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Biographies By Eagles Class November 2016


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Cleopatra VII Philopater In 69 BC, one princess was born into a house of Ptolemy's; that princess was Cleopatra VII Philopater. Cleopatra's family had ruled for over 100 years before she was born. She was born into a large family of seven but there is no record of her mother or three sisters. Cleopatra VII Philopater was a well respected woman and as her inspiration (her father) died,she took over the throne. Her reign was shared along side her twelve year old brother. (Ptolemy XIII) Unfortunately, Ptolemy (XIII) banished Cleo from her reign and left himself in charge. When another war struck out against Cleo and Octavian, a romance blossomed behind the scene. There was a meeting to be held in the palace between Julius Caesar and Ptolemy XII. After the meeting was held, Cleopatra rolled herself in a carpet, rolled into the room where Julius was about to leave. Cleo rolled herself out of the carpet and exposed her nude body to him. The battle was hard but Cleopatra and Julius fought through and won together. A young boy was born (Caesarion) after the war, yet Julius didn't think it was his. Later that year, after an unexplained break up. Cleo was pregnant with a child or children but this time she was with and married to Marc Antony. Throughout their time together they had three children Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene II; Ptolemy Philadelphus. Cleopatra over heard some false news about Marc Antony dying and she ordered a cobra to the Palace. Unfortunately the maid that (Cleopatra forced to kill her) was attacked by the cobra and got herself killed. The fact was that Marc Antony hadn't died but killed himself after Cleopatra. Katie


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Abraham Lincoln During the mid 19 century, one man was elected to be president and lead the U.S through the civil war; that man was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln, who was born February 12, 1809, had lived in hodgenville, Kentucky USA. Abraham Lincoln had little education. When Abraham Lincoln was a child, he had very little formal education. Lincoln never really learned, but he liked books. Most of what he learned was self educated, but, this was common at the time with families on the frontier. As Lincoln got older, he started to work as a congressman for the state of Illinois before he became a lawyer. After a bit of time working as a state representative, he ran for the U.S senate, he did not win but now people knew who he was because he gained national recognition for the arguments against slavery during the debates. In 1860, Lincoln ran for president of the United States. He started as a member of a fairly new Republican Party which strongly opposed allowing any of the southern parts to secede (meaning leave the country). The Republicans were also against slavery. They said they would allow for slavery to continue in the southern states but it would not be allowed to spread to the new U.S states or territories because Abraham and the Republicans will stop that from happening. Abraham Lincoln was remembered for his vital role as the leader in preserving in the Union during the civil war and beginning the process (Emancipation Proclamation) that led to the end of slavery in the United States. Caden


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Queen Victoria During the 19th century, one girl was about to take on the most important job in the world; that woman was alexandrina Victoria.Alexandrina soon changed to Victoria. Victoria’s mother was princess Victoria and her father prince Edward. Victoria was born on the 24th of May 1819 in London. Meanwhile queen Victoria was studying hard. She was tutored at her mother’s palace privately. However it wasn't just one book for each subject she had to study 20 religious books, 27 French books, 13 volumes of Latin and grammar and much more. When she was 16 she knew people's history in French of by heart. queen Victoria spoke excellent French. As Victoria grew she was known as the grandmother of Europe. Victoria’s children were married off to a prince or a princess, that was then when she was known as the grandmother of Europe. Victoria took some interest in India when her husband died queen Victoria withdrew from the politics because she was so sad when her husband died from typhoid fever. Queen Victoria's family was very big. In 1839 queen Victoria met a prince called albert the prince of consort. Victoria had 9 children called Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur , Leopold and Beatrice. Victoria and her family all lived in Buckingham palace. although Prince Albert was queen Victoria's cousin, they got married. Queen Victoria died on the 22nd of January 1901 at Osborne palace. Queen Victoria is remembered because she was the longest to stay on the throne, she was queen for 64 years. During the Victorian times technological things were made like the telephone, motor cars, typewriters and the bicycle and much more. Edie


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Roald Dahl During the mid twentieth century an inspiring man became famous for writing hilarious books that man was Roald Dahl . Roald Dahl was born on the Thirteenth of September 1916. When Roald was three his father Harold died of pneumonia and his sister Astri died from appendicitis. Roald dahl went to different schools like western super mare and Repton in Derbyshire. He went to Saint peter's in Cardiff he was excelled at sport his teachers did not think he was good at writing when he was at school he was a good football player he liked playing squash at school. In 1939 he joined the royal air force as a fighter pilot . He was injured in 1940 he crash landed his his gloster gladiator biplane in an Egyptian desert. He fractured his skull, broke his nose and passed out. Tyler


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Christopher Columbus During the mid 14th century, one explore became famous for discovering America that man was Christopher Columbus He was born in 1451. He always wanted to sail to America with his crew. Christopher columbus went to a monastery. He stayed there until he was 14. He learnt basic latin and maths. Also he learnt he learnt map reading from his brother. And he went to a very posh monastery. He married Felipa And had a child called Diego. His mother was called Susanna. Columbus was an explorer he sailed from europe to America They crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Not knowing where they would land. It was a voyage into the unknown. There Was a ship wreck. Columbus soon went back to rescue his men. He died in 1506 age 55 years old. From reiter's syndrome on illness caused by instyle bacterial infection. Columbus changed history as he and his sailors bravely sails into the Unknown. He did not give up when people laughed at his ideas. They brought misery to many native Americans Because they love their island. Tom


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Elvis Presley In the 20th century a rockstar who would change the way of music was born; that man was Elvis Presley. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi-United states. When he was born in January 1935, sadly his twin brother was stillborn. He graduated from humes High school in 1953. Elvis sighed for the military (he got sergeant) when he graduated high school. During his musical career he did rock and roll, pop and country (he was called king of rock and roll). In 1967 Elvis got married to Lisa Marie Presley until 1973 when they got divorced. He ushered in a whole new era of American music. Elvis sold over 1 billion records worldwide. He starred in 33 successful films. He was awarded 3 grammys and nominated for fourteen. He received the grammy lifetime achievements award at the age of 36. He was known for his talent,good looks and charisma. He died at the young age of 42 at his home in Memphis. Dylan


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Neil Armstrong At the very start of the 20th century an inspirational man was born who would become the first man to walk on the moon; that was Neil Armstrong. In high school he was well behaved, however he liked Science but he didn’t like maths he was just a boy from a small city in Ohio and he loved flying. He worked as an astronaut and he was the first man to walk on the moon. He married Janet Sharon in 1956. He had three children and he lived in a small town called Ohio and he was the eldest of three children. He got remembered for being the first man to walk on the moon and to fly to the moon in their never ending space race and he died on the 25th April 2012. Nathan


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Captain James Cook During the mid 18 century one man become a famous explore that man was captain James cook.He was born November 1728 in Marton.He's the 2nd of 8 children and he worked for his scottish dad in a farm.Then he worked as a shopkeeper and worked in a school of merchant navy student. He completed his three year training and he married Elizabeth on 21st December 1762. they had 6 children James,Nathaniel,Elizabeth,Joseph,George and Hugh. When he didn’t explore and didn’t go out to sea he spent time with his family.He was the great English explore and captain of royal.Navy he vised six of seven continents.He became the first European to reach the east coast of Astraila and Island of Hawaii. He died February 1779 in Hawaii killed by natives. Aleks


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Marie Curie During the mid-19 century one woman was born who changed the world forever; that woman was Marie Curie. She was born in Warsaw, Poland. Her parents were Wladylaw and Bronislawa Sklodowska. They had three other children;Helena,Jozef and Zofia Sklodowska. Marie Curie’s parents were too poor to send her to school when she was young. She moved to Paris to go to high school when she was older she went to University of Paris and stated when she was 13 and in 1883 when she was 16 years old. One day she wanted to to become a scientist. Marie Curie met Alburt Einstein when she was in Paris and become good friends. When Marie Curie grew up and become a scientist she discove.she discovered radioactivity. Radioactivity is a chemical that can kill or very badly injure you. She married Pierre Curie when she was 20 in 1887 and had two children Eve Curie (Eve Curie died in 2007 when I was one and she was one hundred and two ) there other child was Irene Jolot-Curie. They lived in a family home but not a big one because they were too poor to afford a big one ( until they discovered radioactivity.) because she was so clever she won a nobel prize twice but this time with her daughter Irene Jolot-Curie in physics. In WW1 Marie Curie discovered x-rays to help fix soldiers bones. Before Marie Curie discovered x-rays 1 million soldiers died because of broken bones but when she discovered x-rays those 1 million soldiers became 1 million soldiers that were saved. Marie Curie died in 1903. She died because she was discovering a new element and something went wrong and it blew up. A sad way to die however she did discovered radioactivity and changed the world for ever to help other people to stay away from it so they didn’t die from it. Lili


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Boudicca During the 1st century a warrior was born who saved her village countless times ; that warrior was Boudicca. Boudicca is a leader who inspired her people to rebel against the Romans when they didn't honor her husband’s will. Boudicca was married to prasutagus and ruled Iceni with him. When prasutagus died the Romans tried to take Boudiccas land. The Iceni tribe occupied East Anglia had been allowed by the Romans to keep their land and govern themselves. Boudicca and her daughters were beaten and humiliated in front of their people by the Romans. Boudicca was furious about the way she had been treated,which led to her fight with the Romans. Boudicca tried to raise a huge army to fight against the Romans.Suetonius Pauline's,the Roman governor,was absent from the area fighting the Drurlois in Anglesey. was well supported and soon her army numbered over 100,000 thousand people . It was said that Boudicca was “Huge of frame, terrifying of aspect, with a harsh voice”. Boudicca,the great warrior queen remembered for her attempts to free herself and her tribe from the Roman Empire had a lasting impact upon many aspects of history Boudicca also served as a role model for early feminism and inspiration, especially during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. By Mackenzie


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Winston Churchill Winston Churchill was born on the 30th of November 1879 into a famous family called the Spencers at Belahiem palace in oxford. He had a younger brother called John. HIs father was a politician. He went to three different schools including Harrow a very famous school. He did not Enjoy school because he lived far away and missed his parents. Winston was very good At maths and history , although his test results were very bad and he loved England. When Winston left school his first job was in the army where he served all over the world. Leaving the army he started a career in politics in 1900 which lasted until 1955 during which he held some of the most important jobs in politics , including Being prime minister during ww II. Winston married a woman called Clementine Hozier and they had 5 children , 4 Were girls and 4 were boys they lived mainly in London. Winston died on the 24th january 1965 aged 90. He is remember as being one of the most Important politics ever to serve GB. His biggest achievement was guiding the country to victory in world war 2 , a war which Britain looked certain to lose at times My great grandfather was a soldier in world war 2 , and guarded 10 Downing street . Winston would come and put out his cat and said “good night soldier “. We wrote lots of books and articles and was a very talented author. He smoked lots of cigars and loved champagne. Harry


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Martin Luther King During the mid 20th century one man fought for black people to have the same rights as the White people;that man was Martin Luther King.He was born on the 15th of February 1929 in Atlanta.He had a sister and brother called Christiane and Alfred. In 1953 he married a woman called Coretta; and she was very close to Martin Luther King.After they had four children. Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader, fighting for the rights of African Americans. In 1963 he led a freedom March and gave a famous speech “ I have a dream” it is one of the most famous speeches in human history. One year later, the civil rights act was passed. Tragically, Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4th in 1968 in Memphis while standing on the balcony of his hotel, he was shot by James Earl Ray. Aaron


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John winston Lennon. Early life He was Born on 9th october 1940 in Liverpool during a German air raid in world war His Mum was called Julia and his dad was called Alfred.John, lived with his aunty Mimi Smith He went to Dovetail primary school, and got expelled at age 5. At quarry bank high school, he failed his exams, but he entered college at Liverpool school of art on his headteachers recommendation, but later dropped out to work with his band. Work and adult life. John lennon was a singer in the beatles band. That was English singer / song writer who co founded the beatles. One of the most successful bands in history. Private life John married Cynthia Lennon in 1962 and had one son called Julian named after his 1969 married yoko ono and had another son called Sean he was born and raisved in liver pool then moved to new york in 1971 Legacy John was shot dead when he was 40 in new york on 8 december 1980 by a fan c r he is remembered for creating the beatles band and after leaving the band promoting world peace. Two of his famous songs are imagine and the war is over. Interesting facts Liverpool airport was renamed to liverpool john lennon airport. He loved playing monopoly. He went to primary school with Jimmy Tarbuck. Kieran



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