CKPS Annual Report (2015)


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The Annual Report for the Chatham-Kent Police Service for the year 2015.

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2015 ANNUAL REPORT CKPS Traffic Unit Honourary Escort November 20, 2015


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 3 Message from Gary Conn Chief of Police Message from Diane Daly Board Chair On behalf of the dedicated and professional members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service, I am pleased to present our 2015 Annual Report.   It is expected that the current fiscal pressures at all levels of government will continue and in fact become more acute, even in Chatham-Kent. However, these pressures have and will continue to be met with a conservative and responsible budget through the efforts of our Police Association and Police Services Board. It is intended that most of the objectives, new initiatives and tools presented in our current Business Plan (2015 – 2017) will be financed through the existing budget, established reserves, grants and the potential utilization of any surplus funds. Our organization will continue to endeavour to deliver on the goals of our Business Plan while accomplishing our Mission of “making Chatham-Kent the safest community in Ontario”.   Our Service has long been, and continues to be, an innovator in the use of technology to enhance the effective and efficient deployment of our officers. Continuous research through service reviews, lean six-sigma and best practices ensure that we keep pace with the rapidly-evolving technology and investigative techniques of modern day policing. The implementation of our Mobile Data Terminal (Tablet) program, increased voice recognition use (Dragon dictation), piloting a new electronic Crown brief assembly process (SCOPE4) for the Province, NG-911 communication upgrades as well as the expansion of Information Technology (IT) partnership with our Municipal partners, are all key components in finding further economic efficiencies and ensuring an effective service delivery model which enhances community safety and well-being.   The creation of our new Community Mobilization Unit in conjunction with our community front line patrol officers and criminal investigators has resulted in a falling crime rate and further reductions in both the violent and non-violent components of the crime severity index, as well as an increase in our clearance rates. The corner stone of our new FIRST strategy and Community Mobilization Unit is working in conjunction with the Province and their new Community Safety and Well-Being plans for the province. This has been constructed on the belief that building a safer community takes every community member. It is for these reasons that we promote a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to community safety, where crime, poverty, physical and mental health, addictions, isolation and the vulnerable sector of our society, are all viewed as contributing factors to community safety. Accordingly, the application of our FIRST strategy and Community Mobilization concept brings police, various social service agencies, educators and community groups together to mitigate societal conditions that lead to crime, all of which are having a significant positive impact.   I would like to express a very special thank-you to all of our officers and staff for their continued professionalism and dedication to duty in serving the citizens of Chatham-Kent. In addition, a sincere appreciation to the Police Services Board, Municipal Council and all of our professional partners, stakeholders and community groups. It is only through your efforts and relationships, that we are able to promote and maintain community wellness  and resiliency.   On behalf of my colleagues on the ChathamKent Police Services Board, I am pleased to present the 2015 Annual Report of the Chatham-Kent Police Service and I encourage you to review our report.   The Police Services Board is a civilian body responsible for governing the Chatham-Kent Police Service. The Board is driven by our diverse community needs, and is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services, crime prevention and law enforcement within the Municipality.   As we look toward the future of managing an extremely complex business with growing financial challenges, the Board’s fiscal responsibility will require constant monitoring and continual search for efficiencies. This duty will further require a balance to provide community safety and well-being, along with a service which is economically responsible.   In this respect, the Board is grateful for the leadership provided by our Senior Management and the dedication and commitment from the men and women, both sworn officers and civilian whose collective support ensures the best possible service to our community. As we recognize and fully appreciate that a work life balance is critical in the policing profession, we wish to further thank the memberships extended personal families who continue to support them on a “day to day” basis.   Finally, we have much to be proud of, including the working partnerships and traditions which have been developed on Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels. We recognize that 2016 will continue to bring more change as we remain dedicated to serve our citizens with both integrity and pride. I am truly privileged and honoured to be a member of such a dedicated and professional organization.      Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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4 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report COMMUNITY PATROL Branch Commander Inspector Jeff Littlewood Community Patrol Platoons A, B, C, D (each comprised of) One Staff Sergeant • Two Sergeants 25 Constables • One Special Constable and Emergency Communication Centre Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) The four Community Patrol Platoons are the uniform officers who are most visible in our community. They respond to the vast majority of calls for service from the public. Many of the constables on the platoons have specialized training in various areas, such as Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO), Intoxilyzer Technicians, Drug Recognition Experts, CIRT Team members, and HELP Team members. As calls for service involving persons experiencing a mental health crisis increase, CKPS now has 70 officers & civilian employees who have received specialized HELP Team training. Community Patrol constables are assigned to a District, inclusive of a smaller Zone which they patrol, and then an even smaller Atom in which they are expected to concentrate their activities. Knowing, communicating with, and mobilizing citizens is the heart of Community-Based Policing. Our Critical Incident Response Team is also part of the Community Patrol Branch. CIRT officers receive intensive training in high-risk incident management, crime scene containment, and dealing with armed and/or barricaded persons. CIRT officers are assigned to one of the four platoons and respond to all types of calls for service. This ensures CIRT members are always on duty and immediately available when needed. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 142 5 3 DEPLOYMENT MAP (2015) Emergency Communication Centre • E911 / Police & Fire Dispatch In 2015 the Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) answered a total of 170,075 telephone calls. This represents a 5.5% decrease from 2014 and includes 31,730 voice or non-voice E911 calls. Of all E911 calls, 34% were transferred to secondary agencies while 66% remained with us for CKPS or CKFES interrogation. The ECC had an average time-to-answer of 9-seconds for all E911 calls. The ECC generated 45,106 CAD events for CKPS & CKFES, up 1.8% over 2014. This is mainly due to an increase in CKFES record-keeping events that are not dispatched. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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6 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report FOCUS ON CIRT TEAM Warrants Executed K9 Tracks Search & Rescue Weapons Calls TASER Calls Team Page-Outs (Weapons) Team Page-Outs (Search & Rescue) Miscellaneous 2014 18 13 16 43 0 2 5 21 2015 18 19 8 39 4 3 1 44 This year the CIRT Team moved to a remote location outside of Chatham. This created additional storage at Headquarters and provided increased safety for members with respect to deployment. In the fall of 2015 the CIRT Team submitted a Proposal to obtain Full-Time status. Such a transition would allow the Team to respond to all types of incidents and would minimize the need for outside agencies to assist in relief and warrant execution. The Proposal outlined benefited areas such as financial savings, accumulated time savings, call response and Service capabilities, as well as outlining restrictions such as increased training and equipment costs due to initial implementation. CIRT expertise was required on 136 calls for service in 2015, a 23% increase (25 calls) from 2014. Calls and assists have consistently increased since 2010, aligning with the increased complexities and responsibilities of Policing overall. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report OPERATIONAL SUPPORT 7 Branch Commander Inspector Ed Reed Major Crime - Staff Sgt. Keith Myers Case Management • Intelligence Investigative Support - Sgt. Gabe Tetrault DFU • ICE • Forensics • Child Abuse Team • SOR Patrol Support - Sgt. Ed Maclean Traffic • Canine • Auxiliary • Marine The Major Crime Section is comprised of nine full-time plainclothes investigators. These members investigate all serious criminal offences where the investigative expertise required is beyond the normal training and experience of most officers in Community Patrol. The Major Crime Section is responsible for the investigation of complicated and time consuming occurrences including: • Homicides and Attempted Homicides • Sexual Offences, Kidnapping and Abductions • Missing Persons, Child Abuse and Child Exploitation • Major Frauds, Robberies, Thefts and Break & Enters • Sudden Deaths and Suicides • Arsons The Major Crime snapshot for 2014-15 shows that for the most part, property crimes have decreased over the past year, while crimes against persons have increased. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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8 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit Child pornography is the sexual abuse of children – these are real children and this is a real crime against the most vulnerable members of our society. Child pornography and the exploitation of child pornography via the internet is a criminal offence that involves repeated victimization of children through sexual abuse and the dissemination of their images over the internet. Those who possess or collect child pornography have a hand in child sexual abuse and are party to the sexual assault. Over the past several years we have come to find that our community is not immune from this threat to our children and youth. Our digital age has allowed for predators to virtually enter our homes and connect with our kids. In 2015 the ICE Unit conducted 80 investigations, more than five times as many as the previous year. This resulted in 11 arrests and 25 charges being laid, compared to 6 arrests and 19 charges in 2014. These statistics represent only a small portion of where these types of investigations will lead us. These investigations require a consistent pro-active approach to show the individuals involved that Chatham-Kent will not tolerate their appalling behavior. Digital Forensics Unit (DFU) The Digital Forensics Unit of the Chatham-Kent Police Services was started in 2014, with one full time officers assigned to it. In 2015, the officer assigned to the Digital Forensics Unit received further training to conduct digital forensic examinations on a full range of electronic devices, including Windows and Apple based computers. The Digital Forensics Unit also received a full range on forensic hardware and software applications to aid in these examinations. With the additional training, hardware, and software, the DFU is fully functional and capable of conducting digital forensic examinations on an array of devices acquired during the course of any given investigation. During 2015 the DFU examined 183 electronic devices either by way of judicial authorization or by way of consent from the owner of the device. Child Abuse Investigative Team In 2015 there were 93 incidents involving sexual or physical child abuse compared to 98 in 2014. The team conducted 256 interviews of victims, witnesses and accused persons compared to 2014 with 460 interviews. The difference in quantity of interviews is a result of two major investigations in 2014 that saw multiple interviews in relation to the group known as Lev Tahor and an investigation into a private school in Chatham. 2015 saw a slight decrease in both arrests and in charges laid. Ontario Sex Offender Registry The Ontario Sex Offender Registry is a provincial registration system for sex offenders who have been released into the community. These offenders must report to police every year. In 2015 the Chatham-Kent Police Service has 214 male offenders and one female offender registered on the SOR. This represents an increase of 15 offenders from 2014 due to offenders being released from custodial sentences and new offenders being convicted or moving into the Chatham-Kent area. Two offenders are non-compliant at the time of this report and warrants have been issued for their arrest. During 2015 eight offenders were arrested and/or charged for failing to comply with their SOR registration or reporting obligations. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 9 FOCUS ON CRIME SNAPSHOT Attempt Murder Abductions Arsons Assaults Aggravated Assaults Break-and-Enters Drugs Frauds Missing Persons Mischiefs Robberies Sexual Assaults Stolen Vehicles Thefts Weapons (Used/Seen/Implied) Provincial Offences Act Charges Provincial Offences Act Fines 2014 1 18 16 374 7 783 213 174 269 540 19 59 132 1,569 24 6,622 $839,565 2015 1 8 17 338 12 695 205 155 194 430 13 72 200 1,350 17 8,851 $898,785 CHANGE ---56% +6% -10% +71 -12% -4% -11% -28% -20% -32% +22% +52% -14% -29% +33% +7% Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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10 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report FOCUS ON TRAFFIC STATS We strive to make Chatham-Kent a safer place through traffic education enforcement & deterrence. This Unit is comprised of seven members including six Constables and a Sergeant — all of whom are highly-trained in collision investigation, reconstruction and enforcement -related duties. Total Collisions Reported Traffic Unit Call-Outs Fatalities Alcohol-Involved Fatalities Alcohol-Involved Serious Injury 2014 1,985 13 6 3 2 2015 2,004 16 5 0 0 Commercial Vehicles Inspected Commercial Vehicles Failed 142 230 64 113 Vehicles thru RIDE Checks 9,114 12,352 The Traffic Unit mandate is to investigate and reconstruct life threatening and fatal motor vehicle collisions. Members of the Traffic Unit provide escorts for major municipal events and funerals as well as training to front-line officers in the fields of collision investigation, radar and laser operation, Highway Traffic Act enforcement, and commercial motor vehicle enforcement. Unit members also assist other branches of the police service in mapping crime scenes to provide scale drawings for court purposes. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 11 FOCUS ON DIGITAL DEVICES The use of technology is ever increasing in occurrences being investigated by the CKPS and is not limited to any specific crime. In 2015 the DFU supported a wide array of investigations where technology was used in the commission of offence or where the electronic device examination assisted the Investigating Officer with the investigation. The different types of occurrences in which the DFU assisted include the following: Domestics, Assaults, Criminal Harassment, Sudden Deaths, Sexual Assaults, Threats, Child Pornography, MVC's, Pursuits, Found Property, Missing persons, Breach (Bail, Probation, etc.), Internet Luring, Robberies, Weapons, Public Morals, Attempt Murder, Drugs, Break & Enters, Voyeurism, Extortion, and Internal Affair investigations. Windows -based Desktop & Laptop Computers Apple OS X Desktop & Laptop Computers Apple iOS Mobile Devices (iPhones / iPads) Android Mobile Devices Blackberry Mobile Devices Miscellaneous Electronic Devices (SD Cards, USB Memory, External Drives) Total Devices Examined by Digital Forensics Unit EXAMINED 36 6 38 50 2 51 183 Technology-based crime is continually evolving and those assigned to investigate it will need to maintain proper training and equipment in order to effectively acquire the evidence, prepare it, and properly present it in a court of law. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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12 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report FOCUS ON FORENSIC UNIT The Forensic Identification Unit (FIU) is comprised of three sworn members highly-trained in the area of forensic analysis. The FIU is committed to identifying individuals and analyzing forensic evidence in a professional, objective and efficient manner. Members also oversee the work completed by eight Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO) assigned to front-line general patrol duties. Crime Scenes Attended Photos Processed Fingerprint Comparisons Fingerprints Identified SOCO Requests DNA Orders from Criminal Court DNA Hits Centre for Forensic Sciences Submissions Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions Sudden Death Investigations 2014 258 323 411 26 829 156 41 78 8 46 2015 151 200 289 18 628 251 39 89 6 33 The unit's major role is to apply forensic sciences to collecting evidence that will be admissible in court. The unit is a support service to all officers within the Police Service for gathering and processing crime scene evidence. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 13 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT Branch Commander Inspector Trevor Crane Corporate Services - Staff Sgt. Brian Biskey Professional Standards • Training • Recruiting • Records Court Services - Sgt. George Vieira Criminal Court • POA Court • Domestic Violence Coordinator The Administrative Support Branch provides the administrative functions to support the operation of the Service, including key areas of Infrastructure, Records, and Court Services. Corporate Services include Professional Standards, Recruiting, Training, Public Information, I.T. Systems Support, Fleet and Infrastructure, Quartermaster, Records Management and Property Management. Professional Standards The Professional Standards Section administers the intake and investigation of Public and Chief’s (Internal) Complaints pursuant to the Police Services Act, the Ontario Independent Police Review Directorate, Police Services Board Policies, and our own Service procedures and orders. The goals and responsibilities of this Section are to improve the professionalism of our members, correct misconduct, and maintain the public’s trust in the integrity and professionalism of the Service. There were 20 Public Complaint investigations and 73 Chief’s Complaint investigations commenced in 2015.  These investigations were resolved through formal/informal resolutions, internal discipline, policy changes, retraining, and findings that the allegations were unsubstantiated. No Police Services Act hearings involving CKPS officers were held in 2015. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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14 Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report Recruiting The CKPS Recruit Selection process is designed to achieve our goal to hire the best possible candidates. In 2015 we hired one Constable. This person has now completed the Ontario Police College’s Basic Constable Training Program and is assigned to the Community Patrol Branch. Commendations & Letters of Recognition Through the recommendation of the Chief’s Office and/or the Police Services Board, we are proud to acknowledge in this report the numerous officers and civilian members that were recognized in 2015 with four Police Services Board Citations, thirty-one Chief’s Commendations, and sixty-one Deputy Chief Letters of Recognition awarded.  Education Reimbursement Program This program provides financial support to members who pursue professional development by taking University or College courses on their own time. The Service reimburses officers for tuition only at a rate of 80%. Ten members took advantage of the program in 2015, at a cost of $8,683. Risk Management Risk management activities include review of WSIB reports, departmental motor vehicle collisions, workplace inspections and other Health and Safety activities, as well as periodic review of Service procedures. A prime objective of the Training & Development Unit includes risk mitigation through training. This year’s sessions included: Judgmental & Rapid Deployment scenarios, Special Constable and Auxiliary Training, and courses on Coach Officer, Incident Commander, and Peer Support. Planning and Procedure We are active members of the Ontario Association of Law Enforcement Planners (OALEP), Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), Ontario Association of Chief of Police (OACP) Committees on Community Policing and Human Resources Management, and the Ontario Association of Police Educators (OAPE). Revisions to our procedures are ongoing. We benefit tremendously from our representatives to ensure our procedure development is thorough, relevant and up-to-date. Social Media & Redesigned CKPS Website In November 2015 the Chatham-Kent Police Service introduced a new website to the community. In an effort to stay modern and current, the website has a fresh new look with many additional features. Citizens are now able to share pages directly to a social media platform, changes in font are available for those with a visual impairment and google translate is an option for anyone who would like to read a page in another language. Public Information Officer Const. Renee Cowell is responsible for developing, implementing, promoting, and maintaining a positive CKPS image as well as strengthening our partnership with the Community we serve by providing timely & relevant information about police and crime. The PIO duties include media relations, corporate communications, and the day-to-day management of all CKPS social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario


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Chatham-Kent Police Service • 2015 Annual Report 15 FOCUS ON PROFESSIONALISM Total Sworn Officers OIPRD Complaints Inquiry Only Withdrawn Continuing Unsubstantiated OIPRD Refused Complaint Informal Resolution Other Chief’s Complaints Unsubstantiated Counseled / Admonished Police Services Act Hearings Informal Discipline Investigations Carried-Over Other (See Below) 2014 167 23 1 0 3 1 12 4 2 73 9 12 2 4 7 33 2015 165 20 0 6 2 0 10 2 0 73 15 9 0 7 6 31 The “Chief’s Complaints - Other” category is used to track instances such as damaged or lost equipment, damage to vehicles not covered by collision, or damaged doors of places we had to forcibly enter for police or life-saving (ambulance) purposes. Dedicated to Making Chatham-Kent the Safest Community in Ontario



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