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SUMMER 2016 Health Matters A LA PAZ REGIONAL HOSPITAL NEWSLETTER Veo Daly, Emergency Department Director “The teamwork at LPRH is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.” In this edition: Gloria Eagle joins La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic, Dr. Cunning shares tips for allergy season & Summer Specials for Health Screens


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New additions to LPRH! La Paz Regional Hospital and Parker Family Practice announced today that effective August 1, 2016, Dr. Ron Parker and his staff will be joining La Paz Regional Hospital. Dr. Parker was the driving force behind the move, saying, “I want to practice medicine. This way the hospital handles the billing and the building issues and I get to do what I’ve been trained to do – care for my patients.” Dr. Parker, along with Staci Mitchell, P.A. and Don Reeder, P.A., will continue providing medical care at the clinic. “There will be a new name on the bill,” he added, “but everything else should feel the same.” La Paz Regional has retained all 11 clinic employees, “with a better benefits package, which is fantastic,” Dr. Parker added. Dr. Parker is certified by the American Board of Family Practice and has been a physician for 24 years. He has lived in the area since 2009 and is committed to the community. In addition to his medical practice, he works locally as the La Paz County Health Department Medical Director and shares the Medical Examiner duties for La Paz County with Keith Shillito, M.D. With this acquisition, La Paz Regional Hospital will operate five primary care practices, including TriValley Medical Center in Salome, Bouse Medical Clinic in Dr. Ronald Parker Bouse, La Paz Medical Services in Quartzsite and La Paz Healthcare Parker Clinic in Parker. “This keeps primary care local and helps the health system grow,” Norm Simpson, hospital board chair, emphasized. “I think this is a win-win for the hospital and providers. Healthcare is consolidating with managed care contracting, using buying power for drugs and supplies, and other common denominators in a medical practice.” Gloria Eagle, PA will be joining the La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic with Kevin Klopfenstein, M.D., P.C., as the Medical Director. She has lived in the Parker area for twenty-three years and Gloria Eagle, P.A. worked with Dr. Klopfenstein since 1999. She graduated from the University of Colorado as a Physician’s Assistant in 1993. Gloria will be joining Patti Stanton, C.F.N.P. and the rest of the Parker Clinic team on July 5, 2016. Gloria will also be seeing new patients and is able to see children of all ages. Immunizations will also be available. Her office hours will be Monday - Friday, 8:00am 5:00pm. She will be accepting all major insurances and AHCCCS. Coming Soon New Emergency Department Physicians! LPRH has recently contracted with Yuma Regional Medical Center’s Physician’s Group to provide Emergency Department Physicians starting in August. More information to be released soon!


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New Urgent Care Provider LRPH is pleased to announce that Jani Herrell will be the new provider at the Urgent Care. She recently graduated from Walden University as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is Board Certi ed. Jani is a long time resident of Parker and graduated from Parker High School. “I love living in Parker and am very active in this area. I’m excited to provide a higher level of care to the community I grew up in,” says Jani. After working for six years in the Emergency Department as an RN and fteen Jani Herrell, F.N.P. years in healthcare, LPRH is proud to have Jani move into this new position. On August 1, 2016, Jani Herrell will be the full time provider to the Urgent Care, located in the Emergency Department. The Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday, 10am-6:30pm. Call ahead for wait times at (928) 669-9201. E Qmployees of the 1stu&ar2tenrdfor 2016 Kevin Brown, Frances Kennedy, Lena Tollefson, Maria Martinez, Carl Flanagan Rosalinda “Lena” Tollefson, Medical Assistant, is the Employee of the 2nd Quarter, 2016. She has worked at our Tri-Valley Medical Center since 2014. Formerly, she worked at the Wickenburg Community Hospital Clinic with Dr. Hierling and when he started at the Tri-Valley Medical Center, he recommended Lena for an open position. She continues to work for Laura Wedebrook, Nurse Practitioner after Dr. Hierling went on medical leave. Frances Kennedy, Clinic Director could not be happier to have Lena on the team, “ Lena is a strong leader who goes above and beyond to accommodate our patients. She is always willing to help out.” Cindee Peacock was voted the Employee of the 1st Quarter, 2016 by staff at La Paz Regional Hospital. Cindee started her employment at LPRH in 2009 and is the Lead Mammography Tech. She handles the detailed work of the Hospital’s Charge Master as well as her mammography duties. Before becoming a Mammography Tech in 2006, she worked for several years as a Travel/Public Relations Manager. She is originally from East Lyme, CT. Cindee’s patients love her and are noted as saying that she is the best Mammography Tech they have ever had. She also runs the Sprinkle Pink Fundraiser during Breast Cancer Cindee Peacock, R.T. Awareness Month. The donations collected offer financial assistance to women needing mammograms. Her dedication to her work and craft make her an essential asset to the LPRH team.


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FAQs What insurance plans are offered on for La Paz County? plans are Not all available in La Paz County. Right now, United Healthcare Insuabroautnce and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona are offered. If you need help navigating the website, call the Business Office for Navigator recommendations. What can I do if I don’t have Open Enrollment insurance? for the Marketplace has already closed for 2016. There are some cases where you still may be able to get coverage this year. You may be eligible if you have experienced a life change such as getting married or having a baby. You might also qualify through medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurange Program. Again, we recommend that you talk to a certified navigator to help you through this process. The next Open Enrollment period is November 1, 2016 - January 31, 2017. The penalty for not having insurance is 2.5% of your income OR $695 per adult ($347.50 per child), whichever is higher. How do I find out if La Paz Regional is in my network? Is the hospital different from the Clinics that are owned and operated by LPRH? You always need to check with your insurance provider to make sure you are in network. You can either call your insurance, check your benefit book or look online. When visiting LPRH, the hospital will bill you separately from the physicians. This is because the physicians are contracted through a separate company. When visiting one of our clinics, make sure and verify your primary provider. If you see another provider who is not your primary care physician, you may need an authorization before you visit. Our Specialty Clinic, located on the hospital grounds, is also separate. You need to verify with your insurance that the specialist you are seeing is in your network. What is a deductible and how does it work? Your deductible is the amount of money you pay before your plan begins to pay for covered services you use. All policies are different so make sure you check your policy or benefit plan document to see when the deductible starts over (usually, but not always January 1). Deductibles are not the same thing as co-pays. If you have questions, the Business Office is here to help. Call (928) 669-7311 Brittany Thorpe Basically, the short answer for all these questions is call your insurance provider! Our business office is here to help, but every plan is different and it is the patient’s responsibility to verify their details. We do everything possible to make sure everything goes smoothly, but it is necessary for you to know your plan!


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Dr. Cunning Is it an infection or allergies? Your nose is congested or runny, you feel crummy and you may have trouble breathing through the nose. It is important to understand the difference between infection and allergy because the treatments can be very different. Nasal congestion with difficulty breathing through the nose is common. Watery clear drainage is often associated with allergies or viral infections. However, if the drainage becomes a yellow or green mucus, it could mean you have a bacterial infection. Allergens are those things that cause you an allergic reaction. It could be the cat, pollen in the air, dust mites, certain foods, or other environmental products. Allergies are generally treated by avoiding these allergens, and using saline nasal irrigations, antihistamines, decongestants, mucous thinners and nasal steroid sprays when they are present. Exposure to some allergens requires emergency treatment. When patients no longer respond to medicine, allergy testing and immunotherapy (allergy shots) can help to desensitize the body of allergies. Dr. Cunning’s Special Recipe of Nasal Saline Irrigation Use 1/2 tsp sea salt and 1/4 tsp baking soda in one pint DISTILLED STERILE boiled water (LET COOL). Irrigate 30-50 ml solution per nostril twice daily to lubricate and remove mucus crusting. If using a bulb syringe, clean daily by rinsing with rubbing alcohol or in boiling water. Over the counter commercial kits may be used such as Neil Med. Remember: The Solution to Pollution is Dilution. Allergic rhinitis is caused by the body's immune response to foreign proteins or allergens. This also results in inflammation and often the sinus secretions are thin and watery. Aside from immunotherapy for longer term therapy, Dr. Cunning's trifecta (triple treatment) for this condition includes nasal steroid spray to reduce inflammation, antihistamine to reduce itching and watery discharge, and saline irrigations to flush the allergens from the sinus cavities. Flushing the cavities can dilute the allergens and help reduce the inflammation. Sinusitis is chronic if there is greater than three months of symptoms, including facial pressure or pain, nasal plugging, postnasal drainage, sore throat, bad breath, hoarseness and upper teeth pain. If you have chronic sinusitis or recurrent sinus infections (four times or more yearly), minimally invasive procedures such as Balloon Sinuplasty are safe and effective office techniques to improve these symptoms. Now in Parker! Dr. Cunning has practiced in Lake Havasu City since 1999 and joined the Specialty Clinic in Parker in 2015. "I have so many patients in Parker and La Paz County," he notes, "It is easier for many of them to see me in Parker." When you call for an appointment, be sure to specify that you want to be seen in the Parker office. (928) 854-5368. Devin Cunning, M.D. is dual board certified in Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery and Sleep Medicine. His shared practice, Arizona Coast, provides care to both children and adults with the best in Ear, Nose, Throat, Allergy & Sleep Medicine.


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Dear Hospital, I came in for what I thought were simple outpatient tests and the process was longer and more complicated than I expected, why is that? A friend told me that LPRH has a Specialty Clinic, offer regular Health Fairs and operate clinics across La Paz County! I had no idea! How do I find out more information? Sincerely, “Concerned About Outpatient Wait Times” Sincerely, Need more information! Dear Concerned About Outpatient Wait Times, Dear Need More Information, This is a great question! We are sorry you had to wait longer than you had originally expected for your lab work, but trust us... there is a good reason! In order to register a patient for outpatient tests (such as lab work, x-rays or CAT scans), there is a variety of required information we must receive. Each insurance company has their own requirements and every physician’s office is different. Sometimes we need to call to verify details with either the insurance company or physician’s office. We do our best to get you registered as quickly as possible, but all this verification can take a bit of time. This process is in place to ensure you do not receive an unexpected bill. To help us with this process you can ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and identification ready. I came in to use the Urgent Care, but ended up being seen as an emergency patient. Why is that? I’m glad to hear your friend was filling you in on all the good stuff LPRH is up to! We do have a Specialty Clinic right next to the hospital and clinics around La Paz County. Health Fairs are also regularly offered throughout the cooler months! You can keep up-to-date by checking out our services on our website,, visiting our Facebook page OR just flip to the last page of this Newsletter and you will see some of our services listed there. Sincerely, Confused about the Urgent Care Dear Confused about the Urgent Care, The Urgent Care for La Paz Regional Hospital is located within the Emergency Department. Every patient for ER and Urgent Care is triaged by a nurse. You may think that what you have come in for could be handled by the Urgent Care, but in fact needs to be treated by the Emergency Physician. You will always be informed of this decision to transfer you before you see the physician and you decide if you want to be seen. If the diagnosis falls within the Urgent Care capabilities then you will be treated by a Family Nurse Practitioner. Omar Iniguez Patient Spotlight “I had a knee replacement done at La Paz Regional Hospital by Dr. Tilgner. I felt very comfortable and liked him a lot. The whole reason I chose this hospital was because of my first impression in the Radiology department. They were just amazing! I’m now a few weeks into my physical therapy and that team is fantastic. Everyone is so caring, just terrific. They go above and beyond.” - Dorothy Blasdel Physical Therapy has a new Body Weight Support system. Donetta had a stroke, which left her left side weak and this has severely impacted her ability to walk. The new system gives the therapists a more hands on approach and begins the repetitious process required to cause neuroplasticity or “rewiring the brain.” Many patients like Donetta are now benefitting from this system! Ana Gonzalez, CNA, Donnetta Schaefer, Chris Robertson, PTA


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Summer Specials, July - September Arthritis Lab - Rheumatoid Factor & Sedimentation Rate Cash Price - $26 No Appointment Necessary Men’s Health Screen I Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Cash Price - $35 No Appointment Necessary Men’s Health Screen ll Lab - PSA, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose Imaging Tests - Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound Cash Price - $143 Call for an Appointment Men’s Health Screen lll Women’s Health Screen ll Lab - PSA, Cholesterol, Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Triglycerides, Glucose Glucose Cardiopulmonary Test - EKG Imaging - Mammogram with Imaging Tests - Cartid Ultrasound, Dexascan, Carotid Ultrasoun, Ankle Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Brachial Index Aortic Ultrasound Cash Price - $257 Cash Price - $218 Call for Appointment Call for an appointment Women’s Health Screen lll Stroke Prevention Screen Lab - Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Imaging - Carotid Artery Screen and Glucose Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) Screen Cardiopulmonary Test - EKG Cash Price - $108 Imaging - Mammogram wtih Call for an appointment Dexascan, Carotid Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index, Abdominal Aortic Women’s Health Screen l Ultrasound Imaging - Mammogram with Cash Price - $369 Dexascan Call for appointment Cash Price - $139 Call for an appointment *Be sure to fast the night and morning before having lab work done Services offered at La Paz Regional Cardiac Rehab Cardiology/Echo Colonoscopy Endoscopy General Surgery Gym Infusion/Chemotherapy Laboratory Mammography Medical Surgical MRI/MRA Nuclear Medicine Orthopedics Physical Therapy Radiology/Ultrasound Respiratory/Cardiopulmonary Skilled Nursing Program Telestroke with Mayo Clinic La Paz Regional Clinics La Paz Healthcare: Parker Clinic 601 W. Riverside Dr. Parker, Arizona 928-669-5550 Parker Podiatry 1713 Kofa Ave. Suite K Parker, Arizona 928-669-3033 La Paz Medical Services 150 Tyson Rd. Quartzsite, Arizona 928-927-8747 Tri-Valley Medical Center 38726 Harquahala Mine Rd. Salome, Arizona 928-859-3460 Bouse Clinic 44031 E. Plomosa Rd. Bouse, Arizona 928-851-2177 La Paz Regional Specialty Clinic Located at La Paz Regional Hospital 1200 West Mohave Rd. Parker, Arizona 85344 Cardiology - Fadi Atassi, M.D. Yosef Kahn, M.D. Ear, Nose,Throat - Devin Cunning, M.D. General/Vascular - Abedon Saiz, M.D. Surgery Oncology - Paul O’Neill Orthopedics - John Lankenau, M.D. Theron Tilgner, D.O. Rheumatology/ - Summer Tilgner, D.N.P. Orthopedic 669-5482 669-5482 854-5368 453-2900 854-4497 453-2211 854-3333 854-7666 When you schedule your appointment, request to be seen closer to home at the La Paz Regional Specialty Clinic!


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Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers La Paz Regional is proud to have a group of volunteers dedicated to enhance the care within their community. The Hospital Auxiliary volunteers spend their time working at the gift shop or thrift store, lunch room, finance department, managing scholarships or helping guide patients through the hospital. Hospital staff appreciate the commitment the volunteers show and the help they give on a daily basis. Our volunteers are an essential part of our hospital and their caring and generous spirits make a different every day, one person at a time. The Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store is closed for the summer, but opens in September. If you are interested in volunteering, even if just for a few hours a month, you can contact the store at (928) 669-2423. “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” - Steve Maraboli Linda Haydis, Juanita Phelps, Norma Keys, Phyllis Gormley, Wendy Dressendorfer



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