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Bellarmine Fashion Show Catalog 2015

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61st Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild Fashion Show for Financial Aid November 21, 2015


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Th e 61st Be llarm i n e Mot h ers’ Gu i ld Fash ion Sh ow for Fi nan c ial Ai d con ti n u es t h e t rad ition of h e lpi n g to make it p oss i b le for every Be llarm i n e st u den t to com plet e h i s h ig h sc h ool edu cation , regardless of Fi nan c ial c i rcu m stan ces. We h ope you r h earts wi ll be warm ed an d you r be lls wi ll be ri n g i n g i n ou r Wi n t er Won derlan d ! Please con s i der s p on sori n g a des ervi n g you n g man by maki n g a g i ft to su pp ort Di rect Fi nan c ial Ai d an d Th e Fi nan c ial Ai d En d owm en t . Go Bells! Front Row: Cole Bunce, ‘16, Susan Bunce, Fashion Show Chair, Chase Bunce, ‘15 Back Row: Sandy Douthit, Business Chair, David Douthit, ‘16 Chase Del Biaggio, ‘17, Kristen Del Biaggio Heffernan, Production Chair Boots Del Biaggio, ‘16, Todd Jackson, ‘17, Greta Jackson, Production Chair 1


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Lunch Menu First Course Pumpkin Bisque with Apples Main Course Poached Salmon with Pumpkin Puree, Haricot Verts, Creme Fraiche Soft Boiled Egg, Microgreens Dessert White Chocolate Sphere Filled with Creme Brulee & Chocolate Mousse White Caviar, White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Coated in Sugar Dinner Menu First Course Classic Iceberg Wedge, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Truffle-Buttermilk Dressing, Chopped Bacon Main Course Grilled Filet Mignon, Potato Parsnip & Butternut Squash Hash with Bacon, Green Onion & Parsley Dessert White Chocolate Sphere Filled with Creme Brulee & Chocolate Mousse White Caviar, White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Coated in Sugar 2


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Tab le Of Con t en ts 1 Fa sh i o n S H o w Cha i rs 2 0 1 5 a nd So n s 2 Lunch and Dinner Menus 4 President, BMG President and Principal Welcome 5 Dedication to Bellarmine Jesuits 6 Underwriters 7 Benefactors, In-Kind Donors, Special Acknowledgments 8 Past bmg Presidents 9 Pa st Fa sh i o n S h o w C ha i rs 10 Mothers’ Guild Board 11 Mothers’ Guild Executive Board, Fa sh i o n S h o w Ex e c u ti v e B oa rd 1 2 Fa sh i o n S h o w Co m m i tte e C ha i rs 1 3 Fa sh i o n S h o w Co m m i tte e 14 Student Models 1 6 M o m M o dels, Fa c u l ty M o d e l s 17 Bells and bows 18 Notre dame choir 19 Ballerina, presentation and bellarmine dancers 20 Alum Models 22 Board of Regents & Trustees, Alumni Council 23 Da ds’ Club , Fa c ulty & S ta f f T ha nk Yo u 24 Production Staff 26 Model Judges 27 P r o duc t i o n Cr edi ts , Fa s hi o n a nd P ro d u c ti o n Pa rtne r s 28 Fa sh i o n S h o w T eam 29 Christian Service Program 30 Bellarmine Sports and Clubs 45 Advertisers & Supporters 86 B ella r mi n e 2 0 15 Fa s hi o n S ho w C ha i rs 87 Fa sh i o n S h o w Vo l u nte e rs 89 Index 91 Past Fashion SHows 92 Bellarmine 2016 Fashion Show Chair 3


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Dear Bellarmine Family and Friends, Welcome to the 61st Annual Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild Fashion Show for Financial Aid: “The Bells are Ringing in our Winter Wonderland.” For 164 years, the mission of Bellarmine College Preparatory has remained unchanged: to provide a Jesuit education to a diverse student body by developing “Men for and with Others”. Bellarmine helps our students find and develop their individual gifts and talents, and then put them at the service of others. The proceeds from the Fashion Show benefit both Bellarmine’s Direct Financial Aid and the Financial Aid Endowment, helping meet the increasing needs of numerous families. This year, 24% of our students are receiving financial assistance, which is budgeted at $4.1 million, more than any high school in California. It is your generosity that makes it possible for young men from all economic circumstances to attend Bellarmine. Today’s show is a celebration of the many outstanding talents and creativity of our current Bellarmine students and families. We hope you enjoy our magical “Winter Wonderland” of sparkling trees and Bells. Sit back and envision yourself in a horse drawn sleigh as we delight you with dazzling musical and dance performances, while enjoying the poise and confidence of our Bell boys as models, performers and hosts. Congratulations and a deep heartfelt thanks to the vision and dedication of our Fashion Show Chair Susan Bunce. Susan, along with her Business Chair Sandy Douthit and Production Co-Chairs Kristen Del Biaggio Heffernan and Greta Jackson have worked tirelessly over the past year to transform our show into this magical experience. Congratulations to these remarkable “Snow Angels” who led a group of amazing volunteers to create the winter spectacle that you are about to enjoy. With priceless gifts of their time and talent, these generous women are helping to ensure that every Bellarmine student has the ability to fulfill his high school dream, regardless of his financial circumstances. Our sincere appreciation goes to all the volunteers, staff, faculty and administration, and to all the many participants who have helped us create our Winter Wonderland. Thank you for supporting the Bellarmine Financial Aid Program and joining us as our Bells ring in our Winter Wonderland. Go Bells! Chris Meyercord ‘88 President Debra Vallner Mothers’ Guild President Kristina Luscher Principal Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of men and women gathered together by God for the purpose of educating the student to seek justice and truth throughout his life. We are a Catholic school in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. As such, all aspects of our programs are dedicated to forming “Men for and with Others,” persons whose lives will be dedicated to bringing all their God-given talents to fullness and to living according to the pattern of service inaugurated by Jesus Christ. 4


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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam... F o r t h e g r e at e r g l o ry o f G o d Fr. Mario Prietto, S.J. , Fr. Dick Cobb S.J., Fr. Russ Roide, S.J., Fr. Mike Moodie, S.J., David Romero, S.J., Fr. Bob Shinney, S.J., Fr. Robert Mathewson, S.J., Fr. Jerry Wade, S.J., ‘55 H ea rt f e lt Th an ks to o u r b e l ov e d J e s u i t s w h o h e l p t u rn o u r b oys i n to M en For an d Wit h Ot h ers. “Act as if everything depended on you; trust as if everything depended on God.” — Ignatius of Loyola 5


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U n d erwrit ers GO BELLS! ($20,000+) Hebeler Foundation Heffernan Insurance Paige & Chuck Robbins Celine & Curtis Schmidek Sheila & Robert Swanson PALLADI U M BE LLS ($10,000+) Julie & Thomas Archer Mary & Angelo Danna ‘66 Sherene & Alfred Chuang Devcon Construction, Inc. Melinda & John DiNapoli Sandra & David Douthit, Jr. Greta & Todd Jackson Linear Techonology Silvia Teran & Anthony Matan Lessie & James Miller Doreen Morales Anne & Steve Milligan Joe & Michele O’Neil Karen Steadman BLU E BELLS ($3,000+) Anonymous Atwood Associates Susan & Jonathan Bunce Denise & Bill Burns Kelly & Edward Engler Douglas & Allyson Fealtman Sandy & Matt Gruwell Joel & Vicki Hagberg Lisa Rissetto & Timothy Kelly Heather & Deglin Kenealy Celeste & Joe Melehan Lisa & Paul Normandin ‘85 Cathy & Jason Portman Ida & Steven Skikos Charmaine & Dan Warmenhoven Sharon & Dan Winnike S I LVE R BE LLS ($5,000+) Mary & Steve Almassy AMEN AMEX Plating, Incorporated Sarah & Paul Auvil Claire Del Signore & Adel Abi-Hanna Kim & Tim Carey DeDe & John Ebner Annette & Werner Finsterbusch Mary & Richard Gallivan Paul & Barbara Gentzkow Heritage Bank Timothy Johnson & Sherine Zaky Johnson Magarelli Family Foundation Betsy & Bill McKiernan Valerie Mein, Intero Real Estate Services Marcia & Chris Riedel Robson Homes David & Debbie Rossetto Donna & Joseph Rubino Jeanette & Richard Scholz ‘79 Jill Paley & Greg Swain 6 This page acknowledges donations received prior to October 30, 2015. Our sincere gratitude extends to all donors.


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Ben efactors Catalino & Lottie Alfelor Gina & Brian Adams Mary & Steve Almassy Sarah & Paul Auvil Paul & Donna Beaupre Susanne & Tom Belshe Nikolina & Michael Bergstrom Dianne D. Bonino Denise Houret Bridgeman Don & Mary Jo Carroll Suzette & Marty Chiechi ‘72 Suzanne & Robert Couch Thomas & Christine Csubak Christine & Christopher Culine Mary & Angelo Danna ‘66 Carla & Harold DeMerritt Claudia & Kevin DeNuccio Kathy & Keith Dorsa Joyce & Bob Filpi Madalyn & Tom Fitzpatrick April Lovvorn & Donald Foster Mary Ellen & Mike Fox Nancy & Mark Franich ‘61 Laurel Galli Deborah Garvey & Fadi Maamari Barbara & Paul Gentzkow E. Jackson & Audrey Going Marlaine Griffin Arlene & Mike Hamacher Lynn & Richard Hillebrecht Caroline & Rico Huo Katie & Winston Jaeb Lori & Dean Johnson Sally & Parker Jones Betsy & Sam Kais Heather & Deglin Kenealy Sharon Kennett Jody & Rick Knauf R. Kelly Koken Allyson & James Kovaleski Maria & Al Larrenaga Harry Lee & Debbie Lehr Lee Weijun Li & Yao Wang Claire & Tom Martell Dolores & Danny Martinez Brita Matesso Joy McGivern Celeste Melehan Nancy & Chris Moore Marie O’Flaherty Linda Okenquist Celeste & Jim Ornellas Sondra & Hans Orup Mike & Vicki Pope Kathy & Dave Readler Kathy & Matt Ready Marybeth Reames Marilyn & Bob Reid Jean & James Riparbelli Patricia Robison Elizabeth Ruder Ed & Toni Sarraille Mark & Marge Scheitrum Jan & Jack Scripps Carroll & George Shannon ‘55 Rose Villero Simon & Dave Simon DeDe & Roger Smullen Bulbul Sridhar & Sridhar Gangadharan Liz Sullinger Denise & Kevin Swanson Leslie & Bruce Trela Christina & Odysseas Tsatalos Sue Tuttle Rosemary & Steve Van Lare Mary Jane Vitkovich Maria & Arnie von Massenhausen Jane & Dick Walker Charmaine & Dan Warmenhoven Michelle & David Wieber Gina Wulff I n-Ki n d D on ors Bacosa Photography Marie and Steve Anderson Gus and Cathy Bozzo Liane Burton - Hairs Inn Carmen Dobrushin-WbyWorth CORevolution & Dr. Gregory Abate, ‘79 Kelly & Ed Engler Fairmont Banff Springs Fairmont Mont Tremblant Fairmont San Jose Harris Ranch- Patrick Smith Kristen Del Biaggio Heffernan & Mike Heffernan Greta & Todd Jackson Joe Escobar Diamonds Kari Jordan Kitsch Couture Krista Ledbetter- Hairs Inn Geraldine Magerelli Gina Marciano, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Ramstad Family Vineyards Brad and Michelle Rocca -Original Joe’s Santana Row Territo’s Trees- Joe Terriro Testarossa Winery - Rob and Diana Jensen Vintage Wine Merchant Donna & Jeff Zontos S p e c i al Ac kn owled g m en ts NS hRaenai lcmSayTFas&te&maTasiEdtBrGCeaamrlnorFhrooidobilrnatsTfioStsBmssshawmSiMeolTaaitWmytsnnrhoyaesVoisJseonrKsnioeensraeFFeyiysaaammr diillyy This page acknowledges donations received prior to October 30, 2015. Our sincere gratitude extends to all donors. 7


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Past Mot h ers’ Gu i ld Pres i den ts Back Row: Terri Chapman, Kathy Ready, Alice Ng Chow, Susan Chavez, Susan Tuttle Front Row: Nancy Franich, Linda Chin, Linda Okenquist We are b les s ed to h ave t h e su pp ort of t h es e won derf u l wom en, sh ow aft er sh ow , year after year. We h ope to d o you prou d wit h ou r Wi n t er Won d erlan d ! Gina Adams Mary Almassy Donna Beaupre Mary Jo Carroll Suzette K. Chiechi Suzanne Couch Mary A. Danna Carla DeMerritt Claudia DeNuccio Katherine A. Dorsa 8 Joyce Filpi Madalyn Fitzpatrick Nancy Y. Franich Barbara Gentzkow Marlaine Griffin Arlene Hamacher Lynn Hillebrecht Lorraine Johnson Sally Jones Sharon Kennett


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Past Fash ion Sh ow Chai rs Back Row: Gina Adams, Carla Demerrit, Denise Bridgeman, Claudia DeNuccio, Rita Mausler, Marcia Riedel, Sheila Collison, Lisa Ruder, Sally Jones, Marilyn Reid Middle Row: Leah Schnoor, Dolores Martinez, Christine Culine, Cat Westover, Suzette Chiechi, Celeste Martin-Melehan, Marie O’Flaherty Front Row: Joyce Filpi, Carrie Maietta, Susan Tuttle, Miriam Bogart Allyson Kovaleski Maria L. Larrenaga Debbie Lehr Lee Dolores Martinez Celeste Melehan Marie O’Flaherty Linda Okenquist Kathleen M. Readler Kathleen Ready Marilyn J. Reid Patricia Robison Lisa M. Ruder Antoinette Sarraille Margaret V. Scheitrum Janice Scripps Elizabeth Sullinger Susan Tuttle Mary Jane Vitkovich Jan e Wal ke r Virginia Wulff 9


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Mot h ers’ Gu i ld B oard LISTED ALPHABETICALLY Laureen Adeniran Anne Marie Knapen-Ansong Kathy Armistead Jamie Arreola Valerie Baker Monica Balistreri Janie Barman Cara Beston Lisa Blanc Katie Boennighausen Bev Bonovich Evelyn Brady Darla Brown Geri Bumanlag Susan Bunce Debbie Burdsall Heidi Burke Lucia Calonje Susan Chavez Clare Chung Theresa Clark Angela Cole Kristen Collishaw Margo Combs Eileen Connolly Christine Cumpston Lidwine da Silva Kristen Del Biaggio Heffernan Robbyn Denzel Linda Deppmeier Julie Diamond Elvia Diaz Trudi Dionne-Reid Sandy Douthit Stephanie Downey Jeannie Ebalobo Danette Espitia Heidi Farr Gina Farrer Alma Fasano Annette Finsterbusch Kathy Folan Jennifer Friess Julie Ghajar Kelli Glass Patti Green Roe Juli Hall Helen Hall Greta Jackson Jyoti Jain Ana Jones Jennifer Karr Margie Kasle Stacy King Dawn Kwok (Lai) Sally LaPierre Claire Logan Cecelia Lowe Jennifer MacDonell Mika Mackin Sunita Maheshwari Geraldine Martinez-Magarelli Joan Menees Doreen Morales Stacie Moreno Belinda Mulliken Susan Munne Alice Ng Chow Betsy Noonen Nanette Nopwaskey Jill Paley (Swain) Hema Pandit Shelly Pearce Kathleen Picchi Teri Raffel Heidi Rehbock Maya Rhodes Barbara Richmond Kim Rocha Michelle Rodich Agnes Roey Laura Romero Nancy Rosenthal Kathryn Sager Martha Satterlee de Prado Celine Schmidek Jeanette Scholz Amber Shaw Ruth Shikada Rose Simon Renee Six (Lim) Nanette Skjerven DeDe Smullen Heather Steinbock Julie Sulek Jennifer Taylor Elaine Troyan Christina Tsatalos Heidrun Utz Deb Vallner Lina Vieira Jeanne Villegas Christina Wilson Tracey Wookey Anita Yee Haifang Yun Sherine Zaky Johnson Nusheen Zarnegar 10


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Mot h ers’ Gu i ld Ex ecutive B oard Back Row: Darla Brown, Nusheen Zarnegar, Kathy Armistead, Annette Finsterbusch, Sherine Zaky Johnson Front Row: Agnes Roey, Deb Vallner, Susan Bunce Fash ion Sh ow Ex ecutive B oard Back Row: Deb Vallner, Michele McCarthy, Sandy Douthit, Kim Carey, Kristen Del Biaggio Heffernan Front Row: Greta Jackson, Susan Bunce, Annette Finsterbusch 11


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Fash ion Sh ow Com m itt ee Ch ai rs Back Row: Ruth Shikada, Julie Hackett, Heidi Burke, Lisa Rissetto Kelly, Michelle Wieber, Lisa Normandin, Gigi Harvey Front Row: Tracey Wookey, Celine Schmidek, Bettie Anderson, Heidi Grassman Back Row: Jo-Anne Sinclair, Deanna Del Biaggio, Cathy Portman, Julie Hughes, Janice McKim, Betsy Noonen, Michele O’Neil, Donna Zontos Front Row: Peachy Dominé, Christina Tsatalos, Michaela Guiney, Jackie Ngo 12


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Fash ion Sh ow Com m itt ee Back Row: Liza Puccini Del Biaggio, Doreen Morales, Mona-Lisa Blouin, Lisa Giacalone-Burns, Yvonne Thomson, Margaret Nolin, Laura Saunders Front Row: Agnes Roey, Jeanne Villegas, Erikca Millard Back Row: Brenda Dominé, Jennifer Deal, Lisa Stump, Kathryn Sager, Vicki Hagberg, Michelle Abene, Deborah Gaches Front Row: Geraldine Magarelli, Rose Simon, Lucy Mangas 13



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