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Greyhounds in Need Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2016

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We have moved... AUTUMN / WINTER NEWSLETTER 2016


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We are dedicated to the welfare and rescue of greyhounds especially those in Spain Information about us: Registered charity in England and Wales No. 1069438 Registered UK Office: 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE, UK Tel: 00 44 (0) 1784 483206 Email: Website: Founders: Anne and Arthur Finch Patrons: Jilly Cooper OBE, Dame Judi Dench CH DBE FRSA, Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais Trustees: Terry Dickens, Christine Goodwin, Martin Humphery, Geraldine Jones, Leigh Sobye BVSc MRCVS Treasurer: Eric Goodley FFA General Manager: Carolyn Davenport 01784 483206 Deputy General Manager: Tracey Sanderson 01784 483206 Bournemouth Shop: Lynn Jackson 01202 513000 Homing UK: 01784 483206 Supporter / Homing Group Cheshire and the North West: Carol Cushnie 07872621524, Sue & Phil White 01616 206094 Membership / Merchandise / Sponsorship: 01784 483206 Webmaster: Leigh Dworkin Cover photo: Berby, our HQ galgo, who lives with Carolyn, our General Manager


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Drawing by Monica Monti INDEX We have moved Our New Patron Trustees’ pages News update Education 2016 Projects update Adoption Groups How you can help GIN Standing Order Mandate Fundraising Merchandise Membership Happy Homings UK and Abroad News from Cheshire and the North West Christmas Treats Appeal Tributes Vet’s Corner Instagram and Facebook Galgos update Sponsorship 4 5 6 8 10 11 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 24 27 28 30 32 33 34


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We’ve moved… Our new address is: Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE Tel: 01784 483206 Email: Website: 4


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Our New Patron It is my great pleasure to announce that I am now a proud patron of Greyhounds in Need. For 18 years, GIN has been devoted to the rescue and rehoming of galgos, the native greyhound of Spain. Ricky with galgo Percy Galgos suffer appalling maltreatment during their working lives and are then brutally killed or abandoned to starvation or worse. The vital work GIN does is expensive, involving much voluntary work, transport to new homes all over Europe and improvements to rescue centres in Spain. Please join in supporting this fantastic and much needed organisation and please help in any way you can. Just liking or sharing this page to raise awareness is much appreciated. No dog deserves to be treated like this. Dogs are our best friends. They are loyal, loving intelligent helpers and family members. It’s time to give them a little love back. Thanks for reading. Ricky Gervais 5


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Trustees’ pages As a rather dodgy Summer draws to a close in glorious sunshine, it is my pleasure to report again to our devoted supporters, without whom our work to help the tragically abused galgos would be impossible. The big news is that Ricky Gervais has kindly agreed to become a Patron of GIN and a message from him appears on Lily (GACI) with Martin at the Raduno May 2016 page 5. Ricky is, of course, world famous as a comedian, actor, film writer, producer and director. He is also well known as a tireless advocate for animal welfare and will, I am sure, help to spread the message of the plight of galgos and greyhounds world-wide. What an amazing line-up of patrons for GIN! We are so grateful for the time and effort these good people put in to help us spread the word. In the Spring/Summer issue I told you of our decision to close our Brighton shop. This has now been completed. We leave Brighton with a heavy heart and with our thanks to Christine Page and all her wonderful volunteers. I must stress that they all worked hard to make the shop a success. I am delighted to tell you that they have volunteered to set up fundraising efforts for GIN, so we will still have a presence in Brighton. As readers will see from the front pages we have had to leave our office in Wraysbury after 10 happy and successful years, having failed to renew our lease. The good news is that we are now settled in to our new offices in Egham, which offer much needed extra space and a very good location close to all the facilities of this very busy town. I’m sure that our hardworking team will find life more comfortable and convenient in our new home. 6


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You will read in this issue we have had a very busy time continuing our traditional role in supporting refuges in Spain and providing veterinary care, transport and rehoming for more suffering galgos. At the same time we are expanding our vital educational programme in Spanish schools and helping our heroic Spanish colleagues by financing much needed improvements to premises equipment and security. Your charity remains in good health and thanks to you all we are able to continue to expand our galgo and greyhound welfare work. Martin MEMOIRS of a Party Animal My Seven Decades in Animal Welfare by Angela Humphery (wife of our Chairman) Profits from book sales will go back into Angela’s animal welfare fund to help the 50 charities (including GIN) mentioned in the book You can buy your copy here 7


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News update Dear Friends, We have had a busy couple of months preparing for the charity office move to Egham. After 10 years in Wraysbury this has been quite a wrench for all of us. We were unable to renew our lease and had to look for new premises. We were fortunate to find new offices not too far from Wraysbury, in Egham High Street. We have more room here and are slowly beginning to get ourselves settled in. We have been able to keep our phone number and email address so the only change is our postal address which is now:- 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE We have a redirection of mail for a year but would ask please for all parcels, correspondence etc for the charity to be sent to us in Egham now. During this year we have been able to continue our funding to several shelters to cover necessary veterinary costs - testing for Mediterranean diseases, vaccinations, pet passports, treatments for fleas and worms, sterilisations and microchipping—all necessary to ensure that the galgos are fully prepared and ready for adoption into their new families. We have also been able to continue to fund transport costs for moving the galgos from the shelters to the adoption groups, as well as contributing towards the transport costs involved in moving ex-racing greyhounds from England to France, and from Ireland to Italy. We have been able to offer additional funding to help with extra veterinary costs and necessary projects at the shelters to improve conditions for the dogs they rescue. More details on pages 12-14. We are again including in this newsletter, page 27, our Christmas Treats appeal. Last year, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, nearly £1,400 was raised and we were able to purchase many treats and some dog beds for the shelters. 8


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Our Summer Raffle was again popular raising around £3,000. Ranjan, our local Postmaster and owner of SAI News in Wraysbury kindly drew the raffle for us with winners from Derbyshire, Sussex, Devon, Dorset, Sussex, Wiltshire, Suffolk and Middlesex. We were very pleased during the summer to win a £100 prize for the best stall at the local Wraysbury Fair. We have attended this event for the last 10 years. Each year there is a theme and we have all enjoyed joining in the fun, this year the theme was DISCO, which brought back some good memories for some of us ! Photos are on our website and FB page. I would like to thank Tracey, Geraldine and Irene for all their help in the office, especially with the office move and all the packing and unpacking of many boxes! They have the merchandise stock all sorted now and are getting ready for the busy weeks leading up to Christmas as supporters start their shopping. We have our new Christmas cards, calendars, diaries and many more items for your two or four legged friends included in the enclosed catalogue. Also we have some limited stock items for sale on line so please take a look and spoil yourself or a friend this Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and volunteers for all their hard work during the year which enables us to continue our work for the greyhounds and galgos. I wish you, your families and your dogs a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Carolyn 9


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Education Carmen of the Arca de Noe shelter continues with the education programme at the schools in and around the Albacete area. She visited one school recently, in an area where many galgos are bred, and she was pleasantly surprised at how kind the children were to Lena, a galga from the shelter, who Carmen took along to meet them. The children enjoyed Albacete Niko’s story and they enjoyed taking part in the drawing competition to win a T-Shirt. Carmen has also had a busy summer attending many summer camps reaching more children, each summer school has an average of 100/120 students. In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were looking at setting up an education website, linked to our main website, which would be accessible to teachers and pupils allowing them access to certain areas of the site and the ability to use and print off material as and when needed. Work is almost complete on this new site and we are all looking forward to this becoming active in the next couple of months. Spike The site will have some animated characters like Spike and Rosa and we hope that the children will enjoy using the site and playing the games whilst learning more about the galgos. Rosa We have had some wristbands made to help promote the education programme and galgos as pets. If you would like to receive one please send a SAE to us at :- Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE, UK and we will get one in the post to you. 10


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Mada of RECAL in Almendralejo has continued to promote the education programme in her area. She visits local schools as well as organising visits to the shelter so that the children can meet the galgos. Tina and her team at Galgos del Sol, Murcia, have also been busy promoting education in their area by visiting local schools and taking a galgo or two along to meet the children. We are very grateful to the groups in Spain who have been using and promoting the GIN education material in their local areas. The feedback has generally been good and as we saw when we visited a school in Badajoz last year, the children were taking notice of the different stories they were being told about the galgos and the cruelty many suffer. To see them showing concern and having an interest in the dogs when they meet them is encouraging for the future when we all hope that life for a galgo in Spain will be much better. 11


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2016 Projects In our Spring/Summer newsletter we reported that the Arca de Noe shelter in Albacete needed to carry out work to change the layout of their veterinary clinic in order to comply with new laws coming into force in June 2016. Together with the structural work needed at the clinic additional veterinary equipment would have to be purchased. We have worked with Arca de Noe for many years. They help large numbers of dogs, and some cats, every year, including the galgos. It is less stressful for the rescued dogs to undergo necessary veterinary work at the shelter rather than have to travel back and forth to the clinic in the town. We fund the veterinary costs for their galgos who are homed in France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland, and were pleased to be able to offer funding for this project. Leigh, our vet Trustee, was able to source some of the veterinary equipment. We are pleased to report that this project has now been completed and the clinic is now up and running. 12


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When we last met Sole and her team we discussed the need to improve the paddock areas for the galgos. During the winter these areas flood and the water does not drain away very quickly so it is not good for the dogs and limits the areas they can be allowed in. Also the covered areas were in need of repair and we have been able to fund the building of 6 new “houses” in the paddocks. Four houses have been completed and two will be finished before the winter. 13


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Donations sent to RECAL earlier this year When we visited Mada earlier this year we discussed the need to provide more shading in the exercise paddocks. The original idea of planting trees wasn’t too successful as the dogs had their own ideas about that ! We have been able to offer funding for this project and are pleased to report that this work is being done now. We will have more news in our next newsletter. RECAL are receiving galgos now and some, like Gara, Freya and Shiva, have undergone their initial veterinary checks and will soon be on their way to Pep’s kennels in Barcelona. Shiva Freya Gara 14


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Adoption Groups We are lucky to work with a number of adoption groups in mainland Europe who work tirelessly to find homes for greyhounds and galgos. The Greyhound Adopt Centre Italy (GACI) homed 115 galgos and 142 greyhounds last year. We are so pleased to support their work and were again fortunate to attend their annual Raduno in June. GACI supporters travel from all over Italy for this event and it was wonderful to see so many happy dogs with their families. GACI Raduno 2016 Harvey and Greyhounds Rescue Belgium take galgos from Vera at Galgos en Familia in Málaga. Three galgos, Selfie, Nena and Sensi travelled recently and you can see from the photo here that Selfie is looking quite settled in her new home. Selfie Catherine and Levriers en Detresse continue to find homes for ex-racing greyhounds from England like Harley. Therese of Association Aide aux Levriers Martyrs is finding nice homes for the galgos from RECAL like Erika. Harley Nina and her team from SASIN in Slovenia continue to find homes for the galgos. They recently visited Arca de Noe in Albacete to collect some galgos and to give the dogs some nice paddling pools to help keep them cool in the summer months. Erika Nina at Arca de Noe 15



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