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by charlotte jewell edited by lisa waterland no food!


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once upon a time in the land of foxitis a fox named foxo woke from a very late night foxo was so tired he thought he could sleep for ever and ever then all of a sudden his alarm went off foxo fell out of bed oh i don t want to go to work he whined.


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foxo tumbled downstairs into the kitchen and realised he hadn t had breakfast he walked to the cupboard but it was empty do i have to go to the store he groaned oh but if i don t i m going to starve he pulled himself back upstairs to get dressed grr he said.


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foxo walked out of the kitchen shouting at his empty cupboard he ran out the door picked up his basket not even caring to lock the door foxo slowed down and started walking to town.


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finally foxo got to main street oh he said that fruit shop looks nice or should i go to the cake shop?no i think i ll go to the fruit shop he decided because it s healthy


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foxo walked to the store and said five bananas,two oranges,and six apples please then he opened his wallet oh i have no money he said.


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sorry old fellow no money no service said doggie woggie the owner of the shop foxo was so upset he started walking slowly away but then doggie woggie yelled out hey you the shop next door sells free chicken not


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as foxo was walking back home through the woods he fixed his eyes upon a crunchy gingerbread man ha ha ha he chuckled are you looking for a nice home foxo asked the gingerbread man in a sweet voice yes replied the gingerbread man sadly well too bad said foxo laughing and he gobbled him up in two seconds flat,and that was end of the gingerbread man!


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