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True Parents’ Message and News English Version No. 27 07天一國 4年 天曆 August 2016


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Article One A Turning Point in the New Revolution in the Culture of Heart By Lek Thaveetermsakul As we experienced the fourth anniversary of True Father’s universal seonghwa, we could feel that Heavenly Parent’s providence in the Cheon Il Guk era based on True Mother’s leadership is coming to a turning point, and a new revolution in the culture of heart is blossoming as we move toward the realization of Vision 2020. I truly believe that the absolute unity between True Mother on earth and True Father in the spirit world has brought about the unity of heaven and earth and opened a gateway between the spirit world and physical world through which the power of True Father’s seonghwa and a cosmic, substantial Pentecost can manifest through True Mother here on earth. This will bring about a great revolution in the culture of heart and the rapidly expedite Cheon Il Guk’s realization. Based on True Father’s last wish for us to fulfill the heavenly tribal messiah mission and True Mother’s initiative to expand this mission work throughout the world, we have experienced a breakthrough in the expansion of successful heavenly tribal messiah activities in Asia and in Africa. We can also now see the potential for continuous growth in FFWPU membership and Cheon Il Guk citizens. This comes through not only our members’ sincere efforts and investment but also through the mobilization of the heavenly spiritual world, which caused a change of environment for witnessing on earth. To expand the good environment for witnessing and the restoration of Cheon Il Guk, True Mother initiated the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace through UPF. With the momentum from the great success of these inaugurations in all our regions, the role and mission of UPF as the Abel UN gains substance. To prepare future leaders, True Mother continued to invest love and care in young people by sponsoring the twenty-one-day Global Top Gun Workshop for more than a thousand participants. They took part in the Seonghwa Cultural Festival and in her launching of the revolution in the culture of heart by inheriting the heavenly heart of filial piety and becoming the light of the world. This great event brought about transformation in the participants’ hearts and created a sense of being one great family. The Seonghwa Cultural Festival was so beautiful, magical and heart moving. The magical manifestation onstage of True Father descending and True Mother ascending with a beautiful chandelier representing Heavenly Parent appearing signified the start of the new revolution in the culture of heart on earth. True Mother is committed to finding ways through ICUS to solve global environmental problems and restore nature to its original state. Her great vision and mission is to create the beautiful original heavenly garden of Cheon Il Guk in Cheongpyeong, as a visible model of heaven and a holy land for all humanity on earth, to be expanded to the entire world, realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth. At this year’s Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly, with reports of the development and potential of the thirteen key strategic nations plus Korea, Japan and America, the atmosphere was one of great excitement, expectation, hope, determination and unity as never before for the advancement and the realization of Vision 2020. We can already see systematic changes and development in our movement to a higher dimension during the past four years under True Mother’s leadership. In my experience in Thailand, breakthrough in the heavenly tribal messiah mission followed victory over the twenty-one-year course of national persecution in 2011. Great development occurred with the expansion of successful heavenly tribal messiah activities, opening the way to expand UPF and FFWPU activities to the national level with the cooperation and support of local and provincial government officers and religious leaders. This kind of phenomena is happening and spreading throughout many nations in Asia and even across continents to nations in Africa. This is truly like a new cosmic Pentecost in the Cheon Il Guk era. With our heart of filial piety to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and our unity with True Mother’s heart and wish for the realization of Vision 2020, in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, we can all become one and together we can overcome all barriers, create miracles and achieve victory for Vision 2020. Dr. Thaveetermsakul is a Cheon Il Guk special envoy to Thailand.


p. 3 True Parents’ Message and News CONTENTS 天一國 4年 (天曆) 7月 August 2016 04 07 10 Article One 02 A Turning Point in the New Revolution in the Culture of Heart True Children’s Messages 10 O ur Spiritual Legacy from True Parents Testimony 16 The Intricacies of Love 18 O verview of the Events Seonghwa Memorial Pictorial 20 Major Events Festival to Commemorate the 4th Anniversary o f the Universal Seonghwa of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind True Parents’ Messages 04 T he Seonghwa Ceremony 07 To Honor Father’s Life, We Must Complete Our Responsibilities Global youth 30 A Nationwide P ilgrimage for Youth Seeking Heaven 34 P eace Road 2016 coalitions for peace 38 T he IAPP and Nepal’s Search for Development and Peace conservation 44 Our Lovely Planet in the Throes of Fever


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True Parents’Messages 1 The Seonghwa Ceremony These passages are the entirety of Cheon Seon Gyeong, Book 11, Chapter 3, Section 2. 4 True Peace


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B ecause Unification Church members know that there is a spirit world, they are not afraid of dying. In the Unification Church, a funeral is called the Seunghwa Ceremony. It means to ascend nobly to heaven. The Seunghwa Ceremony is about ascension. To inaugurate it, I had to rejoice more over the death of my son than I did at the birth of my sons and daughters. I had to experience the joy that God would have felt had his princes and princesses been born to him. If this did not come to pass, my son could not have crossed over the hill of death. At the place where he died, we, his mother and father, had to offer a prayer to celebrate the victory of love, that is, of his having achieved liberation. That is why, when Heung-jin passed away, I did not shed even a single teardrop. Because he had a long way to go in the next world, I held the Unification Ceremony for him. Seunghwa and Seonghwa A three-year course that to be established during the forty-year period of the restoration of Canaan on the world level. Through this three-year course, we needed to reach the conclusion. The second year was the most dangerous. It was the most difficult time. That is why, at that time, Heung-jin passed away and I went to prison. As the leader who had been shouldering responsibility for heaven and earth, I was very serious. Satan was the one who caused what had happened to Heung-jin. Therefore, I first conducted the Unification Ceremony, then the Seunghwa Ceremony, and then because I had to send him on as my victorious son, I did not shed any tears until Heung-jin passed away. This is a dream-like story. However, in this world, things are actually happening just as I prayed and just as I said. Unbelievable events are taking place. When Heung-jin went to the spirit world, I held the Unification Ceremony and declared the Day of Victory of Love. The love of the Parents treads on Satan’s world and overcomes death. That is why, as I viewed Heung-jin during the three days before his passing, I could not shed any tears. Even in the presence of our dead sons or daughters, we should be able to share God’s love and dedicate our love to him or her. For this reason, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. Because love triumphed over everything, the ceremony is called the Seunghwa Ceremony. In the Unification Church, we call a funeral the Seunghwa Ceremony. Our birth, the Holy Wedding Ceremony and even the end of our life are to be offered to God. The complete fruit of these is the Seunghwa Ceremony. However, you have no idea what an embarrassment it is for a person to be given a Seunghwa Ceremony and honored with many flowers if they lived a careless life and did as they pleased. Therefore, knowing the Principle, we should lay our foundation by living in accordance with it. Though Heung-jin passed away alone, I blessed him on earth on the fiftieth day after his passing—just as on the Pentecost fifty days after the passing of Jesus, the one hundred and twenty believers gathered in the Upper Room were filled with the Holy Spirit, as recorded in the biblical book of Acts (2:1–4). With that, I made up for all the incomplete work that Heung-jin would have done during his lifetime. I could not shed tears as I sent him on. I also made Mother pledge not to express sadness in front of Heung-jin when he departed for the spirit world. If I had not prepared the way for him at the time, he would have gone to the spirit world in tragedy, like other people. He would then have had no relationship with Jesus or the world of the blessing amid a spirit world rife with divisions. That is why I named his departure the Seunghwa Ceremony. That ceremony I conducted was the original Seunghwa Ceremony. At Heung-jin’s Seunghwa Ceremony, no one was allowed to shed tears. This was especially so for True Parents. Later, in the United States, only after they received the report from Korea that the Seunghwa Ceremony had been performed joyously, they shed tears of blessing as they bid him farewell. In this way, the history that had been divided in tears was brought together in harmony with tears. Therefore, no one should shed tears during a Unification Church Seunghwa Ceremony. If tears are shed, the deceased cannot go the way he or she is supposed to go. There is no hope without a heart of love. You cannot form bonds with others if you do not have a loving and caring heart. You should even embrace death itself; otherwise, you cannot form a relationship with God, who governs the world beyond death. Without transcending death, you cannot enter God’s world of love. You need to rise above the fallen realm; otherwise, you cannot find love no matter how eagerly God awaits your arrival. Where there is hope, there is love. To have hope for the spirit world, you need to love, which will enable you to overcome even death. That is why in the Unification Church, a funeral is called the Seunghwa Ceremony. It signifies breaking through Satan’s wall straightaway and ascending to heaven. Throughout your life, you should have nothing to be ashamed of in front of your wife or husband. You should be able to say, “I have kept true to the tradition of safeguarding God’s pure lineage, in order to bequeath it to my descendants. I have lived my life according to the tradition of building the kingdom of heaven, where God desires purity, and now I am departing. I am coming to you, my Father, and I entrust myself to you.” With that, the commemoration of your death will be called a Seunghwa Ceremony. People do not know what it means to die. They think it is a sorrowful occasion, but it is not. Death is a transition from a lower-dimensional world to a higher-dimensional world by crossing the bridge of love. That is why the Unification Church calls death Seunghwa. To die is to ascend to a higher dimension. It is possible only through love. A funeral in the Unification Church is called a Seunghwa Ceremony. Since it is a ceremony of seunghwa (ascension), you should not hold on to the deceased and cry. When the spirit of the dead person sees you cry over him or her, that spirit will lament. He or she will say, “The people’s ignorance is a rope that ties me down and prevents me from going on my way.” Since we know these things, we in the Unification Church call it a Seunghwa Ceremony. “Seunghwa” means soaring gloriously to heaven. With the power of love, you should lift the deceased up. Instead of pulling the dead person August 2016 5


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down, you should lift him or her up. The Seunghwa Ceremony began with Heung-jin. The meaning of “victory of love” in the Day of Victory of Love is being victorious over death through love. Other people’s mothers would be overwhelmed with sorrow, writhing and wailing with deep emotion, but Mother was required not to shed tears. We needed to hold his ceremony within three days of his passing. We had to proclaim victory over death. It is on this basis that we can hold the Seunghwa Ceremony in the Unification Church. It is a ceremony of going beyond death and onward to joy. Those who go through the Seunghwa Ceremony can easily cross over all the valleys in the spirit world. The word “death” is sacred. This word should not evoke sadness and anguish. That is why I announced that I changed “seonghwa” to “seonghwa.” The character “seong” (聖) means to be sacred or holy. We should no longer use “seung” (昇), meaning “to ascend.” “Seonghwa” is a term I have coined. The previous word, “seunghwa,” did not clearly reflect the sacredness of death, so I rectified it and announced that it is now “seonghwa.” The moment of entry into the spirit world is the time when you enter the world of ecstasy and victory. It is the moment, after your life on earth has bloomed and borne fruit, when you embrace the fruit of your life. It is a moment that comes only once. That is why you should rejoice in that moment. In that moment, others should congratulate you as much as they desire and then send you off. In that moment, they should shed tears of joy, not tears of sadness. Every person has eternal life. Compared to the span of eternity, the period of three days after death is shorter than a second. So the question is, Why should you feel sad about it? If you lament during that time, your prospects for eternal life will vanish. How dreadful is that? It is so true. It is a time when people should shed tears of joy, not tears of sadness. This seonghwa refers to laying out the body of the deceased for three days and offering devotions for his or her passage into the spirit world. I have changed the term Seunghwa Ceremony to Seonghwa Ceremony. The Wonjeon Ceremony Members of the Unification Church overcome fear of the spirit world. I have no fear of death. The Fall brought about death, so religion should create the realm of resurrection. Based on the Day of Victory of Love, we could begin holding the Seunghwa (ascension) Ceremony. Also on that condition, we could call the burial site the wonjeon, which means “original palace.” It is not about dying but about direct passage to the kingdom of heaven. This palace is a link from the earthly nation to the heavenly nation. That is the meaning of “wonjeon.” There is no religion in the world with anything like it other than the Unification Church. The place of burial for deceased members of the Unification Church will be known as a “wonjeon.” To enter the wonjeon means to find our way to the original palace within our mother’s womb. Where is your wonjeon? It is the inside of your mother’s womb before you were born. From the moment your father’s sperm met your mother’s ovum, although one was small and the other large, they breathed together, clung to each other and lived in joy. They dwelt together, holding on to each other and giving each other a boost. You need to pass through the ideal of that wonjeon. In the word wonjeon, the character "jeon" (殿) means house. It is the same character as the “jeon” in “gungjeon,” meaning “palace.” You are to find your way to the origin within God’s ideal, which existed before your mother’s ovum met your father’s sperm and you were born on earth. Do you know what a mortuary table is? When a person dies, before the body is placed in a coffin, it is washed clean and prepared. Before the body can be moved into a coffin, it is placed on the table and washed clean. Unless someone can unite in heart with the deceased at that place, the body cannot be placed in the coffin. Who is supposed to carry out this task? It should be done by the person who loved the deceased the most. The garments for the deceased should be prepared with care in advance, and the deceased should be dressed in them before being sent off. The “cerements” are the garments that the body is dressed in when placed in the coffin. A representative, loyal friend, or filial son or daughter should receive the fabric for the cerements and sew them. If the deceased is to go to the kingdom of heaven, to a good place in the spirit world, he or she should have upheld the tradition of a loyal patriot and loyal subject. A Korean funeral has this type of significance. The place where the Unification Church buries its dead is not called a graveyard but a wonjeon. To liberate heaven and earth, we should desire to be buried in such a place. The wonjeon refers to the original palace. It is not a place where just anyone can be buried. Only those who have been martyred or whose life was on a comparable level can be buried there. 6 True Peace


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True Parents’Messages 2 To Honor Father’s Life, We Must Complete Our Responsibilities True Mother’s address on August 19, the fourth anniversary of True Father’s seonghwa August 2016 7


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R espected dignitaries from home and abroad, ambassadors for peace, beloved blessed families and other members from around the world, I love you! As you saw in the video, during the third anniversary of True Father’s ascension, we told True Father we would fulfill our responsibilities on earth. “Father, please ascend to the eternal resting place. Please comfort Heavenly Parent, who has been lonely until now. Become an offering and become free. Please ascend to Heavenly Parent.” Do you remember that? Afire with hope and activity Our responsibilities on earth—what are those responsibilities? They are to testify to True Parents, to love True Parents, and to convey True Parents’ wish to all 7.3 billion people, so that all 7.3 billion people around the world can be aware of that wish. Are you doing that? We have organized thirteen regions based on their languages, and various events, such as tribal messiah activities, are taking place. Going beyond the tribe, going beyond the nation and expanding to the world, the providence is moving forward. Asia, Africa—all thirteen regions— are alive with the fire of tribal messiah efforts. All people on earth must hear testimonies to True Parents. Only by knowing about the True Parents can all human beings find hope. This is the fulfillment of each human being’s inherent wish. This is also Heavenly Parent’s dream; however, for six thousand years, as reckoned using the Bible, all human beings have suffered under Satan’s domination. Human beings have a strong yearning for heaven, yet remain ignorant of how to find heaven. The long hard path This is because for a fallen human being to go directly to our Heavenly Parent was not possible. A condition of indemnity was required. How difficult must it have been, how painful must it have been, that fulfilling the indemnity condition required six thousand years through the histo- ry of the providence of restoration, which God had led! Raising the people of the chosen nation took four thousand of those years. Having paid with various conditions of indemnity, God raised the people to the level of a nation. On that foundation, God sent his only begotten son, Jesus. Yet Mary, who was a central figure, and the family of Zachariah, the family of Joseph, the Jewish leaders, the people of Israel— they were all ignorant of Heaven’s providence. Until then, countless human beings had been born on earth, but after four thousand “biblical years,” for the first time in history, God sent his only begotten son, the person he referred to as “my son.” That being the case, the central figures should have embraced Jesus, the Messiah. They should have prepared the requisite environment for Jesus; however, we know the outcome. They failed in fulfilling their responsibilities. That is why Jesus was crucified. On the cross, Jesus said he would come again. What would Jesus do on his return? 8 True Peace


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He said he would host the marriage supper of the Lamb. What does that mean? That refers to the realization of Heavenly Parent’s wish and the inherent dream of all human beings. Human beings dream of finding True Parents, because only through True Parents can human beings return to being God’s true children. Be heavenly tribal messiahs By their own effort, fallen human beings cannot return to being true children of God unless True Parents lead them. Fallen children cannot be born anew into the kingdom of God; therefore, for the first time in six thousand years based on the foundation of the Korean people, the only begotten son and only begotten daughter were sent, and they hosted the Holy Wedding and became the True Parents, for whom humanity has yearned for so long. Therefore, what path must these people of Korea choose? All of you in blessed families, who have received the blessing ahead of others, please fulfill the responsibilities of heavenly tribal messiahs. Go beyond the tribe. Go beyond the nation. Reach the world. Establish a foundation on the world level for True Parents. This is the status of blessed families worldwide. Right now, through the world’s thirteen regions, this work in taking place. In addition, this year during Foundation Day, we launched the parliamentarians association. In July, members of our movement in Nepal launched the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, as well as Peace Road, the great journey linking humanity and peace. More than a hundred and forty nations participated in Peace Road, and with the founding of the parliamentarians association, in each nation, virtuous men and women will be participating, warmly welcoming these initiatives. Finish the year strongly The final launching of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace will take pace in December. Until that day, these initiatives will continuously take place. When we look at these initiatives, the hearts of people all around the world yearn to go toward the realization of global peace, but no one has known how to reach that objective. Therefore, they must wholeheartedly participate, support and happily join the Family Federation for World Peace. Remaining obstacles True Parents’ dream and every human beings inherent wish is to realize one family under God. However, today’s world is filled with various issues—religious conflicts, racial conflicts and territorial conflicts. All these conflicts stem from self-centered actions. Furthermore, since the Industrial Revolution, the livelihood of most people has changed. Economic prosperity, material prosperity has been achieved. Second, third, and fourth superpowers have emerged. Rather than focusing on the positive points, instead of focusing on the future, many problems are arising. One of them is climate change. If humanity is to survive, the Earth cannot be laid to waste. Most important, in terms of material things, are sunshine, water and air. These are decreasing; climate change is affecting these. Ahead of his time Looking at this reality, True Father worked in South America to resolve the issue of future food security and resolve the climate change issue. Father said that we must apply these principles to solve humanity’s problems. For decades, he led the history of the providence. People concerned about humanity’s future have provided many good opinions, and they have identified many of the issues. However, when it comes to solving those issues, when it comes to providing viable solutions to those issues, the experts have not been able to do it. One cause is the superpowers’ self-centeredness. Until now, civilization has developed science based on destruction, science that focuses on war. Therefore, I want to revive the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. All issues afflicting the world must be resolved, because God originally created our beautiful world with an ideal in mind. Effort and a movement must develop to restore the world to its pristine state. Experts and scholars must take the lead and support this great initiative. That is how they can earn humanity’s trust. Therefore, I want to restart the ICUS conferences as the center of academic, scientific studies. Through the media, I want to educate the masses and the population. I also want to engage in work that can bring about tangible results. We all saw a beautiful performance on this stage today. In that performance, one thousand two hundred second- and third-generation Unification Church members from around the world participated. They are the future leaders of the unification movement. Even though their languages and cultural backgrounds may differ, they know True Parents, and they can unite. Therefore, we will realize Heavenly Parent’s dream and True Parents’ dream and all humanity’s wish without fail. Until that day, we will march forward—we must march forward. Today, on the fourth anniversary of True Father’s ascension, let us embrace this great mission in our hearts. Let us make a firm determination that we will realize it! This is my request of you. August 2016 9


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True Children’s Messages Our Spiritual Legacy from True Parents Sun Jin Moon, international president of FFWPU, read hoondokhae as a starting point to interacting with Global Top Gun Youth Workshop attendees, aged fourteen to twenty-four, on August 2.What follows are some excerpts from the two hours she spent with them. Clearly, FFWPU International President Moon connected deeply with her audience. 10 True Peace


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Early on, Sun Jin nim told the audience, "No podium, today. If you're on the ground, I'm on the ground." T oday, I brought True Father’s autobiography to do hoondokhae from.... Last night, True Mother talked about what it meant to be True Parents, the course she had to go through and the course that True Father had to go through to pave the way spiritually so that all your parents could join, be reborn and engraft to the true olive tree. All of you are that miracle; when Mother was talking about six thousand years of human history, when Heavenly Parent was searching for his children, each one of you is that precious gift, you are that amazing child that True Parents have been waiting for, Heavenly Parent has been waiting all throughout history for…. Amidst hoondokhae “True love cannot be learned in any place other than in the family.” That is a powerful paragraph. I am sure many in the second generation here struggled in your family life too, because many of your parents, like True Parents, have taken the path of indemnity for the sake of human- kind. Even when we were growing up, we never saw our parents. True Parents were always doing their public mission. We were raised by brothers and sister who were young members. So, in many ways we didn’t get that parental connection. I am sure many of our brothers and sister here, because your parents are missionaries, working hard for the sake of the world, they were not able to give you this kind of parental love. Does anyone have that kind of experience here? Yeah? Show of hands… There is no shame here; we are just all one family. So if you haven’t received that love or if you have received that love, you know how precious is it. Right now, as we are one family sharing together, if you know a brother or sister who hasn’t had that kind of love, show them more love. Give them that kind of love if you know what it feels like. That is the power of passing down this legacy of love. We are here all together to support each other, not to judge each other but to uplift each other so we can all get to the point where we can receive God’s love and True Parents’ love and feel it deeply in our hearts…. Following hoondokhae Is there anything that came out of this chapter that anyone has a reflection on or wants to make a comment on? Yes, brother in the front, and where are you from? Mr. Sousei: Japan [Speaks in Japanese, summarizes in English] I think a filial heart toward heaven is needed to be a true child. Yes, absolutely; he is absolutely right. Even the official name True Mother gave this workshop [참부모님 주관 HJ천원 특별수련, True Parents’ HJ Cheonwon Special Workshop]… I’ll tell you a little story: True Mother came to Hawaii and she was saying, We need true families; we need true children. So, she took “Hyo,” which you know… Hyo Jin oppa, Hyo Jin nim, is the eldest son. True Mother had fourteen children. Hyo Jin nim is the eldest son and his name means “filial piety.” And, then, all the way to the youngest daughter, Jeong Jin. Her name means “heart.” So Mother wanted to include the whole span of August 2016 11


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all the children because to create a filial heart is the most important task that all of us have. That is the wish she had. If you think about it, True Mother and True Father had to pay the indemnity for Adam and Eve, and it took six thousand years to restore the position of true parents—the husband and wife level. Now imagine that our responsibility is to be restoring Cain and Abel and become true children under True Parents. What happened to Cain and Abel? Do you know? They fought, right? Cain killed Abel. It turned into a battle. That is the start, where we need to realize that the way we can serve each other is to love each one of our brothers and sisters. We need to be doing the opposite of what went wrong. True Parents taught the way to have a true marriage, a true blessing. We have to create the culture of what it means to be a true family, and love each other, not compete with each other, not beat each other down, but lift each other up and care for each other, become one in heart and one in mind to bring joy to our parents, because Cain killed Abel. That must have brought so much suffering to Heavenly Parent and to their parents. This is not what we want to do. We want to create a system where all our brothers and sisters in the world start treating each other with love, care, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, goodness—all the virtues that True Parents teach us. It starts here, so be good to each other. If you see people struggling, please help them. Are there any other reflections on this “true family” passage from Father’s hoondokhae? We are getting a lot of wisdom. No matter what age you are, you have tremendous wisdom to share. Remember, you are the divine true children of True Parents. Don’t doubt that in yourselves. Yes, brother in the back [(Paraphrased): Are you able to spend time with your family?] Absolutely! Family is everything. We didn’t have True Parents raising us. In many ways, I’ve seen each of my brothers and sisters suffer through that kind of chapter where there is loneliness and pain and a void in their hearts. I’m sure many of you, because your parents were doing the mission for 1 1 Sun Jin Moon responds to a question from a young man near the stage. 2 Questions came in Japanese and in English. 3 She encouraged questions and answered each one thoroughly. God too, may not have felt that complete love and protection. It is only through family that we can heal this pain. It is only when we learn (as in this chapter, where Father says that when you realize that God is the center, is your eternal parent, and that unconditional love never changes) that whatever void you feel in your heart, whatever love you didn’t get, you can replace that with God’s love. So, it is absolutely important to connect not only with your physical parents, in this life with a parent–child relationship but all of us here need to get in touch with the spiritual legacy that you all hold because of our True Parents. Get in touch with that spiritual legacy—beyond what we experience in our own families, in our own lives but which touches the life of Heavenly Parent—at that kind of level. This is what True Mother knows. She raised all fourteen of the True Children and that was not an easy course. Many, many things in the True Family… You see so much suffering. True Mother understands that everybody in the growth stage can go through suffering but she wants to make sure to protect and raise the next generation of children to not have to suffer as much. How can we connect to a higher level of love and understanding in brotherhood and sisterhood and in the parent–child relationship? How do we raise these children to surpass and go beyond, survive and not struggle at that level? This is why the workshop and this kind of family teaching is important. I want to get the brother in the back. Thank you, your name? Ju Young Okaf I am originally African, but I live in the “sunshine state,” Florida. My question: Do you have suggestions for how we can reach out with love and encouragement to those in the second generation whose parents were busy doing mission work and who did not feel love? Ju Young, that’s a good question. I 12 True Peace


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can only give words of encouragement based on what I’ve experienced. We understand that there are many in the second generation… I’m like forty years old now. A long, long time ago, in the seventies, we were growing up as blessed children in America. Way before your time, there was a lot of persecution in the 70s because True Father and True Mother had just come to America and there were not many Asian people there. There was racism. Everybody we grew up with was white. So we went through a lot of persecution, also because we were physically True Parents’ children. At that time they thought Father was a cult leader. Many people would persecute all of us, growing up, saying, Oh, your Father is a cult leader, a moonie. Go home, you Asian person. So much hate and so much suffering and we didn’t have our own parents to go to. We didn’t have anybody to comfort us or to lead us or guide us. Many blessed children we grew up with had the same experience. We saw not only our own family members but other blessed children suffer a lot, go through a lot of persecution. Discover your own faith It is difficult to find your faith and your trust and your strength in God when you feel like the whole world around you is coming on your shoulders and not supporting you. When I think of that and when I think that (as you’re saying) many blessed children feel disconnected and are not able to feel love, I think we have to find love through our faith. That is the best advice I can give you. Only faith, only something higher than what you are going through, is going to pull you out of whatever darkness or heaviness is pulling you down. And that faith—no one can give that to you but yourself. You have to find that light in yourself to be able to pass through all the darkness. I am forty and I could not find that light for the majority of my life. I’d be the first person to admit that I’m not perfect. I am probably the least equipped in my family to be number one, to be in this position, serving True Parents. Many things I could not do—like even public speaking. I couldn’t speak in front of a crowd. I was so nervous, felt so much anxiety that I couldn’t breathe. So how am I standing in front of you and talking to you today? How is it that I am saying we need to have hope? It is because True Parents never gave up on me. At every point in my life—my parents, my family, my husband—all these people never gave up. So it comes to the point when you realize that you feel gratitude for that, and you don’t take love for granted and you don’t think about what you’re lacking but you start focusing on what you have. Because what you focus on becomes your reality. I could sit here and say, Oh I wasn’t loved. I wasn’t nurtured. Oh I was beat up. We grew up in a makdaegi [stick for inflicting punishment], an indemnity culture, being put down because I’m a girl. Can’t do anything. When I was young I was very overweight, picked on, called a nerd. Asian… All these things that would put a person down. I never had good health. I had cancer. Every kind of illness you can think of that makes you less than a 2 person I have felt in my life and I have gone through. I felt lower than a dog many times. Not what in America you call an underdog but below a dog. Because of the illnesses I had, I wasn’t able to have children— an even bigger failure, especially in our movement, where we are supposed to have families and I can’t have children. From all these things, you feel like a failure. I can’t do this and I’m not good enough to serve True Parents. Then, three years ago, when Father passed away... In my whole life, I had just been working on how to repay or rebuild or to work on the things I could not do. Mother said, You know, Sun Jin, I need you to help me, right now. Father passed away and there are many problems in the family. I have no one; I need you. Me? I am so unworthy; I can do nothing to help you. I felt, I can’t do this, Mother. I don’t have the ability. I am so fearful. I am so anxious. I have so much hurt. 3 August 2016 13


p. 14

Sun Jin nim's husband, In-sup Park and her sister-in-law, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, listen from the main floor. She said, No, I need you and you can do it because I believe in you. Whatever you have been through, throw it aside. Just know that True Parents love you, and we need you and you can do it and you are our daughter. This is the kind of advice I would give to anyone that feels they have not been given enough, that they are lacking in something. If True Mother can say that to me, the least of the least, the lowest of the low, if she can say, I believe in you; I need you… She needs all of you just the same. All of you are true children. She needs all the other true children that have left her. They all need to come back. Somehow, we all need to grow and be able to restore ourselves and to build our faith. Discover your history The best thing I started doing when I first got this mission was hoondokhae. Doing hoondokhae became like my lifeline. This book right here and all the books that True Mother has as holy books, from those you will learn a path that no regular person, who is a person like me or a fallen person—someone who hasn’t achieved that level of growth that our True Parents have, perfection as True Parents… Everything that you need to know that can help you in your life path or to help others with suffering or struggling is in these holy books. So the more you study, the more you will realize. The more you start to understand who True Parents are, the more you will begin to value your life and your parents and how amazing each one of your parents is, too. I urge you, because it is by studying True Parents’ lives that I came to value my own life. I didn’t know the value of my life because I didn’t know True Parents. This is the real important starting point. Find your history. Ask your parents how they joined. Ask them why they joined. Connect to them in a parent–child relationship because that is going to be the greatest legacy you get, because actually each of your parents is a saint. They overcame many, many struggles. They separated themselves completely to try to come to live for the sake of the world; this is a saint. So, learn from your parents and in this workshop learn from True Parents. I hope that answers some of your question. Finding True Mother [My name is Sato Moridae. What can I do in order to become one with True Mother’s heart?] True Mother’s heart, like she was saying, absolutely loves you and what you can do is become—like our brother was saying here—a filial son or daughter to True Parents. So, just as we were talking about loving each other in true families, living for each other and saving the world, you start loving True Mother and bringing her comfort when you find your dreams and you use those dreams to bring glory and goodness to True Parents and the rest of the world. If you can bring that back to her as children, that is going to be the victory not only for True Parents and Heavenly Parent, but for each one of you. As our brother was asking, how do we connect to True Mother and bring her happiness? Do you think she wants you to be unhappy, to think you are a failure, to not live your dreams but to suffer? No, she wants you to be joyful, find your dreams, thrive, grow and go beyond what you think is the limit, to reach all the people in the world with the potential for greatness that each one of you has. Please, try to find that. No one can take that path but you…. As True Mother said yesterday, each one of you has a unique gift. Everyone is different. You have different talents, different dreams. How do you engraft those dreams to True Parents? You live what you love. You find your dream; you excel at it and you offer it to True Parents and the world. That is how you change the world. Some of you may be athletes, musicians, artists, scientists. Whatever field of study you enjoy, please excel in it. Once you get to the place where you have reached the top level, the master level, offer it up to True Parents and offer it up to your brothers and sisters. This is the amazing network we will have in the future, when all of you grow to live your dream. These dreams are going to be what changes the world. So, please find that, especially you young people. Father always said that this is the best time of your life. You’re in school right now. You are figuring out what you like and you 14 True Peace


p. 15

The dance portion of the program saw all the young people on their feet and moving in rhythm to the music. enjoy what you are good at. Invest your heart and soul in that and know that through whatever you choose to do, if you love it, you are going to bring True Parents joy. Please excel and do great things with your lives. That is definitely a way to make True Father and True Mother and your parents proud. Now, I’m going to go with the brother in the back because he had his hand up before, with the glasses. Hello. What’s your name? [Andrew Olsen… from Texas: I like how you point out that if we challenge our limitations, pass any barrier, we can go forward with our dreams. My question is, How long did it take you to realize your parents were the True Parents?] A long time. I am like forty years old now. We have been talking about this from the beginning. We grew up in an environment with a void, like no love, a lot of pain and suffering, so I couldn’t understand. I would hear lectures and Divine Principle, everybody talking about true love, but I never felt it. I never felt that somebody loved me. In the kind of family life we grew up in, there was a lot more fighting than loving, a lot more competition than sharing with each other. Everybody was pushed to be the best. To be the best, you had to be better than everybody else and put everybody else down. We grew up in that kind of environment. If we had True Parents taking care of us, I am sure none of that nonsense would have happened, but because they were serving a higher purpose, serving to save the Cain children of the world, we weren’t able to understand who True Parents were. No matter how many Divine Principle workshops I went to, all I heard was the Fall, indemnity, you are never good enough, you have to fight evil, you have to cut this part of you away. It was a kind of violent way to grow up, thinking everything is a battle and Satan is going to attack me everywhere. So where do we find love? Where do we find True Parents? How do I connect with God? It took many years, a tremendous amount of years. I would say that the thing that changed my life was the blessing. I think that, individually, I did not have the tools to find individ- ual perfection. You know, mind–body unity is number one. This is something that I started getting into just three years ago—with Father’s seonghwa—I started becoming a yoga teacher. This is when I first learned how, individually, to perfect even my own mind and body. But the thing that made me understand True Parents and love was being married to my husband, because through his love I was able to feel: Oh my gosh! This is so amazing that someone could love me this purely. I had not experienced that in my life—such a kind husband, a good husband, a loyal husband who just supported and loved me, no matter what. This is what the love of a family, the true love of a spouse, the true love of True Parents, is—unconditional love. You can find that anywhere through each other. We can practice unconditional love with each other. We are doing that now. No matter what you go through, I am going to love you. No matter what you struggle with, I am going to love you. I am not going to give up on you. This is Heavenly Parent’s love, True Parents’ love. August 2016 15



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