2017 High Mowing Organic Seeds Catalog


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Organic & non-GMO vegetable, herb, cover crop and flower seeds.

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2017 ORGANIC SEED CATALOG FREE Shipping *On orders over $10 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds


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Welcome to our 2017 catalog of organic, non-GMO seeds! High Mowing has been focused on quality from day one. As I visited other seed companies, seed growers and customers in early years, I consistently heard that not just organic seed, but quality organic seed was important. Our mission is to serve organic growers. To do so with anything but the best does them and the overall movement a disservice. While we have plenty to learn and improve on, you will always find our entire team focused on quality in all that we do. It is from you, our customers, that we are learning and from you that we take the inspiration for our work. On behalf of our breeders, seed growers and partners around the world: thank you. Thank you for your good work in the world. We are proud that you have chosen us to be by your side. If there is anything that we can do to better support you, please let us know. With gratitude, Tom Stearns, Owner & Founder COVER PHOTO: Founder and owner Tom Stearns and some of our farm crew doing a final quality check on the detasseling of our My Fair Lady hybrid sweet corn seed production. 4 EASY WAYS TO ORDER phone (866) 735-4454 toll free 8 AM – 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday, with extended Saturday hours 9 AM – 5 PM January through April. web highmowingseeds.com fax (802) 472-3201 Fax the order form (p. 58) anytime. mail Send the order form (p. 58) to: High Mowing Organic Seeds 76 Quarry Road Wolcott, VT 05680 payment options Mail orders can be paid for by check, money order or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Fax, phone and web orders can be paid for by credit card. limitation of liability Farming and gardening is risky business, with weather extremes and many other variables outside our control. The responsibility of High Mowing Organic Seeds extends only to the purchase price of the seed. *Prices are in effect through November 1, 2017 and are subject to change. We offer FREE SHIPPING!* *On orders over $10, see page 58 for details. The Safe Seed Pledge In 1999 High Mowing Organic Seeds guided a coalition of 9 other seed companies in drafting a statement about the signers’ stance on genetic engineering. To date the Pledge has been signed by over 370 seed companies worldwide. “Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. For the benefit of all farmers, gardeners and consumers who want an alternative, we pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. The mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms poses great biological risks, as well as economic, political and cultural threats. We feel that genetically engineered varieties have been insufficiently tested prior to public release. More research and testing is necessary to further assess the potential risks of genetically engineered seeds. Further, we wish to support agricultural progress that leads to healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems and ultimately healthy people and communities.”


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40 New Varieties for 2017 Hopi Black Dye Sunflower p. 105 Red Carpet F1 Onion p. 62 Acadia F1 Spinach p. 77 Phacelia Cover Crop p. 107 Red Picnic Pepper p. 67 Georgian Crystal Garlic p. 30 Newham Lettuce p. 50 Balena F1 Celeriac p. 20 Kolibri F1 Kohlrabi p. 44 Crispino Iceberg Lettuce p. 51 Takrima F1 Leek p. 45 Damsel F1 Tomato p. 84 Karina Shelling Pea p. 63 Orange Picnic Pepper p. 67 Xtra-Tender 2171 F1 Sweet Corn p. 23 Divergent F1 Melon p. 54 Candy Stevia p. 99 Halblange Parsnip p. 93 Hampton One-cut Lettuce p. 46 Monastrell F1 Onion p. 61 Triunfo F1 Pepper p. 68 Buckley One-cut Lettuce p. 46 Dolciva Carrot p. 16 Pearl Radish p. 74 Yellow Picnic Pepper p. 67 1505 Wonder F1 Artichoke...................................................................2 2245 Black Jet Soybean.............................................................................5 2020 Eclipse Black Dry Bean................................................................5 2314 Dagan F1 Brussels Sprouts.................................................... 11 2334 Dolciva Carrot.................................................................................16 2397 Balena F1 Celeriac........................................................................20 2384 Xtra-Tender 2171 F1 Sweet Corn...................................23 2394 Jerry Peterson Blue Flint Corn..........................................24 2431 Kalunga F1 Cucumber................................................................25 86750 Georgian Crystal Garlic........................................................30 2307 Kolibri F1 Kohlrabi.......................................................................44 2695 Takrima F1 Leek..............................................................................45 2613P Ezrilla One-cut Pelleted Lettuce...................................46 2612P Hampton One-cut Pelleted Lettuce...........................46 2611P Buckley One-cut Pelleted Lettuce...............................46 2627P Encino Pelleted Lettuce........................................................49 2576 Newham Lettuce............................................................................50 2544 Concept Lettuce............................................................................51 2545 Crispino Iceberg Lettuce........................................................ 51 2647 Divergent F1 Melon.....................................................................54 2686 Monastrell F1 Onion...................................................................61 2681 Red Carpet F1 Onion..................................................................62 2737 Karina Shelling Pea.......................................................................63 2809 Red Picnic Pepper.........................................................................67 2811 Yellow Picnic Pepper...................................................................67 2810 Orange Picnic Pepper.................................................................67 HC-PP Picnic Pepper Blend................................................................67 2773 Truinfo F1 Jalapeno Pepper..................................................68 Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds 2851 Pearl F1 Radish.................................................................................74 2878 Matador Spinach.............................................................................76 2886 Acadia F1 Spinach..........................................................................77 3008 Damsel F1 Tomato.......................................................................84 3188 Halblange Parsnip..........................................................................93 5109 Peione Parsley...................................................................................98 5107 Wega Parsley......................................................................................98 6030 Candy Stevia......................................................................................99 7037 Double-Click Cosmos Blend.............................................102 7092 Black Beauty Poppy..................................................................103 7018 Lion’s Mouth Snapdragon....................................................104 7103 Hopi Black Dye Sunflower..................................................105 8115 Phacelia Cover Crop.................................................................107 1


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What’s in a description? Here’s what you’ll find in our variety listings: ITEM CODE VARIETY NAME VARIETY FEATURES LINE:  Indicates if variety is open-pollinated (OP), HEIRLOOM or HYBRID (see definitions below).  Indicates disease resistances (if applicable) – resistance key is in the Cultural Information for that crop type.  Indicates useful information such as fruit size, commercial uses and other important attributes that make the variety unique. 3165 Sunkist F1 78 days HYBRID • HMOS EXCLUSIVE • FW, VW • 8-10 oz Finally, an orange slicer as sweet as the reds! Perfect unblemished fruits are slightly flattened with firm flesh. Works well in the greenhouse or field. Bred by Dr. Brent Loy of the University of New Hampshire and produced in Wolcott, VT on our seed farm. DAYS TO MATURITY: From transplant if a commonly transplanted crop or from seeding if commonly direct sown; based on Vermont conditions. ATTRIBUTION: Certain varieties that were bred by our partners, public or independent breeders have been identified at the end of the descriptions. Seed Definitions: OPEN-POLLINATED (OP): These varieties have genetic diversity and can have more variation than hybrids and can be pollinated by itself or another plant of the same variety to produce seeds that are “true to type”—just like the parent plant. If an OP is cross- pollinated by a different variety of the same species, it will produce seeds that are hybrids. HEIRLOOM: Heirlooms are open-pollinated varieties that either pre-date, or are unaltered by, the last 100 or more years of modern breeding work. These varieties have been passed down from neighbor to neighbor or through families for generations, and are prized for their unusual appearance, genetic diversity and excellent flavor. HYBRID: Created by deliberately crossing two different parent varieties from the same species, they combine the best traits of these varieties to produce greater disease resistance, yield, uniformity and flavor. F1 means “first generation offspring”. These are not genetically modified but are created through traditional plant breeding techniques. Artichokes Cynara scolymus Artichoke seedlings in a High Mowing greenhouse. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from transplanting. Although artichokes are perennials, certain varieties can be grown as annuals, even in cold climates, by exposing the young plants to cool temperatures to vernalize them. Start seeds indoors at least 10 weeks before the last frost date. Sow thickly as germination rates are typically not high. Plant ¼” deep and keep at 65-70°F. Transplant to larger pots or cells when roots are well developed. Harden off before planting outside but get them out 10 days or more before the last frost date so they’ll experience temperatures between 40-50°F. They can tolerate light frost, but protect if harder frost is expected. Soil preparation is required as artichokes do best in rich, well-drained soil with neutral to slightly acidic pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Fertilize heavily at planting and continue to side dress in the early season of rapid growth. SEED SPECS: 560-680 seeds/oz (625 avg), 9-11M seeds/lb (10M avg). Seeding rate: 100 seeds/100’ row, 8,712 seeds/acre (~14 oz/acre) using 1 seed/ft, plants 2-3’ apart in single rows 5’ apart. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. new Wonder F1 Tavor new 1505 Wonder® F1 88 days HYBRID • Spineless • High Yielding High quality spineless hybrid with excellent flavor. After a long search we are quite pleased with this hybrid artichoke that really performs well. Has thick, dense 5” heads with good bright color. Very firm with a tender and delicious center. 1501 Tavor 90 days OP • 3-4’ tall • Short vernalization period An improved Imperial Star-type adapted for organic production. Nearly spineless plants yield 7-8 uniform artichokes, each averaging 4.5” in diameter. Artichokes are green with purple tips and are buttery and tender when steamed. Can be grown as an annual from seed in one season. ARTICHOKE SEED - SOLD BY SEED COUNT 1501 Tavor 1505 Wonder F1 Larger volumes available; please call for pricing. 2 10 $2.95 $4.15 100 $14.42 $19.50 250 $26.75 $33.00 500 $35.00 $59.00 1M $55.00 $97.00 5M $52.00/M $85.00/M highmowingseeds.com toll free (866) 735-4454


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Beans Phaseolus vulgaris BEANS Sarah harvesting Royal Burgundy beans in High Mowing’s showcase field. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Beans are tender annuals that prefer full sun, average fertility and well drained soils. Bush varieties do not require support but pole varieties will require varying amounts. Direct seed after all danger of frost has passed. Inoculant may be used to increase yields. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75-95°F. Beans are par ticularly sensitive to cool soils and may rot at soil temperatures below 55°F. Germination is apparent within 7-10 days. Snap beans can be sown every 2 weeks for a continuous harvest all season. Store unwashed snap beans at 40°F and 90% humidity for 7-10 days; can or freeze for long term storage. Dry beans should be harvested when pods are at least 70% brown and threshed when pods are dry enough to break easily. Dry the threshed beans to approximately 10-15% moisture before storage or allow to continue drying in breathable bags. DISEASE & PESTS: Root rot is caused by several different soil-borne fungi; prevent by planting into well-drained soil when temperatures have warmed. To avoid disease, only handle plants in dry conditions. Wide spacing allows more airflow between plants, helping to dry plant surfaces. Infected plants should be removed immediately. RESISTANCE KEY: AN-Anthracnose, BCMNV-Bean Common Mosaic Necrosis Virus, BCMV-Bean Common Mosaic Virus (races indicated if known), CTV-Curly Top Virus, DM-Downy Mildew, FW-Fusarium Wilt, PM-Powdery Mildew, PMVPod Mottle Virus, R-Rust SEED SPECS: 70-220 (145 avg) seeds/oz, 1,100-3,500 (2,300 avg) seeds/lb varies between varieties. Seeding rate: Bush- 900 seeds/100’ (~.5 lb/100’), 130M seeds/acre (~57 lbs/acre) using 8 seeds/ft, 36” row spacing. Pole- 900 seeds/100’ (~ .5 lb/100’), 96M seeds/acre (~42 lbs/acre) using 4 seeds/ft, double rows 12” apar t on 4’ centers. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. SNAP BUSH 2210 Provider 50 days OP • BCMV (NY15), DM, PM, PMV • 5-6” uniform pods The standard fresh market variety for green beans. Provider comes through every year with early, heavy yields of attractive, uniform beans. Plants are vigorous and productive with strong root systems, even under adverse conditions. Good resistance to mildew and virus. Purple seeds. 2159 Bronco 55 days OP • BCMV • Durable for distribution • 5.5” pods Prolific eye-catching glossy pods on well adapted plants. Impressive yields of dark green beans that hold up well in shipping and at market. Widely adapted for many regions with excellent resistance to BCMV. More refined than Provider or Strike and one of our favorite snap beans. White seeds. Unavailable in 2017. 2022 Jade 55 days OP • BCMV (BV1, NY15), CTV, R • Heat tolerant • 6-7” long pods Gourmet-quality long, slender, stringless green beans. Commercial yields of glossy medium green beans for fresh market sales or the garden. Large, 18-22” tall plants produce yields comparable to Provider and Strike. Pale green seeds. 2255 Strike 55 days OP • BCMV (BV1, NY15) • Suitable for mechanical harvest • 5-6” pods Strike it rich with heavy harvests ideal for processing or freezing. Stringless, smooth beans are medium green in color. Strike is known for its concentrated pod set; great for canning. Widely adapted, disease resistant variety. White seeds. COLORED SNAP BUSH 2233 Red Swan 54 days OP • 4-6” flattened pods Stringless snap with a unique eye-catching red hue! Deep rose-purple pods are flat, like Romano beans, with rich hearty flavor. Beans turn bright green when cooked. This variety, made by crossing a purple snap bean with a pinto bean, was bred by Minnesota bean breeder Robert Lobitz. Tan seeds. 2232 Gold Rush Yellow Wax 55 days OP • BCMV (NY15) • Concentrated harvest • Holds well • 4-5” pods Early variety with a concentrated harvest perfect for preserving. Lemon-yellow pods with green tips are round, straight and tender. Fine flavor and crisp texture ideal for pickling or lacto-fermenting. Pods hang in clusters around the main stem, making them easy to pick. White seeds. Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds Provider Jade Red Swan Bronco Strike Gold Rush Yellow Wax 3


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BEANS Royal Burgundy Maxibel Haricot Vert Northeaster Kentucky Wonder CA Blackeye 46 Cowpea 4 Tavera Haricot Vert Dragon Langerie Blue Coco Blue Lake FM-1 Light Red Kidney 2230 Royal Burgundy 55 days OP • BCMV (BV1, NY15) • Large plants • 5” pods Gorgeous deep purple stringless pods with green interiors. Almost-black beans make a stunning display when mixed with yellow and green beans, especially raw in salads. Beans turn green when cooked. Widely-adapted, grows well in cool conditions. Displayed highest resistance to white mold in our trials. Virus-resistant. Light brown seeds. FRENCH FILET BUSH 2258 Tavera Haricot Vert 54 days OP • AN, BCMV • Compact, high yielding • 4-5” pods Extra-slender, stringless French filet beans with incredible flavor! Similar to Maxibel in quality, but shorter in length and darker green. These exceptionally tender french filet beans are perfect lightly steamed and served with butter or in bean salad. Round pods are ready for picking when 4-5” long. White seeds. 2200 Maxibel Haricot Vert 65 days OP • AN, BCMV • Large plants • Tender 6-8” pods Unsurpassed French filet bean for gourmet markets. Known for its long, slender, medium green pods with a delicate tender texture. Heavy producer of 6-8” beans on good sized plants. Maxibel will keep you loaded with fresh beans; pick frequently for optimal tenderness and yields. Speckled brown seeds. ROMANO BUSH 2234 Dragon Langerie 55 days fresh, 95 shell HEIRLOOM • Versatile • 6-8” flat pods Unique purple-streaked white pods, also known as Dragon’s Tongue. Popular for eating fresh as a snap bean with super flavor and crispness – a clear winner in our taste tests. Streaks fade when cooked. Versatile variety also makes a great shelling bean or dry bean. Purple seeds. POLE 2156 Northeaster 56 days OP • Very early • 7-8” flattened pods Romano bean with buttery flavor and hearty texture. Northeaster is consistently one of the earliest pole beans in our trials and is well-suited to short seasons. Flattened, pale green pods on tall, vigorous vines. Quick to harvest as beans are easy to distinguish from the foliage. Re-discovered by Rob Johnston of Johnny’s Selected Seeds. White seeds. 2235 Blue Coco 65 days HEIRLOOM • Tolerant of heat, cold and drought • 6-7” pods Vigorous, high-yielding dark purple snap beans. Beautiful plants with violet flowers and dark green leaves with contrasting purple undersides and stems. Plants are well adapted and produce an abundance of sweet, tender beans in a variety of conditions. French heirloom dating back to the 18th century. Brown seeds. Limited availability. 2160 Kentucky Wonder 65 days HEIRLOOM • BCMV, R • Snap or dry bean • 7-9” pods Unbeatable productivity, consistency and flavor. Introduced in Kentucky just prior to the Civil War, this classic variety has proven its excellence over many generations. Pods are stringless, solid and meaty with great flavor. Use fresh for snap beans, or dry on vines for an excellent soup bean. Brown seeds. 2155 Blue Lake FM-1 66 days OP • Prolific • 5-6” pods Stringless bright green pods that set the standard for flavor. More prolific than many of the bush types, this famous variety grew over 8’ tall in our trials. Pods are slightly shorter than those of our previous strain. Should be picked early and often. White seeds. DRY 2026 CA Blackeye 46 Cowpea 65 days fresh, 80 dry OP • FW (3) • Cool tolerant • Upright habit Our earliest dry bean and one of the most popular black-eyed peas grown in the South. The classic Southern pea, with a cream-colored seed coat decorated with a single black “eye”. High yields of long green pods that can be eaten fresh, frozen, dried or canned. Vigorous plants have a more upright habit than CA Blackeye 5. Bred by UC Davis and the CA Agricultural Experiment Station. Vigna unguiculata. Limited availability. 2060 Light Red Kidney 85 days OP • Widely-adapted • Bush habit Exceptional culinary quality, with silky texture and thin skin. Mild flavor and drier texture excellent for chili, bean salads, baked and in soups. Medium-sized plants are sturdy and widely adapted, producing well even in cool, wet climates like the Northeast. highmowingseeds.com toll free (866) 735-4454


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2030 Calypso 90 days HEIRLOOM • Bush habit Widely adapted, delicious bean for baking and soups! Dependable and early yields of 4–5 beans per pod on sturdy plants. Also known as Orca or Yin Yang for its distinctive black and white pattern that is retained in cooking. Mild flavor and creamy rich texture. Beans double in size when cooked. new 2020 Eclipse 90 days OP • BCMV, R, AN (race 7) • White mold tolerant • High yielding Eclipses other black beans! An earlier and higher yielding version of the Black Turtle bean we all love, Eclipse has impressed nearly everyone by having all the flavor and color of the traditional Black Turtle but returning many more pounds of beans and maturing nearly a week earlier. Eclipse also resists rust, anthracnose, BCMV and shows tolerance to white mold. Upright plants are highly uniform, do not lodge and do a synchronous dry down. Released in 2004 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. 2050 Jacob’s Cattle 90 days HEIRLOOM • Excellent cooking bean • Bush habit Incredible red and white speckled heirloom. Full-flavored bean that holds its shape under long cooking and possesses a rich aroma. Legend has it that it was a gift from Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark, the first white child born in Lubec, Maine. 2021 Vermont Cranberry 90 days HEIRLOOM • Versatile • Short-season • Bush habit Amazing Vermont heirloom with unsurpassed rich flavor. Can be used as a snap, shell or dry bean. As a dry bean, the variety stores exceptionally well. Maroon-colored beans are decorated with darker red, cranberry markings. This variety, dating back to the 1800s, is well suited to short-season, cool summer climates. 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini 95 days OP • BCMV, CTV • Bush habit • Bean Rust tolerant Improved white bean with excellent culinary qualities. Shelling and cooking beans prized for their smooth, meaty texture and dense, nutty flavor. Ideal for minestrone; also known as fagioli or white kidney. Bred by Washington State University for higher yields, greater disease resistance and more upright habit than the famous heirloom. 2035 Quincy Pinto 106 days OP • BCMV & BCMNV (all races), CTV • Upright bush habit Very high yielding pinto ideal for slow-cooking and canning. Large, medium- to late-maturing beans with delicious creamy flavor. The first pinto variety with genetic resistance to BCM and CTV, bred in collaboration with Washington State University. Susceptible to Rust. Speckled tan seeds. SOYBEANS - Glycine max CULTURAL INFO: Edamame soybeans are usually eaten as a fresh bean. Direct seed in well-drained soil that is 60-85°F. Do not plant in colder soil. Inoculant may be used to increase yields. Succession plant every 1-2 weeks for a continuous harvest. Harvest when beans are plump in pods and leaves begin to change from bright green to a slight yellow-green. Handpick only bright green pods with at least two beans per pod or harvest whole plants and bunch for market. Pods can be refrigerated for up to a week or blanched and frozen for storage. Steam for 5 minutes to release beans. GMO POLICY: Through a combination of controlled stock seed production, field isolation and inspection, and policies for harvesting and handling, we focus on prevention of GMO contamination in all our seeds. All soybean seed lots are also tested to confirm zero detectable level in 10,000 seeds. No contaminated seed lots will ever be sold. SEED SPECS: 1,500-2M seeds/lb (1,800 avg). Seeding rate: 880 seeds/100’ (~.5 lb/100’), 154M seeds/acre (~86 lbs/acre), using 8 seeds/ft, 30” row spacing. M=1,000 2253 Chiba Green 75-80 days OP • Early • Compact habit Super early edamame with delicious, very large green seeds. Consistently 5-7 days earlier than Midori Giant, yet still blew away the competition for flavor. Compact, upright plants make harvesting easy and produce predominantly 3-seeded pods with attractive deep green color. Widely adapted throughout North America. Great for small gardens! new 2245 Black Jet 80 days fresh, 104 days dry HEIRLOOM • Early • Compact plants Gorgeous and unique black soybean for use fresh or dry. Erect, bushy plants 2 feet high offer powerful yields in small space. Flavor best when used as dry beans, but can be boiled in the pods in salted water and enjoyed fresh. Skin is thinner and more delicate than many black beans. Great compliment to Chiba Green. Brought back from obscurity by our friends at Johnny’s Selected Seeds. 2241 Midori Giant 80-95 days OP • Reliable producer • Highly vigorous plants Early maturing, high yielding variety with large, buttery seeds. Rich, flavorful beans; one of the most popular soybeans for edamame. Consistently yields over 90% two and three-seeded pods with a clear pubescence. Well-branched, tall and sturdy plants. Widely adapted throughout the U.S. and Canada. A sure winner for both commercial production and home gardeners! Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds Calypso new Eclipse Jacob’s Cattle Vermont Cranberry Silver Cloud Cannellini Quincy Pinto Chiba Green Midori Giant new Black Jet 5 BEANS


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BEANS Shirofumi GARDEN COMBO INOCULANT FOR BEANS 94535 Guard-N (Treats 8 lbs) 94536 Guard-N (Treats 50 lbs) Windsor Fava $5.50 $6.95 2250 Shirofumi 95 days OP • AN, BCMV • Medium-large plants • Short harvest window Gourmet edamame soybean with exceptional flavor. Sweet, nutty flavor and smooth texture. Medium to tall plants produce prolific pods with clear pubescence, containing an average of three beans each. Warm days and cool nights are important for good yields. SPECIALTY 2023 Windsor Fava 75 days HEIRLOOM • Tall 4’ plants • Cold tolerant Hardy plant with large, nutty beans. English variety dating to 1863 with delicious flavor when eaten as a shell bean. Plants produce 5-6” pods each holding 3-5 large plump beans. Great for freezing or drying. Plants require cool conditions and are not heat tolerant. Hardy to 12°F. Buff colored seeds. BEANS - OPEN-POLLINATED - SOLD BY SEED WEIGHT 1 oz 1/2 lb 2245 Black Jet Soybean 2235 Blue Coco Pole 2155 Blue Lake FM-1 Pole $4.10 $2.95 $2.95 $10.50 $9.85 $7.50 2159 Bronco Bush 2026 CA Blackeye 46 Cowpea 2030 Calypso Dry 2253 Chiba Green Soybean 2234 Dragon Langerie Bush 2020 Eclipse Dry 2232 Gold Rush Yellow Wax Bean 2050 Jacob’s Cattle Dry 2022 Jade Bush 2160 Kentucky Wonder Pole $2.95 $4.10 $3.80 $4.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $7.50 $10.50 $9.75 $14.50 $8.95 $8.75 $7.50 $7.70 $9.00 $7.70 2060 Light Red Kidney Dry 2200 Maxibel Haricot Vert 2241 Midori Giant Soybean 2156 Northeaster Pole 2210 Provider Bush 2035 Quincy Pinto Dry 2233 Red Swan Bush 2230 Royal Burgundy Bush 2250 Shirofumi Edamame Soybean 2040 Silver Cloud Cannellini 2255 Strike Bush $2.95 $2.95 $4.95 $4.95 $2.95 $2.95 $4.00 $2.95 $4.95 $2.95 $2.95 $6.60 $7.70 $14.50 $15.00 $7.10 $8.25 $10.25 $7.25 $15.25 $8.00 $6.60 2258 Tavera Haricot Vert 2021 Vermont Cranberry Dry 2023 Windsor Fava $2.95 $2.95 $3.50 $14.00 $9.00 $12.00 Larger volumes available; please call for pricing. *Please see shipping charges on page 58 for individual items weighing 25 lbs or more. 1 lb $14.70 $14.70 $11.00 $11.00 $14.70 $13.75 $23.10 $13.50 $10.75 $10.25 $11.55 $14.00 $11.55 $9.25 $11.55 $23.10 $25.00 $10.30 $12.00 $14.30 $10.50 $29.00 $11.65 $10.00 $18.75 $14.70 $18.00 5 lb 25 lb* 50 lb* $12.00/lb $11.80/lb $10.00/lb $9.20/lb $8.38/lb $8.00/lb $8.50/lb $7.25/lb $7.00/lb $8.50/lb $12.00/lb $7.25/lb $10.00/lb $7.00/lb $8.38/lb $11.10/lb $9.20/lb $7.70/lb $19.00/lb $18.00/lb $15.80/lb $10.70/lb $8.80/lb $7.60/lb $8.32/lb $7.60/lb $7.41/lb $7.00/lb $6.24/lb $6.20/lb $9.60/lb $8.80/lb $7.20/lb $11.00/lb $9.00/lb $7.80/lb $9.60/lb $8.80/lb $7.20/lb $8.10/lb $9.60/lb New pr$$si87co..82eo00s//nllbbcoming $6.70/lb $7.20/lb $19.00/lb $18.00/lb $15.80/lb $22.00/lb $8.50/lb $18.50/lb $7.50/lb $15.00/lb $6.40/lb $10.40/lb $12.80/lb $9.45/lb $10.92/lb $8.90/lb $9.50/lb $8.80/lb $8.20/lb $7.40/lb $26.40/lb $10.10/lb $22.60/lb $9.20/lb $19.90/lb $8.60/lb $7.00/lb $6.60/lb $5.70/lb $15.60/lb $12.50/lb $11.60/lb $12.00/lb $10.00/lb $8.38/lb $16.00/lb $13.20/lb $11.00/lb 6 Provider (p. 3) Bronco (p. 3) Strike (p. 3) Jade (p. 3) TaverahiHghamricoowtinVgesrete(dps..4c)omMaxtioblleflreHea(r8ic6o6t) V7e35rt- 4(p4.544)


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Beets Beta vulgaris BEETS Rob washing Touchstone Gold, Early Wonder Tall Top and Guardsmark Chioggia beets at Pitchfork Farm. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from direct seeding; if transplanting subtract 14-21 days. Hardy biennial that can tolerate light frosts and freezes. Beets can be grown for greens or roots. Direct seed as soon as soil can be worked and up to 6-8 weeks before first frost date. Requires moderate fertility and moderate drainage. Early planting and wider spacing will result in larger roots. Thinning of seedlings is optional and results in a more uniform root size and fewer undersized roots. Optimal germination temperature is 55-75°F. For a continuous harvest of bunching beets, plant every 2-3 weeks until 6-8 weeks before frost. Greens can be harvested throughout the season as long as each root has remaining leaf material. Optimal storage conditions for roots are 32°F and 95% relative humidity for up to 6 months. DISEASE & PESTS: Damping off and root rot are caused by a number of individual fungi and can best be avoided by maintaining well drained soils. Leaf spots are prevalent during periods of frequent rainfall and high humidity. Scab can commonly occur on the outer skin of the root. Prevention includes removal of plant debris, crop rotation and increased airflow. RESISTANCE KEY: RZ-Rhizoctonia SEED SPECS: 1,250-1,875 seeds/oz (1,560 avg), 20-30M seeds/lb (25M avg). Seeding Rate: Roots- 320M seeds/acre (13 lbs/acre) using 10 seeds/ft, 18” row spacing. Baby Leaf- 22M seeds/100’ (~14oz/100’), 220M seeds/1000’ (~9lb/1000’) using 40 seeds/ft, with five 2-4” bands, 2” between bands. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. DARK RED GLOBE 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top 45 days OP • Early greens • Excellent baby beet • 2-3” roots A sure crop for early spring greens and roots. Quick-growing arching tops are perfect for early beet greens, while roots size up quickly for bunched baby beets. Also a great full size beet with vibrant tops. Similar quality to Detroit Dark Red for early season crops. See baby leaf photo on p. 39. 2265 Boro F1 50 days HYBRID • Stores well • Baby or full sized • 2-6” roots One of the sweetest beets we’ve tasted! Superb flavor, resistance to leaf spot and the ability to stay tender support a wide range of uses. Juicy roots can be harvested baby and beyond 3” with good quality up to 6”. Tops regenerate quickly for clean, healthy leaves all season. Deep red color with minimal zoning. 2261 Aviv 55 days OP • Highly uniform • Excellent for canning • 2-4” roots Uniform, attractive open-pollinated beet. Aviv was bred for highly uniform roots and that is exactly what impressed us about this variety in our trials. This improved variety has been selected for quality and produces globe shaped, slightly flattened red beets with sweet, balanced flavor. Unavailable in 2017. 2280 Detroit Dark Red 55 days HEIRLOOM • Quality tops • Uniform 3” roots Top notch heirloom variety, well-known for high-quality roots. Tops are strong. A standard type for the home garden or direct market sales. Uniform, 3” round roots store well and are excellent for fresh eating or canning. 2285 Red Ace F1 60 days HYBRID • Stores well • Suitable for mechanical harvest • 3” roots Tried-and-true variety with great uniformity and healthy tops! Red Ace excels for both fresh market and industry growers due to its wide adaptability and high yield potential of uniformly sized and shaped beets. Good disease tolerance and fast regrowth result in upright, glossy, bright green tops. 2262 Shiraz 60 days OP • RZ • Tall tops • Excellent for processing • 3-4” roots Disease resistant OP developed for organic production. This exceptionally smooth, sweet, round variety is derived from three different heirlooms. Tall, succulent tops provide high quality greens. Rhizoctonia-resistant variety bred through a collaboration including several farmers, Dr. John Navazio & the Organic Seed Alliance. 2289 Rhonda F1 65-70 days HYBRID • Very long storage • Uniform size and shape • 3-4” roots Excellent storage beet with sweet flavor. Very similar to Boro, sharing its sweet flavor and smooth texture, even after months of storage. Tuck Rhonda away all winter and beets will still be hard and sound come spring. Round, deep red roots and nice strong tops. Two weeks later than Boro for staggered harvest from a single planting. Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds Early Wonder Tall Top Boro F1 Shiraz Aviv Detroit Dark Red Red Ace F1 Rhonda F1 7


p. 10

Bull’s Blood Cylindra Touchstone Gold Guardsmark Chioggia SPECIALTY 2260 Bull’s Blood 35 days baby leaf, 60 beets HEIRLOOM • Deep purple leaf for salad mix • Baby beet • 2-3” roots Striking dark red-purple leaves provide incredible contrast in salad mixes. Eliot Coleman’s choice for a red leaf in winter salad mixes. Roots are also tasty and tender when harvested early as baby beets. Tolerant of heat and cold. Color intensifies as plants mature. See baby leaf photo on p. 39. 2288 Touchstone Gold 55 days OP • Improved germination • Uniform shape • 3” roots Improved gold beet with mild flavor and vibrant color retained in cooking. From Alf Christianson Seed Company, the breeders of Red Ace F1 and Guardsmark Chioggia, this is an improved golden beet with better germination and uniformity than standard golden types, and less zoning. Attractive solid green tops quickly shade out weeds. Germinates best in warmer soil. 2273 Cylindra 56 days HEIRLOOM • Great for processing • Specialty appeal • 5-6” roots Unique 6” cylindrical beet with fine texture and sweet flavor. While primarily a processing beet, it is a favorite with chefs due to uniform slices and ease of peeling. Popular at markets thanks to its unusual shape. Great for pickling! 2269 Guardsmark Chioggia 60 days OP • Uniform • Bolt tolerant • 3” roots Unique and beautiful candy-striped beet. Alternating rings of dark red and white make this variety a popular choice for specialty markets. A new strain of the popular Italian heirloom, improved by Alf Christianson Seed Company for better uniformity and bolt tolerance. BEETS BEET SEED - OPEN-POLLINATED - SOLD BY SEED WEIGHT 1/16 oz 1 oz 1/4 lb 1 lb 5 lb 25 lb* 2261 Aviv $2.95 $14.00 $33.00 $88.00 $79.80/lb $70.00/lb 2273 Cylindra 2280 Detroit Dark Red 2290 Early Wonder Tall Top 2262 Shiraz BEET SEED - OPEN-POLLINATED - SOLD BY SEED COUNT $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 100 $7.25 $5.00 $4.50 $19.00 1M $16.00 $40.00 $38.00/lb $8.60 $20.00 $17.60/lb $6.95 $18.00 $15.80/lb $50.00 $140.00 $110.00/lb 5 M 25 M $35.40/lb $16.40/lb $15.20/lb $104.00/lb 100 M 2260 Bull’s Blood 2269 Guardsmark Chioggia 2288 Touchstone Gold BEET SEED - HYBRID - SOLD BY SEED COUNT $2.95 $3.95 $2.95 100 $6.40 $6.75 $7.50 1M $2.90/M $2.95/M $6.00/M 5M $2.25/M $2.36/M $5.60/M 25 M $2.00/M $2.25/M $5.25/M 100 M 2265 Boro F1 2285 Red Ace F1 2289 Rhonda F1 $3.75 $2.95 $3.20 $10.00 $6.60 $9.50 $6.40/M $3.44/M $6.05/M $3.95/M $3.00/M $3.50/M $2.95/M $2.45/M $2.75/M Larger volumes available; please call for pricing. *Please see shipping charges on page 58 for individual items weighing 25 lbs or more. **For 500M, add $14. For 1000M, add $28. 50 lb* $64.50/lb $32.50/lb $15.60/lb $14.80/lb $88.00/lb 500 M** $1.75/M $1.99/M $4.80/M 500 M** $2.70/M $2.16/M $2.50/M 100 lb* $58.50/lb $30.50/lb $14.80/lb $14.25/lb $81.50/lb 1000 M** $1.50/M $1.96/M $4.45/M 1000 M** $2.50/M $2.05/M $2.25/M The Humble Beet Beets are beautiful, sweet, amazingly nutritious and incredibly easy to grow. Many of us who grew up eating only canned beets do not understand the full potential of this amazing vegetable. Understanding the potential of beets starts by finding the varieties right for you. Beets for all Palates Not all beets are created equal. Beets contain differing amounts of a compound called geosmin, Beets grown to full size to Bsetoertes garsorwonottos .full size to store as roots. similar to compounds made by soil microbes and almost solely responsible for the refrain that beets “taste like dirt.” The darker red beets contain more geosmin than the milder yellow or orange beets, and even among the red beets there are variety-specific differences. Enjoying Your Beets Every part of the beet plant is edible and you can choose different ways to harvest and store them. Beet greens have a distinctive flavor that many people like. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads and older leaves cooked lightly or heavily, often seasoned with smoked meat. The roots can also be harvested young as baby beets, eaten lightly steamed or fresh to preserve their delicate, sweet flavor. Older beets can be steamed, blanched or roasted. Which Varieties are Right for You? The way you plan to use your beets should influence your variety choices. For storage as roots, you’ll want to choose varieties that don’t get woody at the core, that are sweet at full size, with a uniform root size. Try Rhonda F1, Detroit Dark Red or Red Ace F1. If you expect to eat or sell beets at baby size, a variety that is quick to bulb out is a good choice. Try Boro F1. For beet greens, varieties with strong and flavorful tops include Shiraz and Bull’s Blood. 88 hhiigghhmmoowwiinnggsseeeeddss..ccoomm ttoolll ffrreeee ((886666)) 773355--44445544


p. 11

Broccoli Brassica spp. BROCCOLI Ray and Cortland harvesting Belstar F1 broccoli at Jericho Settlers Farm. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant; add 15-20 days if direct seeding. Broccoli is a cool season hardy biennial grown for spring and fall crops and prefers cooler conditions, ideally 60-75°F. Seedlings exposed to stress may form uneven, premature heads so attempt to reduce stress factors. Broccoli heads should be harvested while buds are still tight. After the main head is harvested, regular harvesting of side shoots encourages further production. Cool broccoli immediately after harvest to retain quality. Store at 32°F for 10-14 days. RESISTANCE KEY: RS-Ring Spot, WB-White Blister, FY-Fusarium Yellows, FW-Fusarium Wilt, PM-Powdery Mildew, DM-Downy Mildew SEED SPECS: 4,375-9,375 seeds/oz (6,875 avg), 70-150M seeds/lb (110M avg). Seeding rate: 300 seeds/100’ single row (~1/32 oz/100’), 87M seeds/acre (~13 oz/acre) using 3 seeds/ft, plants 12” apart in single rows 18” apart. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. BROCCOLI - B. oleracea var. italica 2300 De Cicco 48 days HEIRLOOM • Abundant side shoots • 3-4” heads Italian variety known for tender stalks and mild flavor. Reliable multi-cut variety that produces a compact, 3-4” bluish-green central head followed by a prolific set of side shoots. Variable maturity results in a long harvest period for both central heads and side shoots. Excellent home garden variety. 2301 Batavia F1 60 days HYBRID • PM • Uniform • Short harvest window • 5-6” heads Our earliest hybrid with dark green color and well-branched domes. Well adapted and vigorous with the added benefits of earliness, cold hardiness and powdery mildew resistance. Not as heat tolerant and has larger beads than Belstar; prefers cool conditions. Short harvest window of uniform main domes for stem or crown cuts. From our partners at Bejo Seeds. 2302 Belstar F1 65 days HYBRID • FY, FW, DM • Compact habit • Heat tolerant • 6-8” heads Our most heat tolerant broccoli for spring, summer and fall crops. Compact plants have round domes, small to medium beads and short stems with a thick main stalk. Domes span 6-8” at maturity and average 1.5 lbs. Ideal for short-stemmed crown cuts or florets. 10-14 day harvest window. From our partners at Bejo Seeds. 2305 Fiesta F1 75 days HYBRID • FY, FW • Uniform • Short harvest window • 6-7” heads Impressive late-season variety for fall harvests. Uniform maturity and stand of well-domed heads. Medium beads slightly larger than Belstar. Ideal for dense plantings of single cuts with a harvest span of less than one week. Well adapted; performs best in warm days and cool nights. 2315 Waltham 29 80-85 days OP • Fall crop • Many side shoots • 5-6” heads Best variety for bunched side shoots. Sturdy 20” plants suppor t 5-6” dark blue green heads with medium to large beads and long stalks (hard to find with modern hybrids.) Developed to withstand increasing cold for fall maturity. Heat-sensitive. SPROUTING BROCCOLI CULTURAL INFO: Sprouting broccoli has many small shoots rather than a single head. Can be planted in spring or summer for a quick harvest, or late fall for overwintering. Fall planting (under protection in colder climates) with a latewinter harvest results in impressive yields just when demand for fresh greens is highest. Shoots are mild-flavored, much sweeter and more tender than broccoli. 2495 Hon Tsai Tai Flowering Broccoli 37 days OP • Fall crop • Gourmet selection Dark green leaves, purple stems and sweet, petite florets. Similar to broccoli raab with a sweeter flavor and delicate texture. Young flowering shoots are delicious in fresh salads, stir-fries and pasta dishes. Best for fall harvest; shorter days cause stems to elongate. Harvest just before bright yellow blossoms open. Brassica rapa var. chinensis Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds De Cicco Belstar F1 Waltham 29 Batavia F1 Fiesta F1 Hon Tsai Tai Flowering Broccoli 9


p. 12

Spring Raab Broccoli Raab Te You Flowering Broccoli Santee F1 Sprouting Broccoli 1960 Spring Raab Broccoli Raab 45 days OP • Italian specialty • Large 30” tall plants Italian specialty with mild mustard flavor and broccoli-like florets. Delicious traditionally cooked in olive oil with garlic and pepper flakes. Easy to grow and loaded with folic acid and vitamins. Plant early spring to midsummer or overwinter in mild climates. Brassica rapa var. ruvo 2494 Te You Flowering Broccoli 50 days OP • Heat and cold tolerant Thick, succulent stems, crisp leaves and mini-broccoli florets; also known as Chinese broccoli. Stems are best harvested young; perfect lightly steamed or sauteed with Hoisin sauce. Tolerant of heat and cool temperatures with resistance to mildews. Plant late spring to early fall. Brassica oleracea 2311 Santee F1 Sprouting Broccoli 75-115 days HYBRID • Specialty crop • Excellent for overwintering Mini purple heads on leafy stalks; also known as broccolini. Abundant, tender burgundy spears and mini broccoli heads are flavorful and packed with nutrients. Unlike most sprouting broccolis, Santee doesn’t require cold treatment to initiate bud development. Can be overwintered for impressive yields. Brassica oleracea var. italica BROCCOLI SEED - OPEN-POLLINATED - SOLD BY SEED WEIGHT 1/32 oz 1/8 oz 1/2 oz 2300 De Cicco 2495 Hon Tsai Tai Flowering Broccoli 1960 Spring Raab Broccoli Raab 2494 Te You Flowering Broccoli 2315 Waltham 29 BROCCOLI SEED - HYBRID - SOLD BY SEED COUNT $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 25 $3.80 $5.50 $5.00 $8.00 $6.50 $11.75 $7.10 $12.90 $5.30 $8.10 500 2301 Batavia F1 2302 Belstar F1 2305 Fiesta F1 2311 Santee F1 Sprouting Broccoli $2.95 $2.95 $2.95 $4.85 $17.30 $18.00 $18.00 $53.30 Larger volumes available; please call for pricing. *Please see shipping charges on page 58 for individual items weighing 25 lbs or more. 2 oz $12.10 $14.00 $24.75 $30.00 $14.70 1M $24.00 $25.50 $25.50 $77.50 1/2 lb $29.00 $42.00 $63.00 $90.00 $46.00 5M $21.00/M $23.00/M $23.00/M $70.50/M 1 lb 5 lb $49.00 $72.00 $115.00 $150.00 $73.00 $43.00/lb $68.00/lb $125.00/lb $69.00/lb 25 M $18.70/M $20.60/M $20.60/M $65.00/M 25 lb* $65.00/lb 100 M $16.45/M $18.15/M $18.15/M $61.50/M Meet Our Quality Assurance Team Seed quality has always played a central role at High Mowing, from the days when the company was a one-man operation to the present quality department composed of three full-time and two part-time staff. Over the years, our definition of quality has expanded, we have tested our seeds with greater frequency, raised germination standards, and enhanced preventative screening for pathogens such as Lettuce Mosaic Virus (Left to Right) Jamie, Katie, Heather, Monique and Patrick (Potyvirus sp.) and Garlic Bloat Nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci). All of these initiatives are designed to ensure that your purchase of seeds from High Mowing provides the best possible growing experience. Achieving superior quality requires an experienced and committed staff. Jamie Emmerson serves as our Quality Control Specialist, and has spent the last nine years involved in the seed industry. Her wealth of experience, organizational skills, and eye for detail in seed cleaning is critical to delivering seed that is pure and vigorous. Meeting the challenge of our ever-expanding number of seed varieties is Heather Hassett, who serves as our Quality Control Lab Specialist. Heather’s background in quality, environmental science and product development is a key ingredient for enhancing the consistency and timeliness of our germination testing. Rounding out the quality team is the Quality Control Manager, Patrick Lawrence. Patrick holds a PhD in Agroecology from Montana State University and provides the scientific and systems analysis perspective to drive our quality initiatives. Together with Jamie, Heather and our two part-time teammates, Monique Gerbex (germination testing) and Katie Weller (seed cleaning), the quality team at High Mowing provides the depth and breadth of experience to navigate the uncertainties inherent to handling living, breathing organisms otherwise known as seeds. We hope that our experience and passion for high quality standards is embodied in the seed that you receive and is reflected in your bountiful harvests. 1100 hhiigghhmmoowwiinnggsseeeeddss..ccoomm ttoolllffrreeee((886666))773355--44445544


p. 13

BRUSSELS Brussels Sprouts Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera Taylor topping Brussels sprouts so they will size up in a High Mowing showcase field. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from transplant; add 15-20 days if direct seeding. Brussels sprouts are cool season biennials that prefer temps of 45-75°F, with optimal growth at 60-65°F. Direct seed as soon as ground can be worked in spring or start transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before setting out. Can tolerate frost once hardened off. Fertilize well at planting and side dress again about three weeks later. Snap tops off plants in late summer to encourage sprout production.Sprouts become sweeter after a few light frosts in fall. DISEASE & PESTS: Black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris) first appears as V-shaped, yellow lesions at leaf margin. Pull up infected plants immediately. Plantings should never be worked during wet conditions. Fusarium yellows, caused by the bacteria Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. conglutinan, manifests as yellowing of the lower leaves 2-4 weeks after transplanting. Yellowing moves to upper leaves and causes wilt. Prevent fungal diseases by spraying with copper hydroxide, but these are best prevented by production practices that build soil and promote vigorous plant growth. Clubroot is a soil borne disease which stunts the roots of the plants so that they are not able to develop normally. Rotate crops and add lime to raise soil pH to 7.2. Cabbage looper, imported cabbage worm, and diamondback moth are of the Lepidoptera order and can thus be controlled by Bacillus thuringiensis and/or spinosad, preferentially in rotation with one another to prevent selection of resistant individuals (check with your certifier before applying). Protect plants from flea beetles by using floating row covers in the early season. Control root maggots by applying beneficial nematodes. RESISTANCE KEY: FY-Fusarium Yellows, FW-Fusarium Wilt, PM-Powdery Mildew, RS-Ring Spot, WB-White Blister SEED SPECS: 80-150M seeds/lb (112M avg). Seeding rate: 200 seeds/100’, 34M seeds/acre (~5 oz/ acre) using 2 seeds/ft, plants 24” apart in single rows 30” apart. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. new 2314 Dagan F1 100 days HYBRID • Early • Suited for sales on-the-stalk Early, reliable variety for main-season sales both on and off the stalk. Has tall straight stalks that resist lodging and work well for on-the-stalk sales. Doesn’t require topping. Nicely wrapped tight sprouts with a bright medium green color and a small attachment site. Newly available as organic seed from our partners at Bejo Seeds. 2309 Doric F1 120 days HYBRID • FY, FW • Uniformly sized sprouts • Upright sturdy habit A standout hardy variety for late fall and early winter production. Tall plants produce dense, dark green sprouts on an upright sturdy stalk. Good uniformity up and down the stem. Flavor improves after cold exposure. Another great variety from our partners at Bejo Seeds! 2317 Nautic F1 120 days HYBRID • PM, RS, WB • Easy to harvest Disease resistant variety for a reliable crop of tightly wrapped sprouts. Nautic’s sprouts are spaced further apart, allowing plants to dry out quickly to avoid spread of disease and making it easier to harvest individual sprouts. Vigorous and sturdy plants with 1” sprouts. new Dagan F1 Doric F1 Nautic F1 BRUSSELS SPROUTS SEED - HYBRID - SOLD BY SEED COUNT 2314 Dagan F1 2309 Doric F1 2317 Nautic F1 Larger volumes available; please call for pricing. 25 $5.10 $5.10 $5.10 500 $35.30 $35.30 $35.30 1M $58.00 $58.00 $58.00 5M $55.50/M $55.50/M $55.50/M 25 M $50.00/M $50.00/M $50.00/M Y ouurnSgouBrrcuesfsoer l1s00s%prCoeurttsifigedroOwrignagnicin, NHoing-hGMoOwPirnogje’cstsVheorwifiecdasSeefdise ld. 11


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Cabbage Brassica spp. CABBAGE Red Express cabbage from a High Mowing trials field. CULTURAL INFO: Days to maturity are from spring transplanting; if transplanting in warm weather subtract 10-14 days; direct seeding add 14 days. Cabbage is a hardy biennial closely related to broccoli and kale. The trick to growing cabbage is steady, uninterrupted growth with good fertilization and ample water. Cabbage does best in cool, temperate climates but can be grown anywhere with the right varieties and good care. In most areas you can plant an early crop for fresh eating and a late crop primarily for winter storage. Direct sow when daytime soil temps warm to 65-75°F or start seeds indoors or in cold frames 4-6 weeks before planting date. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 75°F but seeds will germinate in soils as cool as 50°F. Seedlings can tolerate light frost after they’ve hardened off. Plant into well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Cabbage prefers a pH of 6.5-6.8 for optimum growth and to prevent disease. Keep seedlings well watered. Cabbage is a heavy feeder; fertilize well at planting and side dress again three weeks later. Cabbage is mature when the tight outer leaf of the head begins to fold back on itself. Light fall frosts make heads sweeter and improve flavor. Cut heads flat on underside. Cabbage is best stored at 32°F and 95% humidity. Fresh market varieties store for 2-3 weeks while storage and processing types store for 2-6 months or longer. PESTS AND DISEASES: Refer to the Brussels sprouts section on page 11. RESISTANCE KEY: BL-Black Leg, BR-Black Rot, BS-Black Speck, BSR-Bacterial Soft Rot, CR-Club Root (races indicated if known), FY-Fusarium Yellows, FWFusarium Wilt, T-Thrips, TB-Tip Burn, TMV-Turnip Mosaic Virus SEED SPECS: 4,875-9,750 seeds/oz (7,300 avg); 78M-156M seeds/lb (117M avg). Seeding rate: 200 seeds/100’ row, 43M seeds/acre (~6 oz/acre) using 2 seeds/ft, plants 12-18” apart in single rows 24” apart. M=1,000 Please see Planting Chart on page 111 or go to highmowingseeds.com for more info. Primax Farao F1 Caraflex F1 12 Golden Acre Copenhagen Murdoc F1 GREEN 2358 Primax 60 days OP • Early • Holds well in field • 2-4 lb heads Early fresh market cabbage with tender leaves and excellent flavor. Small to medium-sized round heads with light-green interiors, a short core and darker green wrapper leaves. Extra early; great for summer farmers market stands and home gardens. Holds well in the field. Limited availability. 2298 Golden Acre 62 days OP • Early fresh market • Compact habit • 3-4 lb heads Super early, adorable green heads on compact plants; perfect for smaller households! This cute OP impressed us in our 2015 trials with its small stature and high percentage of marketable heads. Round and solid, with delicate but crunchy texture and sweet, spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Few outer wrapper leaves; short harvest window. Habit suitable for dense plantings. Slightly larger than Early Bird; earlier and more uniform than Copenhagen. 2366 Farao F1 63 days HYBRID • TB, T • Early fresh market • 3-4 lb heads Delicious, early heads are sweet and tender! Leaves are thin and juicy with a slight peppery bite, perfect for stir-fries and egg rolls. Small, uniform heads with attractive rosebud wrappers are great for smaller households and pack nicely in boxes. Round heads with a short core hold well in summer heat; habit suitable for dense plantings. 2348 Copenhagen 65 days HEIRLOOM • Early and adaptable • 3-4 lb heads Compact heirloom for home gardens and direct markets. Solid heads are somewhat variable in size ranging from 3-4 lbs and 6-8” in diameter with uniform maturity. Compact plants sit close to the ground, handy for smaller gardens. Heads hold well before and after harvest. Great for slow cooking, slaws and sauerkraut! 2349 Caraflex F1 68 days HYBRID • Fresh market • Stores 10 weeks • 1.5-2 lb heads Green sweetheart for fresh and gourmet markets. Prized for its unusual coneshaped heads and thin, sweet leaves that are delicious eaten raw or in stir-fries, slaws or egg rolls. Extremely uniform with good wrapper leaves for insect and sun protection. Sara Schlosser of Sandiwood Farm loves how perfectly Caraflex packs a box! 2362 Murdoc F1 80 days HYBRID • Excellent processing type • Stores well • 4-7 lb heads Unique hefty heads perfect for fresh eating, kraut or processing. Caraflex’s big brother, with the same tender, crisp juicy leaves and unusual cone-shape, but supersized! Grows up to 10” in diameter at the base; excellent storage qualities. Distinctly silky texture excellent for sauerkraut. One of our favorite varieties from Bejo Seeds. highmowingseeds.com toll free (866) 735-4454


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2357 Capture F1 85 days HYBRID • FY, FW, BR, T • Main season fresh market & processing • 4-6 lb heads Black Rot-resistant fresh market cabbage for organic growers! Full-size green cabbage for fresh market or processing; short term storage ability. Excellent disease resistance—grows best in susceptible climates where black rot and thrips are present. Uniform heads sit high on the stalk with good wrapper leaves. 2296 Passat F1 90 days HYBRID • FY, T • Storage & processing • Upright habit • 6-8 lb heads One-stop-shopping for all your cabbage needs! Versatile late-season variety with large, dense heads and early vigor. Ideal for slaws, sauerkraut, storage and fresh eating, with quality that improves in storage. High Brix and classic texture with a short core. A gorgeous, uniform late season variety to replace Kaitlin. Good resistance to leaf diseases and black rot. Bred by Bejo Seeds for the kraut & processing industry in Holland. 2356 Drago F1 93 days HYBRID • FY • Late fresh market • 3-4 lb heads Highly uniform heads for a perfect box count. Round, dense heads with a very short core. Heads sit high on the stem; easy to harvest with few thick wrapper leaves. Holds very well in the field without splitting; good resistance to tipburn. A tasty coleslaw cabbage. 2359 Impala F1 105 days HYBRID • BL, TMV • Long storage • 6-8 lb heads High quality heads hold exceptionally well in field and storage. Dense, mediumsized heads with open green wrapper and snow white interior, indicating high Vitamin C content. Sits high on stem for easy harvest and disease prevention. Potential for 10 lb heads under ideal conditions. RED 2369 Red Express 62 days OP • Fresh market • Compact habit • 2-4 lb heads Heads up quickly into tidy little red cabbages perfect for smaller portions. Performed well in our trials, with very nice color and early maturity. Compact habit; can be densely planted at 8” spacing with Farao and Famosa for an earlier harvest and knock out market display! Great for northern climates and small spaces. 2354 Integro F1 85 days HYBRID • Fresh market • Moderate storage • 3-4 lb heads Uniform red cabbage for fresh market or short-term storage. Our earliestmaturing red hybrid cabbage. Heads are very dark purple with an attractive silver sheen and oblong shape measuring about 5” wide by 7” tall. Suitable for mini heads at 8” spacing. Matures a few weeks earlier than Buscaro, but holds well in the field. Another great variety from Bejo Seeds. 2361 Buscaro F1 105 days HYBRID • TB • Fresh market • Moderate storage • 4-5 lb heads Full-sized heads with sweet, juicy flavor for fresh market use. Large plants give rise to hefty heads with a gorgeous red/purple hue and distinctive silvery sheen. Heads are round to slightly oblong; beautiful color in salads and slaws. Moderate storage capacity; ideal for processing with a medium-sized core. SAVOY 2363 Famosa F1 68 days HYBRID • Durable fresh cabbage • 2-4 lb heads Gorgeous early savoy cabbage for fresh market use. Dark green, heavily savoyed wrapper leaves and bright green heads make Famosa a head-turner in our trials every year. Outer leaves are thick and durable, while the inner leaves are tender and delicious with mild flavor that gets sweeter as winter approaches. Intermediate resistance to DM. 2368 Produsa F1 80 days HYBRID • Main season fresh market • Short-term storage • 2-3 lb heads High yielding, classy late season savoy with tightly crumpled leaves. The French call this chic type “chou frisé”, or curly cabbage. Very crinkled outer leaves with interior undulating folds of lime green. A great complement to Deadon’s purple-sage color, or plant with early season Famosa for an extended harvest. Heads are 6-8” in diameter. 2353 Deadon F1 105 days HYBRID • FY, FW • January King-type • Long storage • 4-5 lb heads Cold-hardy with striking sage-purple wrapper leaves and lime green interiors. Freezing temperatures only improve its sweet, delicious flavor and intense purple color - one of our NY growers harvests them well into early winter, finding them sweeter with each frost. Uniform and vigorous with high yields of 6-10” heads. Another stellar variety from our partners at Bejo Seeds. Your Source for 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds Capture F1 Drago F1 Red Express Integro F1 Produsa F1 Deadon F1 Passat F1 Impala F1 Buscaro F1 Famosa F1 13 CABBAGE



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