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Impressions presents… Winter 2016 Volume 13, Issue 4 Winter  Lights…   Inside  this  issue:   •  Show  Dates   •  Kay’s  Comments   •  What’s  Cool   •  Shop  Like  You  Mean  It   •  Komen  Scarf  Details     •  Winter  Colors         Can you look into your closet and always have exactly the right thing to wear? Can you feel beautiful and put together in any situation? You Can-- In Carlisle and Per Se. Carlisle/Per Se Trunk Show Above,  Marzipan  easy   fit  pullover  looks   luxurious  over  Copper   metallic  glazed  Italian   crepe  georgette  skirt   that  shimmers  in  a   sophisticated  sunburst   pleat.         Top  Right,  it  is  an   understatement  to  say   you’d  make  a   statement  in  Marquesa,   a  simple,  yet  glamorous   evening  dress  with  A-­‐ line  pleats  and  floral   patterns  that  are  trendy   this  season.  Straps  are   adjustable  and   removable.             Please join us for our Winter Collection Show In Chicago at The Four Seasons: Monday, September 26th – Wednesday, September 28th In Naples: Tuesday, November 8th – Wednesday, November 16th at 11903 Hedgestone Ct. Twin Eagles, North Naples In New York: M-F, 9a–6p by appointment only RSVP Kay Bork Fashion and Image Stylist 239-455-4709 216-316-7144 cell or email: Amy Jensen, Associate 407-234-4353 or email: Link to me on LinkedIn Facebook: Impressions Fashions


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Impressions Winter 2016 Page 2 of 4 "Fashion is born by small facts, trends, or even politics, never by trying to make little pleats and furbelows, by trinkets, by clothes easy to copy, or by the shortening or lengthening of a skirt.” ~ Elsa Schiaparelli K a y ’ s COMMENTS… It’s  hard  to  call  this  season  “Winter”  when  we   are  largely  free  of  the  harsh  and  snowy  conditions   that  the  word  conjures  up  in  our  minds  (and  in   reality,  in  plenty  of  other  places).  But  there’s  no   doubt  that  when  we  look  at  the  calendar,  “winter”   is  coming.  And  even  if  we  enjoy  a  milder  climate,   there  will  still  be  days  when  chilly  breezes  will   blow,  or  we  will  have  to  travel  to  the  land-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ cold-­‐and-­‐icy  for  a  family  or  professional  event.   Then  we  will  long  for  layers  of  comfort,  soft   luxurious  fabrics,  well-­‐matched  accessories,  or  even  gifts  of  the  same.     Of  course,  you’re  in  luck!  The  Carlisle  Collection  Winter  Show  is   almost  upon  us  and  the  clothing  in  this  collection  is  the  perfect  answer   for  your  wardrobe  this  season.  The  collection  is  ultra  gorgeous  and  ultra   luxurious  and  ultra  comfortable.  You’ll  want  to  snuggle  into  our   cashmere  and  settle  onto  the  couch  with  a  cup  of  coffee  and  a  good   book.  Or  put  on  your  dancing  shoes  and  show  off  your  glamorous  side  at   a  holiday  party!  We  have  beautiful  sporty  and  casual  looks  that  will  make   you  excited  to  get  out  of  bed  and  dressed  in  the  morning,  and  stunning,   classy  looks  that  will  make  you  pine  for  the  nights  you  have  something   special  on  the  calendar.     If  that’s  not  enough  to  entice  you,  if  you  come  to  the  Winter  Show  to   look  around,  and  then  make  an  appointment  for  the  Spring  2017  Show,   you  will  be  entered  into  a  drawing  for  a  $1,500  Carlisle  Gift  Card.   Wouldn’t  that  fuel  a  nice  shopping  spree?!  Whether  you’re  a  winner  or   not,  learn  how  to  make  the  most  of  your  Carlisle  shopping  experience  by   reading  the  tips  on  page  3.  Shop  like  you  mean  it!     Call  now  to  make  your     Preferred  Appointment.  We  are     looking  forward  to  seeing  you.       Happy  Shopping!                   ! Kay   Your  support  of  and  contribution  to                  The  Susan  G.  Komen  Breast  Cancer   Foundation  has  increased  our  donation  to   $2,101,840   Read  more   about  the   Komen  scarf   on  page  4!   WHAT’S COOL   ASYMMETRICAL   EVERYTHING   Hemlines,  shoulders,  skirt  lengths.     HIGHER  NECKLINES   Especially  turtlenecks.     PANTSUITS   Personal  and  professional.     SCARVES   Bold  prints,  various  lengths,  tied  in   unique  ways.     CASHMERE   The  ultimate  in  comfortable     luxury.   MULTI-­‐LAYERED   In  clothing  and  jewelry.    


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Page 3 of 4 Impressions Winter 2016 Shop  Like  You  Mean  It   How to make the most of your Carlisle/Per Se shopping experience… Chess,  irresistible  polished   city  chic  cardigan,  can  be   worn  belted  or  open  to  mix-­‐ and-­‐match  styles.     Carlisle’s  new  cardigan  line   offers  4  styles  (tank,  v-­‐neck,   turtle  &  cardigan)  in  8  colors   of  lightweight,  silky  smooth,   luxurious  comfort.     1) Make an appointment for the Winter Show ~ Show dates are Sept. 26-28 (Chicago), Nov. 8-16 (Naples), and NY year-round ~ Call Kay at 216-316-7144 to reserve your Preferred Appointment time ~ Write the date and time on your calendar 2) Consider inviting a friend to join you, and enjoy some friend time while your shop! Let Kay know who you’re bringing with you so she can be prepared. 3) Assess your closet ~ Identify areas of your wardrobe that are lacking. ~ Write down any basics or specific pieces you need to complete columns of color. ~ Look through your calendar for any upcoming events that require a fabulous outfit. Do you have the perfect thing? Make a list of your needs and bring to your appointment. 4) Check out the collections at and make a note of anything that immediately strikes your fancy. 5) Wear comfortable clothing to the appointment. ~ Black slacks and an easy fitting black top are good choices. ~ Bring any shoes that you’re trying to match. 6) Arrive at your appointment on time, or call ahead if your schedule changes. 7) Plan to try on a range of sizes and styles so we can find your perfect fit. 8) Enjoy your Preferred Appointment and the luxury of shopping with your personal wardrobe stylist. 9) After placing your order, be sure to make a Preferred Appointment for the next show! 10) Upon delivery: ~ Try on each item right away to ensure proper fit. ~ Remember that some items may need to be altered or hemmed for the perfect fit. Ask Kay for an alterations recommendation. ~ Call Kay immediately if there are any issues. 11) Enjoy the luxurious new additions to your wardrobe, and all of the compliments that come each time you wear them. 12) Repeat! Closet  Organizing  Tips   ~ Take everything out of your closet (really!) ~ Try on anything you haven’t worn in a while ~ Donate or sell items that don’t fit or look dated ~ Create a pile for things that need mending or alterations ~ Group items by type and then by color ~ Put everything back in the closet by group ~ Fold, don’t hang, cashmere and other sweaters and sets ~ Use a door rack, or tiered hanger for belts and scarves ~ Alternate the direction of each shoe in a pair to fit more in a small space ~ Make a list of any items that need to be replaced, and call Kay for an appointment!


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Scarf Tying Tips Kay Bork 11903 Hedgestone Ct. Naples, FL 34120 216-316-7144 239-455-4709 Do you ever get tired of wearing your scarf the same old boring way? Do you often see other people's scarves and wish you knew how to do it yourself? Keep your attire looking fresh, new, and trendy. Just follow these easy steps - or don't be afraid to create your own unique look. The Euro Loop This style of tying a scarf is probably one of the more popular styles shown today and also the easiest to achieve. The loop can be adjusted with this method to wear close to your neck to keep you warmer, or lower for a looser more casual appearance. Winter  2016  Show  Dates:   September  26-­‐28  (Chicago)   YeaNr-o­‐Rvoeumnbde, r  9  8a--­­‐‐156p   ((NNaepwle  Yso) r   k)   Find us on Steps: ~ Using an oblong scarf, fold the scarf in half lengthwise. ~ Drape the doubled scarf around your neck with the loop hanging on one side and the two loose ends on the other. ~ Take the two loose ends and insert them through the loop. Adjust the knot to your desired tightness and length. Winter   Client Corner… Carlisle  Color  Palette:   Blush,  Gold   Black   Grey   Tapioca,  Icicle   Verona  Plum   Jade   Rouge   Copper   Per  Se:   Fabric  of  Hope  Scarf   Each  year,  we  create  a  beautifully  crafted  original  silk   scarf  bearing  the  pink  ribbon  symbolic  of  breast  cancer   awareness.  These  scarves  are  given  as  gifts  for   donations  of  $150  or  more,  allowing  you  an  opportunity   to  give  fashion  a  meaning  beyond  style.   Since  1998,  Carlisle  stylists  and  clients  have  given  over  2   million  dollars  and  the  organization  has  invested  more   than  790  million  dollars  to  critical  breast  cancer  research   and  1.5  billion  dollars  in  community  outreach  programs   in  over  30  countries.   Black,  Icicle   Pebble,  Barley   Tapioca   Indigo   Dusty  Blue We  are  proud  to  support  breast  cancer  awareness  with   the  Susan  G.  Komen  Foundation.   We gladly accept: Call Kay TODAY for an appointment! 239-455-4709



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