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SURGE MAGAZINETAHRTE &ZOLNITEE’SRATREYEN Fall 2016 Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai


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SURGE The Zone’s Teen Art & Literary Magazine of Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai Fall 2016 Volume 6 Issue 2 SURGE STAFF Molly Haas-Hooven Editor-in-Chief contents Diane Rode Rebecca Wallace-Segall 2 Guest Teen Editor’s Note/Editor-in-Chief’s Note Co-Executive Editors 3 The Piers by Victoria Reyes 5 Ode to a Violin by Haemaru Chung/Art by Marian Cepeda 7 The Girl Jadae by Jadae Smalls Russell Mindich Founding Editor 8 A Fish’s Backyard by Hailey/Photography by Alice Rosenthal Jaclyn Damiano 9 Me and My Friend Cancer by Marian Cepeda Lauren Smith 11 All About A Nice Octopus by Dominick, Mario, & Isaiah Sarah Yazdian 12 Illustrate A Story! 13 Photography by Annie Braun 14 From Black and White to Blue by Gabriel Cooper 15 Teen Q&A with Art Therapist, Jaclyn Damiano Art Editors Carly Menker Guest Teen Editor 17 Photography by Alice Rosenthal 18 Dreamsleep by Stina Trollbäck 19 Hard Work by Aya/Art by Shanzeh 21 I Am: A Collaborative Poem 23 Writopia Writing Corner 25 Crochet Needles and a Flame by Maya Mitrasinovic 26 Art by Artists of the Zone Elsa Bermudez Abby Coleman Scott Krier Writopia Lab Design & Production Team 27 Art and Writing by Tyana 28 A Lesson Learned by Kharisma Williams Thanks to Russell Mindich and family, and to the staff of 29 In Circles by Emily Mondrus 30 Art by Stina Trollbäck 31 Home by Nikia/Art by Stephanie Grossman the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department of The Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. 32 Home Sweet Home by Emily Brinegar 33 Dear God by Ibby Weber 34 Art by Artists of the Zone To view this issue online visit: 35 Art by Stina Trollbäck 36 Untitled by Carly Menker 37 Wonders by Tyana/Photography by Alice Rosenthal The Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department 1 Gustave L. Levy Place Box 1153 New York , NY 10029 212-241-8084 1 | SURGE Cover art by Stephanie Grossman, age 17 Writopia Lab 155 W 81st Street Suite A New York, NY 10024 212-222-4088


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NOTE FROM THE GUEST TEEN EDITOR Carly’s Poem is featured on page 36! Writing has become a path for me to express my emotions and help others. The primary job of writing and art is to evoke emotions, and if a piece does so, then it has completed its purpose. A picture speaks a thousand words; all words have power, and power is a catalyst for change that is necessary in all avenues of life. Writing and art is a way to address feelings instead of bottling them up and tossing them away to be dealt with later. For all of my peers battling the war with our illnesses, writing and art are ways we can relay our thoughts, hopes, and dreams so that we can achieve our aspirations someday. Writing and art are physical manifestations of our own minds, and through artistic pieces we portray the things that cannot merely be stated. Through both of these artistic mediums, the ability to cope with the daunting road of life becomes manageable. I encourage those who haven’t tapped into their innate creativity to do so, and for those who already have to keep it up. You never know how the simplest ideas and emotions translate into beautiful pieces of expression. Keep writing, drawing, and photographing! You will thank yourself later. Carly Menker, age 17 Guest Teen Editor Dear Readers, Welcome to the second collaborative publication between the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department at Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital and Writopia Lab, a nonprofit creative writing program for kids and teens. In the following pages you will find art and writing created by teens in the hospital and out, whose struggles, joys, friendships, and fears have inspired their work. Often writing and artmaking allow the individual to work through emotional and physical pain. Other times the creative process can create a needed distraction, providing a sense of peace, relaxation, and comfort. Perhaps reading and looking at the images will provide such an experience for you. So take a moment and dive in. Let the words wash over you; perhaps they will inspire you to create as well. Interested in contributing to the next issue? We would love to hear your voice and see your art! Send any original writing to If you are interested in submitting original art, email Enjoy! Molly Haas-Hooven Editor-In-Chief SURGE | 2


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THE PIERS Blue skies, Tall buildings. Oceans, Fresh air. You feel the wind. You smell freedom. I taste strawberries. Loud helicopters walk by. I hear the waves spoosh. There’s rocks. You can see the Statue of Liberty. The temperature is warm. When I’m at the piers, I wish to get stronger and be brave all the time. -Victoria Reyes, age 11 3 | SURGE


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Art by Victoria Reyes, age 11 SURGE | 4


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ODE TO VIOLIN Four strings lined up Like a trained platoon Each a different voice And each a different tune G string is low D string is moderate A string mellow And E string high Like a crescent moon Its edges curve gracefully Like a snail shell Its scroll rolls playfully Its faces shown aplenty As strings and bow mingle Deep as the rolling sea Swift as an arrow I hear from you A musical reflection of me Violin, prickly and coy Best friends we’ll always be - Haemaru Chung, age 15 5 | SURGE


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Art by Marian Cepeda, age 16 SURGE | 6


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THE GIRL JADAE Brown eyes, brown hair The one with the 3 siblings and thousands of cousins The girl who doesn’t really have friends The one who likes to have fun The one who always got a bun in her hair The fly one Who’s always eating The one who’s always on her phone The one whose favorite color is blue Yeah that’s her The one who -Jadae Smalls, age 14 77 || SSUURRGGEE Photography by Alice Rosenthal, age 16


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A FISH’S BACKYARD Swimming all day with my fins up high, Always wondering what it would be like to touch the sky. So many different creatures below the water, as the day, gets hotter. From up above I always see, different people just letting life be. Deep down on the ocean floor, the coral reefs and seaweed are always a good tour. The quietness and uniqueness of the ocean is what makes it a whole new world that people want to explore. -Hailey, age 14 SURGSEUR|G8E | 8


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ME AND MY FRIEND CANCER Cancer and I are one. In the past months I was weak, and alone, until cancer came. Now we are together, it’s a different relationship. We are always fighting like sisters, we have very different personalities. I’m active and athletic, cancer is slow, quiet, and dangerous, and lazy, but we try to get along. One thing that brings us together is that we love competition. I never thought she would be my friend, because friends are suppose to make each other feel good, and at times our fights get out of hand, she finds a way to bring me down. I got used to it. I sometimes cry, but I build myself back up. She taught me something: “Fear is mental.” And nothing hurts more than physical pain. Don’t let yourself fall because someone said something to you. Be strong. 9 | SURGE


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YO Y MI AMIGA CÁNCER Cáncer y yo somos uno. en los últimos meses yo era débil, y solo hasta que llego cáncer. Ahora estamos juntas, es una relación diferente. Siempre estamos luchando como hermanas, tenemos personalidades muy diferentes. Soy activa y me gustan los deportes, cáncer es lenta, tranquila, y peligrosa, pero tratamos de llevarnos bien. Una cosa que nos une es que nos encanta la competencia. Nunca pensé que iba a ser mi amiga porque los amigos se supone que deben hacerte sentir bien y, a veces nuestras peleas se salen de la mano, ella encuentra una manera de hacerme sentir mal. Me acostumbré a ella. A veces lloro, pero luego me construyo a mí mismo de nuevo y me levanto. Ella me enseñó algo: “el miedo es mental.” Y nada duele más que el dolor físico. No se deje caer porque alguien le dijo algo. Sea fuerte. Art and Writing by Marian Cepeda, age 16 SURGE | 10


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ALL ABOUT A NICE OCTOPUS By Dominick, Mario, and Isaiah Isaiah, Mario, and Dominick went to the beach to swim and to play in the sand. They wanted to eat PIZZA! And PANCAKES! And BURRITO PANCAKES! And HOT DOGS! They were having a lot of fun. They rested on their towels under the umbrellas. But before they could get their food they had to face…the Donkey Didi Octopus! It looked just like a zombie. It was very large. “GOOO GOOO GAAA GAAA!” said the octopus. Isaiah, Dominick, and Mario had to get on a boat to get past the octopus. Isaiah said,“Hey Octopus! How are you doing?” Dominick said to the octopus,“You have to be nice. And you have to ask for the food. And you have to have a good brain. Can you please go back in the water?” The octopus swam back home. Dominick, Mario, and Isaiah got to eat all the food and were happy. 11 | SURGE


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Illustrate the story using the space below! SURGE | 12


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13 | SU17RG|ESURGE Phototography by Annie Braun, age 12


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FROM BLACK AND WHITE TO BLUE, THERE’S NO TELLING WHAT YOU CAN DO When I was a kid everything was black and white and me Darkness Thinking people loved me I was a little kid I was bad, got kicked out of two schools I changed my life around I learned I was stubborn I didn’t want to listen I lost people dearest to me I was good at some parts I could get away with anything I want But sometimes life has consequences Sometimes the people who love you the most don’t want to be around you Sometimes to fix the things is to fix you I’ve grown from getting anything I want, to getting less I have to learn how to be a responsible man I’m on my own I have to do it myself Because some things can’t last forever I was spoiled, rotten, like cheese But now Now I see if you better yourself… Amazing brightness Everything is blue There’s no telling what you can do -Gabriel Cooper, age 18 SSUURRGGEE || 1144



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