this months ‘Chat’, so cannot give


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an update on the possibility of a relaxation in the date change for MOT testing of older vehicles. If you recall in last month’s magazine I reported that the Government had tabled a proposal that all vehicles 40 years old or older now would be exempt from MOT testing. I will report on this again if I learn anything. On the subject of our magazine those of you who get the magazine by post (where are the stamps I ask) you cannot have noticed the marked improvement in quality now that these are printed externally. Thanks to all members who turned out for the Club run on November 6th to Bugsworth which was very well supported and the tour of the basin by their guide was excellent. The breakfast at the start was superb and in the future, all runs staring in the morning will be from the Dog and Partridge. I am sure there will be a much more detailed report in the magazine. Thanks Andy, for your quiz on November 17th which, as always, was well presented. I can’t remember the name of the winning team but with Mike Coffey, Dave Swann, Steve Bagnall, and Dave Rawson in it. What chance did the rest of us have? They went away with wine and a bag of gold coins each - unfortunately, the gold coins were only of chocolate! . For the first meeting of the year in January we have the annual Chairman’s quiz with a variety of questions, some motoring related, some about specific items. It has always been my intention to list at this time the question subjects, but in truth I do not put the quiz finally together until over the Christmas period. Also of course is the annual AGM in February as announced in last month’s magazine. And so I close with thanks from the Committee for your support during 2016 and look forward to seeing you in January for the quiz.


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Editorial Members, or anyone reading the November edition of the club magazine, will have noticed an article entitled ‘The Way Forward’, about current diesel powered cars, and the authors name was omitted. The writer was of course, Jim Litchfield, member and occasional contributor. - SORRY JIM. (He was wondering why he didn’t receive comments on his piece.) We are sure to be getting more from the ex-Garage owner. If anyone has any questions regarding the article, Jim can be contacted by email - jim@jimlitchfield.co.uk Now we have a new Treasurer, please be aware that you can still pay your Annual Subscription on line as per the instructions on page 31. It will also be noted that Jean Knowles will be at the Conservative Club on club nights to receive your subscription payments, or her contact details and Telephone number are listed on page 2. New Members Welcome back Glen Kelly. The last time we saw Glen, was like, 12 years ago. Back in those days (1994) he was running a Series 62 Cadillac Now his interest is a 1990, W Reg. Jaguar XKR His partner is called Andrea, hopefully we’ll see you both at future club nights. Welcome back Glen. Now, The Club Christmas Party is on Wednesday 7th It’s not too late to book, please give the Secretary a ring, to get your names on the list, so we’ve got the numbers, and state your choices, then all you’ve got to do is show up with your partners/friends on the night. Remember, the food’s always great - Choices Chili, Hot Pot or Veggie. 6


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Bugsworth Basin Run, Sunday 6th November Chris Howarth The talk by Ian Edgar MBE, Chairman of the Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust, at our October club meeting was the inspiration for a run to see the Basin itself. Of course many of you will know how well the run & visit went, because there were over 60 of us there In 32 cars! We met at the Dog & Partridge at High Lane, where they said that they had quite a rush on breakfasts! A good start to a Run, without a doubt. The Run was planned to be quite short, but despite that, still managed to be an interesting route on roads that we don’t tend to frequent from the top of Mellor down through Thornsett & along the interestingly named Sitch Lane to Hayfield & towards New Mills. Just through Low Leighton we turned left along Marsh Lane. When it changes to Station Road it crosses the Peak Forest Canal by bridge, the parallel railway by level crossing & joins the A6. The three methods of transport run virtually alongside each other for most of the way from Whaley Bridge to Newtown. The railway, that we had just crossed at a level crossing, & had climbed a short, steep section of road to the A6, now, after only about a quarter of a mile of apparently level road, appears above us on the left running on a bank & after a short time we passed under the railway at Bridgemont. We went alongside the first mile or so of the Peak Forest Canal into Whaley Bridge & approached Bugsworth from Whaley Bridge on the scenic, but narrow, Silk Hill, through Knat Hole, over the fairly new Chapel-en-le-Frith bypass & over the bridge that marks the end of the Middle Basin & start of the Upper Basin to the car park outside the Navigation Inn. As Ian Edgar was unavailable, Dr Martin Whalley, who has also been involved with the project from the very early days in 1968, when the canal basin, which was closed in 1927, was acquired for restoration, took us on a guided tour. He said that we were the largest guided tour group that he could ever remember showing round in nearly 50 years, which was most encouraging. In that time the volunteers, starting with hand saws and shovels & spades progressed through a digger & various pieces of rather more substantial equipment loaned or donated by various local companies such as Z & W Wade from Whaley Bridge. In 1968 the canal was full of soil washed in from the adjacent banks & towpath & was rapidly turning into a linear wood with self seeded trees. The task was daunting then & the story of the vast amount of work undertaken so that we could today stand alongside the completed Basin, inspirational. Fortunately the weather was reasonable until almost the end of the tour when, what is the phrase… the heavens opened. Some of us went into the dog & people friendly Navigation Inn for hot or cold drinks & food. The response to this run & visit was most encouraging for those involved in its or- ganisation & is a good guide for future runs. There will be more runs next year, in- cluding evening runs. Please have a chat with any member of the committee to share your ideas for these events.


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A new idea for March Club Night entertainment. From Ed Burke. OK, come on folks, you need to get together, this could be a bit of fun INTRODUCING Rocker Box Racing The basic idea is to get a car rocker box, fit some wheels (ie fix it to a cheap £6 skate board bought from Ebay or your own chassis) paint it up to match your own or another members car , badge it, give it some detail and go racing. The track will be a short ramp for two cars which will sit on the edge of a table positioned at the end of the room and slope down to the floor -- then we let gravity take over. We will make the ramp. The first car to a given line on the floor wins and the loser is knocked out (the loser could then be given a second chance by racing another loser) the winner of the losers would then go forward in to the winners knock out which would give ever body at least two goes. I have attached some basic rules but we should not enforce these too seriously as its only for fun. We (me, along with Simon and Craig) will donate the Wilbert Mckee trophy for the winner and maybe we could have another Trophy for the best/most popular design. Rules / Regulations to follow. - See you in March. Come on you girls, how about a ladies team???


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MG SECTION REPORT from Richard Lomas I will start by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I assume we are all busy getting ready for the festive season. I hope that you all enjoyed the talk I arranged about Bugsworth basin, and the subsequence visit to to see the hard work that has been done by the volunteers . We had good turn out from the MG's with 5 cars joining the route, which was nice and easy and relaxed. Thanks to all who turned up, we all had coffee at the Navigation Pub on arrival, I think they were little overwhelmed, when we all turned up but served us well. Chris Howarth has submitted a report which will be found on a previous page. Our November monthly meeting was a quiz organised by quiz master Andy Robinson. The clubs next meeting will be the Christmas Party, and a break until the new year with our chairman organising a quiz in January.


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Thank Heavens it's over… Anthony Boe No, I'm not talking about Christmas, well not yet anyway. No, I'm referring to the year of our Lord 2016 that has been tumultuous to say the least. It's sure to be a year that we'll be talking about for quite some time yet. We have said a final goodbye to numerous beloved celebrities and luminaries, more than one would expect in a normal year. In June, we gave a typically British two fingers to the EU and saw our dream of having a world-class football team comically ended: sacrificed on a wintery Icelandic altar. Worse still, we now have the prospect of one Donald J Trump esq. entering the White House as leader of the 'free world': something we're all going to have to contemplate and hope for the best! As for me, as you know, I said goodbye to a good deal of cash as I finally decided to give the DS some overdue TLC. This draining process will no doubt continue into 2017 as we finish it off. There's an old joke which I'll paraphrase: How do you make a small fortune? Start with a big one then buy a DS. Finally, there is one final sting to my 2016 because right at the end of this tiresome year my personal odometer will roll over to 50. Oh the misery. So onto cars. I thought given that I've hit my half-century that I'd find out which classic cars are joining me on this landmark occasion. There are quite a few and some of them quite remarkable. Let's see: The Jensen Interceptor (1966 - 1976) Yay! What a super cool car to share a birthday with and, better still, it’s a favourite of mine. A true British muscle car with a massive six-litre V8 engine and looks to die for. Much like me good self! Given unlimited funds, I'd have an Interceptor but the cost of insurance, fuel and maintenance would make the cost of looking after the DS seem like pocket change. Perhaps, if I had the wealth of America's President Elect it might be an option but under current circumstances, this would be like taking my money and burning it on a Yuletide fire.



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