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MEDICAL UNIVERSITY “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov” Varna th 55ANГNОIVДERИSНARИY FRESHMAN HANDBOOK Varna, 2016/2017


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p. 4 By Way of Introduction p. 5 Welcome Greeting from the Rector of MU -Varna p. 6 What Is It Like to Study and Live in the City of Varna? p. 10 Varna around the world p. 12 What Is It Like to Be a Student of MU-Varna? p. 13 When the Numbers Speak p. 15 Structure and Academic Management p. 16 Academic Vocabulary p. 18 No Pain, No Gain! (Blackboard, Library) p. 19 Student Life p. 19 Actions Speak Louder Than Words! (The Student Council) p. 20 You Can Join Us, Too! (Find out in what) p. 23 “Be a Part of the Future” p. 25 Residential tips p. 26 Health Insurance p. 28 Important phone numbers p. 32 What and Where Is It Located? p. 36 Things to remember


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Hello, dear freshman! T“MsahWhPicbtgyeHnearaoaeeoondrodsnengftiukfhwi.hdwcirichyanDuebeaioeeannsvrovlq.u'ltineadpneUeoPutbagrnprkaley,aeiork.irorvewsesceeaHutetusihpeso-tepatrkiasoaalneredieniefttrslvecycrodveleeyte,iodha-ShoaemtantaVhlouxdltosygehetacptyywrinfwirsiaaeUtonnateiiiltnnranllyaultpofiyyhfopvlino-anooaveeurdardo”tuurmretvws.,vsaeeouawoyonrfctoakyuhisoecunwlidcne!dehnssr'atsll the rest... If by any chance, you cannot find athnisaHnaswndebr otooka, search for it at tcdheoerntUa'tninhivepesrriotsaitbytleewmteobinsite: Welcome to MU-Varna! The authors of the Handbook 4


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Dear Freshmen, Welcome to our big multinational family! Our doors are wide open to you – to all of you who are willing to know, to be skillful, to be the best doctors and health professionals! Be aware of the fact that at the Medical University of Varna a University with over half a century long history and tradition, you will acquire the best training for your future accomplishment and career development because: · Your lecturers will be some of the most distinguished specialists in the field of Medicine and Health Care; · The skillful combination of classic models of training with the most advanced methods and technologies will help you acquire knowledge faster and more efficiently; · The continuous practice and application of the knowledge learned during the training will give you a head start and an advantage when you face the labor market. And all this is due to the fact that we insist on quality! MU-Varna is the first University in the country which developed and introduced EFQM ® Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management eight years ago. Our major goal is to train high quality medical staff and persons who are responsible and demanding in their profession and work! Joining us, you must be ready to give a lot of yourself. However, at any moment you will have the full support and cooperation of our academic staff and administration. All you have to do is to be willing and full of desire to pursue your goals and dreams, we know exactly what else you need and we will give it to you! Good luck and fair winds! We believe in your potential– you must believe, too, so bravely go ahead! Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, MD, PhD, DSc Rector of Medical University-Varna 5


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Perhaps, you believe you know quite a lot about Varna, and probably it is really so. Anyway, you could cast a quick glance at the lines below. You will get, acquainted with details and facts that very few Varna citizens may boast they know. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria (with population more than 347 840 people), with an area of 205 sq. km. Its situation on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its richness in natural resources make it one of the famous resorts Europe wide, definitely the largest one in the Black Sea region. The strategic position of Varna on the map of south-eastern Europe has turned the city into one of the largest settlements on the Black Sea shore since antiquity. Multiple monuments presented today in the city Archaeological Museum date back to this period. The museum's impressive collection includes the finds from the Varna chalcolithic necropolis – the oldest golden treasure in the world, dating back to six thousand years ago. Among the rest of the museums, some of the most interesting ones are the Naval Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Historic-Ethnographic Complex of the Proto-Bulgarian Village “Fanagoria”, the History of Medicine Museum, etc. 6


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Today Varna is a modern cosmopolitan city, so you can constantly find artistic and cultural events throughout the city. Varna boasts with countless cultural exhibitions, involving folklore, music, ballet, opera and theater, movies and animated pictures presentations, events in the open air and plenty of art galleries. Multiple international festivals are conducted in Varna International Theater Festival “Varna Summer”, Ethnic Festival, International Jazz Festival “Varna Summer”, International Folklore Festival of Varna, International Film Festival “Love is Folly”, International Red Cross and Health Films Festival, International Ballet Competition, International Festival of Puppet Art “Golden Dolphin”, International Photographic Saloon, Bulgarian Film Festival “Golden Rose”, etc. Varna is also awarded the title of European Youth Capital for 2017. Varna is one of the few cities in Bulgaria possessing an Opera house. Some of the landmarks of the city are Stoyan Bachvarov Drama Theatre, the Festival and Congress Centre, the Palace of Culture and Sports, as well as the picturesque Summer Theatre, as well as Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery. Interesting facts about Varna The earliest traces of human presence in these lands date back to the Old Stone Age -100 000 years ago. A few cities can boast centuries old history like Varna city. In the past an ancient Thracian fishing village existed on the spot of today's sea station. Archaeological findings ascertain that a developed civilization was once established here. It is known that the ancient fortress Odessos was once located in the old part of the town along the coast of Varna Bay. Greek colonists from Milet founded the town Odessos. It used to be a fishing village, but gradually it flourished and turned into a real trade centre. It was conquered in the past and even the Alexander the Great ruled the area which was an independent part in his empire. In 7th century Bulgarian khan Asparuh captured Odessos and thus the name Varna first appeared in the Byzantium chronicles. It is believed that Varna was the city where the deed for the establishment of Bulgaria on the Balkan Peninsula was signed, so the city served as the first stage for the creation of the independent Bulgarian state. Varna has always been open to the world. One of the typical characteristic features of the city is the tolerant coexistence between different ethnic groups and nationalities. 7


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In 1920s Varna became the first city in Bulgaria with smooth, asphalt streets. Then it gained its reputation for a modern European resort. The famous Orient Express passed by Varna between 1883 and 1885. Varna was named after Stalin for a short period of time, between 1949 and 1956. It is believed that the name of Varna comes from the Old Bulgarian word “варнъ” - "black, crow". Another theory associates the name with the word "вар", meaning a mineral water spring. More than 850 ships were built in Varna shipyard during its nearly 100 years of existence. The Bulgarian feature films "Vasco da Gama from the village of Rupcha" and"Dangerous Charm" were shot in the vicinities of Varna. The Palace of Culture and Sports (or the so-called Sports Hall) has its replica in Lagos the largest city in Nigeria and second largest in Africa. After an unsuccessful long search in the USA, the Scandinavian countries and Western Europe, finally the 10 - million citizen city officially agreed on the architectural model of Varna Sports Hall. The longest bridge in Bulgaria, the Asparuhov bridge, is built in Varna 8


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The Roman Baths of Odessos, which nowadays turn into a summer stage for concerts and theater performances, were built at the end of the 2nd century, and they are among the best preserved architectural monuments of the ancient period in the country. In the 19th century the underground premises of the baths were used as a prison. Petko Voivoda (Petko the Chieftain) – a Bulgarian national hero, was imprisoned and tortured in the Roman Baths by the Stambolov followers in 1892. With its area of 850 acres, the Sea Garden of Varna is a national monument of garden and park art. Its construction was designed by Anton Novak, a Czech gardener - designer. Aladzha Monastery is a Bulgarian medieval rock monastery, created in the distant 13th century. It is a national cultural monument. In Turkish aladza means gailycolored, varicolored. The fates of plenty of eminent Bulgarian intellectuals are related to Varna, for example, the writer Yordan Yovkov, who used to be a teacher here (1919 - 1920), the poet Nikola Vaptsarov, who studied at the Marine Engineering School (1926-1932), the writer Anton Strashimirov, the composer Dobri Hristov, the spiritual master Petar Danov and many others. Varna has given the first creative impulses to a number of famous contemporary artists: the singer Philip Kirkorov, the actors Marius Kurkinski, Hristo Garbov, Krastyo Lafazanov, Stefan Mavrodiev, the rowing coach Svilen Neykov, the singer Vanya Shtereva. 9


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Varna around the world Varna, Bulgaria Latitude: 43o 12' N Longitude: 27o 55' Е Characteristics: located on the West Coast of the Black Sea; a large industrial, cultural and tourist centre. Varna, Serbia Latitude: 44o 40' N Longitude: 19o 40' E Characteristics: a Serbian town to the west of Belgrade with population around 2 000 people. Varna, Russia Latitude: 53o 24' N Longitude: 60o 58' E Characteristics: a village in Chelyabinsk region close to the border with the Kazakh Republic. Founded in 1842-43 as a key point of the Orenburg Kazakh troops at the new frontier line. Its name was given to commemorate thе seizure of the Turkish Fortress Varna by the Russian troops on 28th September, 1828 in the Russio-Turkish War in 1828-1829. Varna, Azerbaijan Latitude: 40o 55' N Longitude: 48o 23' E Characteristics: an alpine village in the Caucasus, near the capital Baku. Varna, Italy Latitude: 46o 44' N Longitude: 11o 38' E Characteristics: an alpine town in the region of Trentino-Alto Adigge, Northern Italy. Around 90% of the population speaks German as official language. Varna, Washington, USA Latitude: 46o 17' N Longitude: 118o 05' W Characteristics: a small settlement in the North - West marked only on very detailed maps. 10


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Varna, Illinois, USA Latitude: 41o 02' N Longitude: 89o 14' W Characteristics: another small settlement in one of the most densely populated regions in the world. An interesting fact is that in this case the same names are not just a simple coincidence, but an interesting story. While the citizens of the American settlement were wondering what name to choose, a local resident found a forgotten newspaper at the train station. One of the headlines was about a riot which had broken out in a small town on the Black Sea, known as Varna. They perceived the story as a token of inspiration which made the name of the town desirable. Varna, New York, USA Latitude: 42o 27' N Longitude: 76o 26' W Characteristics: a suburb in Ithaka, the place of the famous Cornwel University. Varna, Ontario, Canada Latitude: 43o 32' N Longitude: 81o 36' W Characteristics: a place in Ontario state, almost on the side of Huron Lake. In 1854 a certain Josiah Brown Secord from Chinguacousy Township, near Brampton, Ont., settled in that area. The place was named after the Bulgarian fortress Varna, a port from which thousands of soldiers in the years of the Crimean War sailed towards the battlefield in the Crimea. Josiah’s father Stephen was Laura Second’s nephew and the Secords were lineal descendants of the Huguenots in France. Initially Varna and its surrounding area were a part of the Huron lands owned by a Canadian company set up by John Galt in 1826. Formerly those barren lands had been the home of the Chippewa Indiand who later on sold that place. Varna Park, Sydney, Australia Latitude: 33o 54' S Longitude: 151o 15' E Characteristics: a park in Sidney area. Varna Bay, Island of Tasmania, Australia Latitude: 42o 30' S Longitude: 145o 15' E Characteristics: sea bay on the western coast of Tasmanian island. 11


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WHEN THE NUMBERS SPEAK - It is the so-called " year of the names" in the University life. Medical University - Varna was named after Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov, the person who laid the foundations of the first Bulgarian Surgery School. In the same year most of the auditoriums have been named after recognized University professors. 2012 - Vocational Training Centre was established for the new professions of Caregiver and Healthcare Assistant. 2013 – Affiliate of MU-Varna in the city of Sliven was established. 2013 – Medical Optician major and a Master's programme in Pharmacy Management were established for the first time. Balkan Peninsula. 13


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2013 – 480 students graduated from the University, and 82 of them graduated with honors. 2014 - MU-Varna has received institutional accreditation assessment of 9.27 p. (out of 10 possible) for six years. 2014 – The institutional capacity of MU-Varna has been increased from 2 800 to 4 800 undergraduate and postgraduate students. 2014 - Distance Learning Center has been built, and Blackboard Electronic Learning Platform has been introduced. 2014 - The country's first University Dental Centre at the Faculty of Dental Medicine has been officially opened. 2015 - The first national University television MU Vi TV was launched. 2015 – A Centre for Translational Medicine and Cell Therapy was established. 2016 - MU-Varna set a World Record in Guinness Book of Records, gathering 4000 people in the largest human DNA helix. 2016 – MU-Varna celebrates 55 years anniversary from its foundation, as well as 10 years anniversary of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and 15 years from the establishment of the Faculty of Public Health. 4543 are the students at MU-Varna for the academic 2015/2016 year. 1038 are the international students for the academic 2015/2016 year. 2014 - MU-Varna is the first among medical universities in Bulgaria according to the greatest and most authoritative international academic ranking Webometrics. 2014 – The first and only in Bulgaria specialty “Rehabilitation, Sea Treatment, Wellness and SPA” was launched. 2015 - MU-Varna opened the Country's First University Centre for Eastern Medicine. 2015 - The new 9-floor building of the Faculty of Pharmacy of MU-Varna was awarded with a special prize at the Building of the Year National Contest. 43 is the number of countries whose representatives have been trained at MU-Varna in academic 2015/2016 year. 64% is the growth of the number of new students in comparison with 2012/2013 academic year. 90 are the international partners of MU-Varna from five continents. 23 are the specialties that are being taught at MU –Varna. 2015 – A new specialty “Preservation and Control of Public Health” was launched. 2015 - Two new affiliates of the University in Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo opened doors in the autumn. 14


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STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT Prof. Albena Kerekovska, MD, PhD DEAN Faculty of Dental Medicine Prof. Tsvetan Tonchev, MD, PhD DIRECTOR Medical College Medicine Prof. Dimitrichka Bliznakova, MD, PhD 15



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