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3rd Quarter 2016


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Switch to ZEETEX Campaign A social media campaign was initiated for ZEETEX, highlighting the importance of tire replacement and the underlying reasons why to choose ZEETEX Tires for Passenger Car. Online Graphical content was used to emphasize the “Value for money” and “High performance” through artworks, which established the key benefits that ZEETEX Tires offer. The Targeted audience for the Campaign was the distributors and the end-customers who are directly involved in the purchase decision. #SWITCHTOZEETEX Campaign was promulgated through online channels and Emailers, with an aim for specifically tapping the targeted regions across the globe.


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OTANI – Educative Digital Campaign OTANI tires initiated two social media campaigns. The first campaign named “Ghost of Tire Maintenance” aimed at emphasizing the durability and retreadability of Otani tires. The second was an educative campaign that gave an insight about the tire safety measures. The sole aim of the campaign is to help the target audience and the end-users maximize the benefit from the tires they use. Online visitors and followers can find out essential information for tire usage and maintenance on subjects such as the importance of wheel alignment, tire rotation and the problems arising from the mismatch of duals. A series of infographics and creatives were used to talk about the key features and benefits of OTANI TBR and give guidance on low rolling resistance, re-grooving and retreading A perfect blend of infographics makes it easier for the audience to understand the significance of the topics covered, and adopt for improving their driving experience along with optimizing the benefits. This campaign by OTANI tires is a true gesture of being a responsible brand, yielding positive outcomes for the customers, environment and the overall society.


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Brand Promotions – UAE Nitto To accelerate the marketing promotion for NITTO Tires within the UAE region, SMS marketing campaign was conducted that targeted mainly B2C segment. This push-marketing strategy was directed towards making the brand known in the region, while increasing the sales through exciting offers for the customers. In addition, Facebook fan page was started for NITTO Tires, were all the relevant content is posted and boosted for the target market. The creatives and infographics keep the information rolling on the NITTO Tiers Facebook page. Doublecoin AA bulk – emailer campaign was carried out for DOUBLE COIN brand, targeting the fleet segment. The communication centered around-“Low cost per Kilometer”; delivering more value to the customer. Tire replacement cost is a major financial burden for fleet owners and constitutes a major chunk of the operating costs. The objective was to let them know that Double Coin can help them lower their operating cost and help improve profits. It was well received by the audience and the sales team got a good number of enquires through this campaign.


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Metzeler ZAFCO continues to take METZELER to new heights in the UAE market, as they sponsored a Ducati Launch event at Moto venture, Dubai Al Ain road on September 24th,2016. A new model of Ducati – Multristrada 1200 Enduro – was launched, yielding a positive brand publicity and recognition for METZELER through this grand, successful event. TRAININGS A product presentation on Trane Batteries was organized on July 20th, 2016 at our Head Office in Dubai, where Trane officials highlighted the key aspects of the product to help our sales & Technical Team. Another initiative was taken by the HCM department to enhance the skillset of ZAFCO’s warehouse employees as part of the learn and grow initiative. Specific training modules for warehouse employees were developed, having various skillset levels for respective employees. The employees are entitled for a reward upon completion of these training modules.


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ZDegree and SuperCarz – Digital Advancements After refreshing the websites with a new, attractive look, Zdegree and Supercarz further incorporated the e-commerce functionality in their websites that would allow the users to directly place the orders online, for tires and batteries. This would help the retail unit to capitalize on the online purchases; pushing the overall sales. Moreover, this provides a new level of comfort to the end consumer as they can enjoy services from the comfort of their home or office. Deals & Offers Some exciting offers were introduced; which are still valid: • Buy 4 NITTO Tires and get 2 Oil Service Free • 50% OFF on Market Prices for Shell Oil Change for European SUVs


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Otani outdoor Campaign – India To expand its footprints in the land of diversity, India, OTANI conducted a ground activation campaign in Jaipur, where the Transport Association Meet was sponsored. The total estimated reach of the event was around 600 customers, having a combined fleet of 20,000 trucks. The Primary objective of this campaign was to extend the brand awareness in the market through brand promotion and product presentation, highlighting some new tire patterns that OTANI offers and answering the question- why Otani?


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